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by the

Documentary Record

(a) Revolutionary


(b) Incitement to


(c) Anti-National Plotting

(d) Political Subversion

(e) Treason to Free Speech


Economic Monopoly

(g) Judicial Corruption

(h) Anti-Christian Conspiracy

Robert Edward Edmondson







— and




—Abraham Lincoln.

The preface



"World Significance



The Jewish System

Russian Revolution" was written by London Jewish Savant Dr. Oscar Levy. He admits: "Jewish elements supply the driving force for both Communism and Capitalism." From "The Jewish State," by Theodor Herzl, Zionist
Leader, we read: "When we Jews sink we become a revolutionary proletariat (Communistic); when we rise there also arises our terrible power of the purse" (Capitalistic).




sides— can't





From "Key to Mystery." He lets the secret out!
of "America's Great Menace," a booklet by M. Schapiro, "a Christian by Faith, a Jew by Race," makes this statement: "I meet the Communists in their hunting grounds, Union Square, New York City. 'How will you start the revolution here?' I ask them in their
B. A.

in his book "Integrates Judentum," "The modern socialist movement is FOR


"Jews who deny that many Jews are Communists are

The author



themselves into the position of citizens on There must be a widening- and strengthening If, by taking full of the United Front against Fascism. part in the forging of this United Front, the Jews of America write themselves down as Communists SO BE IT." James Waterman Wise, son of Rabbi S. S. Wise,

own language.

'We Communists will work underground, and use the same methods that brought about the Russian Revolution, by assassinating government officials and scaring the others to death. We will plant cells in their fashionable clubs and homes poison their food. Did we succeed?' The time has come when patriotic Jews of America should feel the great responsibility for the evil deed (Communism) hatched and planned in the camp of Israel."
not do so in Russia

in the

"New Masses"

of Oct. 29, 1935.

Are the Jewish Masses Communistic? The following


from the N. Y. Jewish National Day

1937 approvingly quoting: "The Social Justice Committee of the Rabbinical Assembly favors the general tendency of the recently adopted social legislation, and in particular approves the scope of the TVA. It ENDORSES the president's plan for the reorganization





be Patriotic Americans?

(PACKING) of the Supreme Court. It sends its heartiest best wishes to the Spanish Loyalist Government" (Communist-directed by Moscow).


subversion of Politics! "Red" Rabbis?

The Central Conference of American Rabbis the largest organization of the kind in the world issued the following deft to the American System, as printed in the N. Y. Times of Sept. 13, 1936: "We challenge the present social system. We advocate a SOCIALIZATION of basic enter-

The following is from a letter of May 20, 1936, from Rabbi Edward L« Israel to Dr. Harry L. Ward, of the League Against War and Fascism, published in the Detroit Jewish Chronicle of June 5, 1936: "I write this letter with ENORMOUS REGRET, and only after great deliberation. It is my resignation from the American League against War and Fascism. We of the religious groups had to do a great deal of rationalization


Jewish Rabbis basically Communistic? Also the League Against War and Fascism!

prises. There is only one way in which the American people can escape Fascism and Communism, and that is

Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, in his 1928 book, "The Democratic Impulse in Jewish History," emphasizes how "persistent and dominant has been the democratic impulse in Jewish history, alike in the political life of the people as in its economic and religious life." He admits that in the nomadic desert life of his forefathers many tribes were "Communistic in structure."

by establishing "A



Such a Democracy



Jewish Writer Alter Brody in the "New Masses" of 12, 1936, page 14, says: "The undeniable problem of

Jew can

only be solved in a



Jewish socialism


The same yesterday, today, tomorrow!

The theory underlying this 4 American nation ever gets the idea that the Communism are synonymous." From the London "Catholic Herald" of October 21." Jewish Minority Rule — the same as in the U." Backed by the consolidated wealth of Jewry! Almost without exception. 1923. policy. in the on Poland." The April (1937) number carried the mention of three prizes awarded to writers on the subject: "The Way To Combat AntiSemitism. Italians. there is the possibility of a pogrom in the U. The goal of Jewish Communism is the establishment of a Jewish world hegemony serfdom. Editor Margoshes of the New York Jewish National Day answered by saying the Gentiles were ALL Jews innocent. among them Weinert. quoted below: "In Germany 300 National victims to the Communist Terror. in organization and direction. Rabbi Victor Eppstein. In Spain the Government found it necessary TO ARM ITS WORKERS. Homer. send this proclamation all over the world to put unwary Gentiles on guard. "If the Jewish race and — 5 . and as such are not only conspicuThere must be something wrong ous but very active. On April 30. Roumanians. Y. adopted to prevent the inevitable reactionary attempt to overthrow democracy. LevineThe Jewish Tschekist. Socialists In a 1923 book. Abraham and Levy-Lenz." One prize-winner.000 people in the Crimea. World. nurse antipathy towards the Jews" From an advertisement addressed to the American Jewish Congress. and Russia is being entirely administered by them. somewhere if millions and millions of Germans. (Aron Cohn) ordered the execution of over 60. At the Municipal Hospital in Alupka 272 sick and wounded were brought out on stretchers and shot. Arabs. Russians. City: "We. 1919. The astute so stupid or insane as to put vast amounts of capital into the world-wide activities of Bolshevism unless they were certain in their own minds that their own interests and power were secure. A. etc. 1936. proposed: "The present program of palliative relief must give way to a program of fundamental reconstruction. that NINETY-EIGHT PER CENT of those arrested in Poland on charges of Communistic intrigues were Jews. Rabbi Stephen Wise. 28 and Nov. 27.! — 30. "Jews in The N. OFF. American Democracy MUST BE SOCIALIZED by subjecting industrial production and distribution to the will Energetic measures must be of the peoples' Congress. Dec. Zionist Leader. And Rabbi Wise says the world must atone to the Jew for all its sins against Jewry. Americans. signed by the Guild of Polish Newspapermen in America. is in the hands of Jewish agents. ten hostages in Munich were shot through the backs under the responsibility of the Jewish Commissars Levien. 13. and led under the inspiration of the mathought which is incarnated in International This discloses the actual secret of our anti-Jewish and Germany's UNCOMPROMISING FIGHT AGAINST JEWRY. Englishmen. alias Marx. S. "The Jew. 1937." James W. is the Editor of the Monthly Magazine "Opinion. German leader. political Zionism and Communism. Times. 13. "How Odd of God" declares: "We intend to remake the Gentile what the Communists are doing in Russia. Bela Kun Nissen and Axelrod. 1933. issue of the National American of N. quoted Correspondent Clare Sheridan regarding Russia as reporting: "The Communists are Jews. protesting against International Jewry's attack "The part played by International Jewish Finance in furthering Bolshevism and Communism is a source of bewilderment to those who do not understand that the money power." Usurping the functions of The Creator! — fanaticism was excogitated by the Jew Mordecai. the intellectual leaders of Communism in Germany were Jews. Communism has been thought set afoot terialistic Jewry. The police commissioner of A Poland said in March. French. 1935. EGO-MAD! weapons Jew Financiers would not be WRONG— — Official figures in a speech delivered on Sept. are fell Greed insatiable.alle. by Dr. that will make those of the Czar's look like a small parade. 1935. published in the N. the victims of Jewish AND BY SYSTEMATICALLY REMOVING FROM KEY POSITIONS IN ARMY AND NATIONAL GUARD ALL OFFICERS WHOSE LOYALTY TO THE CONSTITUTION MAY BE QUALIFIED BY CLASS ALLEGIANCE. let it be beforehand by strengthening the organization of labor. S. Hungarians. THAT IS COMMUNISM WITH THE MASK out. In America.. 4. variant of the same theory sprang from the brain of the Jew LaS.? Jewish Author Lewis Brown's 1934 book. Y." Materialism "gone mad-dog"! WARNING FROM RUSSIANS The following proclamation from exiled Russians was published in the Feb. Jan. Joseph Goebbels." Rabbinic Communism in Russia. are but hands of International Jewry." Slavery for Gentiles! in whose realm the non-Jew will be reduced to TREASON to Americanism? GENTILE TESTIMONY Poland are overwhelmingly represented in the ranks of Communists. Y. Poles. at Nuremberg by Dr." Hilaire Belloc says: "The continued propaganda of Communism throughout the world.

(See Congressional Jewish-Soviet anti."— Secretary Earl Browder Madison of Communist Party. It was a Jew. Ambassador to Germany. 1927. are TO A LARGE EXTENT JEWS. Bela Kun." Jew. 1935. Brandeis. revolutionary activity seems to be the one road to ultimate freedom. — Stabbing in the dark! Mass Murderers! book.. reported "How Jacob H." This "Karl Marx Professor" was born in Austria. N. SCHIFF PROMOTED REVOLUTION The N. In "Israel. former U.of February. "How Odd of God. S." by Lewis Browne. 1933-4 Congressional Record. are Vinaver. de Heekelingen. at a auspices the under City. S. S. Committee. ALL PROMINENT ' JEWS.American! JEWISH TESTIMONY did more to bring in the revolution (French) of 1848 than the two Jews. Y. Associate Justice He wrote that the money of the U. Schiff financed revolutionary propaganda in the 7 . ' Russian Pogrom!— segregation." AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE— Social lutionaries. Bolshevism and The Russian Bolshevists were Jews other like Trotsky. in the Jewish Forum . R. Mensheviki. S. purposes as you deem most such for used be was 'to advisable. Jews are to be found among the trusted leaders and routine workers of ALL THESE REVOLUTIONARY PARTIES.Gerard. It was a Jew. Kurt Eisner. in N. Y. 1919. who are strongly Kaminka. who led the Red Army which saved the Communist Cause in Russia. by the American Jewish "The Protocols. dispatch published in The Arkansas Gazette of May 30. S. 1934. S. former Rabbi. Leon Trotsky. A. Majority Jewish Communism anti-Christ. T. 1934. aided by a Jewess. of 100 Jewish organizations. and is a National Committeeman of the American Civil Liberties Union. are A LARGE NUMBER Love practices. THE LEADERS of the Mensheviki. Is OF JEWS. Magnes of New York and Palestine. Pasmanik. Ark." as well as governing parties. Supreme Court. the munism is nothing more than the triumph of Jewish values * "The revolution and see what (in Russia) set creative forces free A LARGE COMPANY OF JEWS WERE Revoand Minority over Christian values. entitled Jews. This college has been under legislative investigation for Communism and Free "A "On the other hand. Record). Among THE LEADERS of the People's SOCIALIST. speaking June 2. Landau and Friedman. Karl Liebnecht. Heinrich Heine and Ludwig Borne. Among THE CHIEFS of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Russia. bitter opponents of the Bolsheviks. S."— Congressman L." a 1937 Frencn "Comdeclaration: this makes author. from Louis D."— Rabbi Judah L. McPadden. a Socialists. 1."." denying that than "a few leaders Menaces of the Republic? check for $100 was received recently by Commonwealth College. S. as "closely affiliated with the Communist that its apparent quite "It is ment in the U. quoting is General" Hugh Johnson: "Frankfurter the most influential single individual in the U. Square Garden meeting. 8. Its Future. 26." Quotations from the book. of Oct. Secret sabotage! . and the Mensheviki section of the SOCIAL Democratic Parties. It was a Jew. Rosa Luxemburg. Times of M!arch 24. 1917. who led the Socialist Putsch in Bavaria.' "— Mena. who are the sworn foes of Bolshevism. opposed to the Soviets. "No agitators "Boring-from-within tactics set up the present Commusame nist-Jewish controlled government in Russia. Supreme Court Justice? confession-proof that Jews are to be found usurp- ing leadership in all "opposition. To the Jew. which was described in Congressional Report 2290 of June move17. the SOCIALIST REVOLUTIONARY. Bolsheviki. deportation. Times of Oct. and the the secure work to now at are kind of aliens and usurpers overthrow of government itself in the U. who set up the Red Regime in Hungary. A Religionistic Boast and Defi? The following is from a pamphlet page 13. concen\ titration Madagascar! No (b) ! INCITEMENT TO WAR (Alliance of Finance and Revolution) JEWS FOR SOVIET "The forces which made the Soviet are going to create a Soviet power in the U. adding advocacy their in Communists protect main function is to of force and violence to overthrow the U. merely by birth": issued Dec. Its Past. 1920. Its chief counsel is Arthur Garfield Hays. who led the Sparticist insurrection in Germany. Sliosberg. 1931. Y. It was a Jew." This is Brandeis unfit to be a U. Government. The Saturday Evening Post "N.

a letter 'by S." "There is • — MAN ABROGATION OF PROPERTY secret societies are proclaimed by the MEN OF JEWISH RACE ARE FOUND AT THE HEAD OF EVERY ONE OF THEM. is now Stalin's wife."— From "Key Mystery. No. not merely of the latest great war." From "The Moment. 1934." published in Russia. largest Communist newspaper in the U. Kaganowitsch is still Stalin's "intimate. as reproduced in a leaflet published by "The Defenders" of Wichita. "A Jewish Revolution" said: 8 giving a list of the names of the Soviet District Chiefs. 10. wartime Prime Minister of England. S. * property ally themselves with COMMUNISTS. reading in part: "The promise of a national home for Jews in Palestine to gain world-wide Jewish support for the Allied Cause in the World War." a magazine edited by Dr. 1931.. HANDS. Jews the that fact the to testimony bear were helpful in America and even in Russia. is printed the following. p. 1934. throughout Jews of co-operation have the They responded. What Jewish Idealism and disin content have so powerfully contributed to accomplish From "Lasar Moissejewitsch Kaganowitsch a great man. tion in the U. but of nearly all of your wars. Jew. 1936." Jewish Zionist organ." M.-Feb. printed: George. Morning Freiheit. with ideas and propaganda. is American President to come into the War was to secure the co-operation of Zionist promising them Palestine. Y. WHICH REMAINS IN THEIR SAFE to Death for 30 million Gentiles and slavery for 150 millions more! In the London Jewish Chronicle of Feb. former Jewish Propaganda Agent of the British Government. 1927. and that is to smash it by force." In Jewish Boasts lies Gentile salvation! 1936." notwithstanding alleged purging.. against religion the and OF EQUALITY property. the most who form provisional governments— AND of : The people skillful God co- operate with atheists. it may be said that the great Russian social revolution. contained in an Associated Press cable from London. The Landman statement is confirmed by David Lloyd George. New York November.' Did he use it for Jewry first? The Jew Power in the U. who will soon be 21. 1928.' House of Commons today by David Lloyd In "The Reflex.I "The Maccabean. contains the following: "The only way to induce the "PRINCE OF JEWRY" CONFESSES On Page 13080 1934. 1919. dated June 15. 7." 1858. Melamed. this means Civil War" M." World Jewry by of the Congressional Record of June 27. saying: 'I probably had more power than per" haps any other man did in the war." Jewish newspaper Russia. as quoted in the Congressional Record of June 25. We are at the bottom. was detailed to the "Following the World War Bernard M. Cohan. afterwards Jewish Prime Minister of England wrote: "An insurrection takes place and against tradition and aristocracy. 13. issue of the "Century Magazine" is "We Jews this by Jewish Writer ^Marcus Eli Ravage have taken your natural world. 250. issue of Nov. From" the Jan. 72: "Without exaggeration. The Zionists carried out their part and helped bring America into the war.. * * DIFFERENT VERY BY GOVERNED IS WORLD THE IS IMAGINED BY THOSE PERSONAGES FROM " accumulators of WHAT WHO ARE NOT BEHIND THE Invisible Rule! SCENES. Jew. We did it solely with the irresistible might of our -J spirit. S. the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending to promote in other countries." System! War Breeders! Who benefits mostly by war? is A diabolical Jewish the American Hebrew of Sept. His sister.\\ S Czar's army. Baruch appeared before a select Congressional Committee and testified to the fact that he virtually had complete control of the resources of the American nation during the war. Benjamin Disraeli. The London Jewish World of June 25. 'We came that we should vital most to the conclusion that it was I the world. M. Landman. 1920: "The Bolshevist revolution was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking and discontent. issue of November. S. Olgin." Kharkov." quoting as follows his message to a New York Carnegie Hall mass meeting celebrating the Bolshevist coup: "Will you say for me to those present a: tonight's "The Revolution in meeting how deeply I regret my inability to with the Friends of Russian Freedom the actual celebrate ] (reward of what we had hoped and striven for these long ' in Russia is a Jewish revolution. in "The Communist. said: "The real author of the 'Five-Year 9 . S. The NATURAL Are wars Jewish harvests? one way to abolish the capitalistic state. was indeed accomplished by the hands of the Jews * * * who led the Russian proletariat to the dawn of the Internationale and not only led. HE WILL ONE DAY RULE OVER THE COUNTRY OF THE CZARS. 1905. Kan. 90% Jews. J. advertising the "Jewish Encyclopaedia": "Did you know that no big war can be waged without the financial / assistance of the Jews?" ON ALL SIDES BiograIn his book "Lord George Bentinck: A Political phy. but are also now leading the ? years?" Soviet cause. Russian Born Jewish Editor of the N. April 12. has steadily grown since then. And helped by the Roosevelt Jewish Radical Administra. your ideals. a crisis Jewish history. your destiny and played havoc with them.

Some Jews have gone so Jewish 'power of the purse' and revolutionary activities are working in a common direction. published by Stanley. succumbed to the bullets of the Jewish assassin." Jewish Encyclopaedia. Y.." Against Spanish National "Liberal PATRIOTISM! On the contrary.' " "You Gentiles. International Jewry Never has a Jew uttered a word of is ANTI-Fascist. of everyone." Experience taught him! Associated Press cable from Rome. which excites the people against them. Jewish Scientist Einstein announced his support of the Spanish Eed Government on Feb. We — — be Fascists! Samuels. headed by the N." of of the leading Red undermining work Socialist personalities are Jews. 1936. admiration or gratitude for Fascism. "Ninety-eight percent of Soviet Russia's leaders ARE The same slaughter once seen in Russia is now The Jew Power Behind the Throne! being experienced in Spain. Y. "The Pioneers of the Russian Revolution" (London. N. going on. quoting a Jewish Telegraph Agency cable from Paris: "International Jewry is definitely siding with the Spanish Government. the Archduke. Y. member of the Fascist Grand Council: "From the monopoly under the dictatorship in Bolshevistic Russia to the prevalence it has achieved in the Bolshevist Government of France.Plan/ Kaganowitsch. 1937. 24. and his wife." "Chosen" arrogance? JEWISH ASSASSINS Vicomte Leon de Poncins said in the 1929 edition of . Sept."—From "Key to Mystery. printed mostly in Yiddish." The same paper published on Oct. WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REVO- LUTION. / look upon Bolshevism as a Jewish affair. a photostat of the check drawn." A deadly enemy! From they New York Mayor of 20 other "Leftist" LaGuardia's name is among those are four to six times more liable to mental disease than are non-Jews. and there is a mass of evidence that they are working in unison. where EIGHTY PER CENT Everywhere the is A DUAL CONSPIRACY From "La Vieille France. page 250: "THE JEWS IN RUSSIA." From "The Truth about Field: the Slump" (1932) by A. heir to the crown of the Austrian monarchy." the magazine. Paul & S. 1936. quoted in is a Jewish Conspiracy against assault of Jewish Revolution by Jewish British publications: "There 15. a DOUBLE Jewish Finance." 1 writer Rene Groos. Science and Labor gone Red! "Asia." The N. TheyJ March : . 7. Morning Freiheit of Aug. Italy. 1936. TO THE REDS IN MADRID." Communists can't have produced an overwhelming number of revolutionaries banner bearers of the world's armies of 'liberation./ "The Secret Powers Behind the Revolution": "On the 28th day of June. American of Aug. ARE BECOMING THE DOMINANT ELE- FRONT IN FRANCE. This was done. Radical Jews. Angelo The Jew Weiss assassinated Senator Huey Long Louisiana of n I Co. American of April 4.. 1936. Top and Bottom Control! An The N. President of the radical International Garment Workers Union: "I heard of the need of assistance for the Popular Front in Spain and ordered that our headquarters send $5. 1936. — Are Communistic Jews "the 10 lunatic fringe"? Jews listed as sponsors for the 1933 call for "The Second American Revolution" issued by "The United Action Committee of the League for Inde11 . Stalin." Rappaport. the subversive influence of Jews is very evident as to THE CAUSE OF EXISTING DISORDERS.000. largest Communist newspaper in the U." quoted Roberto Farinacci. and is a great favorite of GENTILE TESTIMONY JEWS.). "Duce Aid Blames Jews for War. quoting David Dubinsky. statistics collected by Buschan he concludes that I nervous they dwell. 10. Y. IN THEIR TOTAL MASS. Modernized Jews. 1914. Agnostic Jews. Jewish Masses Communistic? "The enormously significant thing today is that the I "The Jews are more subject to diseases of the system than other peoples among whom physicians of large experience among far as to state that most of them are hysterical." is a Jew. all June Hitler before the annual convention of German National Party in AND nations . moral and material aid is given by Jews to the POPULAR i I Jews." by Maurice MENT IN JEWRY. on Page 223 of the February"In all Bolshevist issue of 1920. 1929. The Poison of Jewish Liberalism brews Revolution! From the N. 7. 1918. AND TO THE DESTROYERS OF CHURCHES UNDER EVERY SOCIAL ORDER. 5. Daily News. Princip. said: "Every Jew must support the struggle of the People's Front Government in Spain. of Bolshevist agents 1936. printed this They are contemptuous institutions the heads are Jews. S..

" was in the beginning!" By their membership do these 12 "religionists" support the "bloody revolution"? 13 . F. London Correspondent in Russia. in action! Mongol. dated Sept. Kowalski. Geo. if necessary. Wolfe. Unimpeachable Testimony and 'rebellion' send a shiver of down our spines. confirmingly said: "TODAY IS A HOLI- ( DAY IN "As it RUSSIA. Elmer Krahan. Levinson. Of the 15 members of the Committee of the Socialist Revolutionary Party of the Right. Kryzcki. Gitlitz. Leo Wolfson. Findlay — "Al" Smith's "New Outlook" magazine February. Lilian Herstein. "The Soviet Government has been and still is. the existing order of things. 11 were Jews. J. H. 1919. Peter Sissman. March 29. The N."' Overman Congressional Committee in 1919 of Rev. and "forces" substituted. Petersburg. Morris Berman. contained the following under the signature of James E. Konenkamp. S." have a firm conviction that this thing (Bolshevist From testimony before the is YIDDISH. We have grown so timid that the words terror 'revolution' JEWS IN THE SOVIETS "One of the most curious features of the Bolshevist movement is the high percentage of non-Russian elements among its leaders.' " Lord Queenborough in the London Sunday Dispatch." The National Council of the Berger Founsation includes these 1931 members: Rabbi E. Abraham Lidsky. Balfour. J. 1909: "The safety and hope of this country will finally lie in one direction only—that of a VIOLENT AND BLOODY REVOLUTION. Oudendyk. Y. Dr. 1936. G. and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends. Members of the Jewish race from all over the world. 6. I. present "I Revolution) — He saw them during the Kerensky-Bolshevist Regime in Russia. Berger. Arthur Garfield Hays. Of the 12 members of the Polish Commune. Jacob C. 12 were Jews. S. containing a dispatch from M." From The "London Times".pendent Political Action. H. Israel. Y. author of "I Photograph Russia": "The men who control Russia are not Russians. Rabbi S. Hekteon. Samuel Levin. St. 1937. Y. Heller. Max S. Rabbi J. Abraham Cahan. Silver. in Key-Posts of all movements — the of secret of 6. Goldman. Simons. Moscow in WE WERE Marsden. Meyer. Schlessinger. of the Committee of the Socialist Revolutionary Party of the Left. A report. It read: 'Bolshevism is organized and worked by FORCES that have no nationality. N. Of 11 members of the Central Committee of the opposing Mensheviki Party. American of June 21. American Methodist Minister. Emil Seidel. Herald Tribune cable of Sept. Abel Wolman. M. Hays. S. Jacob Panken. of whom 447 were Jews. Morris L. Josef L. largely composed of Jews. I. in issue of May 7. * * * Not less than 75% are Jews. Government! JEWS ON ALL FRONTS d Party of Great Britain has reprinted the 1920 booklet "Jews in Russia" by Victor are the names of Bolsheviki officials totalling 545. Zeibelman. Morris Stern.Jew Soviets! "Seeing is believing!" The Berger National Foundation was organized "to honor the memory of Victor L. who was watching British interests during the Bolshevik Revolution. Jews control. A. Leo. C. was forwarded from Christiana to Mr. Let us fight for our rights. J. 10 were Jews. Schevill." which used these words: "Let us regain our birthright in a second American revolution. 14 were Jews. Sidney Hillman. Rose Schneidermann. Abbe. Dr. Friedman." foreign-born Jewish Socialist Congressman from Wisconsin. — A New Year N. Morris Gold. Rabbi de Sola Pool. * * * Be prepared to back up ballots with bullets. Netherlands Minister at St. Ernest. State Lusk Report of Communistic subversions quotes Berger as saying ("Red Network") in the Milwaukee Social Democratic Herald of July 31. Petersburg. Rabbi A. Henry Neumann. The British Government in 1919 published its report in a White Paper. predominate. 1918. and by whom? WARNED. H." Special Correspondent of "The Catholic Times" of London. by Sir M. 1934. Of the 12 members In it The National Workers "When the sinister forces which captured 1917 turned their steps outward from Russia." To overthrow the U. as reproduced in the N. Reinhold Niebuhr. Benj. Why was the word "JEWS" deleted from the original report. Jacob Siegel. V. Donald Slesinger and Morris Siskind. 1937 (Jewish 5698).

reporting a finding of the Central Conference of American Rabbis: "Nationalism is a danger for the Jewish people. Felz in the — (c) London Jewish Chronicle of Dec. as in all epochs of history. Nation or Religion/' by "What 1 — Zionist Leader Klatzkin wrote in "Der Jude" in 1916: "Only the Jewish Code rules our life. That is our chief enemy. Whatever he does. 1934. I September 24. That is our only safety. 'Well."—From "Key You cannot serve two masters! to Mystery." a 1924 book by Maurice Samuels. He is more dangerous to you. Before a British Royal Immigration Commission in 1902. 1936. THE HORRIBLE FIGURE OF NATIONALISM.Jews in England against the Jews in Germany. for Jewry—Not for us! Jews are destroyers even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief* Jews will remain destroyers forever. Our mentality is of a Hebraic character. Zionist leader: "You must learn to dislike and fear the modern and unassimilatecl Jew more than you did the old Jew. Gentile Patriotism must die! we are International Jews.' "MEDIOCRE INTELLECTS" 'pafind of those If movements which label themselves you scratch a Fascist you are likely to an anti-Semite. — among the causes of "Anti-Semitism increases day by day and hour by hour nations. No Gentiles admitted by these "artful dodgers. Freehof.) Prof. But two are by side and not merely — THEY ARE OPPOSED We Jan. because the its in the Herald The rabbis "bore" into politics! growth continue to exist AND CANNOT Its remote cause is our loss of the power of assimilation during the Middle Ages. and differs from that of an Englishman." Chicago."— From "Key LIVE IN to and only as a race can we perpetuate." (See page 87 of the 1920 book. 15th. "The Fellowship. POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC." B. This The following Aug." — Dr. WHICH GRINS AND MOCKS AT US. separates us from the peoples of the lands in which we live and behind that wall is a Jewish State. he is a Jew and remains a Jew. 13. 1937. January 1. Assimilation is impossible. primal difference is not to let reconcilable. Solomon B."Jews who pretend that they can be patriotic Englishmen and good Jews are simply living lies. As a people. each other. — You might tolerate different. it is proved that JEWS CANNOT Sentinel. It is bound to increase. NOTHING that you will do will meet our demands. Today. It is abysmal. Zionist Leader Herzl said that Ludwig Lewisohn. Why not defend ourselves? America Last! RABBI SMEARS PATRIOTISM "Beware triotic. Internationalism losing ? "Jewish Nationalism is a Jewish question which must be governed by Jewish principles and not be made subservient to the convenience or exigencies for the time being of any Government. Whenever other laws are forced upon us we regard them as dire oppression and constantly dodge them." 1926: "A Jew remains a Jew. Rohling's Talmudic quotations say Jewry is living in "a state of war" with all other peoples.".K. ANTI-NATIONAL PLOTTING (Internationalism Versus Patriotism) The lie-list is a long one! JEWISH TESTIMONY stands in OUE way everywhere in the world is Modern Nationalism. Jewish chairman of the "World Jewry . because a Jew cannot change his national character. side ALIENS. Today it Between Gentiles and Jews there lies an unis active. Jews Regard Gentiles as "A Common Enemy. 8. 1919. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that Mystery. page 6." The Jewish World." . His enmity to your way of" life was tacit before. | 14 15 ." Therefore. 7 a large us exist the extent. Ours is one life—yours another. We are on the side of Liberalism against Nationalism. its immediate BE REMOVED. 1911. We form in ourselves a closed juriA strong wall built by us dical and business corporation." National Americanism." From "Race. Jew. take notice! Gerald Soman. Jewish NATIONALISM "O. 1935: "YOU CANNOT BE ENGLISH JEWS. however important. Jews are everywhere. We are a race."—From the London Jewish Chronicle of "IT IS "JEWS ARE DESTROYERS" is from "You Gentiles. or the Jews in France against the Jews in Austria. in his book "Israel. say." Rabbi Israel Goldstein Tribune of Nov." for reference quotation. we Jews have not been at war between ourselves. POWERFUL STATES WHERE A HIGH NATIONAL CULTURE HAS DEVELOPED. 26. "The International Jew. bridgeable gulf." Jewry First." in its official manifesto." Out with destroyers! — IN MORTAL ENMITY.

" Did Roosevelt Jacob Braftmann. 1937.—Theoclor cause is our excessive production of mediocre intellects. Professor Felix Frankfurter. 1935. from which the following description is taken: "Instead of the Old Roman and English Common Law. ex-rabbi." sell out America to Jewry? He has re- ceived a medal inscribed "For distinguished services TO JEWRY. Baruch." Jewish Masses Libeled by their own spokesman? (d) The Jewish World. Zionist Leader. the Jewish Court intends to decide all cases brought before it on the wisdom contained in the Talmud. 20. read the September. "Forum" article "Where Jews Fail. to exercise By Baruch the "right" of self -"Chosen People"? of nonsense. beginning at the cradle and carried on to the grave." The Talmud "over New York. that census enumerators should ascertain the races of all the inhabitants of the U. accord- One of the key Roosevelt advisors is Bernard M. who has declined a number of important positions in the Roosevelt administration.Sol vent! Shall we submit to dissolution ? When you International learn that Israel Zangwill tionalism spurs up anti-Semitism.Jewish Gentile activity." When the truth is known it will be found that politicians advice from the present leadership of Jewry — who accept Treason to Gentile States." nevertheless had his recommendations accepted in filling nearly half a dozen of the most important legal posts in the Government and continues to function as one of the President's most trustworthy advisors. 1769) wrote: "Jews must obey the orders of the Kehilla and of the Beth-din in contradistinction to the law of the land." Herzl. "THE JEWISH NATIONAL. 1936. in his two books "Jewish Fraternities" (Vilna. in "The Jewish State. for they are actually joining a satanic false leadership ruthlessly victimizing its own people a million times more than any anti. They are the only cosmopolitan people." by a Jew." The Brooklyn Jewish Examiner of Oct. Court JEWISH CODE RULES THE JEWISH CODE will supersede the American of Justice in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. "Bereft of Vision the People Perish!" "The American Jewish Committee successfully opposed introduced in Congress in 1909. ally themselves with the worst enemies of the Jewish People. on the understanding that they are protecting the Jewish Minority. POLITICAL SUBVERSIONS (Sovietism by Legislative Stealth) t published in its issue of 9th February 1883: "The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people. 1933. the bill Jewish Anti-Americanism The front page of the 8th edition of the afternoon') Chicago American of April 6. in the great Yiddish Daily. 1936. said: "I believe national pride (patriotism) a lot BELONGS TO THEM AS OF RIGHT! They are going! it AS THEY SEE FIT! What are YOU going! to DO about it?"— From an -editorial of April 9. which is the basis of American Jurisprudence. had a seven-column head: "Secret Meeting against Horner" (Solomon Levy). Bernard M." From "Key to Mystery. see the ritual stewing in the poisonous juices of rotting ages."-— From Jewish Communal Eegister 1917-18. In the absence of Secretary of State Hull and the President from WashBaruch was regarded as the unofficial President. ing to an article in the N. important Jewish organ of England." JEWISH TESTIMONY because of their NUMBERS. — "The Jews INTERESTS A Poison. 1936. constitute A GREAT POLITICAL FORCE. Mr. has ington. Gross. America Included! In the Chicago Tribune of Sept. as a solvent of national and racial differences-" From rKey\to Mystery. IT/ of America. DAY." you has said: "Namust conclude that Jewry is against all nations. edited by Rabbi Louis D. 25. If you want to know how this diabolical leadership systematically works to blind and mislead Jews. and ABILITY. Note the Jewish Hymn of anti-Gentile Hate. Y. American of July 26. the thinking in reverse developed by living in the past. said: "THE ROOSEVELT AD- He "spilled the beans"! Even "Princes'" feet slip! MINISTRATION HAS SELECTED MORE JEWS TO FILL INFLUENTIAL POSITIONS THAN ANY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION IN AMERICAN HISTORY. They have not usurped this power. and in this capacity must act and are acting. a power in the Wilson administration." of New York City. S. 1868) and "The Book of the Kehilla" (Vilna. 16 17 .

Provable evidence from headquarters* Sir Herbert Samuel. but it means. 1922. Harold Riegelman. 1937. James ditional American order. H. make it the hands of dirty politicians. In conversation with Robert Edward Edwhole mondson in 1934 he declared that he "abhorred the particular." World-Power aim confirmed. Aug. 1937. Goldenby made was prophets. Jewish President-Alderman Jacob the latter this first is tional Convention of at the 8. S." Nahum Sokolow. very nearly so. Zionist Leader. 28. Jewish British Delegation to the U."— James P. by the hands of those whose grip they are ignorant of. Two-faced? For Jewry FIRST! NEW DEAL A JEW DEAL . Dec. Times of Aug. As N names out of 45. I am a Jew VICE TO JEWRY. including Felix M. ancient Hebrew Daily Jewish the said yesterday. at the 1919 Peace Conference. American the of Committee State Y. not friendly with the New Dealer Oct 13. created it after a fight of 25 years. while the United States. at Carlsbad Congress. 1920. but in all I have power to be. H. Plenipotentiary of the Jews. Louis as follows: "You will have to encourage each man of property to find a place IN AMERICA or elsewhere for at least one person." said Lucien Wolf. 1934." MONGOL JEWS have The 1918 Jewish Communal Register says: "Jews American the and measures" immigration supported liberal success the passage Jewish Committee also "opposed with judicial decisions by which of legislation and rendering of of nationalization beAsiatics it was sought to deprive from Asia of the Jews deprive cause such laws would right to ! I ] become citizens. June "President Roosevelt will receive the Gottheil Medal for DISTINGUISHED SER- (racial) that reported as saying: "I resent the fact propaganda has been started. and is certainly striving to enter the lists against the other great race of the North (The Russians). Edmondson ert Edward Roosevelt in Novote for the re-election of President State Hull vember. according to a proclamation recently broadcast by the National Workers' Party of London* The World Jewish Super-Government! "A TERRIBLE RACE" Wickham Steed 169) says: "There in is The Hapsburg Monarchy (1913. State election for Republican nominee. "Spain will hereafter be governed will in a fashion which impossible for power ever again to fall into . Labor Party. "-—From N. Y. ican Communist Party! A Jewish Amer- We — At the 1934 N." Asso- and then a Democrat!" Jewry before Americanism! New York — City Dispatch. Warburg. ciated Press. Lehman goes under. Viscount Bearsted and Simon Marks. the has 35 Jewish Roosevelt Champion.- that Jews co-operate with President Roosewith those of the velt because his ideals are identical Rabbi S. Times of June 20. are slowly but surely yielding to that international and insidious hegemony. "The League of Nations is a Jewish idea. will collapse. p. poet and dramatist. established were economics principles of government and Talmudic law. Y. including David DUBINSKY. per N. Warburg wrote Secretary of 'Governor." and was in form Russian the idea. Jews and similar parasites 19 18 .Jew Election! Gentile Majority or Gentile who "I join with you in condemning any Jew to the trasubversive fosters ideas or theories or practices Robwrote Warburg P. over an article quoting auspices of "The Demothe under speech Jew-warning in a political address by cratic League of Chicago. Y. census of Jews? Was Law Violated? Why is there A dumping ground for Emma Lazarus' "wretched refuse" from European ghettos! "The minority treaties were the touchstone of The League of Nations. held many meetings with Jews in America. THAT ESSENTIALLY JEWISH ASPIRATION. S. 1936." of London. famous Jewish author. 4. announced Saturday night." with a Arvey. Kuhn-Loeb partner. 25 at St. Remember that I am half a Jew by blood. American.' thousands of years ago in Mosaic and at the Nadelegates 1500 told LaGuardia Mayor F. of the The American Labor Party takes the place diversion. I am not. Sidney IHILLMAN and Rose SCHNEIDERMANN. printed in the Jewish N."— shall cast my "I 1934. and this terrible race means not only to master one of the grandest warrior nations in the world. City. to find ways to provide for "export" from Germany of 250. 27." the Asiatic Exclusion no U. past President of Zeta Beta Fraternity. "An appeal a Jewish question. N. was Democratic candidate. June 11. Moses the Communist. May 8." sermon his son in Deal " New 'Many of the Bulletin of March 12. "If the League of Nations 1 1937. Y. England and France are. 1922. Y. in "The Jewish Guardian. the whole edifice so laboriously built up by the Jewish delegations of England and America. if not actually dominated by Jews.000 Jews.[ Mayor Kelly Governor of Illinois. who spoke Jan. the only one which has hitherto stood between it and its goal of world power. Independent Order of B'rith Abraham yesterday Mecca Temple. supported by CIO." wrote Israel Zangwill. during which M. Communist radical Jews. Solomon the Socialist and Amter the doesn't count! All.

Jewish Director of the Socialistic Fabian Society of England. JEWISH HONOR AND SAFETY SECOND."— President Republic." "The office of the Governor of the Empire State is second only to that of the President of the United States. ' ' Then he took another nap! Jewish Editor W. referring The Plan is in Action! "A POUND OF FLESH" "You've promised a 'pound of flesh' now PAY a 'pound "Jewish of flesh. They elect their successors from their entourage." is quoted as say"America will be ABSORBED into the 'United States of Great Britain'—which will then be the greatest factor for world peace. AND THAT IT TOOK THE BROADER NAME OF 'UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES' JSOLELY TO MINIMIZE THE OPPOSITION. govern the fate of Europe. above all. Blumenfield of The London Daily Express. be a cats-paw for Jewry? "I think." In the Jewish Guardian of 1920. 27. Provence. OF ANTI-SEMITISM MORE PROFOUND THAN ANYTHING ANGLO-SAXON CIVILIZATION HAS SO FAR KNOWN. Franco Span- A Declaration of Emancipation to be emulated! says Editor Margoshes of "The Jewish Day. March 17." Lehman American Hebrew Weekly of N. THE JEWISH THREAT you say. American Jewry ought to bring this about." 20 timacy with him dates back to the Wilson Administration. City."— From a document reproduced in the "Hidden Hand. statement in "The Wiener Freie Press" '( of of Germany. September." adding: "Franklin D. Feb. from La Vielle France (197)." "Zionist" Protocols say i "honesty is a vice in politics"! late JEWISH DICTATOR n WALTER RATHENAU. H. because of the association of a number of eminent American Jews with Dec. according to a wireless dispatch published in the Jewish-owned N. 26." Why should the U. 1935. Frank. as prophesying: "If the experiment for which Roosevelt is responsible. 12. in 1880. 1909. quotes its Washington correspondent: "THE led the move to sovietize 45 million American youths via the "Child" Labor Amendment. His inof 'The JEWISH STATE IN PALESTINE. were in any serious degree to break down. Y. he is quoted as saying "Zionism always meant A "MORE THAN ANY OTHER ONE PERSON FRANKFURTER IS THE LEGAL MASTER-MIND OF THE NEW Schuster in their 1934 edition Dealers. 25. 1489. the first result. Prof. is reported in the London I FACTS ARE. Wise is quoted as saying in the N. Mandate British Rights" of Palestine he Zionism. Roosevelt has been heard to say that the only man in the world who can give him mental indigestion is Frankfurter." It is now beginning! America for AMERICANS! "Fascist" of January. Dec. of American N Y. that THE JEWISH THREAT of IS *\* a New "The Sentinels of The /| York Lawyer." to the ing: Irish-Americans: Take Notice! MOVEdeclares "Zionism is. 1935. Times of Jan. said: "Only 300 men. He suggested Jerome N. THAT THE McCORMACK COMMITTEE (Dickstein investigating Committee) WAS CREATED MAINLY AS A NAZIINVESTIGATING BODY. they asked Frankfurter to recommend a solicitor for the Department of Agriculture.on ish human society. which led to his assassination. Times Nov. WOULD BE THE OUTBREAK IN THE U. I believe the Washington administration would have acted three years ago but for a handful of thrice-damned Jews who put * * * World Rule! /"\ \ i "Arrange that your sons may become lawyers. Miguel Commander. S. IThe 1934. 5. as A REAL ONE. Laski. issue. in order that by putting Christians under your yoke. 1936: 'The U. 1920. demanding (see Commission." writing to 1936. When the first draft of the Securities 21 . A POLITICAL Nov. in a it. dated November." "State In 1937)." magazine of London. you may dominate the world." financed by James de Rothschild. S. being part of a letter sent to the Jewish Rabbi in Aries. Cabanellas. should not wait any longer to speak to ' Germany on its treatment of the Jews." Secret Rabbi Stephen S. When Wallace and Tugwell planned their new farm administration. They (Jews) have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of any state which they find unreasonable." Shylock in Person! DEAL/' say Simon and New "The tremendous demonstration given Gov. — League of Nations as "deserted."— Gen. J.'"— Zionist Leader Jabotinski. MENT. each of whom knows all the others. D. S. England. Lehman * the 1936 Democratic Convention TO NEXT that shadow of a doubt * * at proved beyond a PRESIDENT ROOSEIS THE MOST LEHMAN GOVERNOR HIMSELF VELT POPULAR FIGURE IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY. which was printed in "The Revue des etudes Juives. Y. signed by "Prince of the Jews" at Constantinople. 14. and see that they always mix up with the affairs of state. Y. AS THE READERS OF THE AMERICAN HEBREW KNOW ONLY TOO WELL.

Bernard M. of immigrants flying from untoward conditions? * * * The whole of the possible migration from Eastern Europe could be received in Texas without its becoming overcrowded economically." "It lies in the blood and brains"— and religion— "of a substance the stuff "Out of the Congressman from Pennsylvania and arch anti-Semite." late Rev. Emanuel Celler. Jr. Herbert Feis. Leiserson. died last week. W. Perkins he produced Charles E. LaGuardia. beginning at the top. Lloyd Landau. Steinhardt. in a National Peace Conference broadcast: "Those interested in peace can take heart when they realize what the League of Nations is now doing for preservation of world peace. who sought the backing of a 'National Christian-Gentile Committee' for President. and Secretary Hull found waiting for him in the State Department another Frankfurter economic protege in the shape of Herbert Feis. Jacob Viner. army in the world. Herbert H. 1. are at liberty to this letter. David Saperstein. Frankfurter produced David Lilienthal. 1936. Goldenweiser. S. J. No "red bloodiness" for American children! — % D. 1924: . the U. H. Daily Worker. Charles E." From Chicago "Jewish people bringing dreams.Moley sent for Frankfurter to rewrite it. Hitler. 1934: "His (Congressman Dickstein's) one purpose in the passage of this bill is TO PERMIT JEWS FROM GERMANY TO COME IN GREAT NUMBERS TO THE U. Felix brought down Prof. When the TVA was organized and needed a smart lawyer. On March 18 in Chicago. former of world dominion. E. 1936. S. I. McFadden. We can rejoicethat Russian participation in world affairs is an assurance Litvinoff is wholly untrammeled by of open diplomacy. Who put him out of whose way? "Why does not the American Israelite * * * protest against the infamously cruel restrictions that bar entry into the U. ? by practically all Jewish organizations in JEW RULE IN U. recurs with the greatest persistence. David Stern. Jr. 1934." From the London Jewish World of Jan. Wyzanski. But it is in the Cabala. You Jewish dominance of American government is proved by the fact of these Jews being in key-positions: Justice Brandeis. Felix Frankfurter. Sol Bloom. Bullitt. C. Judge Samuel L Rosenman." Oct. into of old racial — Sentinel. How about it. J. with the authority of the greatest He speaks tradition." A deep purge is needed. 8. Webster agrees with the Kaiser. Tall Texans? GENTILE TESTIMONY During the 1934 debate on HR-9725. Samuel Dickstein. Lilienthau. Corrigan of Boston denounced the amendment in 1936 as "A Youth Control measure. official Communist organ. For Miss Bill was practically wrecked. A solemn judgment was rendered against Italy when it was found guilty of violating obligations. Mordecai Ezekiel. Sidney Hillman. Rose Schneiderman." make public everything I have said in et al. Wilson's Jewishly wedded War Secretary. A.' He is supported by an international movement participated in RUSSIA HAS SUDDENLY BECOME THE DOMINANT WORLD POWER. Baruch." Jewish organizations From the N. David E. author of "Secret Societies" and other well-known books: "Personally. dated May 4. Landis and Ben Cohen. Justice Cardozo. C. Mrs. Webster. It may not be too much to say that broadcast from Radio Station WENR Dickstein said: 'WE AMERICANS MUST CHANGE OUR LAWS TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO COME HERE AT ONCE. L. Henry Morgenthau. more than in the Talmud. W. Lenin taught Russia to face facts with candor and courage. W. Filene. Prof. Dec. which makes him "Jewish". Jr. March 28. M. in a Following are extracts from a peace plea by Newton Baker. Without them I do not see how one could explain \ things that are happening today. forms indeed the basis of The Jewish Religion now takes its rabbinical Judaism. Isador Lubin." said Tugwell. Thus are Frankfurter men established in WORLD RULE DREAM from "Secret Societies" by Nesta H. Straus.. "State legislatures must be compelled to The ratify immediately the Child Labor Amendment. that the 1 I am more of inclined Protocols the than ever to believe Learned Elders of Zion are genuine. 1922. Nathan Margold. the following statement by a Pennsylvania Congressman was made in the Congressional Record June 15. Edward A. 5. was received by a New Yorker from Nesta H. have generally supported it. I think more than ever that the Jews are at the bottom of all our troubles." Enough of Emma Lazarus' "Wretched REFUSE"! The following letter. S. Y. A. Lehman. Herman Oliphant. that the Judaic dream This is key posts throughout the Administration... F. Leo Wolman. Nothing redder ever came out of Russia." Baker's wife was a Leopold. stand on the Talmud and not the Bible. speaking with Rabbi Silver at Cleveland. S. Taussig. Wyzanski. where indigestion has evidently become poisonously chronic! A SINISTER CAPTION Way —Louis T. Jesse I. 23 22 . Webster: "The conception of the Jews as the Chosen People who must eventually rule the world.

S. Kaminsky. Beika. G. Griadinsky. L. V. WaleyCohen. E.-Col. V. Zelensky. These are all Jews except Stalin. Times of Mar. K. Soviet Leo Krichman. I. A. Schvernik. inconspicuous BUT POWERFUL. Stalin. Wurm. Veinberg. Eiche. Veger. Piatnitsky. I. M. I. A. E. — The magazine goes on: "The N. For the sake of thoroughness. L. D. Iagoda. Mechlis. Ossinsky. I Carnegie Institute of Washington. Ejoff. newspaper. Rosengolz. Hugh S.. Manouisky. Kan. Katzenstein. Rosenbaum. V. Stern. Just before the World War these Jews were key-posted throughout the Kaiser's Government: Haase. I. which are confirmed in "Fascist" publications of London. Rathenau. saying that the family. I. K. Tempart. S. M. I. Serebrovsky. Chase Osborn of Michigan gave an interview in 1934 to a leading St." vitch. 1935. Kan." Recent multi-millionaire Jewish Premier Blum tried but failed to communize France and Spain. Frankel. M. Frankel. G. I. Kaganowitch. M. The most powerful man in Soviet Russia is L. Presidents . A. Razoumow." Apparently. Bitner. P. and then says that following the ancestors indicated came these names: Kunst. S.and Their Wives. I. the V The following is from "Truth. Fla. Nossow. I.000 and unofficial capacities. Trachter. Pavlounovsky. Sir Herbert Samuel. Strievsky. Hererts. Popow. B. world subversions are reported directed from London JEW RULE IN FRANCE So long as Kaganowitch bosses Jew-wifed Soviets will be Jew-controlled. K. P. Rosenfeld. Lowenberg. P. Rosenblum. Laubenheim. Z. Lowenberg. 'boys' Albert official others in Goldman. M." the National Workers' Party of Great Britain lists the names of over 80 Jewish political leaders." The Oct. Bonnet. Italy and Japan are the only Jew-free governments in the world! And they are the "Wardens of the Marches" of Patriotism. B. Government) Wardens of The Marches. Kastenberg. M. M. Under the heading. S. Kautsky. reprinted "A issue of "The Revealer. a direct descendant of Claes Martenszan van ROSENVELT. Bernstein.Sabath. N. Sokolnikow. A. S. all controlled by Jews. Cohen. an Elementary History of the Modern World. Heimann. with the help of BolParis. sought safety in Germany. Roosevelt and Rosenthal. M. Volante and 30 papers for children.. to James Roosevelt father of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. V. Kaganowitch. V. Steingart. Freund. Herzfield. I. L P. L. Sarraut. Zifrinovitch. Ballin. G. Meyer-Gerhard. He is slated to be Stalin's successor. Iakovlew. In the 1936 February "Defender Magazine.. Rothschild. Wasserman. S. I. "he is not one of us. W. KalmanoKaner. 15. Holland and other countries. M. L. Landsberg. Schwartz. There are 59 members and 56 are Jews. N. so that of France consists of Jews and (Grand Orient) Freemasons Blum. Prominent among them are Sir Philip Sassoon. G. fleeing from Spain in 1620 when Jews were expelled. Merz. which opposed the Franco-Soviet Pact. Simon. Rindin. the following appears: "The Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party at Moscow is the very heart-throb of International 24 the origin of the Roosevelt family is that they apparently descended from Claes Martenszan van Roosevelt. Graham Seton Hutchison: "As the Government of Russia is one of Jewish criminals. says. Preuss. Seligsohn. Schiffer. Unschlicht. Marcel. Kaganowitch. J. The remaining three are married to Jewesses. Jacobus. Pozern. in which he traced the Jewish ancestry of the President. "Frankfurter have been insinuated into obscure but KEY positions department (of the U. Sinzheimer. quotes President Roosevelt as saying: 'In the distant ancestors may have been Jews. Houtaevitch. Ougarow.. J. 'Jacobus* listed in the 'tree' mentioned hereto- — fore. A. Knorin. Bethman-Hollweg. Lepa. Balitzky." which confirms the above. Viscount Bearstead. Lord Melchett. 1935. All I know about past my ^ j Germany. M. J. F. which. Ernest. Bauman. "Our Jewish Masters. Tchoudow. M. — Regnier. S. Kabaroff. Boncour. I. N." Wichita. Vareikis. A. Caminne. D. I. G. Broido. V. Sir R. I. K. D. Winrod of Wichita. genealogical chart prepared by the shevism. 26. Z. 14. G. ROOSEVELT'S ANCESTRY On Page 237 of the 1937 World Almanac under the heading "U." edited by Rev. M. Flandin. A. I. M. G. Ruchimovitch. who came from Holland/ Former Gov. Deribass. Hardenburg. Hoffman. Brentano. E. The journals Populaire. Lozovsky. was declared to have remained true to his Jewish o\ faith. A. A. Chautemps." by British Lt. Petersburg. B. Frossard. G. P. are Le Quotindien. S." 25 . their names are: I. T. Iakir. D. Aux Ecoutes. Litvinoff. David J. Gamarnik. L. Polonsky. A. Johnson in the Saturday Evening Post of Oct. Lobow. A. D. A. P. Le Matin. M. M. L. Blagonravow. Hirsch. I. Z. changing the name to Rosenburg. P. F. I. V. 'Our parties have sold the French people to Jewry. then Isaac Roosevelt. M. Saposs and 18. Liobimow. Lipsinskts." appears this: "Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the son of James Roosevelt. G. Echo de Deat. is striving for world domination. R. G. L E. declaring the Jewish "Karl Marx Professor" Frankfurter to be "the most influential single individual in the U. who arrived in New Amsterdam in 1649 and married Jannetje SAMUELS. Stalin. Y. Seligsohn. L'Intransigeant. Lobow and Ossinsky. Piatakow. Mandel-Rothschild." Gen. Israel Moses Sieff and Sir Basil ZaharofF. S. 1936. K. Boulin." in every vital — Invisible Government exposed! Communism.

'Attached to every army command is a Jewish spy. 1922. N. Jewish Editor. 14. 1937. too. dated May 8. City. 1920. 1936. was written at Magnolia (Mass. it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world." New York City. at Doom. particular passage was eliminated?" is Jewish sabotage! Britannia ruled by Jewry. The head of this political system of control over the Red Army. . Denis Fahey. Times dispatch from Boston. The Jews are responsible for Bolshevism in Russia. but considered him a GREAT DANGER TO GERMANY. ^ JEWISH COLONEL HOUSE "Colonel that the of Nations (Jewishly conceived and established according to Jewish authorities). of Reports on Bolshevism "Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately. is the Jew Janukel Gamarnic from Kiev. to Joseph Brainin. 'He something different like a bad insect. there was puOTsh~ei^r3yTh"e~col^ Majesty. He must be — 26 27 . issue of "International Conciliation." by Rev. Y. J 934. and by His Majesty's Stationery Office. in which this . He gave a list of the principal posts held by Jews at the present day in the OGPU. I was far too indulgent with them during my reign. referred to the influence of the Jew Lazarus Mosess'ohn Kaganovitch over Stalin. A Communistic Family? GENTILE TESTIMONY is from an interview with former Kaiser Germany. Americans still refuse to brand House "a Jew. 1919. . "Alfred Rosenberg. dispatch as published July 27. Blackrock College. Dublin. fact that "The American Civil Liberties Union today affirmed the Susan Brandeis. ' So say all patriots! But it's time to act! "Of the leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement. 1935. Jews are said to direct Carnegie Foundation Funds behind the scenes. In the first place. — Soviet Control is evidently still Jewish. showing that the direction of the entire internal policy of Soviet Russia is in the hands of a body of men who are more than 98% Jewish.). Holland." —February. July 2.' The former Emperor had a great respect for Dr. is *A Jew cannot be a true patriot' he exclaimed. 1922.[ i "There is decidedly too much Jewish influence in power in our government by Presidential appointment and approval. issue of Jan. Joy.' in Russia. daughter of Associate Supreme Court Justice Brandeis.' " From the "Patriot" of London." Hitler seems to agree with him. and the Kaiser has come to the firm conviction that the Jews are at the bottom of most of the troubles in Germany and Europe. This 1935 book carries the Im~ primatur of the Catholic Church: "In April. visited the North the 1936 party rally at Nuremberg. he said. 1 (1919)—A Collection completed the draft. in issue of July 27. "by Baron Clemens von Radowitz-Nei": "The Kaiser is convinced that all the evils of the modern world originate with the The following of Wilhelm Jews. — "Why did this official circulation and published in White Paper disappear from become unobtainable? And why was there its place an abridged edition. a White Paper entitled 'Russia'. not less than 75% are Jews. as reported in the Chicago Tribune of July 3." although they can't deny he acted "Jewishly" in promoting a League of Nations created by Jews. Y. Y. is a member in good standing. and I bitterly regret the favors I showed to prominent Jewish bankers' and business men. out of a place where he can do mischief— if necessary. kept apart. Rathenau was a Jew. Director of Cultural Education in the National Socialist German Workers movement."— From a letter by the late Henry B. Walter Rathenau's ability. of Detroit." Chicago Tribune N. as below: No. * * * President Wilson. a Carnegie Endowment. and Germany." N. Unlike Europeans. . and he and the Colonel Edward Mandel House first draft of The League * * * revealed today Following are Excerpts from "The Mystical Body of Christ in The Modern World. as it is organised and worked by Jews who have no nationality and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things. EVEN BY POGROMS.

" by Chicago Jewish-Lawyer." of June self-explanatory editorial 10." The B'nai League. 1933. is largely "For the last three who the styles himself years one Robert E." a "Confidential Record of Activities. HE WAS POWERLESS TO COPE WITH THE SITUATION UNPROVIDED FOR IN THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW Is YORK. Free Press Enemy No. 1937. Shmakoff. (e) But he wasn't elected! TREASON TO FREE SPEECH (Control of Press. Margoshes. Under the name of Editor Samuel Margoshes the following was printed in the Jewish National Day of New York. 13.' The author insists that American development depends upon the elimination of unassimilable alien masses. in a speech Jan. An effort to get the post office authorities to MORE GAGGING OF PRESS "Hitlerism. "Moreover. THERE SEEMED TO BE NO LEGAL WAY OF STOPPING EDMONDSON'S VITROLIC OUTPOURINGS AGAINST THE JEWS. 1937. 1 PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED THAT IT WOULD RESCIND ITS CONTRACT AND REFUSE TO PUBLISH. Edmondson. 1935 935: | )day "Jewish leaders in New Jersey were highly elated tod night prohibiting the disse emiover the law approved last nation of anti-Jewish propaganda throughout the State ite. Feb. Y. We are interested in stifling the sale of this book.Author Bernard J. From the N. presided over by International Jewish Banker Henry Morgenthau. Sr. indicted for alleged libel of a non-existent "Jewish Re29 . some of us appealed to District Attorney Dodge for relief against the torrent of anti-Semitic circulars then inundating the streets of New York." traitor to Margoshes a Americanism? of Zion also suppressed in the "If elected to the State to introduce a bill disseminate in Assembly my first act will be making it a penal offense for anyone to printed form or verbally. delivered in Russia soon after the Bolshevik revolution. is behind that mails with most anti-Semitic circulars. S. liberalism and pacific international relations. has been flooding scurrilous Jewish secret order. Legislature forbidding the dissemination of propaganda calculated to rouse racehatred and race-feuds. by Dr. Y. issued the following: "Scribner & Sons have just published a book by Madison Grant entitled 'The Conquest of a Continent. ON NOV. S." "AS Thus were The Protocols U. The chief objections against AND THEN WAS any attempt to muzzle the UNSPEAKABLE Edmondson and his motley crew has been THE UNDESIRABILITY OF INTERFERING WITH FREE SPEECH. got as far as the second reading." The Jewish National Anti-Defamation League of Chicago.'J J Jerseyites are still suppressed! MARGOSHES GOES HYSTERIC The following Day. Jewish Daily Bulletin of April 10. B'rith. 1936. an investment expert. Radio and Screen) JEWISH TESTIMONY "Capture the press and the world is ours" was the keynote of an address by Jewish Leader A. the answer was that A RESULT OF THIS COMMUNICATION THE JOHN DAY CO. State Assembly." at a Waldorf-Astoria Hotel banquet on May N. When. Editor the Yid- "The American Hebrew. 1933. on Dec. are moving in the direction of having a bill introduced in Congress prohibiting the spread of racial or religious propaganda and barring such propaganda from the mails."— M. for N. Communist Party Candidate 9. hung a' medal on New York half-Jew Mayor LaGuardia in consideration of having had a native American of the Scotch Minority. S. A bill introduced in the N. 1! From the 1933 book "From Pharoh to Hitler. 28 Olgin. his filthy literature out of the mails proved unavail- by the American Jewish Congress March-December. THERE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN NO WAY OF STOPPING HIM. Y. and suggested that it would favor the publication of this volume provided the speeches included those in which Chancellor Hitler most violently attacked the Jews and proved himself the foe of democracy.. SEMITIC PROPAGANDA. "Early in November the John Day Co. Yiddish newspaper. months ago. Brown: "Jews have muzzled the non-Jew press to the extent that American newspapers abstain from saying that any person unfavorably referred to is a Jew. publicly announced the publication of a book to be entitled "The New Germany Desires Work and Peace. the American Jewish Congress communicated with the John Day Co. issue: "The Jewish Veterans of the U. 17." Immediately upon this announcement. ANY ANTIJ. Y." issued throw ing. Morning Freiheit. Y. contains this statement on Page 9. in the Bronx." The press has been "captured"! Jews also dominate Radio and Screen Channels of American Publicity and Free Speech. 1936. from "The N. STOPPED.

hiding behind the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. Jewish Leaders. according to historical records. to present its readers with presentation as "rabid anti-Semitic incitations of one LONG SUSPECTED AS AN ALLY OF SUBVERSIVE UN-AMERICAN FORCES. by Telephone to the N. prohibiting anti-Jewish propaganda. Jewish leaders. the following statements: "The Schwarzwald Bill at is New They always hide behind it. WorldTelegram of March 1. power of the big advertiser is available to crush by boycott any attempt on the part of an otherwise incompletely controlled newspaper. THEY COULD ALTOGETHER SUPPRESS DISCUSSION. ITS SUPREME HEAD.' " Some Churches at last are awakening! The "Christian Free Press" of Los Angeles. Aug. Rumania. Patriarch Miron Christea. 18. And The best outcome for these would be for their author to withdraw them. Rumanians." the undiluted truth. Y. if in the future you or I should be so misguided as to express any opinion in public which might be called 'insulting' to the Jewish fraternity. the transmission of news to the public is controlled by the Jewish to such an extent that hardly anything unfavorable to Jewish interests is allowed to appear in a journal. Vigilantly enforced UNTIL INEVITABLY Albany "Bucharest. sulting in the indictment of Edmondson on a charge of criminal libel for traducing the Jewish Community. 28. Herald-Tribune. as outlined below in the announcement printed in the July. It is sheer dishonesty to pretend that abuse of the Jews is GENTILE TESTIMONY Under a caption "Freedom of Speech.August Christian Free Press: "The war is on between Christians and Jews in the United States. half -Jew Mayor of N. and since found in practice to be UNDESIRABLE. In the East.. "Under Sir John Simon's bill (on publicity). which. under the leadership of "Militant Christian Patriots. with the aid of foreign help." The London Saturday Review of Nov.' " On the West Coast. Y. issued the following statement: 'THE JEWS HAVE CAUSED AN EPIAND SOCIAL UNREST. H. and are suing him for libel of 'all persons of the Jewish Religion. says the PRESS STRANGULATION "In all countries excepting modern Germany. 1936. Mgr. It has been declared by organized Jewry attacking the Constitutional right of Free Press. "The money power 30 31 . A newspaper reporting a meeting might be held CRIMINALLY LIABLE. directing their blows against the Militant Christian Patriots this and their organ. who are allied. 1937. Arnoll We : insist that the Militant Christian Patriots cease their anti- Jewish operations if they wish to remain in this building. Y. Page 678.and whose patriotic exposures of Jewish-Communist Conspiracies are denounced in the formal medal ligion". hiding behind F. A strongly Anti-Semitic stand — THROWN OUT AS VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION. attacked the fearless publicist Robert Edward Edmondson. — | made Jersey." This "Terrible Power of the Purse" must be destroyed! LaGuardia hobnobs with both Jewish International Bankers and International Jewish CIO Communists. we may be sent to jail for three months. 1936." says the London Fascist of April. They CORRUPTION OF DEMIC flays all the spiritual treasures of the monopolize The Press." has been forced by the Communistic Jewish Monetary power to vacate its offices in the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. Calif. G. the Christian Free Press." then the World-Telegram went to sleep! bills was taken today by THE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF RUMANIA. reRobert Edward Edmondson. a duplicate of the New Jersey enactment two years ago. LaGuardia." the N. City.' all Treason to Free Speech is the worst of Great American Educator Horace Mann. issued ultimatum through Gen. a former Rumanian REGENT. A. 1937. denouncing the Eafferty "gag law" of an insult to their religion.

they first make mad!" and Liberty! Selig- A RAID ON PALESTINE The American Jewish Daily Bulletin of March 24. asks: "WHY SHOULDN'T THEY MON- Publishers. quoting President Neville J. Dec. was taken The activity 33 . (Published the London Morning Post of Sept." "Our — "The Jewish People taken collectively will be its own Messiah. ministries. 1935: 'Who does not know what the glands in the human body repreis "The following when all the riches and treasures become the property of the Children of Israel.). who wished above all to bolster up the Jewish Bolshevists in order to secure a field for Jewish Exploitation of Russia." by "Through Thirty Years. 6." (The Dead Sea contains 1200 billion dollars of mineral wealth. 1929. they became masters of their masters. is "The day cf the earth will — founder of the Alliance Israelite Universal. this golden web. and which afterward over by John Wanamak-er. edited by Nytnordisk Portag. according to the Berlingske Tidende of Dec. insurance companies.) (f) ECONOMIC MONOPOLY ("They Threaten Our Existence") as Baruch says wars are now on economic grounds. our homes palatial. Copenhagen. THE PROMISE OF THE TALMUD of the Messiah that when the times come the Jews will hold THE PPvOPERTIES Baruch Levy Field. Stewart's store." "The primary movers were Jacob Schiff. Jerusalem will be as a busy spider. * * * The governors of Jewish race will administer in all places the public wealth. the whole of the $150. Jewish Founder of Communism. our synagogues our hospitals multiply. with the Rothschilds. at Copenhagen. The printed this victory." A Bloody Investment! not distant a boast written in 1918 by the Jew Louis Levy.000 bonded loan of the United States and have managed to a large extent the financing of the American civil war. peace palaces. It is understood that the incident caused the ruin of A. reproduced in "The World's Conundrum. to which all threads run." H. Steed." in a 1936 February issue largely devoted to defense of Jews." From a manifesto to "The Jews of the World." reported to have been issued in 1860 by Adolphe Cremieux. 'The Jewish Question is not so much anti-Semitic today it is an economic question. hospitals. says: . daily papers. which ASSURES JEWISH DOMINATION IN THE MANAGEMENT AND DIRECTION OF THE DEAD The Jewish Encyclopaedia says: "In 1879 Jesse took over. Never in the palmy days of our history has Israel so increased in wealth. modern community of nations the Jews have in wise self-protection settled on the cable from Europe: "With the signing in London on Tuesday of the Dead Sea Concession there was achieved what is the most remarkable effort ever undertaken by any group of American Zionists. a spinning spider in a web whose threads of elec- — and gold glisten over the world. 1935. in under their keys of all the peoples of the world. From "Key to Mystery." makes the following statement: "The Jews ' made the only conquest for which they were armed that economic conquest for which they had been preparing themselves so many years." A damning confession from "masters" of Economics! rise.— in the sent? Now We are in a self-preservation fight! LET 'EM MONOPOLIZE! "Fortune." B. These glands are: exchanges."— a letter to Karl Marx. M. And slaves to Gold! coffers are full. refused to receive Seligman and his family in his Grand Union Hotel at Saratoga Springs. on racial grounds. By holding gold. of Philadelphia. JEWISH TESTIMONY Jewish Author Bernard Lazare in his book "AntiSemitism. Thus will be realized "Where do the from them?" Gentiles get all this money we take away' I <. Schapiro. Laski of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. T. It was recited by the Jewish actor Samuel Besekow in a meeting for the profit of the Keren Hajesod.' OPOLIZE ANY PEOFESSION OR INDUSTRY THEY ARE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO CAPTURE? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IF JEWS RUN AWAY WITH THE SYSTEM?" The difference between Gentile Slavery "Whom the gods would destroy. in 1877. settlement commissions. belongs to what is known 32 as the Marks-BRANDEIS managed by Judge Hilton. Warburg and other international financiers. Wickham Page 302. Materialism Religionized— as well as "LAW. 1936. banks. before a delirious Jewish audience. Judge Hilton. 9. author of "America's Great Menace. A." That sentence is from the London Jewish Chronicle of June 26. then man SEA. in his book." tricity The center is of Jerusalem. in 1920.000.

and Mocatta & Goldschmid official bullion brokers to the Bank of fix meet and the price of gold. Pittsburgh Philanthropist (Jew). Today America IS BEING GOVERNED by the enlightened thought of Justice to Brandeis. Sun of June 24. Federal Reserve System. Supreme Economic Power in Jewish Hands. the movement of the PRECIOUS METALS THROUGHOUT The B'nai B'rith Messenger. not because his 'Dearborn Independent' had not spoken The U. Herald-Tribune of March 15. S. leader of all capitalists. and on the other side. had appealed to the steel corporations to power of in the City of London. Jewish-owned. Post. Germanborn Jewish banker. and the steel * * * The agreement between Louis barons came within ten days after the pubOhio. as such. 29. the banking system. M. published this on March 12. Y. Supreme Court. its CATED BY LEWIS. 10."—From "Key to Mystery. THE BOYTHE CONTROLLING FACTOR. and forced COTT Are the Learned Elder's aims protocolic? the N. "sign up" with CIO men. to the N. 1934: New Deal is the philosophy of Justice Brandeis of the U. 1937." From WAS "The underlying philosophy of the surrender and abject apology. Calif. A WARBURG CONFESSION In the N." Commenting thereon. New York DON'T THINK THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS NEED ANY PROTECTION. tional." — A two-faced system for Gentile destruction! Boast or Defi? In 1930 there appeared on the market a book entitled "The Social and Economic Views of Mr. * * * the new plan of social and ECONOMIC CONTROL. and. were in a way effective. his name is Rothschild. Sweden. issue No. regarding the effectiveness of boycott." Karl Marx. in Jan.. A. In the N. Warburg. The NRA is almost a composite of his dissenting opinions. S." on the occasion of an address in that city June 28. Author Jewish editor of "Judisk Tidskrift. Y. was the father of the U. with its work-lj ing instrumentality. Swithin's Lane. lication of the report. the Editor of the "Fascist" said: "Thus Ford retracted BECAUSE OF THE BOYCOTT. 1933. said: "A striking illustration was the experience of American Jewry in dealing with libelous articles in the 'Dearborn Independent' under the direction of Henry Ford. Saemy Japhet & Co. Although Falk is head of the National Steel Corporation. Jewish director of the boycott on Germany. and the RATE OF EXCHANGE between one country and another being LARGELY DETERMINED BY THEM. S. 1927.. a British weekly. of it was he who financed the study of 'The Economics the Steel Industry/ the findings of which recommended LINES ADVOunionization of steel workers ALONG Jewish Prof. 1937: "The man indirectly responsible for the epochal agreement between the steel industry and John L.. Samuel Montagu & Co. like the Bank of England and the Bank of France." 1929: "Only recently our race has given the world a new prophet. the apostle of those who want to destroy the From "Key to Mystery. 57. Marcus Samuel & Co. Although the suits brought because of these venomous. as reported in the December 1933 issue of "The London Fascist. Supreme Court had to declare it unconstitu- THE TRUTH. Y." The result was "bullets" in Michigan. Edwin A. An economic pogrom-tool! appears: "Brandeis' ideas have been slowly changing social thought * * * For the past fifty years he has gone quietly about his business * * * to give his country a new social order a plan now being enlarged by our New Dealers — embrace the whole country. on the one side.THE WORLD BEING LARGELY DIRECTED BY JEWISH HANDS." The publishers later printed a pamphlet in which this "The Jew evolved organized capitalism. as saying to her: "I others." said The Amer-i ican Hebrew of Sept. issue." BRITAIN TO TAKE OVER "The Jew in U. Illinois. the greatest Jewish organization of its kind in the world.. London "Action". is a private affair. is authority in a letter of Jan." Truth rises to confound Jew and Gentile. representatives of five International finance houses The firms are: N. prints this in confirmation: "Every morning at Rothschild's headquarters in St. but he has two faces and bears two names. Y." Samuel Untermyer. Rothschild & Sons. President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. is subject to the financial manipulation of the International Banking Monopoly. Lewis' CIO is MAURICE FALK. Seligman of New York. S. lying publications." Oppose Jewry and Perish! of the Jews in the international market is intimately connected with their work as foreign exchange-brokers. 23. Jewish publication of Los Angeles. A "religious" deadly subversion in the industrial world! — England. 35 . Justice Brandeis. Warburg. BLUMENTHAL. 1937." international financier. of June 28. appears a statement on Page 2 to the effect that Rabbi WISE and Rabbi Max CURRICK. which. Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Times. 1935. for the statement that the late Paul M. which is Jewish-controlled through the gold. 1920. Edna Ferber quotes Felix M.

could . German importations (into the been cut $50. The Seneca conquerors. ris Hillquit. "We owners have in exterminated Russia. Hugh S.C. S. Thomas Aquinas their "All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews. Peoples and realms that will not serve Israel will be destroyed. at least half of the Rothschild has power over in Rothschild's vaults. intellectwith merely because they are heavily endowed THE ualism and capacity. 1227-1274). Judge Brandeis. 9. .D. 1934."— Gen. they have 1795-1881). the most dangerous speculators. and for him the most formidable jugglers of capital.)." A sweatshop of Tears and "The capacity of the Blood and Death! for idealism is Jew such that he notoriously idealizes EVEN THE MATERIAL.D. We are out to stop commodities in this country. 1937." IDEALS. such as no caliph In poverty."— Page 352 of "Anti-Semi- "The man of the lower middle-class * * * The property right House of Liberty! is a corner-stone of the American WERE JEWS— Canadian Jewish Chronicle of September 7. to realm maintained without reducing his preserved are treasures earth's fact. The Jews should not be allowed to keep what they -have by usury. THE WHOLE FORTUNE OF NATIONS will pass into the hands of the Jewish people.65). (See Americans? NO PRIVATE PROPERTY Communists may be summed up Property. 1935. "Actually and spiritually. Isidor Loeb. Chairman Kalb of the Untermyer-Wise Jewish Boycott against Germany for expelling Jewish Communists. made the follow- Men of history are quoted as below in a leaflet issued to by the Imperial Fascist League of England. and stands for DEMOCRACY." 4-A."— JEWS TAKE ALL Jew. 1935."— St."— Jewish Socialist Leader "The theory of the Congressional Record. Johnson.) have All all German Ger- cripple many. it is to boycott German If the Gentile majority would silently boycott the Jewish minority. The Chosen People will drink the milk of nations and suck the breast of kings. Boston. contributed gold and old clothes."— the on laws their have impressed (B. Confirmatory: "During this whole intense experience (NRA formation) I have been in constant touch with that old counsellor."—Karl Marx. the Jews deal only in money. U. says: in tism" by Jewish Author Bernard Lazare. with its attendant panics. of We property are going to do the same thing the capitalists and to the Intelligentzia of Chairman Europe and America. in one Jewish Father of Communism. (< ing statement: "Since the Boycott League's May. 21. (A.D. The Jew is the BAROMETER OF CIVILIZATION. and the way to do commerce. A JEW DEAL! 36 have been chosen to the extent they have to take a leadis ing part in the movements in Russia and Hungary. .D. EAT THE FORTUNES OF to 1591-1605)."— HOPE 37 . . 1933. "The Jews are nothing but an ignorant and barbaric the most people. —From "Key to Mystery."— NATIONS.D. 1694-1778). ."— Gen. . We want to formation in U. Of real wealth. Y.In the N. knows that reckless speculation."— Rabbi Harry Levi of Temple Israel." Paris: "Nations will gather together to bring their homage to the people of God. 1925."—From "Key Can it Mystery. That Jews \ Sept." —Voltaire (A. "The of palatial residence of Rothschild was kept a state A Jew incites Gentiles against Jews! NRA A JEWISH IDEAL "The have Solomonian splendor." is "The Jews are a class of people violating every regu- be doubted that the issue "Liberty or Death"? lation of trade established by the Treasury Dept. which have for a long time combined loathsome avarice with the most abominable superstition. Grant (1822-1883). Carlyle Thomas nothing. has been his bane. referring politico-economic practices of the Jews: "The customs of this people have grown so strong that conquered they have spread throughout every land. S."— ZINOVIEF. In Bolshevism there lies today ChronJewish London the From OF HUMANITY. Kings are agencies inaccessible to other mortals. NRA is the resurrection of JEWISH IDEAS AND afraid of him. 19. The man controls the destiny of nations. in the Chicago Tribune. the Invisible Terror would disappear "over night. as quoted by the eminent French author Georges Batault in his "Le Probleme Juif. Politico-economic subversions down the path of history." obtained from others (A.000. Dec. Herald Tribune of Jan. VIII Clement Pope monopolies' and deceptions.000. (A. word— Abolition of Private How about it. at Community Forum in the First Universalist Church— as quoted in the "Boston Herald" of Jan. which indeed was very true. the Communist Third International. "The Socialist program Morrequires Public Ownership. . 23.

Werner Sombart. if means are available to bone will come out In "The Truth About the Jews."— From "The Riddle of the Jews' Success" by Roderich-Stoltheim. and the < "The estates of the Gentiles are like wilderness." —Baba Batra. "What's bred in the Prof." Deified! Mammon His (the Jew's) economic ethics are not economic The Jew being an Oriental."— Schulchan Aruch: Chozen Hanniszpat. The Jew is for that reason. inorganic. The other great power is The Press. We shall to which they never dared promise workmen salaries of dream. who settles in them has a right to them. n/ the following pithy economic admission is made: "Racial an end. States and their the Jew.icle of April 4. Everywhere the press and theater obey our orders. being an alleged funeral oration at Prague in 1869 by Rabbi Reichhorn. translated in the flesh"! BOYCOTT JEWRY "IT IS UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED. Money lending contains the root idea of capitalism. The Jewish mode of thinking is. but we shall also raise the prices of necessities. — but it is. and action. "If a energy are forced into action— WHICH MUST END IN Jew has struck his spade into the ground of a Gentile. Our capital will make us masters. Turn to the pages of the Talmud and you will find that the Jews made an art of lending money. Let us strive to replace the circulation of gold with paper money. the exchanges of the entire world. We do not attack the Jews on racial or religious ground. Epstein. read Hebrew language is chiefly Finance "Modern say: to on goes Hurt versely. since them. Possession of much of this masters. minion for which he is striving would mean simultaneous world ruin. the most pro-Jewish Gentile writer on record. light of ter and gleam appear to many as the veritable life. incapable of creative unable to conceive that the world do- A monopolistic economic philosophy. let us mon- Occidental. 1936." metal made an enslaved people masters of their accepting Gentiles are paying for their own funeral by Jewish "reverse thinking"! opolize education. EXHAUSTION. has also power to deceive and mislead which gigantic enlisted that everythe public press possesses. We is They fathomed all the secrets that lay hid in money. to curb and ELIMINATE 39 all such injurious ele- 38 . and operates destructively and is suicidally in all directions. I The foregoing believe in Justice for Jew and Gentile. The enormous liberaprinciple of the tion of energy caused by the speculative life caused external of development enormous Jew. That whenpolitic ever a People or a Nation discovers within its body welfare its to inimical nature any factors or elements of a and to its very life. They were taught early to look for their chief happiness in the possession of money. in a MUNAL column headed "In the COM- prejudice rises only conflict. Ho mental processes are unlike those of the of the characters^ the as Even exists in a mental ghetto. are in our hands." From "Jews and — Modern Capitalism. Above all." by by M. They became Lords of Money and Lords of the World. his those of the Gentile. "The Fascists Hold the Key!" with the same spirit as see that the former is filled the latter. CENCE OF CORRUPTION. 5." from the Sept. in order to hypnotize in addition to the from Talmudic sources: first body and paralyze mental activities. he has become master of the whole. deceive as to the true state of affairs. ONLY THE PHOSPHORESThe 54 b. Already the principal banks. In this manner we shall prepare revolutions which the Christians will make themselves— of which we shall reap the fruit. 1919. it is a right inherent in such a People such or Nation. JEWISH SPECULATION hundreds continuous unchanging rate of interest for growth of unlimited the of cause the provides years of populations Jewish capital and dominion." sceptre of the creation of the Jews. 156."— From La Rusie Juive. know what is happening to "A reproduced by La Vielle France (214). "Gold has always been and always will be irresistible power. Jewish understanding does not look beyond today and tomorrow. last reserves of national "The property of the Gentiles is like a thing without a master. The Blind Jew Leads the Blind Gentile into Chaos! "We have consistently refused to attack Jews AS INDIVIDUALS." published 1922 by Walter Hurt. issue of "The Black Shirt" of London. when different races come into direct Armchair. They found that the power was fashioned of gold. 55 a. ments. 5. A scarcely Diabolical Dream! TALMUDIC DOCTRINE "Occult Theocrasy" by Lady Queenborough. rethink Jews do so backward." Baba Batra The glitthereby. contains this: "Jewish hatred is conspicuous in the following quotations demoniacal power of money. I find in the Jewish religion the same leading ideas as those which characterize capitalism. GENTILE TESTIMONY "Capitalism was born from the money loan. and indeed a duty. in reality. the credits of all the governments.

birthright and HIS POSTERITY did the same by the Caananites. is the real ruler. belong to the Semite Race. and wherever possible. 8 being a letter to John Adams from Benjamin Franklin. 1914 adding: "Since J. to show an exclusive preference for Gentile merchants. Y. means POLITICIANS INCAPABLE "This is the eighth year of economic depression. 1. Warburg. * * * Jews have placed themselves in a position actually to dictate laws. In the unchristian economic system which obtains in the world today. P. as we."—From the "Civilta Cattolica. and demanded the right to submit its credentials as the most potent and effective force in the international field. This is nonsense. I fancy cle your Excellency is satisfied BECAUSE THEY THREATEN OUR EXISTENCE. our Christian civilization and our affairs. Buy Gentile! Employ Gentile! Vote Gentile! The following is from Benjamin Franklin's Writings by Smythe. if in acknowledgement of their zeal for our Cause and great services in securing this loan. California. "He practically controls the financial policy of the Wilson Administration. per translation from Theodor Fritsch by Capel Pownall. they have achieved almost complete control of the ordinary and usual means of access to our people." — Sr. sums up in the N. In the midst of widespread unemployment and bankruptcy. 14. Times of June 21." arate minority functioning as a state within the state. We turn against the Jews not because they are Jews. action. the radio. only one class has profited: International Jewish Finance. Dec. That it is the inherent right and the solemn DUTY of all true and loyal Americans to use vigorously and concertedly the only available to them. since — — — HE KNEW! Contemporary History Confirms! IS. Public Library. September "NOW World Enemy No. AND WHICH HAS BEEN ELABORATED MAINLY BY JEWS. Evening Post of July 22. Vol." A Life and Death Struggle! The "father" of the Federal Reserve System now called Europe the largest central bank in the world was the late Paul M.: 1936. Y. Neufville was as much a Jew as any Jacob was not content with his percents but took the whole of his brother's.through their closely unified banking inand their highly perfected local. The Kaiser had to consult Rothschild to find whether he could declare war. This Jewish propaganda has advanced from a condition which enables it to wield supreme power throughout public life." — 25th. P.. and through ownership of the movies. POWER in the exercise of that power they have constituted themselves A MENACE TO OUR FREE INSTITUTIONS. to-wit: In every way. I remark upon the extravagance and impossibility of this proposi- — — What fools these Gentiles be! Here is the way Jamal el Husseini. the Jewish question in Palestine: "European newspapers mention 'anti-Semitism' in Palestine. in in supposing J. Morgan. By this time." of May 19. Esau's. all the produce of America that should be sent by our merchants to Europe. bankers are supreme in the U. the power 41 . and in particular the Christian Nations. France. Morgan & Co." Proclamation issued by The American Nationalist Party. which. Vatican paper. The situation is one which demands Canadian Union of Fascists. Neufville & Son). This is particularly noticeable in the economic and industrial fields." wrote British Ambassador Spring-Rice on Nov. and cut their throats into the bargain which I do not think Neufville has the least inclination to do by us while HE CAN GET ANYTHING by our being alive. and by dominating the policy of most other publications through advertising patronage. THEREFORE IT IS PROCLAIMED. allied with Bolshevism and other forces of destruction. born in Germany of the wellknown family of International Jewish Bankers. BUT tion. an organized and septerest "WHEREAS. ourselves. Los Angeles. 1924: "World finance has openly thrown down the gauntlet to world politics. * * * Portions of Jewish propaganda are most intimately connected with Masonic and Bolshevistic doctrines. 1781: "I was led to understand that it would be agreeable to these gentlemen (J. Jewish FINANCE CAPTURES POLITICS The politico-economic aspect of the Jewish Problem is emphasized in the following editorial from the N. they would be made by some law of Congress the general consignee of America to receive and sell upon commission in the different ports of the nations. and the Canadian people are beginning to realize that the old parties are no longer capable of solving political problems. Y. national and international Jewish Community. died. Arabian Nationalist Party leader. THE PRESS AND THE CINEMA OF THE WORLD. and Gentile working people." in Jerusalem. Perhaps the most important point is that there is at London a financial 40 Jewish coercion behind J. 1935. they have attained to GREAT over our BUSINESS Jewmoney Over ALL! "The Jewish Peril menaces the whole world. in the N. 1928. state. dated Passy.? ECONOMIC LIFE CONTROLLED "MASONIC JEWS CONTROL THE GREATER PART OF THE FINANCE. S. and many magazines and newspapers. and POLITICAL and Aryan culture. Gentile professional men. power virtually independent of politics.

" of June 13. Rev. June 27. "Message. GOLDEN. Communists are advocating the CIO set-up The Jewish In the N. Winrod of Wichita. City.of money is almost beyond reckoning-. Herald-Tribune calls: "The perfect flower of the Brandeis philosophy in respect to corporate practices. printed this cable from Vienna: " 'The Jewish spirit threatens to corrode our economic and social life. 1935): "The sewas written by Benjamin Cohen. NRA cracked on The Constitution! of Feb. 17." They brochure by Rev. protege of James M." Lee PRESSMAN. 78. They start wars by propaganda' which set one'' people against another. since "The aim of The International (Jewish) Financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts. and distributed by St. a Creators. M. Y.. 1934. even to the point of asking the British Government TO FORBID WORSHIP IN THE MOHAMMEDAN MOSQUES... in its original form. Philadelphia Director. 1934. Y. 'f more riotings are breaking out in Pales- AS JEWS ATTEMPT TO DOMINATE THE COUNTRY THROUGH MONEY. was largely his work and that of an able young associate. and this measure. Mr. Baruch has not been a chief political. Henry W. 1921. S. American of April 4."— Congressman analysis of the Israel Moses Sieff L. 139. Last July President Roosevelt appointed Mr. promulgated by the Dub- V lin Catholic Truth Society of Ireland." declared Arthur Kitson. Congressional Record. took over the. T. B. THE WORLD STATE. VORSE and Wm." The Roosevelt Jewish-Radical Regime more than doubled the U. Cohen himself was placed in charge.' 42 43 . IT IS THE JEWISH PLAN OF — 1937. in the March. Maurice SUGARMAN.. and I care not who makes the laws. The Tribune goes on curities act of 1933 to say (March 18." 'freedom and Anti-Christ at work! In a page article in the "Wichita Eagle. and in that capacity he. graphically exposes the international financial cabal. as reported in the Congressional Record of May 3. G. and Richard FRANKENSTEEN the anti-Ford leader. is General Counsel of the CIO.' declared the Union of Catholic Youth. Stough of Knoxville. Dr." From a profit before a war by making munitions." Utility bills now The Warburg privately-owned Federal Reserve System has the power to "issue and control the money" of the nation. • ' following statements: "John P. 1936. issue of the British "National Review. quoting Amchel Mayer Rothschild as saying: "Give me the power to issue and control money. Who controls Economic Life is also Death's Dictator! "THERE HAS NOT BEEN AN ADMINISTRATION our advent into the great World War in which Bernard M. C." Statement before the House by former Republican Chairman McFadden of the House Banking and Finance Committee. National Director of the American-Israel Movement. Frey." with Arabs enraged Playing with Moslem Religious Fanaticism! A Wrecking Crew? ( The N. H. Cohen counsel for the National Power Policy Commission. Ford's "official" repudiation did not cover this interview the Church of St. National Debt. President Arthur A* Wharton of the International Association of Machinists. Is revolution Page 13080. all Henry Ford said: wars were caused so that someone could profit. celebrated independent economist. in his May 15. When it came time to formulate the securities exchange act of 1934. Kan. says: 'On orders from Moscow. S. made the of PEP AND THE NRA "May I suggest the similarity the planning' scheme of the politico-economic group in England with the NRA. economic and financial adviser and every administration that has listened to him has carried us deeper and deeper into financial chaos. during war by loans. the objective? monetary works of independent British experts. World "I ani convinced that nearly which has caused disLeaders in the CIO include Sidney HILLMAN. David DUBINSKY. Y. George Clune. a prominent official of the American Federation of Labor. No. under the general direction of the latter. it is the guild form of government which is directly opposite to the constitutional form." . McFadden's "PEP" in operation in Great Britain." before Congress represent what the N. IT CONTROLS THE ECONOMIC LIFE OF THE WORLD. and afterward. West 31st — only "Dearborn Independent" publications. Tenn. *' * * Stripped of its camouflage. Y. Bernard LEVINSON. John the Baptist at 210 N. Thomas Corcoran. in a free-for-all-grab." prints this introduction to Palestine unrest: "Once tine. 1936. work of drafting into law the commission's utility views. Landis (Frankfurter lieutenant). — — "Money Coogan. Those who have profited and are now profiting are the International Jews. 1925. a MONEY SUBVERSION Rev. WEINSTONE. wrote a circular letter to his officials attack as a step toward the United Front cord in France and Spain. ." an invaluable 1935 book by Gertrude Chicago Economist who deeply studied the r\ Vol.

official organ of the American Communist Party* (g) American Labor awakening to The Jewish Peril? JUDICIAL CORRUPTION (Prostitution of the Sacred Seats of Justice) Carbondale Metal Co. Supreme Court again sends back our measures there will be but one course to follow." have the slightest idea of their responsibility to the Wherever and whensociety of which they are a part. Rosenman has been of very intimate and essential help to me." to The American Rabbinical Assembly endorsed said sabotage of the Citadel of Justice. Eosenman. increase the number of judges. Times of Jan. it is in time reduced to the lowest moral and economic level. vacancy occurs as a "The Jewresult of the resignation of Justice Brandeis. Were judges bribed? 44 45 . and Congress will follow it pack the court. 20.' " From The Brooklyn Jewish Examiner of Oct. Their religion breeds a race with thin scruples. S. In the N. 7. under date of Feb. issued the following: "Whenever Judaism dominated a land. was the the President. 1933. 1936. 1935. State * knew that Justice Samuel Supreme Court. 1500 S. on Oct. there has never been prosperity III." according to a reproduction of the letter by the N. Nov. Supreme Court) was Samuel I.. Roosevelt appointed Rosenman to the Supreme Court in 1932.'" N. of State Moley. Y. a little known but a close friend of —nor could there be. 21. saying: 'I am cutting off my right arm. they do not seem prosperity could they. vacancy on the U. Rosenman of the N. easy consciences and a willingness to cut corners that slaughter and dry up the very source of the profits they want. 1937: "The man behind the re-packing process (of the U. S. Daily Worker of May 24. Founder and Head of the Brain Trust. * * When real will American Captains of Industry identify their enemy and defend themselves? chief counsel and advisor to Gov. New York State Supreme Court Justice. Chicago. 11. New York Jewish Congressman Emanuel Celler was reported thus in a radio speech over WOR: "If the U. Masses considered. Y. As a people. 1937. That is. "All through the recent presidential campaign insiders I. "Judge Rosenman owns a photograph of Asst. 29." — A month later he reversed himself. provided that first this — ish Sentinel" of Chicago. JEWISH TESTIMONY The following is from a syndicated article by American Newspaper Writer Paul Mallon. Y. 1937. Jewish pogroms are but the reactions of a society they have hurt. they are destructionists. — — A Right Arm with a left elbow. The Jew is world famous for disregard of others' rights. which is inscribed 'To Sam Rosenman. Secy." "To Frankfurter will go the Supreme Court. S. ever they dominate anything. Statute books.. Western Ave." This was in defiance of an Asiatic Exclusion Law on "CIO JEWISH organizations with their red affiliates. Is 80-year old Brandeis about to resign? This is from the 1918 Jewish Communal Register: "The American Jewish Committee opposed with success the passage of legislation and rendering of judicial decisions by which it was sought to deprive Asiatics of nationalization because such laws would deprive Jews from Asia of the right to become citizens. Mr. Sun. S. —nor Never did these people know mass President Roosevelt. Y.

I am not disqualified. in the N. and consequently disqualified to hear argument on a motion for inspection of the minutes of the Grand Jury which returned the indictments. today. might be regarded as a party to the indictment referring to the Jewish Religion.' Magistrate Mogilesky retorted: 'I don't know whether he will or not. Jr. Moreover. and the defendant are all that are involved. or in which called racial libel case—that INFLAMMATORY WRIT INGS AGAINST ONE SECTION OF THE POPULATION MIGHT 'INCITE TO PUBLIC DISORDER/ "Altogether six charges had been brought. Times from London was published Sept.. 1936: "Counsel for Robert Edward Edmondson. He declared he had NO SEDITIOUS INTENT. against whom Mayor LaGuardia has issued a summons in a complaint of criminal libel. or affinity to any party to the controversy within the sixth degree. Arnold Spencer Leese." reading in part as below: A "Because he had published a charge of ritual murder and other libels against the Jews. or take any. The Fascist." he has been attorney or counsel. John S. he said. or if he is related by consanguinity.'" Section 15 of the Judiciary Law provides: "A judge shall not sit as such in. H. Wise said he believed the majority of the jurors were also disqualified because they were 'Mongol-Jews. 1936. and I suggest you withdraw the motion. "The complaints made were similar to those recently brought by Mayor F. was granted an adjournment until Friday. said he felt Judge Koenig. AND HIS OBJECT WAS TO ACHIEVE GOOD GOVERNMENT. Greaves-Lord USED in whose case is still passing judgment today Justice in THE SAME ARGUMENT THAT New York's so47 46 MAYOR LaGUARDIA HAD USED . adding: 'I suggest that this is NOT a criminal prosecution. but the jury found him guilty only on two. pending. indicted for libel. I suppose. under the heading "Briton Imprisoned for Libeling Jews. perhaps. BUT A POLITICAL PROSECUTION IN FAVOR OF THE JEWS. LaGuardia of New York against ROBERT EDWARD EDMONDSON. or in which he is interested. World Telegram on June 10. justified when the matter charged and was published with good motives and for justifiable ends.'" Section 1342 of the N. I believe I am competent to handle this case. Jewish Defiance of Law? GENTILE TESTIMONY wireless to the N. anti-Semitic pamphleteer. and then faced Magistrate Bernard Mogilesky (Jewish) and said: 'We hope Mayor LaGuardia will be sitting here Friday. Mr. Counsel for Edmondson. WAS SENTENCED TO SIX MONTHS' IMPRISONMENT AT OLD BAILEY TODAY. its excused when it is honestly made. part in the decision of. is "The publication the belief of belief. Penal Law reads as follows: "The publication as libelous is is true. 22. World Telegram said: "Judge Morris Koenig today declined to disqualify himself to hear argument on a motion in the case of Robert Edward Edmondson. a cause or matter to which he is a party. Wise." Section 377 of the New York Code of Criminal Procedure precludes even a trial juror within the ninth degree of consanguinity or affinity to any one alleged to be injured by the crime charged. morally speaking. were PURELY POLITICAL. 1936. Y. any member of the Jewish Religion may be regarded as having been libeled. Y. 57-year-old veterinary surgeon and editor of the violently anti-Semitic newspaper. in truth and upon reasonable grounds for this and consists of fair comments upon the conduct of a person in respect of public affairs. Y. being a Jew.THE LAW FLOUTED? On July 14.' " This was published in the N. Y. His motives.' Judge Koenig said: 'Legally. in giving effect to the legal principle. but. As a proposition of law. the people of the State of New York.

self-prohiout power or binding-force." is a pamphlet reprint from a writer in the Chicago Jewish Chronicle of Sept. His religious life has lapsed to the level of a social function. published in 1936. 20. H. V. ANTI-CHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY ("By Their Deeds Shall Ye Know Them") we may vow. Y. "The Jewish Book Concern. Y. 1927. namely: 'The BEST of the Gentiles— KILL." Bolshevism destroyed 30 million Russian Gentiles." Talmud (N. Lookstein is Sept. and is adept in matters of finance. Ber- Rabbi J. 1927." "The religious element which formed the basis of Jewish Unity has practically vanished. The ignorance of Judaism among our people is complete. Pius and Clement did likewise. Vol." New York. vows with self-imposed penalties and obligations." Talmudic Teaching? says an article in "The Reflex. 1933. basing their objections chiefly on this prayer." Religion? An Economic Judaism." tianity. Heller in the N. judges refused to allow them (Jews) to take a supplemen."— Rabbi James G. — — . Public Library). Neither by law nor tradition is he a priest or a healer. referring to Talmudic quotations: "Simon ben Yohai was pre-eminently an anti-Gentile teacher. JEWISH TESTIMONY "The Modern Jew kinsohn's Babylonian is the product of the Talmud.. L.' L. Reiskind of Abraham New JUDAISM DYING reported in the N. "He is valued most as the execuHe knows and tive manager of a wealthy congregation." eleventh edition. says: "The Ideals of Bolshevism are at many points consonant with the finest Ideals of mortgages and loans. . a prominent Jewish magazine." Rabbi A. contains the following Kol Nidre under the 48 oughly rationalized. intellectual master. Page 617. makes the following statement: "It cannot be denied that. "From a kingdom of priests we have become a race of traders. oaths. tary oath. Judaism is anti-Christian. Y." From the August. often quoted by anti-Semites: 'The best among the Gen" tiles deserves to be killed/ collection of his A "HYMN OF HATE?" In "Anti-Semitism" by Jewish Author Bernard Lazare we read: "The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing nard Lazare declares: "Nor is it only Talmudism that is dying: but the Jewish Religion itself is in its death agony. which swear. according to the usual wording of the formula. 1923 "The chasm dividing Jew and Christian is too deep to a meeting of the two possible." Were the Gentile judges right? Rabbis Should Know! In a 1931 booklet by York. cherishes the power of money. A PRAYER IN REVERSE? Commenting upon Kol Nidre.(h) heading "Evening Service for Atonement": "All vows and self-prohibitions. Bloch Publishing Co. Krim. Herald Tribune of Nov. May they be absolved. 1919. On Page 368 of "Anti-Semitism " the Jewish author. 26." the Jewish author admits: "There is a passage in the Talmud which is exceedingly bitter against the Gentiles. the Jewish Encyclopedia. The London Jewish Chronicle of April 4." Prom page 137 of "Anti-Semitism. vows of abstinence and promise. cancelled and made null and void. Life has departed from the synagogue. He has no religious function whatever. in a booklet entitled "Liberal Judaism and Liberal Chris- — . Paul IV condemned it." November. withMay such vows. had the Talmud burned. In a sayings * * * is found the expression. 1936." a "New Ritual for New Year and Day of Atonement." by Jewish Author Bernard Lazare. Sun of "There is a mass desertion of Judaism. 1927: "The American Jew is not only thor- THE KOL NIDRE The "Holyday Prayers. Page 541. "Pope Julius III — Prom the London Jewish Would of March "Fundamentally. " —Rod- bitions and oaths be considered as non-existent. as saying: The following is from the Jewish Encyclopaedia. entitled "My Conception of God." make 15. He works at his age-old task. issue of the same magazine: "Rabbi means master. its principles and culture." lation of the religion of Christ. of The following is from the Jewish Magazine "Reflex" November. 16. All the religious functions 49 . promise and bind ourselves from this day of Atonement until the next day of Atonement may it come to us in happiness we repent them all." How can a dead religion be libeled? he Judaizes. 1936. but de-theologized as well. an unscrupulous man might think that it offers a means of escape from the obligations and promises which Many he had assumed and made in regard to others. the annihi- "The Modern American Rabbi is a man of the world.

as reported in the "History of the Jews" by Graetz." "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" "Repudiation of the Jewish Religion DOES NOT ALTER One thing is quite certain. Times. A Living Sacrifice of Christian Girlhood! We who have promised you Hell. OUT WITH CHRISTIANS In the 1918 Jewish this: "* of the U.' " Page 170." The following quotation is from the New York Jewish newspaper." as having said: "What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit." by H." A New given you A New Heaven. His aims to become a Gentile. A Jew is never baptized for the purpose of becoming a Christian. THE JEW.exercised by the rabbi can also be exercised by the lay- I CASH!" 16 — From man." From "The Jewish Chronicle. "Deutsch-Franzosische Jahrbucher. will no longer exercise this singular restraint which comes from modesty."— From "You Gentiles" by Zionist Leader Maurice Samuels. its destroyers..D. "The Same. Vol. issue of the Jewish N. printed this: "According to the Jewish Religion. Aug. Jewish Historian. Y. are today nothing else than its seducers. declared: "Judaism is NOT is revealed Religion. late JEW PRIME MINISTER FRANCE. is * * "EVIL RACE" Heine wrote of his own people. a ghost that sustains itself — I system the United "Out of their own mouths. 7. Duplicity Religionized! Moses Mendelssohn. S. Page 364. April 1. AN 'This race of Communal Register "The N. it: "Judaism is not a religion. Board of Jewish Ministers has opposed Easter and Christmas celebrations. its executioners. "The Day. a learned Jew. and is not this obsession part and parcel of the political credo of every modern nation? We Jews have grievously erred. Wickham Steed. it would shrink and shrivel to comparatively small proportions. Y. merely legislation. 1935: Original Evil has long been damned. Yesterday. I merely note that it is natural and frequent for sister and brother to be lovers. subject Jews sit in judgment on Americans. 14. but revealed LEGISLATION."— Samuel Un~ termyer in The N. half-Jew. "To allow Christians to be subordinate to JEWS. The masses of Jewish people in America HAVE A RIGHT TO DEMAND from the educational by trading in IOU'S and old trousers. dignity and a sort of fear. its incendiaries. Dr. Eng." Guardian of July-August. thrown off gaily and early. Unter.. (Page 294. Oscar Levy. have A "Religious" Indictment! BLUM FAVORS INCEST LEON BLUM. Reformed Judaism Degeneration is no religion. wrote in "All who know anything of the conditions prevailing in the White Slave Traffic are agreed that if the Jew could be eliminated. can we reduce his (the Jew's) religious worship? To extortion. reports Karl Marx. I have never discerned what there is about incest which is really repulsive.. 1933. In "The World Significance of the Russian Revolution": "Are not the Jews the inventors of the Chosen People myth. Vol. is the same as oppressing God's Church and exalting SATAN'S SYNAGOGUE. 1910. pp.. What is his real god? British The from "The History of the Jews" by Jewish HisSome translators make torian Graetz." Does this perversion explain the sex crimes of today? the declared enemy of anti-Christ." & 21. 1924. and to them to their judgment. 1080 A. "Judaism is essentially That LAW— 50 51 . 209 to 247. frequently quoted in Europe. — ing given to the world 'the' Savior. 1920. history. 3). of "Jews are the aristocrats of the world." Nos. "Jewish Father of Communism. Virginity. Y. We who have posed as havJuly." of Dec. the Pope is the enemy of the Jewish people by tile very fact that he is the head of the Catholic Church." States that IT KEEP CHRISTMAS OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS." The Catholic Church is wrote in his book "Du Mariage": "They (young girls) will return from their lovers as naturally as they now return from having tea with a friend. Tomorrow" Calf! —a Golden The English non-conformist Jew. Today. a case-hardened fragment of world- "WE WANT ALL THIS CHRISTin MAS PROPAGANDA STOPPED." London. 'The Hapsburg Monarchy. 5. 1937. but Graetz doesn't even make it which is the predecessor of law. and drags from age to age its tortures of the damned * * * that mummy people which wanders across the earth bound up in its old wrappings of The Letter.World? The January 10."— Pope Gregory VII to King Alfonso. To what. but a LAW religionized". . Morning Freiheit.

POPE ENDORSES FIGHT GENTILE TESTIMONY The following is a reprint from an editorial in the Christian Century undenominational magazine of Chicago of June 9. as it has WHY "Jews please not God —Jewish are adversaries to all men. which is valuable in religion. JuVIII. for efforts to convert Jews had proved futile. enemies of work to labor nor expense in giving the results of your upon you the the public. Jouin. culture. This being the case. will be performed some mighty act involving human destiny. Sixtus V." — From The — London Jewish Chronicle "Are we Gentiles never to be allowed to utter any im- of Aug. King Egiza appealed to his prelates to devise some From means by which all JUDAISM COULD BE WIPED OUT. his people.000 synagogue Israelite of Feb. and bends Jewish beliefs and practices so as to adapt them to environment. 1937. under "Jews. the Virgin Mary and 'The the throne. How how can can materialistic law be spiritual religion? be libeled as Jews allege? And LAW pression of the ancient. Wells. whose works passed through the authenticity-approval. with OVERTHROW CHRISTIANITY in Vol. printed June 12. IN BRETHREN IN OTHER LANDS. 1906 Edition. * * * TRYING TO PLUCK THE FRUITS OF DEMOCRACY WITHOUT YIELDING ITSELF TO THE PROCESSES OF DEMOCRACY." Lust for Power! The famous author H. pages 734-5-6: "What is the Jewish Problem? Jewry is a racial minority which conceives its racial Mgr. Pius IV."— be on the Index and ordered the book to Luzensky. writes to the Editor of the London Jewish Chronicle. Vol. published by Macmillan Co. Reform each congregation There cannot be more than the U. 15. American leaking. at Emancipation near Kazan." as lows: integrity as the permanent basis of a distinctive They are an hereditary group. narrow and radically egotistical Jewish culture except in terms of cringing admiration and subservience? I ask the Jewish reader just to think his tradition has irritated diverse peoples. E. Page 403. are the object of the special favor of God. Benedictus XIV and Leo XIII have placed the From burned. 1."— life is Jewish "Israel is Judaism has very 1923. soon or late." Apostle Paul. 1st Thess. in attacking neither yourself spared have You religion. in campaign anti-Christian allowed the pubmation from Soviet sources. lax views of Biblical inspiration." "The Talmud in non-Jewish courts Budapest. "History of the Inquisition Spain" by Henry Charles Lea."—From "The 53 . destroy what tends to "Cardinal an medium through which. Ca- —and done through the ages." Untouchable tholic Bible. 8. published many volumes exposing of records vast accumulating subversions of the Jews. in 1923. by Elucidation." as well as it. "Sources fact and authority before his recent death. Honoris IV. The Catholic Encyclopaedia." makes this clarifying statement: "THERE IS NO JEWISH CHURCH as such. The Council alludes to a Conspiracy by which the Jews endeavored to occupy A JUDAS MONUMENT the "To show how thoroughly the Jews are carrying on infortake may we Russia.. * * * Can democracy suffer an hereditary minority to perpetuate itThe simple and naked fact self as a permanent minority? IT IS is that Judaism rests upon an impossible basis. lication of blasphemous cartoons in Lord's Supper/ ridiculing Christ. G. Innocentius lius III. the illusion that his race. The reservoir of in Jews 200. Chap. The root cause of the Jewish Problem the Jew's immemorial and pertinacious obsession with illusion. and there "Legal Proof"! was danger CONJUNCTION WITH THEIR that. you in your encourage pleased to congratulate and to order as to social the warning work. Innocent IV. and IS A LAW UNTO ITSELF. New York and London: "At the Council of Toledo in 694." 1 An impossible superiority complex! An endorsement of Free Speech! disintegrating. A. 2: 14 & 15. who requires the maintenance of their racial integrity and separateness as the is "Benedict XV: We know that you have acquitted your * * not without sacred ministry with exemplary fashion * which are the sects the danger to your life.. we confer endorsement of our blessing." His Holiness is Gasparri: June 20. S. In his appears a (Jew)" Juif l'lmperialisme de Discipline et folprinted approval of his work by "The Holy See. Clementius Talmud XI. 13. 1931-2. They have their official press." Evil carries the seeds of its own destruction! Unmoral Mobility! "The Popes Gregory IX. 1937. 1936: 52 THEY ERECTED A STATUE TO JUDAS ISCARIOT Svisk. 1919. French Catholic investigator of secret the societies in Paris. THEY WOULD OVERTHROW CHRISTIANITY.a religion of LAW.

"Ye are of your father. 1937. and regarded everyone as their enemy. I put the actual strength of Jewry in Russia at 20. with the connivance of the rabbis. getthem entered as females. National Patriotism and —Mohammed (A. THE POSITION OF THE AUTHOR The author of this pamphlet has not been and is not now against Jews as to Religion. the Jews." a pamphlet published by "The National Workers returns. speaking to the Jews. "The Jews formed the breeding ground of Christian action. from Victor Marsden.). on an allegation of "incitingly" "ALL persons of the Jewish RELIGION" (which Party of Great Britain. New York. — Jewry over all! The Imperial Fascist League of Great Britain issued a pamphlet containing the following statements by great men of the past on Jewish morality: "The friends of King Antiochus advised him to expel the Jews.D.C.D. 1st Cen." —Martin Luther (1483-1546). as they would not mix with others. 160-230). City — had Robert Edward Edmondson camouflage11. 15. Pages 154-7." by Henning-Kohler. indicted June libeling 1936. for he is a liar. lies." From an article in the London Morning Post.000. Therefore. Y." Jesus Christ in 400 West 160th Street New York City (Production Cost 10c) — John 8:44. London.I of The Gentiles.. This is confirmed in by the Britons Pub"The Eed Gar- den. The rabbis are not abolished even on paper. and the lusts of your father ye will do. 1918. When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own. Race or Individuals.. all Christian Civilization for the benefit of International Jewry. A traitor idealized! "In all countries where conscription obtains.000. and the father of it. High Finance and The Press to destroy the "Are the Jews anything else but devourers of men?" anti- American Republic. for many years its correspondence in Russia. the devil. 15." a pamphlet issued lishing Co. Jewish Mayor LaGuardia of N. in which Jews learn such godlessness. 571-632). curses. The record is black. habitually falsify their by concealing the birth of males. as reproduced in "Jews in Russia. The Jews in Russia at the outset of the 'glorious revolution' abolished all forms of Christian religion.800. December. especially ting FREE SPEECH ON TRIAL While defending America by publishing exposures of the COMMUNISTIC politico-ECONOMIC subversions of The Jewish ECONOMIC System. This pamphlet is published by "One should destroy all copies of the Talmud. but be- — cause The Jewish Economic System is using control of Revolutionary Communism. 1937. and blasphemies.000). He was a murderer from the beginning. (Jewish Encyclopaedia figures 7." Diodorus (B. 54 ."—Tertullian (A." was not attacked as such) and this persecution trial to suppress FREE SPEECH was finally set for Nov. Sept. and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him.

^':. ^ 5W- y.R ) ^I ( -h . " ST. ft 5T P P go re re 01 .C33 re H 55" y 5 ^ 5.