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VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit

Technology and Operational Guidance for Cloud Success


Starting IT Transformation to Cloud-Based Services

The VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT) is a set of documents designed to help you start your IT transformation to cloud-based servicesa superior working cloud solution leveraging technologies, recommended practices and innovative tools that have been proven in real-world enterprise and service provider cloud deployments. Business growth and profits are challenged by constantly changing buyer preferences and more intense competition. Enterprises that anticipate (not just respond to) change and create innovative, differentiated solutions emerge as winners. For many organizations, predicting market shifts and delivering near-instantaneous innovation will require significant renovation: redirecting people, redesigning processes and exploiting technology advances.

Individual VMware vCAT booklets provide specific stepby-step guidance for making cloud design decisions that can boost the value of your transition. Some of the booklets that comprise the complete VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit include: Assessing your needs and ability to adapt to change Exploring the advantages of public, private and hybrid clouds Developing your architecture plan Identifying changes required in roles and responsibilities Minimizing the unknowns that come with the transformation

vCAT is a powerful mechanism illustrating how to put various tools and best practices around vSphere platform to solve challenging problems in building scalable private cloud computing solutions.
Srinivas Nimmagadda, Director of Engineering/Architect, Intuit

CIOs and their IT organizations are ideally suited to contribute to this transformation. Through virtualization, IT organizations can deliver the agile IT environments needed to support global, dynamic businesses. Though these organizations continue to benefit from the efficiency gains, responsiveness and cost savings delivered by virtualization, in many cases additional value and business benefits remain to be tapped. To keep pace with rapidly changing technology, operate it and understand the implications of process and control changes, VMware cloud experts have assembled the vCloud Architecture Toolkit. This comprehensive toolkit will help you to: Build, consume and operate a cloud Gain confidence and credibility with your design solutions Mitigate risks from change by enabling you to pull from hundreds of proven customer architectures Accelerates your competitive differentiation in the marketplace

Customer Challenge
To successfully transition to a cloud computing model, enterprises must consider a broad range of technology, people, process, and policy changes. The impact of advancing to cloud computing on traditional datacenter environments is significant. Overlooking these critical aspects can jeopardize your results. What should we change first? How fast should we transition? Which architecture it right for our business? How should we prepare our staff?


I would highly recommend looking into [vCAT] if you are considering building large scale private cloud solutions quickly using VMware tools.
Srinivas Nimmagadda, Director of Engineering/Architect, Intuit

vCAT, written by VMware cloud architects and experts, provides recommended design and support solutions attested, validated and optimized. It includes the most efficient architecture examples and helps you make the right choices for your business.

Who Benefits From vCAT?

The VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT) is intended for highly technical IT architects and operators. By leveraging examples of validated architectures, youll get a running start to your transition to cloud computing. VMware partners, partner consultants and partner architects also benefit by being able to quickly examine a wide number of complex customer designs and leverage them to better guide their customers architecture development. VMware customers and vCloud-powered service providers around the globe turn to vCAT to guide their vCloud deployments, expand their environments and save both time and money. vCAT has also been essential for our partners in the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP). It serves as the design and architecture foundation for VSPP cloud environments and provides a technical validation for service providers who are ready to partner with VMware.

Our ability to access and leverage the vCAT content, narratives, and diagrams was a critical success factor during the process of building the reference architecture tied to our vCloud Director offerings.
Jason R. Klein, Senior Technologist, Office of the CTO, Paragon Development Systems, Inc.

vCAT does an excellent job of providing specific implementation examples and criteria in conjunction with providing evidence as to why we should be designing or implementing in that fashion.
Jason R. Klein, Senior Technologist, Office of the CTO, Paragon Development Systems, Inc.

Get Started Today.

Download a full copy of vCAT from the VMware vCAT web page and begin using it today. For more information on vCAT or VMware Professional Services, please contact your local VMware representative.

From a partner perspective, the content that vCAT incorporates out of the box, separates VMware from the competition, mainly by providing us with referencable content that validates our competence with [VMwares] products and solutions.
Jason R. Klein, Senior Technologist, Office of the CTO, Paragon Development Systems, Inc.

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