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Quiz 23: Basic General Knowledge

2011-07-04 10:07:00 GKToday

1. "India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States". The above mandate has been enshrined in the Constitution of India, in which among the following? [A]Preamble [B]Article 1 [C]Article 2 [D]Schedule 1 Show Answer 2. In terms of Parliamentary terminology, What do we call a rule of legislative procedure under which a further debate on a motion can be stopped? [A]Closure [B]Gullitone [C]Expunction [D]Recess Show Answer 3. A bill can not become an act of parliament, unless and until_____? [A]It is passed by Lok Sabha [B]It is passed by Rajya Sabha [C]It gets assent from President [D]It is passed by Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Show Answer 4. The minimum and maximum age for a candidate to content elections for President of India's office? [A]25 years, 65 years [B]35 years, 65 years [C]35 years , no limit [D]25 years, no limit Show Answer 5. If there is a dispute among both the houses of the parliament viz. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, who among the following would resolve that dispute? [A]President [B]Vice President [C]Lok Sabha Speaker [D]Prime Minister Show Answer 6. Which among the following was NOT constituted as per mandate of Constitution of India? [A]Election Commission [B]Planning Commission [C]Finance Commission [D]Inter-state Council Show Answer

7. A regular judge of a high court in Indian state would address his/ her resignation to which among the following? [A]Chief Justice of the concerned High Court [B]Chief Justice of India [C]Governor of concerned state [D]President of India Show Answer 8. The "administrative authority' at the block level is___? [A]Zila Panchayat [B]Panchayat Samiti [C]Panchayat [D]District Planning Committee Show Answer 9. A person arrested and / or detained by Police, has to be produced before nearest Magistrate within period? [A]12 hours [B]24 hours [C]36 hours [D]48 hours Show Answer 10. Who among the following decides whether a bill is money bill or not? [A]Prime Minister [B]Council of Ministers [C]Lok Sabha Speaker [D]Lok Sabha Secretary Show Answer 11. A session of the Loksabha is prorogued by order of ..? [A]Prime Minister [B]President [C]Lok Sabha Speaker [D]Leader of House Show Answer 12. Which article of the constitution gives Right to Equality? [A]Article 14 [B]Article 17 [C]Article 19 [D]Article 20 Show Answer 13. What is the number of freedoms , guaranteed by Indian Constitution to Indian Citizens? [A]6 [B]7 [C]8 [D]9

Show Answer 14. Who can participate in the proceedings of both the houses without even being a member? [A]Attorney General [B]Comptroller and Auditor General [C]Solicitor General [D]All of above Show Answer 15. What is the minimum age prescribed by the Constitution of India for a candidate seeking elections to a state Legislative Assembly? [A]18 years [B]25 years [C]30 years [D]35 years Show Answer