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PR Newswire May 10, 1985, Friday LENGTH: 495 words DATELINE: WASHINGTON, May 10

WASHINGTON, May 10 /PRN/--Rafael D. Pagan Jr., president of the Nestle Coordination Center for Nutrition in Washington, Friday announced the formation of Pagan International (Pi), a public affairs and issue management firm. Pi offers primary services in international public affairs, business intelligence, strategic and tactical evaluation, counsel and implementation. Pagan International is formed around the nucleus of public affairs specialists who formulated the strategy that successfully resolved the Nestle infant formula controversy. Nestle was boycotted by more than 700 churches and activist groups worldwide in protest over its marketing of infant formula in developing countries. When the boycott was called off in October of 1984, Nestle was called a "model for the industry," by the activist leader who instituted the boycott. Pagan, also chief executive officer of Pi, explained that the new firm is independent of Nestle. Nestle and other national and international clients have already turned to Pi for expertise and help in understanding the impact of social issues on their business. "The strong influence public and social issues today have on commercial operations has created a need for companies to evaluate carefully national and international policy issues affecting business," Pagan said. The core of Pi services is an international business socio-political database which began with the information acquired throughout the 10-year Nestle controversy and subsequently was expanded to cover a range of developing issues. Pagan said that this system enables Pi to advise clients on national and international trends and movements that can adversely affect corporations. This gives the companies an opportunity to enter into public discussions and help define the parameters of debate early on, rather than just react to agendas thrust upon them by activists and other groups. Pagan stated that "this unique team is experienced in the management of crisis and serious political problems faced by corporations partly as a result of their experience in the Nestle controversy, and more recently through managing similar issues for other companies."

Joining Pagan in Pi will be: James Armstrong, former president of the National Council of Churches; John O. Mongoven, vice president of Nestle Coordination Center for Nutrition and former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury; Arion N. Pattakos, a strategy, research, analysis and business intelligence/security specialist; Robert H. Resnick, a political, legislative and business correspondent and presidential speech writer; and Norge W. Jerome, a pioneer in the development of Nutritional Anthropology, public health, and currently directory of the Division of Community Health at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. CONTACT -- Jack Mongoven of Pagan International, 202-822-8289