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Changing P6 Settings to Import Budget Costs from Excel into P6

There is one key step that you have to perform prior to importing budgeted costs. This is under the global change category. Before you import your excel spreadsheet you must change this setting. 1. Select tools then global change

Changing P6 Settings to Import Budget Costs from Excel into P6 (continued):

2 Add a new global change make sure to change it to look like below Make the Select Subject Area setting Activity Resource Assignments Make the parameter setting Resource ID Name Make the is setting equals Make the Value the name of your resource

Make the Then parameter Calculate costs from units

Change IS to = Change the Parameter/Value to No

Changing P6 Settings to Import Budget Costs from Excel into P6 (continued):

3. Select Change

This will open a file that will show you the proposed global change with the old values and the new values and it should look like this. 4. The old value should be Yes and the New Value should be No. Select Commit Changes

Changing Settings to Import Budget Costs from Excel into P6 (continued):

5. A prompt will appear and asking Would you like to save the log file ? Select No





6.SelectwhichitemsthatyouwanttoexportmakesuretoselectResourceID,ResourceType,BudgetCosts andBudgetedUnits.ThenSelectOK



9.ThisistheSummarywhichgivesyouthelocationandfilenameofyourexportedfile. SelectFinish


MODIFYYOUREXPORTFILETOIMPORTINTOP6 11.OpenyourexcelfileandmakesurethatareworkingintheTASKSRCtab ToImportBudgetedLaborCostsenteravalueintotheBudgetedCostColumntothetargetcostcolumn. MakesurethattheResourceTypeisLABOR.

ToimportBudgetedMaterialCostsenteravalueintotheBudgetedCostcolumnmakesurethe ResourceTypeisMATERIAL. ToimportBudgetedNonlaborCostsenteravalueintotheBudgetedCostcolumnmakesurethatthe ResourceTypeisNONLABOR.

ToimportUnitsenteravalueintotheBudgetedUnitscolumnmakesurethattheResourceIDiswhatever theunittypeisi.e.conduit,wire,devicesetc.

Insertyourcost codehere