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BACKGROUND In order to fully understand and internalize the concept and importance of human rights as the supreme, inherent and inalienable rights to life, dignity, and selfdevelopment, the students of the Law on Human Rights of the LSPU College of Law conducted an outreach activity last March 2, 2013. The activity was divided into two (2) parts, visit to the Laguna Provincial jail and legal/medical-dental clinic for Brgy. Maulawin, Lambak and Anibong which was held in Maulawin Elementary School. Atty. Eliezer V. Gojas, Judge M. Conrado Jamolin and Dean Adelardo S. Escoses joined the group in the undertaking. II. OBSERVATION Jail Visit The management of the LPJ gave the group an overview of their policy and procedures in the admission and releasing of inmates. They assured the group that the basic human rights of the inmates are being observed by the management. After the briefing with the Jail Official, the group was given the privilege to tour and inspect the cells in the provincial jail, The Jail holds approximately eight hundred or less inmates of different gender and age bracket. It was observed that LPJ is well guarded and secured by long lines of barbed wires installed on top of the perimeter fence. The cleanliness of the surroundings is well maintained. Female prisoners have separate detention cell. There is a livelihood program for the prisoners as their produce were offered for sale to the group which consist of coin purse, key chains, wallet, pouch bags. Prisoners are free to join organizations. However, the cells are congested and too small for several numbers of prisoners. Prisoners have only little space just a space for sleep. The buildings were constructed with little provision for ventilation. The 727 inmates are housed in three separate buildings which can only accommodate 1/3 of the population under normal condition. The budget for each prisoner is Php 45.00 per head per day. They were not provided with beddings. The Jail Official informed the group about the delay in the disposition of some of the cases of the detainees resulting to prolonged incarceration of some of them. Hence, they requested the group for free legal assistance for the inmates who want to avail of the same. At the end of the visit, the group donated soaps to the prisoners to maintain proper hygiene and prevent them from getting sick. Legal, Medical and Dental Clinic The second phase of the activity was held at Maulawin Elementary School in Pagsanjan, Laguna, the senior holds free legal service with the assistance of lawyers and free medical and dental service with the help of our invited medical volunteers. Another group conducted a seminar for Barangay Officials, Council Members and residents to refresh their knowledge of the procedures of Katarungang Pambarangay in line with the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act which empowers the Barangay to issue Barangay Protection Order.

BANDAO ZEDIMER A. III. DESAMERO ASTHER ADEFUIN NEHRU VALERA MOHAMDZALI G. It attained its objective of giving the group hands-on experience and exposure on real life situation human rights practice. GUTIERREZ WILHELMINA ANJAIL JAN VINCENT T. CAILLES LO MANUEL SARZA ROSE CAMBEL JEENZIE ILAGAN . SUCANO MARITES V. The activity was beneficial to all the participants as it gave new insights on human rights conditions in the jail and in the barangay. Replicate the activity in other community or barangay. IV. d. b. for new information and knowledge on the procedure in the issuance of Barangay Protection Order in accordance with the AntiViolence Against Women and their Children Act. ZAIDE RONALDO G.The residents as well as the barangay officials that attended the seminar were very thankful for the outreach program. c. Prepared by: RAMIL F. Make the activity a regular program of the College of Law by establishing a free legal aid program that will be operated by the law students with the supervision of the law professors. Allocate funds for the purchase of medicines for the medical and dental outreach part of the program. DE JESUS With reports contribution from the students of Human Rights Law Second Semester 2012-2013. RECOMMENDATION a. EDMUND S. CAMBEL NEMESIO C. CONCLUSION The outreach project was successfully carried out by the group. Solicit the involvement of other Colleges in LSPU for the medical and dental outreach preferably the faculty of the College of Nursing.