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I will show you the effect of a luminous filter with this T64 model from Trumpeter, in this first

picture you can see the bas ecolour, 71017 Russian Green from Vallejo

In the next two picture you can see the zones I decided to enlighten, marked in red ( in the first one ) The colour modulation can be used in many ways, to represent the position of a light focus, many focus or in a whimsical way, like this case. The intention is not to achieve a realistic effect but an aesthetic one.

For the filter I used the same base colour adding a bit of white and diluting to 50% with acrylic thinner in three consecutive filters, getting closer to the zones I wanted to highlight and adding a bit more of white each time.

In next tutorials about colour modulation and gradations I will show you how to choose the colours, some different ways to do it and the results we can expect.