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2 How to live without fear and worry

Worry and its causes
All the worries and sufferings which a person experience are nothing more than the interaction of his selfish desires with respect to the changing conditions. Why and what do people worry about? Most of the worries are due to various commitments and responsibilities we have in our daily life. For quick example, I was worried about my first project presentation in toast masters. Worry in certain extend is good and constructive but above that it becomes highly destructive. If I was worried highly, I would not have been able to deliver a good speech flawlessly.

Let us analyze what are the common causes of worry

The concept of me and mine

When we are attached to an object worldly pleasure we starts getting worried about something happens to it or losing it. The concept of self is the main reason for all the problems ranging from personal conflicts to wars among countries. The dangerous scenario is prolonged worries because of becoming too selfish or over attached. Worry due to anger

An angry man opens his mouth and closes his eyes. Situations in daily life cause us to become angry which destroys our peace of mind and makes us worried. In modern society we are kind and modest when our surrounding are good and satisfactory, but easily becomes irritated as condition changes. It calls us for the famous saying when others are good we can also be good, when others are evil its easy for us to become evil. A dangerous scenario is the uncontrolled anger. Worry due fear and superstions

In the constant effort to deal with forces of nature, the seeds of superstitions were sown in human mind. Our ancestors use to tell us so many tales filled with superstitions, now media does this job well for our new generations, by putting seeds of fear and superstitions.

Worry about future

This is the most common worry seen among all of us. Parents worry about their childrens future. Youngsters worry about their career. Working group worry about their job stability and gathering of wealth. To a certain extent this is good and constructive. But the truth is, many of us are spoiling our peace of mind and happiness by thinking about future.

Lets analyze whats the effect of these worries in our life

Modern medical science says human thought can generate organic disorders as we tend to highly attract what we expect in our life. As per new studies patients tend to heal in accordance with their own expectations rather than prognosis. In short all extreme worries indirectly cause physical diseases and mental discomforts. Businessmen who do not know how to cope with worry and stressful situations often die young. Now we will see how to overcome these worries Limit your selfishness

Selfishness comes to our life by wrong use and wrong perception of realities of life. We must nurture ourselves and our new generation with love and compassion, which is actually the best way to limit selfishness. I would like to share an interesting story about snake. Control your anger

We should react to a stressful situation peacefully. Darkness cannot be dispelled by darkness but by brightness only. We can control our anger by understanding the fact that we will not able to arrive at correct decision or action in disturbed state of mind. The other method is time delay method, were u wait for ten seconds before you react to a stressful situation, which actually gives u time for a second thought. Controlling fear

Just remember, were so ever fear arises it arises in a fool and not in a wise man, famous words of Buddha. Let our children access only fruitful, entertaining and informative contents, not the ones which cultivate fear and violence in their mind. Limit worrying about future

If we live well today, we will have a better tomorrow. Its the faith and attitude we have to cultivate in our mind. Past is nothing but a dream, future is nothing but a vision and present is what we have to live with.

One of the golden rules to lead a dignified life without fear and worry is to have a balanced livelihood without going into extremes. Do not over do things by learning to set your own limits. Last but not the least; never forget the most important aspect of our life our personal and spiritual development.