LTPC 3104




Engine mixtures – Fuel injection systems – monopoint, multipoint and direct injection – stages of combustion – normal and abnormal combustion – factors affecting knock – combustion chambers. UNIT – II COMPRESSION IGNITION ENGINES 9+3

States of combustion in C.I. Engine – Direct and indirect injection systems – combustion chambers – Fuel spray behaviour – Spray structure, spray penetration and evaporation – Introduction to Turbo charging. UNIT-III POLLUTANT FORMATION AND CONTROL 9+3

Pollutant – sources – Formation of carbon monoxide, Unburnt hydrocarbon, NOx, smoke and particulate matter – Methods of controlling emissions – Catelytic converters and particulate Traps – Methods of measurements of introduction to emission norms and driving cycles. UNIT -IV ENGINE FRICTION AND LUBRICATION 9+3

Engine friction and lubrication – Measurement of friction – Fluid mechanics based multi dimensional models – Engine operating characteristics. UNIT V RECENT TRENDS IN IC ENGINES 9+3

Lean burn engines – Stratified charge engines – Homogeneous charge compression ignition engines – Plasma ignition – Measurement techniques – Laser Doppler, Anemometry.

L : 45 T : 15 Total : 60
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1980. PID control – Programmable logic controller Total : 60 REFERENCES 1.12275H22 .D.Buch.S. . Mani. 3. Derivative control. 1958 2. Beckwith. 1998.. Tata McGraw Hill. 5. V. L.S.. 4.S.. 6.R. Raman. Holman. McGraw Hill. R. 1983. C. pressure. Doebli “Measurement System Application and Design”. Sensitivity – Signal conditioning systems.I and 2 MIR Publishers. Barney. UNIT–II MICROPROCESSORS AND COMPUTERS IN MEASUREMENT 12 Data logging and acquisition – use of intelligent instrument for error reduction – elements of micro-computer inferfacing – intelligent instruments in use.V. Mechanical Measurements. T. Prebrashensky. Prentice Hall of India.Calibration of instruments – Range – resolution – Span – Linearity. V. UNIT – V CONTROL SYSTEMS 12 Types of control – proportional control. “Measurement and Instrumentation in Heat Engineering”. Sharma. Vol. McGraw – Hill. “Instrumentation Devices and Systems”. Prentice Hall of India. Morris A. 1987. “Principles of Measurements and Instrumentation”..P. Narosa Publication House. “Experimental methods for Engineers”. G.. 1988.G. power and flow – Use of intelligent instruments for the physical variables.INSTRUMENTATION OF THERMAL POWER EQUIPMENT LTPC 4004 UNIT – I MEASUREMENT CHARACTERISTICS 12 Generalized instrumentation system – Error theory . “Intelligent Instrumentation”. UNIT – III MEASUREMENT OF PHYSICAL QUANTITIES 12 Measurement of thermo-physical properties – Instruments for measuring temperature. 1978. Integral control. UNIT – IV ERROR ANALYSIS 12 Uncertainty propagation – Oscilloscope for analysis of dynamic and transient events. and Marangoni. 7. J.

“Power Generation. 1991. 1983 . B. Gill. reheaters. UNIT . regnerators – Operation and performance – Layouts. Wollenberg. Reheaters.. UNIT . J. “A Course in Power Plant Engineering”. 4. Dhanpat Rai & Co. Wood.J.I INTRODUCTION 9 Power sector – an overview – Load curves for various applications – Types of power plants – Merits and demertis – Criteria for comparison and selection. Condenser and feed water heaters – Operation and performance – Layouts..III GAS TURBINE POWER PLANTS 9 Gas Turbine cycles – Optimization – Thermodynamic analysis of cycles – Cycle improvement – Multi spool arrangement . “Power Plant Performance”. 5. 3.R. Heywood.ADVANCED POWER PLANT ENGINEERING LTPC 3104 UNIT .. UNIT . UNIT . Operation & Control”.W.12275H23 . “Introduction to Nuclear Engineering”. A ddison – Wesley. Butterworths.V NUCLEAR AND MHD POWER PLANTS 9 Overview of nuclear power plants – Radio activity – Fission process – Reaction rates – Diffusion theory. “Analysis of Engineering Cycles”. 1984. Pergamon Press.B.Intercoolers.F. Second edition. 1984. 2.IV ADVANCED POWER CYCLES 9 Binary and combined cycle – coupled cycles – comparative analysis of combined heat and power cycles – IGCC – AFBC / PFBC cycles – Thermionic steam power plant. Fourth edition. A. A.II STEAM POWER PLANTS 9 Rankine cycle – Performance – Thermodynamic analysis of cycles cycle improvements – Superheaters. Arora and Domkundwar. Lamarsh. 2004. elastic scattering and slowing down – Criticality calculations – Critical heat flux – Power reactors – Nuclear safety – MHD & MHD – Steam power plants. Total : 45 REFERENCES 1. R. John Wiley..

Berylium. and construction of nuclear reactors .precipitation process – ion exchange ..R. UNIT III REPROCESSING 9 Nuclear fuel cycles .neutron reactions . . S. Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Theory. John Wiley. Wesley. 1984.reactor shielding.reactors .12275E24B .types of fast breeding reactor .redox . Nuclear Reactor Analysis. J. UNIT IV SEPARATION OF REACTOR PRODUCTS 9 Processes to be considered . Duderstadt.'Fuel Element' dissolution .radioactivity – decay chains .purex . TOTAL: 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS: 1.conversion to UF4 and UF6 .heat transfer techniques in nuclear reactors .principles of Isotope separation. 3rd Edition. 1996.the fission process . Lamarsh.production and purification of Uranium . UNIT II REACTOR MATERIALS 9 Nuclear Fuel Cycles .radiation hazards prevention.Hexone .oxidative slaging and electro .TBP and thorax Processes .solvent extraction equipment.Uranium . UNIT V WASTE DISPOSAL AND RADIATION PROTECTION 9 Types of nuclear wastes . 2. Nuclear Reactor Engineering. 1976..nuclides .refinng . J. and Hamilton.J.other fuels like Zirconium.role of solvent extraction in reprocessing .TTA .J.NUCLEAR ENGINEERING C LTP 4004 UNIT I NUCLEAR REACTIONS 9 Mechanism of nuclear fission . and Sesonske. Glasstone.Isotopes .spent fuel characteristics .chelation -U235 . REFERENCES: control and pollution control and abatement international convention on safety aspects . Thorium .characteristics of nuclear fuels . A. Von Nostrand.

UNIT – III 9 COOLING LOAD CALCULATIONS Advanced psychrometric calculations – Cooling load calculations – Determination of factor – Short method calculation.. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.P.ADVANCED REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING LTPC 3104 UNIT – I 9 VAPOUR COMPRESSION SYSTEMS Actual vapor compression system – Multi pressure vapour compression system – environment friendly refrigerants – cascade system. J. New Age International. Arora. U UNIT – IV LOW TEMPERATURE REFRIGERATION AND CRYOGENICS 9 Joule Thompson coefficient – liquefaction of air – hydrogen – helium – Applications of cryogenics. and Johnes. Refrigeration and Air conditioning. W. Press. 2004. 4. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. UNIT – II 9 VAPOUR ABSORPTION REFRIGERATION SYSTEM Three fluid absorption system – comparison of absorption with compression system – multistage systems – analysis. Stoeker. . 1982. Cambridge Uni. 1996. 2nd ed.W.P. Manohar Prasad. Gosney. Principles of Refrigeration. W. C.. 2. 1982.12275E25C . 2nd ed.. Tata McGraw – Hill.. Tata McGrawHill. air filters clean rooms – Air curtain Total : 45 REFERENCES 1.B.. 3. UNIT – V 9 ROOM AIR DISTRIBUTION Friction losses in ducts – Duct design.

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