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>> Personality Kinks >>--------------------------------------------------------

P10. Heterosexual It's sooo mainstream, I know. But I've love enough for the male sex to avoid leading them on. If that's any consolation..? +info ks/prefnote

P12. Male Cis-gender. Blue stuff. Plumbing matches the facade. What's on the label is indeed in the can.

P17. Paternal I have no fantasies of manipulating every eligible bachelorette with daddy issues. But hey, I have my moods.

P18. Polyamorous As a rule, yes.

P22. Single Might change. But that's the status for now.

P24. Switch Usually equal. Sometimes dominant.

P30. Rescuer I don't fancy myself as a white knight in shining armor for every damsel in distress, but you have to admit: there's something uniquely warm and fuzzy about pulling someone out of the deepest, darkest hole in which (s)he has found himself/herself. (Pro-tip. More in the psychological sense, rather than saving someone from physical danger.)

>> Fetish Kinks >>--------------------------------------------------------------

F2. Anal_Sex Am I obsessed with this singular kink such that I'd want to plan and play out entire scenes around it? No! Do I like it enough to try to include it in almost every scene? Absolutely!

F6. Breasts The English give credit to us, while the Italians thank the Spaniards. The Japanese call it "paizuri." All I know is that I like a good titfuck. Mammaries not voluminous enough to wrap about my member? (I know, it killed me too!) Don't sweat it...

F7. Cheerleader Let me see that booty drop!

F8. Clothing Be my doll; let me dress you up. Or dress up for my benefit.

F9. Crossdressing I -adore- tomboys; girls who dress up in guys' clothes for fun! Page me, dammit! +info ks/tomboys

F10. Experimentation It's a mood thing, but entirely possible.

F13. Hair Grew up in an Arabic-speaking household. What do you suppose?

F16. Legs Blame it on being French.

F17. Lingerie Another French thing. Probably.

F19. Medical_Play It's a mood thing. But yeah. It's entirely possible.

F21. Neck So many nerve clusters, so little time...

F22. Oral_Sex Both ways; giving and receiving.

F23. Orgasm_Control Exquisitely fine-tuned.

F27. Schoolgirl Sure, why not? All the other guys are gaga over them!

F28. Shaving One of the few socially-acceptable self-pampering pleasures available to the male sex. Of course, I like doing it to others as well!

F29. Spermplay 2 tablespoons, 6 teaspoons, or 30 milliliters per orgasm; any amount above that snaps the thread suspending my disbelief. No cum fountains here. Sorry!

F30. Stockings French..?

F34. Wet_and_Messy Milk, whipped cream, fruit juice, wine, pre-ejaculate, semen, and vaginal secretions only! Beer? I suppose... If it's Trappiste Rochefort.

>> Method Kinks >>------------------------------------------------------------

M4. Bondage Restraints upon the mind bind so much tighter, but some circumstances can't be helped.

M7. Fear Rather an easy wedge to pry your mind open.

M9. Humiliation Seeing you turn red while wishing you could disappear sets my heart aflutter.

M10. Hypnotism Think, "How does he know that I like grapefruits but hate tangerines when I never told him...?" Rather than, "Goodness me! I'm an automaton now and can't help myself but do everything he says because he hypnotized me!"

M12. Mind_Control If I need an android who obeys my every command without question or complaint, I can easily get one. More psychological sleight of hand, less... blind obedience.

M14. Punishment The most insidious sort of helplessness is learned.

M16. Torture I'm not a sadist. Your pain, in and of itself, brings me no pleasure. But seeing you get off on pain? Well, yeah... That certainly does!

>> Hardplay Kinks >>-----------------------------------------------------------

H2. Asphyxiation Particularly in combination with F22. Irrumatio, anyone?

H5. Blade Open to negotiation.

H8. Breast_Torture It begins with bondage...

H10. Caging Not on permanent basis, mind you. Just for breaking the most resistant, refactory cases.

H15. Clit_Torture More methylsalicylate, fewer safety pins and sewing needles.

H18. Electro_Torture A chance to exercise my creativity. Let me know if you're curious!

H23. Forced_Orgasm Goes along with F23

H25. Hairpulling Tsk... I'd hate to use this symbol of feminine beauty as a hand-hold, but I'll get over it.

H28. Pain Mild to moderate only. Never for its own sake.

H33. Snuff Not out of the question. Definitely negotiable.

H34. Strangling I'm interested in this to enhance and intensify orgasm for you.

H35. Transformation Actually, I'm more interested in male-to-female transmutation. Other kinds of transformation are possible and open for negotiation, but I may or may not be interested in the proposed idea.

>> Softplay Kinks >>------------------------------------------------------------

S1. Other Presume that all of these are game. If I'm not feeling up to anything in particular, I'll let you know. And if you're in doubt, you're welcome to ask!

>> Bondage Kinks >>-----------------------------------------------------------

B1. Other Bondage, by itself, isn't a turn-on for me. It's aesthetically pleasing, i.e. it looks pretty as an art form. And it's useful!

>> Lookingfor Kinks >>---------------------------------------------------------

L3. Bottom If you're a hermaphrodite or shemale, you must be of this

persuasion. Or, at least willing to assume this role for our scene.

L7. Female Probably my most common partners.

L9. Hermaphrodite In his book, they're no different from biological females. In fact, I'd say that if your character thinks of or refers to oneself as male and/or prefers male pronouns, it's pretty much an automatic disqualifier.

L12. Male Only under the following circumstances: 1.) Socialization, hanging out, conversation, etc. Non-sexual roleplay. 2.) Sharing a damsel (female, herm, or shemale), preferably as a gesture of friendship, i.e. guys' night out. Or helping a timid "bro" lose his virginity. 3.) Male-to-female transmutation. +info ks/transmute

L13. Masochistic Not always. Not even usually. Sometimes, yes.

L21. She-Male If she looks like a girl, sounds like a girl, smells like a girl, thinks of herself as a girl, and wants to be treated by others as a girl--that's a girl. No need to split hairs!

L22. Single Preferred in partners, but not required.

L24. Switch Usually, I'm looking for an equal partner. And even if BDSM is involved, I'd prefer that the exchange remain consensual.

L26. Vanilla I like warm overtones of romance in a scene, even if it's a onenight stand.

L33. Long_Term I'm not in search of this, specifically, but certainly possible!