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Any business company either big company or small will faced with an aging Information Technology (IT) systems infrastructure that threatened the company's ability to achieve high performance in oder to gain a maximum profit in the same time cut as many as possible of operating cost. Information technology (IT) is used for storing, protecting, processing, securing, transmitting, receiving, and retrieving information. In business establishments, it is used predominantly to solve mathematical and logical problems. Information technology helps in project management systems as well. Firstly, planning is done, then the data is collected, sorted and processed, and finally, results are generated. It helps managers, and workers to inquire about a particular problem, conceive its complexity, and generate new products and services; thereby, improving their productivity and output. In other word, Information technology (IT) in TescoSoft Sdn. Bhd must be keep update in hardware,software and also the employee to smooth a business transactions between Tesco and suppliers, the interaction between the different branches so that they can exchange business ideas. 2.0 REQUIRED CHANGE

Hardware In information technology, hardware is the physical aspect of computers, telecommunications, and other devices. The term arose as a way to distinguish the "box" and the electronic circuitry and components of a computer from the program you put in it to make it do things.

JAVA) This is a suggestion computer . and has slots for expansion cards   power supply . PC) contains in a desktop or tower case the following parts:  Motherboard which holds the CPU. serial. Win Zip. Little problems occur by the hardware will cause the computer system does not work at all. Firewire) to connect the computer to external peripheral devices such as printers or scanners All the hardware material above must be in the best condition to ensure work efficiency and transactions. USB. group policies). time is a money. hardware that have a high quality for long term operation. SCSI or other type. DHCP. floppy disk and other drives for mass storage interface controllers (parallel. Print Server Anti Virus – kaspersky 2013 Policies Applied . of IDE. DNS.i ii iii Prevent accessing control panel Prevent modifying date and time Software Deployment (Ms Office 2013. voltage control and fan storage controllers. that control hard disk . So this is very important for our company to pick a high quality computer hardware but still in a reasonable prices and low cost in maintainance. main memory and other parts. This will related to what hardware we choose. ever second is a profit. floppy disk. kaspersky 2013. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Name – HP Proliant DL 380 G5 ( 8 SAS HDD with each 146GB capacity) Configuration – Xeon processor/ 2. Adobe.A typical computer (Personal Computer.73 GHz/ 8GB RAM Operating System – Windows 7 2013 (R2) server OS Application – ADS( User accounts. CDROM and other drives. so the efficiency of our IT management in prossecing data is important. In the world of business.a case that holds a transformer. Google Chrome 2013. the controllers sit directly on the motherboard (on-board) or on expansion cards    graphics controller that produces the output for the monitor the hard disk.

but also the cost of its ongoing maintenance. Every day many companies develop new ideas and tips for the increasing their product sales all over the world there for all business people must be active and should search new ideas for their business. A reputable company will provide our company with an estimate of all of these costs during your initial consultation. There are hundreds of products available and they come in a myriad of configurations and technologies.(7) (8) (9) DHCP Range set – 192. our company also receive ongoing upgrades to the software itself. Software is supposed to make it easier to run our business. we should elaborate on that thought. However. analyze sales and improve efficiency while the wrong program can throw our company financial records into a tailspin that will cost money to recover from.2. It is important to have a game plan to select software that will work for our company business without breaking the bank. but too often it is a source of frustration and expense. if our company not follow this types of system or management system then we can not stay on par with other company. Choose a right software can save a lot of money.225 Print Server – HP Colour LaserJet 4600n. The ongoing licensing fees of the software must be renewed as well. We all know business get rapid speed day by day with the modern system. Without software. hardware is useless. Our Company should consider not only the cost of the initial installation of the software.10 – 192. Since i mentioned that cost is a factor to be considered when attempting to choose the right business management software. with payment of these last costs.160. The proper program will help our company to manage cash flow. Software falls into two general categories system software and application software.160. there is no way for our company business sowe should obey new rules and new management system for our business.2. . HP LaserJet 4100n Canon ir 4570 online printing / direct print Software Software refers to the programs the step by step instructions that tell the hardware what to do.

tax and sales reports. we can get many benefits from this software. This is some examples of best business software for processing data . (1). What Microsoft Windows 7 . Basically. you can manage your business like a professional accountant with no accounting experience required. Business accounts can be time consuming and difficult. mathematics calculation and protecting our computer security from outside or inside hacker. QuickBooks Pro 2013 takes the hassle out of accounts by providing tutorials and tips on everything from creating invoices to generating financial. think why they do this all I think we get your answers. we learn modern views and grate information about the business with the help of business management software. spam and most importantly it save cost and easy to operate even a first user. They all changing the way of business with modern technology. I think we know many companies are hiring latest and quality software every they cost huge money for them. Simplify day to day tasks and increase efficiency with improved features for work.Due to this all things we need the best management system for our business and the business management software is the gift of modern technology for us. (2) This is the latest and greatest version of the Windows operating system.

Now skilled workers in the IT and computers very easily get a job than those who are not proficient or do not know about IT. Our company must always adapt the latest management system in addition to training our staff on the new managment system. Reporting tools are becoming an even more important feature in project management applications. and the rest of team. Project Professional 2013 offers improved reporting tools that maintain the Office-like experience. as many companies drill down further into the details of even well-run projects to see how their budgets are being spent. more efficient and easier to use from start to finish in processing business datas. the customer. If we just upgrade our IT infrastructure in hardware and software. Labor management system is very important in determining the success of a company. we will never see a impact of implementation of IT infrastructure. These tools offer dashboard-like reporting options.Professional with most popular operating system in the world our company gets faster. and improved reporting tools can give the best views of project information and help our company communicate it to management. In this cruel modern economic trade quality is the main priority so managers must ensure that their employees keep update there working skill so customer will get a gred A service. but our worker mind set and behavior still at old fashion. (3) This new Microsoft Office Project 2013 used to make business report in short time. making it easier for users of all levels to see and publish project information in a view that works for them. People Workers is an important asset in a company whether large or small companies. . Accountability is huge right now.

there are also horror stories of failed implementation.0 ANTICIPATED CHALLENGES Implementation of new information technology systems can be both a daunting and exciting task for many companies. . Turn the initial level of enthusiasm into full engagement by continuously coaching your staff and setting clear goals and development. manufacturing and facilities management. some of which include global integration. cyber warfare and technology advancements. risk management and potential damage to the business. The challenge the company faced was how to do this while minimizing business disruption and ensuring optimal performance from day one by employees in the critical business functions of purchasing. Explain their roles and responsibilities in the team clearly. Demonstrate how their day-to-day tasks impact the organization’s goals to help them feel enthusiastic about their company and their job. However. for every story of successful implementation of IT systems. compliance and control. managers need to be proactive. finance. and foster a positive working environment.Supervisors often get caught up in the management of day-to-day business matters. communicate clearly. Security Every organizations will face a number of key challenges around security and risk functions supporting the achievement of business objectives. Pay attention to new employees and give them more guidance and coaching. lead by example. Fifty-three percent of fully engaged employees say they have learned a lot from their supervisor. to achieve full engagement from their team. order fulfillment. For most companies. However. Research study shows that over 55% of employees who express confidence in the manager’s leadership ability and who are inspired by the communication with their direct supervisor feel engaged. 3. Most of these new systems promise seamless integration of all the information flowing through the organization. We need to help our employees develop the right skills to work efficiently. also impact organization’s abilities to effectively manage risk and secure valuable assets. the opportunity to solve the problem of business integration is very exciting. Give them immediate feedback and encouragement to drive improvement. Market forces. including business productivity.

configuration management and automation. security management. and accessed details of a million users. Most organizations have tools and disciplines in place to provide basic availability management. It is the third major hack to hit Sony since April when the PlayStation Network was targeted and the details of 77 million users compromised. information access. how can you balance the need to drive down costs and also improve delivery of system administration. including hardware and software monitoring capabilities. your staff may not have the skills or time to supportand implement notification handling.The three key objectives for addressing challenging security requirements are to prevent. foe example in 2 June 2011. Managing today’s complex server environments. a group called Lulz Security claims to have broken into Sonypictures. Accenture offers a breadth of information security services. With the pressure to do more with less. detect and respond to threats and potentially damaging situations. networks and IT infrastructures is challenging. As an example of popular a case when the network security system is not taken seriously. . performance and capacity management. organized and delivered in a logical and integrated manner to help our company meet these objectives and achieve high performance. home addresses and other personal information relating to several thousand of the accounts was released online. remote access and problem and change management Applications and services Middleware Operating system Computer and network hardware Security Platform Picture above shows how a company's network security should be maintained to avoid damage and loss of important business information.Passwords.

once again. The latest attack has. It's common for businesses to install security systems to keep their properties safe and to purchase insurance in the event of a disaster or robbery. though. to find ways to reallocate resources and budget from routine operating expenses to investments that more directly support strategic company objectives. Operating Costs Today’s key IT business challenge is to do more for less. Our company might be facing an IT environment with one workload per server. PBS and XFactor. Much of the information taken in the Sony hacks was unencrypted and easily readable. although they have claimed responsibility for recent attacks on several websites in the USA . many companies typically make IT purchase decisions based on short-term business requirements and timetables. over time it results in disparate systems that are running on many individual servers and that require multiple support teams. The end result is an IT infrastructure . lower infrastructure complexity and free IT resources to focus on business priorities. labor-intensive provisioning and disparate management tools that are spread over multiple sites. In contrast to the increasing need for long-term IT planning. data accessibility is generally limited and integrating new applications into existing systems seems impossible. Arguably. It is understood to be a separate organisation from Anonymous. But there's more than just money at stake if your business were ever to encounter a computer hacker.Little is known about the LulSec group. Hacking on the whole costs businesses billions of ringgit each year. raised questions about the strength of security employed by Sony and other companies holding sensitive user data. Problem identification is complex. a security system feature that is of equal importance is one that business owners can implement to protect company computers from hackers and viruses. the "hacker collective" which has been linked to a number of high profile web attacks including several on Sony sites. Mid-sized companies are looking for ways to improve resource utilization and performance. For example.Fox. IT departments spend 80% of their budgets just to keep their networks up and running. Although this strategy may meet the current and near-term needs of the business.

under which the employer has the right to control the details of work performance (Black's Law Dictionary). Technology has changed the way we work. Common examples of different tools are wikis. a ―teach-themeverything-so-I-can-check-it-off-my-list‖ approach that leaves employees both bored and clueless about what really matters. . collaboration workspaces. most training is little more than a massive information dump. an employee is a person who works in the service of another person under an express or implied contract of hire. As demands on your existing IT infrastructure grow each year. Meanwhile. webconferencing. blogs. Rapid advances in technology have transformed the workplace in recent years. social networks. manage their existing IT infrastructures and continue to grow. the Internet and online businesses have driven up the complexity of today’s IT environment. Unfortunately. It provides employees with the knowledge they need to sell the product and answer customer questions. webcasts. businesses must continually stay abreast of and adhere to new and changing government and industry compliance standards. online course libraries. Furthermore. more resources are required to maintain your current levels of performance. Employees What is an employee?. This complexity challenges the ability of companies to stretch their IT budgets. It is important that IT infrastructure respond rapidly to changing business priorities so that it can handle business growth while meeting the new imperative of environmental responsibility. An increased focus on environmental issues by consumers and shareholders means that businesses cannot afford to overlook environmental concerns in their efforts to generate increases in operational efficiency. There’s no question that a well-trained staff is fundamental to business success. The explosion of technology has impacted the way people communicate and collaborate. and podcasts.that has met yesterday’s business needs but today is inflexible with high operational and maintenance costs.

3. Development. . Pilot or test the operation of a new performance management system. effective and highly motivated team. Relevantly remain in business. Enhance the company’s ability to adopt and use advances in technology because of a sufficiently knowledgeable staff. That is a bigest challenge that we will faced in the future to achive a high performance company.Bhd aim to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills to achieve our business goals. 6. Ensure adequate human resources for expansion into new programs. TescoSoft Sdn. deals with activities undertaken to expose employees to perform additional duties and assume positions of importance in the organisational. on the other hand. Training and development for employees helps to fill any skills gaps as well as providing an enriching work environment for our people. if viewed as an investment rather than as an expense. can produce high returns. Training affects employee retention and is a valuable commodity that. Bhd employees not welcome themselves to fully learn and accept this implemtation of new IT infrastructure. what if our TescoSoft Sdn. Untrained or poorly trained employees cost significantly more to support than well-trained employees do. 5.After all this latest technology that created by it creator to make our work easier and simple. Build a more efficient. 4. Training and development are often initiated for an employee or a group of employees in order to: 1. Untrained and lack of skill employees in using our latest IT could be disaster for our company. which enhances the company’s competitive position and improves employee morale. Training is organisational effort aimed at helping employees to acquire the basic skills required for the efficient execution of the functions for which they are hired. 2. Create a pool of readily available and adequate replacements for personnel who may leave or move up in the organisation.

0 OBTAINING SOLUTIONS The aim of every business set-up is to maximise productivity. prevent any intrusions and block viruses without having to interrupt what you're doing with status updates. and other times the problem isn’t as clear. Even if systems and procedures are in place they are regularly neglected as they often require too much time to carry out or the reminders about updates pop-up at inconvenient times and simply become a nuisance. We must understand that computer security is often pushed to the bottom of the to do list. We must make sure that our security solutions are tailored to ous company existing IT equipment and security requirements. Although. In the world today. Every business practitioners must set in their mind that every problem has a solution to solved it. which is why efficient business management becomes important. especially as the responsibility is often appointed to someone who is by no means an expert in the field. it does not necessarily result in people becoming more productive towards that goal. however. That's why at we must provide solutions that keep your data and computer systems safe with as little input from ours employees as possible. . We believe that security systems should manage our`s company security while remaining barely noticeable. but it is often put off and not given the attention it deserves. Our`s company data can be automatically backed up and the anti-virus and firewall software can keep itself up-to-date.4. businesses are constantly under pressure overcoming challenges of varying weights. Improve Security Ever company knows they need to ensure that the company is covered in the event of data loss or malicious attack. the purpose of having a management theory is to drive an organisational workforce in achieving a certain goal. So we must faced all the challege to achive our company target goal every month and years. Sometimes businesses need to increase sales within the distribution channel.

about computer security so they can do something usefull. Data Management Data management is the way in which computer data is handled and managed.To make sure of company datas in a good hand. Whilst most people are aware that antivirus protects against computer viruses. Antivirus can be free or a paid-for programme and many free programmes operate just as well as premium ones. iii. as well as providing protection against threats. so careful research should be conducted into the best antivirus for our needs. and offer system restore points that allow a 'roll back' feature in case of viruses or programme corruption. all employee should be taught a basic. it should also counteract many other threats including spyware. USB sticks or CDs/DVDs. Antivirus Antivirus software is used to detect and remove malignant programmes on our company PC or mobile device. so that TescoSoft Sdn. Whereas individual users will . to secure our company datas. and incorporates everyone from individuals right up to very large organisations. Bhd computer always in top condition to make a profit. This software need to keep update to ensure it perforamnce to against new virus. Antivirus can. trojan horses and worms. As hard drives can fail or become corrupted over a period of time for a number of different reasons. it is recommend that users back up any files that they don't want to risk losing. in case of emergency. however. although a reputable and up-to-date system should always be used. Users should still make their own separate backups of their files. As well as backing up your files. This knowledge should be taught to all our employee so they can backup any important fail while waiting for technician to arrive. Backups are usually stored on external hard drives. slow down systems and impair performance. ii. This is some examples of some aspect that our company often dealing with and basic explanation how to solve it. Windows and Macs can automatically backup your entire system in case of serious failure. i. Backup files A backup is a copy of one or more files that can be used in case the original files become irreparably damaged or unusable.

or employing someone on a part-time basis rather than full-time  If insurance costs are high. Of course. On the other. forms. . for example:  Can our company save on wages by outsourcing some work. Doing more with less on one hand. Our company need to identify core competencies where efficiency can be improved. trim and consolidate non-core functions. cheaper supplier. Cutting costs is arguably the quickest and easiest way to improve the profitability of our company business. Our company job is to trim the fat—not cut into the bone. the demand to reduce costs never goes away. They may also need to consider the legalities of the data that they have stored. try searching for a new. simultaneously. How to reduce operating cost like electricity bills. our company seeks growth. larger organisations may need to take larger steps to make sure that their data is safe and secure as well as accessible to employees. production. and reinvest the savings in critical business assets. These may be purchasing. identifying areas where we could save costs. finance and administration. sales and marketing. Assess our profit and loss statement for the last six months and rank all our company expenses from highest to lowest then start working way down. questionnaires or other sources. water bills and other things that should be maintaining and service every weeks or months for example maintaining computer hardware and software and other unexpected cost. Introducing a cost-control system can bring immediate savings and ensure that you remain competitive in the longer term. To reduce opperating cost we should identifying our major cost centres. Reduce an operating costs Small changes to reduce expenses and improve profitability can help prevent more painful cuts later on. Focus on applying cost-saving tactics in areas where you’ll see the most reward. Our company have to resist pressure to make indiscriminate cuts or slash headcount across the board. We had better find a way to do both. developing a cost-reduction strategy that maximizes efficiency without compromising growth potential is a tricky proposition.find that regular back-ups and up-to-date security and virus protection will usually be enough to protect their data. particularly with regards to personal information collected from websites.

Bhd. record our actual costs and compare them with the amount allocated in our company budget. After all cost had been taken. but might also reflect a drop in quality or potential problems. and by helping employees achieve their personal goals and beyond [you can develop] human resources by providing adequate training encouragement of staff development. The Philosophy of Human Resources Management states that you can "Encourage growth and career development of employees by coaching. Many organizations. Tecsosoft Sdn.Bhd companies should provide some sort of introductory training or orientation for most of our new employees. Benchmarking our company business against other similar businesses may show that your performance is substandard. especially in government and academia. we wastage levels might be higher than the industry average. Periodically review what our company doing and we you’re doing it. Lower costs may indicate good management. . The larger the cost overrun. the more scope there should be for savings. Try to work out why there is a discrepancy between what we planned to spend and what you actually spend. Actual costs that are higher than our company budgeted costs usually indicate room to reduce costs. such as monthly. However. is responsible to develop our staff in using the latest technology that available in our company office. and opportunities for growth." Tescosoft Sdn. A spreadsheet is an easy way to record and compare costs on a regular basis. make a note of when these are up for renewal and plan to tender out to suppliers. Training and development employees The challenges associated with the changing nature of work and the workplace environment are as real for all employees. It may take the form of an older employee assigned to show the new employee a good work skill. Rapid change requires a skilled. knowledgeable workforce with employees who are adaptive. flexible. This is an opportunity to implement cost-saving solutions and to set goals. For example. Other costs such as long-term fixed rate business loans or fixed price contracts for raw materials are hard to control in the short term. and focused on the future.

The implementation of the new technology along with the best software and Success of implementation IT Infrastructure can be measured when the client and our customer increase and gain a maximum profit from the daily business. 5. even its competition.htm . Yet some companies in highly competitive industries recognize the value in New Employee Orientation (NEO) that goes much farther. They require several weeks or even months of training to familiarize every new employee with the company. managers. They will feel better about themselves and the job.about. References Robertr (2013) How to motivate Employee:4 vital Management Skills http://blog. One method is to engage latest IT Infrastructures tools that will allow our employees to analyse their data for decision support.0 CONCLUSION With the increasing need to maximise profit in this organisations. They will stick around longer. to provide mandated safety F.John Reh (2013) New Employee Training _____Top Ten Small Business software product(2012)http://wsm4b. exclusively or primarily. its products. followed by our best employee management in our company is important to insure our company will achive a big success. Training new employees will make them more productive.dalecarnegie. its culture and policies. executives and employees should look for ways to improve our company bottom line.have created new employee training that is designed.

com/software/tivoli/features/web-svr-prov/ ______Ten ways to Cut Business Costs http://images.________Training and Development policy Wiki HM Government Climate Resilient Infrastructure: Preparing for a changing Climate ______Web Infrastructure orchestration: Packaged intelligence to automatically meet business needs Sean Donnelly(2011) 12 ways to reduce Costs in Business .mentors.ashx Larry Dignan(2012) Big Data projects: Is the hardware infrasture overlooked http://www.