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7. (timing must be followed strictly) 5. 2. 2. the other speakers must be quarantined 4. All contestants speak on the same topic. Contestants are given a topic four minutes before they are due to resent the speech. A warning bell sounds at two minutes and a final bell at three minutes.1 The competition is divided into two sections. . While one contestant is presenting his/her speech. A warning bell sounds at three minutes and a final bell at four minutes. The time allowed for the impromptu speech is three minutes.2 For Section 1 (Prepared Speech) contestants are to observe the Following Rules: 1.Competition Format 7.3 For Section 2 (Impromptu Speech) contestants are to observe the following Rules: 1. as follows: Section 1: Prepared Speech Section 2: Impromptu Speech 7. 3. Contestants delivered a prepared speech of four minutes on a topic of their own choice.

correct. which lends a sense of finality to the speech? 6. Does the speaker avoid? 13. reading. 8. Is the speech original and intelligent in its exploration of the subject? 3. Conspicuous use of notes.2. pauses and projection effective? 10.1 Judging is nationally and internationally standardized. Comprehensible and appropriate language? 9. pace.g. Awkward pauses 18. Over dramatics 17. Does the speech carry a worthwhile and convincing message? Use of plain English 7.2 Judging Criteria 8. Ineffectual repetitions e. Does the speaker avoid distractions? 11. Does the speaker develop the argument and line of thought? 4.Adjudication 8. fluent and natural? 12.1 The judging criteria for both the Prepared Speech and The Impromptu Speech are on two aspects as follows: Subject Matter 1. “Ladies and Gentlemen” 14. Are tone. Is there a satisfactory conclusion. Is the subject matter of the speech suitable and substantial? 2. Judges are required to  Undertake a substantial briefing to gain full understanding of the judging criteria and to work within the guidelines set. Is the speaker’s style confident. shuffling Palm cards . Extravagant gestures or movements 16. 8. Pompous and condescending language 15. Logically and effectively? 5. Is the message or point of view conveyed in clear.

28. Judges will be given 15 minutes to discuss and decide the 5 best to enter the finals. Are the speaker’s remarks accurate.2. interesting and lucid? 24. Jokes that is irrelevant or inappropriate? 8. Therefore: At semi-final round: 27. Does the speakers impromptu speech very greatly from the Prepared speech 8.2 Additional judging criteria for the impromptu Speech also include the following: 21. Urus Setia will then give the list to the chief judge. simple and fluent speech? 25. There cannot be a consensus made by judges. relevant. Inappropriate quotations 20. 29. Urus Setia and rank the position of contestants will total all marks up. Does the speaker demonstrate the ability to think clearly and creatively? 22. Does the speaker express their views with conviction and / or honor? 23.19.3 What happens after judging? 26. . correct. Does the speaker use plain English? Does the speaker use clear. This procedure applies to the final round too. 30.