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The Dissatisfied Employee

Submitted by: Homer Leandro P. Lozada BOM36

Major. both Supervisors in the trust department of the CBA Banking Corporation are having a conversation about the future of their career in the company over a cup of coffee. .Dissatisfaction of employees due to vague career and promotion opportunities. Both employees are staring to doubt and begin to feel dissatisfaction towards their job and wonder and claim for concrete answers.lack of proper communication that cultivate a good employee-employer relationship. Minor.View Point Tony and Annie. Statement of the Problem a. Time Context The problem started when a supervisory employee Tony started to feel dissatisfaction towards his work after being on the same position for four year in service and unable to get his hands on promotion without a concrete explanation. b. They are feeling a bit uneasy about their boss’ replies that “there are all kinds of possibilities” and “the sky is the limit” regarding their inquiries about opportunities.

it is not instant and the problem will continue to occur until such solutions are put into action.Objective The objective of this case analysis is to identify the causes of dissatisfaction to the employees of the trust department of the CBA banking corporation and provide a viable solution in order to reassure the employees and help the employer in keeping the workers satisfied with their job. . Weakness: Solutions drawn from this case analysis would take time to implement. Opportunity: Solutions drawn from this case analysis could create a wide range of operations and human resource management programs that can help in formulating different varieties of such which is good for employee satisfaction. SWOT Analysis Strength: Identification of the causes of employee dissatisfaction could help in developing a better management program and a sound human resource management. meaning. Threat: Poor identification of areas where proper actions should be taken and poor implementation of solution could lead to a negative routine effect to the employees which in turn lead again to dissatisfaction.

3. Without a proper criterion. all of their efforts would not be wasted and all of the aspiring employees would be driven to work and be motivated to do better. Proper dissemination of information within the organization must be observed and a sound administration where both employee and employer can actively participate. 3. employees would work like a blind because they do not know what their target is unlike if there is something that they can aim for. 2. Hierarchy in the organization must be observed with respect to each other.Alternative Courses of Action Major 1. Recommendation Major As a recommendation. The company should conduct an evaluation of employees and let them be informed of their performance. 2. Minor 1. The company should provide a clear criterion for employee promotion. the company should provide a clear criterion for employee promotion which employees can be aware of in order for them to set their own personal goal. . Cultivate proper communication among co-workers with regards to position and personality. The company should set goals and set standards where they and the employees also can compare their actual performance in order to avoid baseless inferences.

Plan of Action 1. P. The company should conduct a job analysis and employee performance appraisal. John Wiley and Sons. Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Inc. References Spector. (2008).Minor As a recommendation to solve the minor problem. . Research and Practice. 5th Edition. The company should inform their employees about the requirements for promotion and what are expected of them in work. it is advised that the company should have a sound administration which is open for active participation for both the employee and the employer. They should set standards and goals for employees to follow like monthly targets of production or services done. They should also have a proper way in disseminating information within the organization to keep the employees updated of what is going on inside the enterprise and what are needed and not for them to do so as not to waste their time and effort. 2. 3. The company should hire an industrial psychologist that could help them in terms of research and actual assistance to employees needs.