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Co-operative Academy of Professional Education (CAPE

(Established by Government of Kerala) 1 floor, Co-Bank Towers, Vikas Bhavan P.O., Thiruvananthapuram-695033, Phone- 0471-2316236

Electrification of College of Engineering, Aranmula (Phase 1)


Name of work : Electrification of College of Engineering, Aranmula (Phase 1) : ........................................................... : .............................................................. .............................................................. .............................................................. ...............................................................

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Tender Notification No. W‐ 01/2013/CAPE dated 02.02.2013
Sealed Tenders are invited from reputed financially sound Class ‘A/B’ Electrical contractors having valid license for carrying out all medium voltage Installation work issued by the Kerala State Electrical Licensing Board for carrying out the electrical wiring work with approved materials conforming to BIS standards and other Statutory Rules and Regulations at College of Engineering, Aranmula as per the detailed specifications covered in the schedule attached herewith Offers in sealed cover super scribing ‘Tender for Electrification of College of Engineering, Aranmula’ shall be sent so as to reach the office of the undersigned on or before13.00Hrs on 15.02.2013. The offer should contain an EMD of Rs.74,500/- by way of DD favoring the Director CAPE payable at Trivandrum from SBT. The tender shall be opened at 14.30 hours on 15.02.2013. The probable amount of the work is Rs. 14,88,277/-

The Director, CAPE, Co- Bank Tower, Vikas Bhavan P.O, Thiruvananthapuram.

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ELECTRIFICATION OF ENGINEERING COLLEGE BUILDING AT ARANMULA (Phase 1) General Instructions Scope of work: The 1st phase of the project consists of a block of newly built 3 storey building facing the village road. Civil works including plastering, flooring and 1st coat of painting of the building interior and exterior is almost completed. So the wiring will be exposed type in surface mounted PVC conduits except the switch boxes which shall be flush mounted. The Electrical Contractor shall be in possession of valid contracting license of appropriate class. The drawings and job schedule gives the scope of work. The finished work shall be of good quality and workmanship. Minor items necessary for the proper completion of the work shall be deemed included in the price. It will be the responsibility of the Contractor to laise with KSEB, Electrical Inspectorate or any other statutory body / agency from start to till getting electric connections. All statutory expenses will be met by the Employer (CAPE) The contractor should obtain Scheme approval from Electrical Inspectorate and Power allocation from KSEB before commencing of work. The installation shall comply with the Indian standard code of practice for Electric wiring, Indian Electricity rules, I.E Act, N.E.C and regulation of Electric supply Authority. Contractor shall engage suitably qualified, experienced & skilled staff and Supervisor for carrying out the work and shall provide all tools and equipments for the erection work. All materials are to be procured and supplied by the Contractor except where specified otherwise. Materials supplied shall be from among the brands given in the list of approved materials. Where equivalents are specified it shall be with prior written approval from the Consultants / Client by producing samples and product catalogues. Contractor shall not make any change in the layout without prior written approval of the Consultants / Client. Cutting of walls or parts of the building or making holes or chases in the masonry and such other works shall be the responsibility of the Contractor and damages if any cementing required and making good damages inflicted on the building to be rectified by Contractor at no extra cost.

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Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 5 . 15% will be on completion and energisation. As fitted drawings On completion of work. which will be returned defect liability period of the work. Safety of materials Contractor will ensure protection of all materials and equipment from damages. Taxes as applicable will be deducted from running account bills. fire or theft etc. For big items like main switch boards. Balance 10% of total bill will be deducted towards retention and released after completing defect liability period of 12 months and carry no interest Contractor shall furnish a demand draft equivalent to 5% of the total value of the Contract. Defect liability One year from date of commissioning. Material approval Contractor shall submit to the Consultant / Client material samples along with catalogues and obtain prior approval before using them in the work. Contractor shall submit test certificates and guarantee cards of all equipments that have been supplied.Inspection & Testing The Owner reserves the right to inspect the works / materials during the course of the erection and witness testing of equipments at manufactures works. Contractor shall replace/ repair any equipment found malfunctioning or defective during this period Time for Completion 2 months from date of work order or earlier Payment terms Bills shall be as monthly basis and 75% of the bill will be admitted after due verification. Site safety of Employees Insurance coverage and adequate site safety measures shall be ensured for personnel engaged by the Contractor. dimensional drawings will be sufficient. Contractor shall prepare in the prescribed form the necessary completion certificate for submitting to concerned authorities for getting installation inspected and obtain approval for energisation. Carry no interest.

in addition. Conduits shall be mounted on masonry surface using PVC spacer saddles at 50cm intervals screwed to the structures.B's etc. Point Wiring A point shall consist of the branch wiring from the switch box together with a switch and point control box as required. Couplers and adaptors used should be glued to the conduits using solvent cement. the conduit ends should be provided with female bush adaptors. the earth continuity conductor from the switch box to the earth pin/stud of the outlet/switch box. box of socket outlet and terminations. tees etc are allowed. as far and including the wiring accessories like ceiling ross. No pipes are allowed through the end caps. elbows. Where required wooden back pcs. (2) Trunkings( Cable Management System) Trunkings shall be screw fitted to wall at 60cm interval using pan head screws in zigzag manner. After wiring is complete the Trunkings ends shall be closed with original end caps. No readymade bends. Conduits are to be surface mounted except at the ends where it enters the switch boxes which are to be flush mounted after making recesses in the walls. While placing wires inside they shall be tied in bunches. (3) Distribution Boards Distribution Boards shall be flush/surface mounted at locations marked on drawings. to be provided for leveling. Conduits shall be connected using female bush adapter after making circular drill cut holes on the side of the trunking. Wires are to be drawn inside only after completing entire conduit network in each area. Where bends are required they should be made using bending springs. Fixing height 75cm below roof slab. DB's are to be provided with trunking for carrying wires out of the Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 6 . Number of wires inside the conduits shall be within the limits specified as per accompanying list. circuit wise with Nylon cable ties at 1M interval.JOB SPECIFICATION FOR ELECTRIC WORKS Installation methods:(1) Conduiting & Wiring Conduits and accessories shall be of PVC as per the list of approved materials. After wiring is completed the trunking should be properly closed with its lids. Where conduits are to be connected to trunkings. Trunkings shall be provided temporary protection from paint if required. switch. A point shall also include. Inside cable shafts. D.

Cables shall be meter marked. (11) Cables a) Transporting The cables shall be delivered drum wound except for small lengths. Cables shall have end caps while on site until they are cut and laid. (4) Ceiling Fans Fans shall be in uniform height from the floor. (6) Wall lights Wall lights shall be fixed at height 2. fans are to be provided at locations marked in the drawings. Note: Installation should be tested as per standard procedure after completion. (7) Exhaust Fans Ex.75 sq. (5) Fan regulators Fans shall have electronic regulators and individual on off switch. Where DB's are fixed surface mounted. The Contractor shall provide the dimension and no. (9) Stair Case Light Stair case light shall have 2 way control (10) External Lights External lights are to be mounted on parapet walls on G. The drawing is just indicative only.of holes to be cut to the Employer’s Engineer for arranging the holes. suitable clearance to be made available between wall & DB for air circulation by providing nylon bushings at back. the drums are to be carefully rolled down from the truck using stranded Cu. with the lights inclined at 45º to the ground and the pipe shall be fixed by using 'nailing type' G. The fans have to be fixed in holes cut on walls. Where such facilities are not available. 3 core cable.I. (8) Final connections to Lights.shaft. b) Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 7 . Unloading and handling at site Wherever mechanical lifting facilities are available cables shall be lifted out of the trucks with the machine.I clamps – 2 each. pipe of suitable length. Fans etc Flexible leads for final connections shall be PVC insulated/sheathed 0.5M from floor.

the cables shall be visually inspected by the contractor for signs of any damage or defect.c) Inspection on receipt Immediately on receipt at the site. D = Outer diameter of cable in mm g) Depth of laying and clearances i) The recommended minimum depth of laying is as follows: Low voltage Power cables 750 mm Control cable 750 mm Cables at road crossing 1200 mm (Shall be in UPVC ducts both ends properly sealed after inserting Cable.50 N/mm² 2) Cables pulled with stocking: Maximum permissible tensile strength for i) PVC insulated armoured power cable P = 9D² ii) PVC insulated unarmoured power cable P = 5D² Where P = Tensile strength in newtons. Maximum pulling force 1) Cables pulled by pulling eye: If the cables are pulled by gripping the conductor directly with pulling eye. Cables shall not be exposed to solar radiation for long periods.30 N/mm² For Copper conductors . only 1 cable in 1 duct). Damaged cables shall not be used in the work and shall be removed from site. Minimum bending radius for 1.1KV multicore armoured cable shall be 12D. The insulation value of the cable should be taken and recorded. For Aluminium conductors . Care also shall be taken to prevent fire hazard. maximum permissible tensile strength depends on the material of conductor and on their cross section. Storage The site chosen for storage of cables shall be well drained and shall preferably be on a firm surface so that the drums will not sink into the ground causing difficulty in moving them out at a later stage. d) e) Minimum Bending radius The cable should not be bent in sharp radius. ii) The recommended minimum clearances are as follows: Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 8 . where D is overall diameter of cables. Drums with cables shall not be laid flat during storage. f).

Some loose length shall be available inside the panels. Surface mounted cables. 3) The cable insulation level must be maintained at the joint. 4) The joint shall provide proper mechanical protection to the insulated cores.I / GRP route marker in circular or oval shape embossed with voltage indication and directional arrow of approved design shall be provided along the cable route at intervals marked on drawing. whenever they are exposed to the possibility of a mechanical injury or shock.Power cable to control cable Power cable to communication cable Power cable to power cable 200mm 300 mm Larger the clearance better. The top of the concrete cube shall be trowel finished neatly. Cables buried under roads or areas where heavy loading can occur shall be protected by enclosing them in pipes or ducts of adequate strength and cross-sectional area. 5) The joint should ensure the continuity of metallic sheath or armour. These markers shall be fixed in concrete to sufficient depth. h) Loose length Cables shall be provided with sufficient loose length in the form of a ring at both ends in consultation with the Engineer. Jointing of cable (in unavoidable circumstances only allowed after obtaining permission from consultant) The basic considerations and requirements are :1) Conductivity of jointed conductors should be at least same that of largest (main) conductor of cable. shall be protected against such injury and shock Laying of cable in underground trenches: There should be a sand bed of 80 mm below and 170 mm above cables with fine quality manufactured sand of uniform granular size/ river sand. Cables shall have a protective layer of burnt bricks (not broken) or solid concrete blocks (23x11x7cm). The block or brick shall be placed with its axis at right angles to the trench axis without any gap in between and on both side with bricks/blocks laid on edge. 2) Joints between two conductors should have a mechanical strength fairly comparable to that of conductor. Cable route marker C. Page i) Signature of Contractor Signature of Client 9 .

iii. Cable routes shall be chosen giving due consideration to the following & in consultation with the Engineer. storage and handling. l) Labelling Cables shall be provided with identification labels neatly machine engraved on PVC plates 3mm thick or lazer marked Aluminium plates – attached to cables with cable ties. a. Segregation of cables at different working voltages. ii. each lead to be separately tied to the cable.1000V Tests after cable installation The following tests/measurements shall be made and observed readings recorded for comparison with future readings. 2) Before laying Megger test and compare with the results obtained during tests on arrival at site. v. specified in schedule of work. Tests before laying 1) Cable drums shall be inspected for the physical damage of cable if occurred during transportation. b. Conductor resistance: The conductor resistance test on site is primarily to check the efficiency of jointing if any and to ensure that the ‘phasing out’ of cores has been carried out correctly. Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 10 . Protection from the fire. The recommended voltage rating of the megger for the voltage grade used in 1. Minimum of length of the cable route. The ambient temperature at the time of measurement shall be noted and the insulation resistance should be corrected to reference temperature. i. if the cable was stored for a long time. thermal or other causes. k) Earth leadsEarth leads shall be bunched to respective cables with heavy duty nylon cable ties at 1M interval throughout and for duplex leads. Neatness of arrangement. m) Tests It is essential to inspect and test the cables at site as under.1kV cables.j) Cable glands Cable glands shall be of brass Nickel or Chromium plated. Safely of the cables from possible damage due to mechanical. chemical. Insulation resistance test: The insulation resistance should be measured by Megger between each core and others connected together with armour/screen and earthed.

Any claims arising out of the warranty will be notified and Contractor shall with all reasonable speed. pipe sleeves etc. Employer will proceed to take remedial action as may be necessary and it will be at the risk and cost of the Contractor. Comprehensive maintenance during defect liability period will also be the responsibility of the Contractor. Any defects arising out of faulty installation or use of substandard material or workmanship shall be rectified by the Contractor at his own cost. If the Contractor even after having been notified fails to remedy the defects within reasonable time. All guarantee cards should be handed over to the site Engineer with due acknowledgement. making of watering chamber for earth pits etc shall be the responsibility of the Electrical Contractor. (13) Warranty/Guarantee for the work: Contractor shall provide warranty or guarantee valid for 12 months minimum from the date of commissioning for the goods supplied by him under this contract against any defects. For luminaires equivalents shall have the same luminous output as the original specified.B. it should be with prior written approval of Employer/ Consultants.B’s should be provided with name plates either with engraved 3mm thick PVC plates or Laser cut Aluminium sheets. replacing or removing cables laid along a particular route or for adding cables to the cable already laid along a particular route. repair or replace the defective goods or parts thereof without any cost to Employer. Civil works Excavation for cable trenches. viii. Minimum of crossing of cables. The Contractor shall also guarantee the satisfactory performance of the goods. Note: (1) If Contractor wishes to use any equivalent against original specified items. Electrical Contractor shall also make good the wall piercings and other damages to masonry & painting. (12) Labels & Circuit carts After completing works. fixed to D. Facility for inspecting. It is also his responsibility to provide cementing to switch boxes. (2) UPS fed sockets denoted cs shall be different in colour from those on main supply.B. All wires shall be numbered and printed circuit charts provided inside each all D. Availability of space for proper bending and shaping of the cables without causing any strain on the cable. earth pits. or malfunctioning that may develop under normal use. Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 11 . vii.

The enclosure shall be so designed and constructed as to prevent the entry of dust. (14 SWG) thick CRCA sheet steel for bus chamber. The structure of the enclosure shall be strong and rigid and shall not suffer any distortion while transporting. (I. All the hinges shall be of concealed type. The enclosure shall be of floor mounting.6mm) thick used for panel. insects and vermin. The board shall be stable 12 . water.P rating 54) The enclosure may be of single front type where the access will be only from the front and the back will be completely closed. The door covers etc of 16 SWG (1. Cable alleys shall be provided with hinged / bolted doors or covers which shall be closed tight by means of captive screws with moulded bakelite.5 kVrms for 1 minute : 25 KA for 1 second : IP 54 Relevant Indian standards to be followed : IS 8623 IS 2147 IS 4237 IS 5082 : Factory built assemblies : Protection for enclosures : Creepage distances : Wrought Aluminium for Electrical purposes Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page IS 3618 IS 6005 : Phosphating treatment IS 375 IS 5578 : Arrangement of bus bars Enclosure for Switch Boards The enclosure of the MSB shall be made of 2mm. free standing and self supporting type construction as specified except where mentioned otherwise. handling or erection. 3 Phase 4Wire : 1100 Volts rms : 2. Bus bar chambers shall be provided with screwed covers.GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR FABRICATION & SUPPLY OF MV SWITCH BOARDS (To be given to Panel manufactures) General System Voltage Voltage Grade HV Withstand capacity Short circuit withstand capacity Ingress Protection of Enclosure : 415 Volts.

FRP/SMC sheets shall be used as shrouds and their minimum thickness shall be 3mm. Only a minimum required opening shall be provided in the bus chamber for taking the interconnection. The bus bar joints where ever not covered with heat shrinkable sleeves shall be wrapped with epoxy masking tape. The bus bars shall be insulated through out their length using heat shrinkable sleeves. The cross sectional area of the bus bars and the supports provided for the bus bars shall be capable of withstanding without damage the electromagnetic and thermal effects of minimum short circuit current of 25 KA for 1 second or as specified in standards and statutes. The bus bars shall be supported using 10 mm thick SMC insulators. Any derating required by the Employer or the Electrical Inspectorate shall be taken into consideration while fixing the sizes of the bus bars.2 Amps/sqmm for copper. Their current rating shall be equal to the full rated current of the incoming main breaker/switch. Only one tap. The cubicle shall have Channel base using 75x40 mm channels.8 Amps/Sq. wherever required. Bus bars The set of bus bars shall be arranged in horizontal and vertical formations as required. The maximum current rating allowable for aluminium bus bar is o. The droppers from the bus bars to the switch gear chamber shall be taken through properly sealed 6mm thick FRP/SMC shall be taken from a point on the bus bar. Bolt holes shall be provided in the bottom frame work for foundation bolts. The covers shall be properly stiffened by means of ribs or other stiffeners for strength. The cutting edge shall be smoothened and shaped. Lifting hooks as necessary shall also be provided. The main bus bars shall be of high conductivity electrical grade Aluminium extrusions & shall be of the same section through out the length of the board. The size of the main and branch bus bars shall be subject to approval by the Electrical Inspectorate. The inter connecting aluminium bus bar joints shall be scratch brushed and applied with corrosion inhibiting compound before assembly with bolts and washers. Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 13 . Bus bars shall be given colour coding.under all the required conditions of Electric loading and operations. The switch board shall be provided with triple pole and neutral bus bars as & 1.

Cable Entry Box & Cable Alley The Cable Entry Box shall be spacious enough to accommodate all the cables to be installed inside it and also to facilitate their proper routing. For the outgoing cable takeoff. The maximum height of switch gear handles from floor level shall be 1. The glanding plates shall have adequate space to comfortably accommodate all the cable glands that would be installed on it. openable upwards & 3mm thick. Ics.Clearances The minimum clearances between conductors follows: Between phases Between phase & Neutral Between phase & Earth Switch Gears and earthed metal shall be as 25mm 20mm 20mm The switch gear components provided shall have adequate Icu.8 meters & minimum height should be 0. Icw shorttime. The cable entry box shall be effectively segregated from all the surrounding compartments housing live parts. When live parts are fixed on the door. clamping and flexible copper earth leads. No live component shall be mounted on the compartment door except those for metering purposes. there shall have detachable glanding plates at the bottom /top. Switches shall have door inter-lock as necessary. Segregation facility shall be provided for all cables working at different voltage systems. Compartments Every compartment in the MSB shall be totally segregated from other compartments by sheet steel enclosure on all sides with insulated bushes for entry and exit of power and control cabling and interconnections. the door shall be provided with flexible green coloured PVC insulated 4sq.60 meters. Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 14 . The gland plates shall have gaskets. The glands shall be spaced such that it will be possible to work on the different cable terminations without any difficulty. Power and control cable termination facilities shall be well segregated. short circuit current withstand capacity as per the Electrical Inspectorate standards.

after proper derusting and phosphating. etc may vary depending upon the final approval of the Electrical Inspector. Fuses (as applicable) The rating of the fuses may vary depending upon the final approval of the Electrical Inspector.The feeder and cable alley compartments shall be provided with concealed hinged doors. This earth bus shall run across the full length of the switch board and have a minimum size of 25x3 mm Copper. Hence fuses should be fixed as per the approval received from the Inspectorate and hence the Supplier should get the ratings confirmed from the Consultants before delivery. : Panels subjected to approvals from Consultants & Electrical Inspectorate (as applicable) Guarantee Approvals Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 15 . MCCB's. Earthing The non-current carrying metal parts of the enclosure and components on the board shall be bonded together and connected to the earth bus installed on the outer side of the board. All hinged covers shall be earthed using 4sq. Surface Treatment and Finishing The panel shall be finished with epoxy powder coating to thickness 50 microns.R value 100 Meg. : 18 months from the date delivery or 12 months from the date of commissioning. Hence suitable setting ranges may be selected as per the approval received from the Inspectorate and hence the Supplier should get the ratings confirmed from the Consultants before delivery. The chasis of the switches and other control gears fixed in the panels should be also double earthed. Ohm shall be ensured and demonstrated to Consultants. Relay settings (as applicable) The settings of the flexible PVC insulated Copper wire of colour Green or green and Yellow. ELCB's. Labels The Switch boards shall have safety caution boards of approved type and sizescrewed to the Board. Testing : Panels to be tested with 1000V megger and minimum I.

L&T. : 50x6 mm Al: for phases 25x6 mm Al: for Neutral : 25x3mm Copper. : The above details in document form to be submitted for Consultant’s for scrutiny and approval.63 A -1 No. Incomer: Outgoings: Bus Bars 160A 4P switch disconnector Isolator a) MCB 3P.B indication) Cable Entry : Provide Knockouts as per cable size in drawings Makes for Components: Switch Disconnector – ABB.Documentation : To be submitted before starting manufacture : Dimensional drawing for general arrangement. Meco 16 MCB .1 set with MCB protection. Havells Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page Meters – Rishab. (R. HPL.Y. ELECTRIC PANEL M. A.E.V Panel Manufacture and Supply of M. : 3 numbers ( Ammeters ( range 0-150A) through resin cast C. Indicating Lamps: LED lamps. b) 3P – do. Havels.V panel strictly in conformity with General specifications explained and with the following physical particulars. C-series 32A 5 Nos.ABB. L&T. HPL . Trinity.T's 150/5A. Cl:1. 15VA Voltmeter 0-600V with selector switch and MCB protection for control Earth Bus Metering circuit. : Material submittal documents.

C&S.Anchor Grip 15) Buzzer – Anchor 8374 16) Ding Dong Bell. shall be with prior written approval of Employer/ Consultants) 1) PVC Conduits: Medium mechanical strength conforming to IS 9537 part III – Precision or equivalent Brand.1 KV grade conforming to I. Standard colour coding to be followed for P.Brass Nickel plated double or single compression type. 18) a) Ceiling Fansb) Wall Fans Usha.S 1554 part 1. 14) Insulation Tape. E leads 8) Multicore PVC insulated and PVC sheathed Copper cables – Finolex.Havels. 2) Accessories for conduits like PVC junction boxes – conforming to I. cables – 1. Bajaj. L&T. 13) MCB Enclosures metal or ABS.L&T APPROVED MATERIAL BRANDS (Where equivalents are used. Eric (3 terminal type).Resitech / Kapa / Ganga Selector Switch . M. Select LED lamps . Finolex.Anchor.K. Cabtree. Legrand. Crompton.Anchor 8636 17) Ceiling Roses – Anchor.Precision. Legrand or Equivalent 4) Female bush adaptors for conduit ends: Precision 5) Nylon cable glands for multicore flexible cables – Ashwin. All fans subject to prior approval.S (3419) – Precision 3) Cable management system (Rigid PVC trunking & accessories) conforming to IEC 61084/BS476.HPL.C. Indo Asian. R. Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 17 . Union by Crompton Greves 6) Distribution Boards & Circuit Breakers. HEX or PEPL 12) G. Polycab (To IS: 1554 part 1) 9) U. 4678 . Indo Asian.Makes Siemens. 7) Wires – Copper PVC insulated IS-694 – fire retardant type.T's .M. Havels. Havels. Anchor. Havels.R Cables.G armoured Al. Tropodur. Cables shall be meter marked type. 10) Cable Glands. N.I Switch boxes & modular switches.5 Star rated.PVC & IS 7098 (Part 2) for XLPE. ACE.K. 11) Cable lugs – Dowells. KSS.

SSGN 1107 IH/FG e) Type L.Corridoors: HPL HCCS 1025 (Electronic) 1x25W g) Type W.KSS 27) Float switch – V Guard.SCABOX by Crompton Greaves.L&T.HCCS 3013 c) Type C-Principal's room – HPL Socomec Silicon 25W(E) – HSCS 4025 –do-1025 or Vinay Venus -650022 d) Type E. Sinicon 28) Water Pump – Kirlosker or Equivalent.G armoured cables to ITD standards ( Finolex. Skytone) 23) MCCB – HPL.No. Siemens 22) Telephone wires and U.Roof Top – Crompton Citivision HPSV 70W Cat. KSS 25) Contactors. Tube fitting with electronic choke Philips Trarang (Type A & Black Board) b) Toilet Area Type B– HPL wisdom 13 WE.19) Plastic Jn/Jt boxes.Telemechanic. Siemens 26) Cable Route Marker . L&T.equivalent.Havells city 3 with 9W CFL h) Mirror light Type T – HPL model Alfa 1x9W CFL Note: Equivalent luminaire shall be same physically and luminous output wise. 21) Motor Starter . R.Vinay 62007 Bulk Head with 9W CFL (B.R Cables. L&T Luminaires as specified below or exact equivalents a) 1x36 Flu. 24) Cable Ties – Surelock.Hager or Theben.C) f) Type R. Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 18 . 20) Programmable Timers.

Switches ( for lights & fans) & Fan regulators: 120 cm above finished floor level.CONDUIT FACTORS CORRESPONDING TO 2 BENDS BETWEEN Jn.WIRE SIZE CHART CHART 1 WIRING CAPACITY OF CONDUITS 1. mm² 1 1.electric or others D. BOXES 25 mm Dia 463 422 388 356 Run length 2m 3m 4m 5m 20 mm Dia 256 233 213 196 Number of wires allowed =conduit factor ÷cable factor CHART 2 Mounting heights for accessories .B's or wall panels Wall light 45 cm 200 cm 250 cm AFFL AFFL (top) AFFL Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 19 . Sockets . CABLE FACTOR AND CABLE SIZE CABLE SIZE.5 2.5 4 6 10 16 CABLE FACTOR 16 22 30 43 58 105 145 2 .

B's. C1-C3 Fans f1. Fans F4-F6 Socket S1 Lights A8-A10.D .L8 Lights A15-A17. Sockets S4.F 7 Lights A26-A29.5+2. Fans F7. Socket S3 Socket P1 Lights in Amps Watts Lights A1-A3.B . Fans F22-F24 + E. Call Bell Lights R1-R4.5 E 2x1.5(E) " " " " " " 6 " " 16 6 Way No. Lights L1-L4 Lights W1-W2.Ceiling fans 275 cm AFFL (minimum) N.Ground Floor) All breakers should be of same brand as D.Vertical D.0+ 1x1. L5.5(E) " " 2x2. D.0+ 1x1. DB's etc shall be checked with spirit level. Buzzer. W3 & E.A Heights to be fixed using water level from point to point. Level of switches . All D.B's I. B6 Fans F16-F18 Lights A22-A25. DB Load Schedule DB-G1 (8WayTPN.T.P 42/43 MCB Load Wire size Load Details Ratings in Sq. Fans F19-F21 +Socket S6+ E.F 6 2x1.f2.F8. Fans F9-F10. Fans F13-F15 Socket S5 Lights A18-A21. Fans F1-F3 Socket S2 Lights A4-A7. Circuit No R1 Remarks Earth wire green all 1 Y1 B1 R2 Y2 2 B2 R3 3 Y3 B3 4 R4 Y4 6 6 6 6 6 6 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 20 .F.

S11 Load in Watts Wire size Sq.E UPS for office Spare Spare 500 526 6 6 16 7 Y7 B7 R8 Y8 8 B8 Spare Total connected load Incomer 40A 4P Isolator + 4P ELCB 32A. Socket S8.5 E 6 5 Y5 B5 R6 DB-S1 2534 3P 16 6 Y6 B6 R7 2894 3P 16 Inverter for EPBX DB. A32-A33.0+ 1x1. Circuit No R1 1 Y1 B1 2 R2 Load Details Lights A30a.5(E) " " " MCB Ratings in Amps 6 6 6 6 Remarks Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 21 .F-2 Lights A34.Vertical 2X1. S15.5(E) 3C 4 AYFY 2x2.5 + 1x2. EF1 Sockets S12.F-2 Lights A32a.0 AYFY + 10 SWG 2X1.B4 R5 Lights L9-L12.Ground Floor) Way No.A35. 30mA Blanking Plates DB-G2 (8WayTPN. S9. E. D.B . R4 DB-F1 " 4C 6. R5 Fans F25F27. S11. A30.A31.0+ 1.D . S16 & E. A50. S10. Fans F28-F30.0 AYFY + 10 SWG 4C 6.

A37 Fans F31-F33.B2. Sockets S17.F 5 Blank " " " " " Total connected load 2X1+ 1.5+ 2E 16 Lights B1. A36. S18 Lights A40-A43. Water Cooler Socket . S16 DB . Sockets S15.F5. A38.Y2 B2 R3 3 Y3 B3 R4 4 Y4 B4 R5 5 Y5 B5 R6 6 Y6 B6 R7 7 Y7 B7 R8 8 Y8 B8 Lights R6-R7. Stair case Light A48 & A49 Lights.A36a. B2.S2 3007 4C x 6 AYFY 3P 16 Earth 10 SWG Cu. B1.F2 " " " " " 6 6 6 6 6 4103 4C x 6 AYFY 3P 16 Earth 10 SWG Cu. Fans F34-F36. Fans F41-F44.F 4 Lights A44-A47.EF 3 Lights A38a. A39. E. Socket-P2 500 2x2.5(E) 6 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 22 . DB . E. Fans F37-F40. E.

Fans F4-F6 Lights A9-A11.R5 Fans f1.0E MCB Ratings in Amps 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 10 Remarks DB-F2(4WayTPN. 1 Circuit No R1 Load Details Lights A29. f2. L3. Fans F10 -F12 Lights R1-R4.0 + 2X1. Fans F16-F18 Lights A23-A25 Fans F19-F21 Socket S4 Lights A22. Bb2. Socket S2 Lights A8.D (8+12) .mm 2X1. Load in Watts Wire size Sq. F31 Load in Watts Wire size Sq.5(E) " " " " " " " " 2X1.5(E) MCB Ratings in Amps 6 Remarks Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 23 . D.First Floor) Way No. A12-A14. Bb3. A31-A32. Fans F13-F15. Bb1. Socket S3 Lights A18-A21. 30mA ELCB DB-F1 (4WayTPN. A36.Incomer 4P Isolator + 32A 4P . Fans F7-F9. A53.D (8+12) . A35. L4+ College bells 3 nos Lights A15-A17. Bb4 Fans F22-F24 Timer for college bell & bells Spare Spare Total connected load Incomer 25A 4P Isolator. D.0+ 1. F28. Circuit No R1 1 Y1 B1 R2 2 Y2 B2 R3 3 Y3 B3 R4 4 Y4 B4 Load Details Lights A1-A3 Fans F1-F3 Socket S1 Lights A4-A7.0+ 1.First Floor) Way No. A26-A28.

F33.D (8+12).Socket S5 (4g) Lights A40. Circuit No R1 1 Y1 B1 Load Details Lights A1-A3. Fans F7-F9. A39. Bb1. Bb2. A12-A14. R6.5(E) " " MCB Ratings in Amps 6 6 6 Bb2 & A8 Switch in separate box all class rooms Remarks R2 2 Y2 B2 Lights A8. F37.Y1 B1 R2 2 Y2 B2 R3 3 Y3 B3 R4 4 Y4 B4 Lights A33-A34. Fans F1-F3 Socket S1 Lights A4-A7. A43.S13 A48. Fans F32. Fans F10-F12 " 6 Lights 2X1. F36 Lights A42.47.F47. Fan F35. F41 Fans F42-F45 Socket S10. A54. A51. S12.L6 Lights A15-A17.A49.A50. R5. Fans F4-F6 Lights A9-A11.0+ 1. Socket S8(4g) Lights A44. Socket S3 " " 6 6 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 24 . F34. A41. DB-S1(4WayTPN. A52. L5. Socket S2 Load in Watts Wire size Sq. F30 Lights A37. Fans F29. Wall fan-1 Lights A38.F37 Sockets S8-S9 (2g). Fans F40. Fans F46. Lights A46. D. S11.Second Floor) Way No. f3 Spare Spare Total connected load " " " " " " " " 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 Incomer 25A 4P Isolator. Fans F13-F15. Fans F38.

F43 Sockets S8-S9 Lights A47. Water Cooler set Lights A45.R3 3 Y3 B3 R4 4 Y4 B4 Lights A18.D (8+12) . B1. S11 Lights A44.0+ 1.F47. Fans F44. Fans f1. f3. Fans F19-F21 Socket S4 Lights A25-A28.5(E) " " " " " " " MCB Ratings in Amps 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 10 ------- Remarks 1 Y1 B1 R2 2 Y2 B2 R3 3 Y3 B3 R4 4 Y4 B4 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 25 . Fans F28-F30. A46. Fans F16-F18 Lights A22-A24. R5 Lights A35-A37. A48. Watts Light A29a. Socket S6 Lights A41-A44. Bb3. A19-A21. A29b. Fans F34-F36. Fans F37-F39 Lights R7. Way No.Second Floor) Load Wire size Load Details in Sq. f2 Lights A31-A34. Bb4 Fans F22-F24 Spare Spare Spare Total connected load " " " 6 6 6 6 6 10 Incomer 25A 4P Isolator. Socket S10. Fans F31-F33 Lights A38-A40. D.F. E. Circuit No R1 DB-S2 (4WayTPN. Fans F40. Socket S5 Spare Blank Blank 2X1.

Way No.5 KW 1.Total connected load Incomer 25A 4P AYFY + 6 SWG CU.Lab Shaft) 6 WayTPN Vertical Double door Ground Floor MCB Wire size Ratings Load Details Load Sq.5 KW 3 HP 2X2.5 KW 4X4 + 4.5+ 2. of Skts/ Table 8 8 MCB Ratings in Amps 6 6 Remarks Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 26 .0 (E) 2X2.5+ 2. . 1 Circuit No R1 Y1 B1 R2 DB-G3 ( in Amps PS1 Power Outlet Single phase outlet PS2 Spare Skt-P3 Pump Motor 0. (E).B) Circuit No 1 2 Tables 1-4 5-8 No.5(E) 3C 4 AYFY +E 2. Incomer 63A 4P MCB Isolator + 63A 4P 30mA ELCB UPS DB Typical Connection (10W SPN D.5 (E) 32 TP 20 SP 16 SP 16SP Remarks 2 Y2 B2 R3 Y3 B3 R4 Y4 B4 R5 Y5 B5 R6 Y6 B6 3 Isolator in shaft 16TP 4 UPS-B Blank " " Blank " " Total connected load 4C 4 AYFY +E 16TP 5 6 Cable.4C 25 Sq.

P Isolator 8 8 4 ----------- 6 6 6 ----------- Feeding wires . / PVC wire in 25 mm dia reinforced Flexible PVC pipe Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 27 .3 Nos 6 Cu.3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9-12 13-16 17-18 Blank " " " " Incomer 40A D.

PRICE BID Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 28 .

…………………………………….% above estimate rate. Signature of Contractor with Seal Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 29 . ARANMULA (PHASE 1) QUOTED RATE OF THE CONTRACTOR I/We agree to undertake to execute the work At estimate rate ……………………………………% below estimate rate. Note: i) Score out which is not applicable.ELECTRIFICATION OF COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. ii) The rates may be quoted in words and figures.

00 968.00 1232. Terminations in switch box and D.00 788.  ELECTRIFICATION OF COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.00 32477. fixing white modular plates. 6A modular SP switch.2 gang (with moulded plastic box surface mount) -do.00 g) h) i) j) 2.00 2294.0+1x1. concealed suitably where required also.00 7092.00 3 47 Nos Nos 1134. Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 30 . flush mounting modular G. 3 plate ceiling ross & with 2M size electronics step regulator Call bell point with 6A bell push and 6A ceiling ross 2 f) 6A plug socket with 6A switch in independent location.00 Nos 724. 3 plate ceiling ross. making good damages to wall and colour washing etc complete.00 1147. No 1 Description Supplying materials & making wiring points to IS 7321989.00 691.5 (E) Single control light point with 6A.00 783. ARANMULA  (PHASE 1)  ESTIMATE Part –A Section 1 Conduiting and Wiring SL.B’s shall be tinned and wires tied and neatly placed inside (Group –A modular items) Wire 2x1./PVC wires 35 9 10 9 2 Nos 483.00 3402.00 16905.00 125252.2 gang –do-do. using rigid PVC conduits and accessories as per given specification.00 Qty Unit Rate in Rs.00 7830.00 8712.I metallic switch boxes. (with metal recessed box) -do. Amount in Rs. conduits fixed on masonry with spacer saddles at 50 cm interval.00 Nos 616.3 gang (with metel recessed box) -do-4 gang (with metel recessed box) Supplying & Wiring for power plugs 6/16A indicator type as per description in item 1 with Cu. giving connections. a) 138 e) Nos 1122.00 154836. wired with FR PVC copper wire to specs. 173 b) c) d) 2 way controlled light point with ceiling ross as above Single control light point without ceiling ross Single control ceiling fan point with 6A. 2x2.00 915.5 Cu. Material to conform to IEC 61084/B.00 80340.end covers for the trunking c) Internal 900 angle Supply and fixing fan hooks (M 10 size Anchor Hooks) of superior quality after getting approval Supply and fixing 4Px40A MCB isolator in 4M metal box and wire with 4 sq.00 108. 20mm medium mechanical strength Supplying and drawing 650/1100V grade PVC /Cu.00 1595.5 sq.00 100.00 525.00 600.00 1404. wire 2x1 sq.00 1 8 -do.00 68.00 4620.00 6 b) –do.5+1x2.00 61. Wire of specified details through the already installed conduits /trunkings and terminations complete (All wires in trunkings to be bunched circuit wise and tied with cable tie at 1 M interval to avoid tangling) 2x1.5 sq.00 650.476 &4678 3 3 Nos Nos 1540./PVC wire in 25mm surface mounted conduit Power Outlet PS1Wire 4x4.00 310 M 69. mm through surface conduits/ trunking with flush mounted outlet box.00 Section 2 Sub main Circuit 9 Supply & fixing the following size of PVC conduit as specified along with all accessories on masonry surface making end connections with bushes where required and repairing damages to wall & painting etc.for telephone outlets including 2 pair tele-cable conforming to ITD specs & ISI grade a) Supply and fixing 50x50mm PVC cable management system on wall marked trunking in drawings.00 10 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 31 a) b) c) 1030 13 15 M M M 78.5 (E) Wiring in surface conduits for speaker points with twin flat copper speaker wires -do.00 8220.00 2448.00 No 1595.3 4 2.5 sq. Stranded Cu.5 sq.0+1x4 (E) 15 7 Nos 35.00 100 12 6 M Nos Nos 389.for PS2 outlet with 25A DP MCB isolator in metal box. Wire (E) sq.00 12 5 Nos 685.00 .00 21390.00 in conduit 20mm 1 No 2448.

00 8866. suitable for fixing consumer’s isolator. lower compartment with separate hinged door gasketed and provided.15 A as above (MK-K 24383) a) Supply and fixing 1 M size modular RJ 11 telephone jack and connect wires b) –do.00 1 Set 1800. with allen key latch.00 17 1 No 8866. thermal setting 80-100% Supply and fixing pipe earth to IS 3043.00 1250.00 2495.I 300x300x6mm including excavation in ordinary soil. 5 1 10 2 3 M M M 499. 160A rating with thermal and magnetic releases. with separate hinged gasketed doors. 125A rated and 1 no.00 151.I wire etc. brick work in cement mortar 1:6 brick work and exposed surface of bottom slab plastered with c. weld mesh.00 4125. with G.2 line RJ 11 -doSupply and fixing 240V 50c/s single phase electric bell 225 mm dia Section 4 Panels and Distribution boards Supply and fixing on pedestal. side entry for KSEB wires. 10cm thick.00 1800. brushed stainless steel front plate (MK-K 24382) -do.00 M 15 1 16 Supply and fix 3 nos porcelain fuse cut outs.00 1375. expoxy spray painted finish with 2 nos allenkey operated latch and 1 number padlock facility.00 490. making inspection chamber with bed concrete PCC 1:4:8 using 40 mm brocken stone. fabricated sheet steel meter box –outdoor type made of 1. fixing and connect MCCB 25kA.00 . filling required quantity of charcoal and salt.00 125.I class B. Supply. upper compartment with view glass suitable to accommodate Trivector meter.00 12500.6 M long 40mm dia. copper neutral link 63A and give connections.00 9500.m 1:4.I funnel.Section 3 Fixing Accessories 11 12 13 14 Supply and fixing switch socket 5A. inside the box. 3P. 3.00 302. pipe G.6 mm thick sheets. 12mm thick (finished inner dimensions of pit shall be 300x300x300mm) with top cover C.00 18 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 32 5 Nos 2750. No 9500. 2 nos earth lead connection with G. CT’s and cutouts.00 490.

00 579.00 851.00 184. Din rail etc. indication lamps-LED type and MCB Outgoing –MCB 32A. 8 way TPN (8+24 type) suitable for 4P MCB Iso.00 12928. 3 nos 150/5A C.00 5106.00 579.00 648. and 4P RCCB 6 way TPN (8+12 type) -doSupplying and fix double door SPN & TPN DB’s of the following sizes. 0-600A Voltmeter with selector switch.00 184.000 40000. including connections inside.00 3285.00 6048.T for A/m’s.00 a) b) 8.00 552. 3 pole ‘C’ series 5 Numbers. double door.00 184.1 4 3 Nos Nos 2262.00 851.00 a) b) c) d) e) f) g) 23 a) b) 64 3 6 1 1 6 1 Nos Nos Nos Nos Nos Nos Nos 202. but excluding breakers.00 12096.00 4 1 Nos Nos 747. to IS:13032/8623 excluding breakers 4 way TPN IP42/43: (8+12) 6 way SPN –doSupply and fix MCB’s of following ratings and give connections [‘C’ series 10KA] to I.00 9048.00 12258.19 Supply and fixing main panel (on wall with nylon spacers at back) Incomer : 160A Isolator.00 20 a) b) 21 Supply and fix vertical D.00 1095. fixing and connect MCB Isolators conforming to IS 8828/1995 40A 4P 40A 3P 2 2 Nos Nos 6129. IP 42/43.00 851. (Flush or surface mounting) making good damages to wall and painting etc. Nlink.00 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 33 .B’s of the following sizes from among approved makes having Cu.00 648. Bus bars.00 1104.00 184.00 2988.S: 8828/IEC 60898 6A SP 10A SP 16A SP 20A SP 16A 2P 16A 3P 32A 3P Supply. 63A-3P 1 No 1 No 40.

00 13.00 2916. mounting bracket 1M long G. fixing and connect luminaries of the following types as per brand details specified. HCCS 1025 (E)) with lamp 25W CFL Type C-HPL silicon 25W (E) +Lamp 25W CFL on ceiling Type L-Vinay 62007 bulk head with 9 W CFL on wall Toilet area Type B HPL wisdom 13 (E) with CFL 13 W on ceiling Type W-Havells city 3 with 9 W CFL on wall Mirror light –HPL Alfa 1x9W CFL on wall (Type T) 1 Type E-roof top-Crompton city vision HPSV 70W.00 1929. commissioning etc complete.00 18900.00 821.00 821. fixing and connect RCCB 30 mA-IS certified 32/40A 4P 63A 4P 25A 2P Blanking plates 1 M size 5 1 Nos Nos 340.00 300.00 66. Supply and fixing Ding Dong bell including connections –do1 1 Nos Nos Nos 2700.00 1100.00 17850.00 Section 5 Luminaries 26 a Supply.00 3300.00 1600.00 800.I.I pipe bent to curve shape and fixed on parapet with 2 Nos G. including lamps 1x36W tube light.00 390.00 625.00 120.00 Section 6 Fans Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 34 . give connection. testing. 160 b c d e f g h Type R on ceiling as specified (HPL. testing. nailing type pipe clamp.00 66.00 3750.00 120.c) d) 24 a) b) c) 25 25A 2P 63A 4P Supply.00 Nos 625. IP –65 with tube integral control gear.00 79200.00 3 1 1 30 Nos Nos Nos Nos 2549.00 625.Philips Tarang with Philips tube and electronic choke (Type A & Bb) on wall/ceiling including unpacking and assembling.00 850.00 5400.00 2916.00 7647. commissioning etc complete 7 27 28 Supply and fixing superior quality Buzzer including connections.00 1929. test & commission.00 21 3 18 6 2 Nos Nos Nos Nos Nos Nos 495.00 1700.

00 a) b) c) d) 24 60 65 27 M M M M 904. 4C 25 sq. light duty plastic body E. 5 star rated type ceiling fan. single phase. including connections 1 5 No Nos 1431.29 Supply and fixing 1200 mm sweep.00 -do.00 11367. 1400rpm. 132 Nos Nos 1927. back filling and compaction etc. giving flexible connection from ceiling ross.00 1620 1431. providing sand bed with fine quality river sand or man made sand (8cm below and 17cm above).wall fan 300mm with pull cord control. Conductor cable as of specified of the following sizes in ground after excavation of trench 75cm deepx35cm wide. complete in ordinary soil. installing.S.00 21696.F with fixed metallic 3C 4 sq. Fans in already made holes.5C 95 sq.00 4C 10 sq.F with auto louver 2) 250mm –do3) 300/305mm metel body E.00 469. testing and commissioning of the following size ex.00 Section 7 Cables 30 Supply and laying of PVC/PVC armoured AI. giving lead connections with 24/0.00 11028.2 mm PVC/PVC Cu flexible wire-I. 3. heavy duty -do.00 1690.00 1690.00 4 1 Nos No 2757.1050mm sweep type ‘f’ from among brands specified and as above Supplying.I certified a b 8 c 1) 150mm.00 421. covering with superior quality burnt bricks/ solid concrete bricks laid breadth wise.00 2. single phase.00 8100.00 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 35 . commissioning etc including unpacking and assembling.00 1397.00 33660.364.54. excluding regulator from among brands specified.00 30485.

00 133.00 296.5C 95 sq.00 4655.3C 3C 4 sq. clamped on masonry at 60cm interval with spacer saddles.00 130 35 M M 153. sand cushioning.00 1530.00 135. Armoured cable of above description.5&3C 2.3C 4C 6 sq.sq.00 131.00 176.00 AYFY and bolt connection etc. making good damages to wall/paintings as needed.4C 6sq.00 4C 25 sq.4C 25sq.00 2C 1. in single tier horizontal formation by widening trench 20cm for Supplying and installing PVC/PVC AI armoured cable of above description.5 10 6 40 24 M M M M M 638.00 153.00 2430.00 228. back filling etc complete in ordinary soil 32 a) b) 33 a) b) c) d) e) 34 a) b) a) 4C 6 sq.31 Supplying and laying as additional. Through existing duct pipe 3.00 Section 8 Cable Termination 35 Supplying and fix termination with Siemens /Tropdur make nickel plated brass compression gland for cables –3. Conductor power cable of specified make and of sizes below on masonry with spacer saddles at 60cm interval.00 Supplying and laying PVC/PVC AI. and size 4C 10 sq. and size AYFY cable AYFY cable -do.00 AYFY cable -do.00 2350. making good damages to wall/painting as necessary 3.00 957. 3C 1.5sq.00 1179.00 6160. -do.4C Supplying and installing PVC/PVC 1.5C 95 sq.00 b) 3C 4 sq.00 3384.00 456.5C 95sq. brick 21 69 M M 339.5.1 KV grade armoured 4C 10 sq. PVC/PVC AI armoured cable of above description of following size in the same trench.00 187.00 19890.00 1.00 Cu/PVC/XLPE.00 1188.00 10 19 M M 616. armoured Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 36 a b c d e 2 2 6 10 18 9 Nos Nos Nos Nos Nos Nos 393.00 179.00 235.00 7119.00 AYFY cable -do.

0 sq.I or FRP cable route marker with inscription (minimum 100mm dia.36 Supplying and laying ITD approval 10 pair.5 Cu. Telephone cable (armoured) through trench or sleeves and end terminations. including materials (surface wiring as per drawing) Pulling wires through the already installed trunking for the circuit of the roof lights –wires size 3x1. including excavation of ground wire in PVC conduit near starter for float switch -do.00 2250.00 675.M Cu.I flat including joints are required 4.for Ele.00 86.00 38 Section 9 Excavation of Cable Trench 39 Excavation of cable trench in normal gravel filled ground to required depth and width for laying cable. Bells near contactor using bell push 37 1 1 No No 105./PVC to be bunched with cable ties at 60 cm interval Supply and fixing PVC adaptable boxes 85x85x40 with terminal strip inside Misc: items 30 R.25 40 41 250 Nos 9. Leads along cables to be tied to cable with cable tie at 60cm interval each lead separately Size 10 SWG bare copper Size 6 SWG bare copper Size 8 SWG bare copper 25x3mm G.M 147. 10mm thick) in concrete base of suitable dimensions.00 120.00 b) 130 4 M Nos 44. Box and 1.00 280.75 Cu.5xsq.00 2675. install and connect earthing leads.00 68.00 105. bottom closed.00 Section 10 44 a) External lights Wiring for roof lights through conduit with 3x1.00 Cu. 0. 30 M Cu/PVC wires in 20mm PVC conduit extending from trunking.00 3520.00 70.00 4410.5 0.00 c) Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 37 .00 Supply and provide over ride switch with 6A 1 way piano switch in PVC surface mounted. backfill and compact after laying telephone cable (depth 50cm) Supplying and laying manufactured sand in trench 2x5cm thickness including cartage Supplying and laying solid concrete bricks 23x11x7.5 cm size or burnt bricks including cartage Supply and install good quantity C.00 42 22 43 Nos 160.00 2006.00 105.00 16800.00 17920.00 105.00 a) b) c) d) 320 140 M M 56.5 sq.00 5720.00 40 M 2720.M 150.

00 45.M 45.1KV grade 3 run (2run) Providing wooden back pcs for black board lights as per descreption in item 2/part B 004 Cu.00 950.00 239.6 1 No 1775.16 sq. for 3 HP.00 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 38 21160.45 45.00 45.00 .00 1) 2) 3) 48 Cu/PVC FR wire to IS 8130/1984.P 4P Supplying and installing in existing conduits wires of sizes below and giving connections 6 sq.00 252.00 362.00 344.00 46 a) b) c) 47 228.00 850.00 45. test and commission Supply and install float switch and connect the same with pump starter (cable priced separately) Supplying and fixing metal boxes for MCB’s (surface mount) phosphatised and 3 run -do. and connect the timer For roof lights supply and fix timer Hager EH111 in suitable box as at item 4.L starter 3 ph.4 1 No 3100.P T.3 L/s 50.00 45.00 Phosphatised and painted sheet metal box to accommodate the bell timer 2m type and fix on wall Provide on wall 16A terminal strip to terminate wires from the bells separately. 1.2 and connect with roof light circuits Supply and fixing in suitable metal box 2 pole contactor AC3-20A.O. dust vermin proof D.00 218.00 846. bell to operate every class hour for 10 seconds and according to college academic calender 1 No 4930.2 1 No 228.00 45. give connections. coil 415V.10 sq.00 3100.1 Supply and fix the following digital timers Controlling College bell –Hager model EG 103E. 230V connect. 415V with U/V and O/C protection. test and commission.00 1775. test and commission Supply and fixing D.7 1 No 950.00 228.00 4930.5 1 No 850. demonstrate operation after setting clock. 3 phase pump motor.

3 PVC/Cu. 415V monoblock centrifugal water pump having mechanical seal (stuffing box type not acceptable) and having ISI certification.5 53 2 Nos 80. 00 3325.00 54 L/S 100.00 160. Wires for feeding the lamp from the junction boxes. flush mounted at base of each pillar at height 30 cm above ground Supply and embed G. commissioning etc.00 96.00 4850. of approved make.0sq. test and commission.00 35. connect cables.O. including excavation Supply and fixing 10A terminal strip of suitable length inside FRP boxes for interfacing cables with wires coming down from the luminaries and make the connections No 3325. model KDS 335 or equivalent from other reputed brands) Plumbing works by others Supply and fixing 40A. (Brand Crompton colonna 1x18 W CFL or exact equivalent) 2 52 Provide 20mm PVC conduit (medium) axially at centre of each pillar of the gate from 30cm above ground level to the pillar top-to be embedded Supply and fixing 100x100x75 mm FRP or PVC box with lid.00 42000. 4P. 3 position change over switch –MCB type of approved brand in suitable phosphatised powder coated sheet steel box.00 100. inclusive of earth lead (Note: Gate lights to be fed from DB-E) 3 M 61.00 Nos 2425.00 50 1 51 Supply and fixing Gate lights of specified make.S to be down stream of starter) 2 Nos 21000. test and commission.5 M 91.00 227. (C.I pipe of suitable diameter and length 20 cm of which 5 cm shall project above the finished top of the pillars for mounting Supply and embed 63 mm dia PVC pipe and smooth bend at bottom of FRP boxes for cable passage.00 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 183.00 55 2 56 Nos 48. give connections. complete (Make –Kirlosker. install and connect 3x1.00 L/S 57 Supply.00 2.49 Supplying and installing on given foundation 3HP. testing.00 39 .

Office) Sub Total Part A Part B Power Supply facility for computers in computer Lab Supplying and fixing rigid PVC trunkings (cable management system) on walls as per description in drawings and specifications. machine cut to size (Teak. providing printed circuit charts inside all DB’s danger boards etc. Mahagony or treated Rubber wood) including fixing screws.00 7.00 4500.00 206. with defect free.00 225.00 45.792. couplers etc making good damages to wall /paint etc Supply and fixing female bush adaptors for 25 mm pipe 62 63 64 65 2 6 2 66 67 45 5 Nos Nos 35.00 800. operating instructions and guarantee cards of equipments etc duly scrutinized and approved by consultants (1 for library.00 21784.58 Supply and fixing identification labels made of acrylic sheet 3 mm thick.75 60 M 389.00 10 68 10 M Nos 80..00 70. L/S 3000.00 59 Nos.00 103. catalogues. machine engraved and screwed to equipments.00 100.M Nos Nos Nos L/s 69.00 Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 40 .00 61 Supplying and fixing wooden back spacer pieces for the trunking & switch socket boxes where necessary for levelling . as built drawings. White in colour. min 100x20mm size. properly plained. wall plugs etc 0.220x100x40 mm –doSupply and fixing medium mechanical strength ISI certified PVC conduit 25mm dia.08.00 1575. complete Prepare and supply operation and maintenance manuals in spiral bound folio incorporating details about the project.00 600.00 138.00 14. size 50x50mm white colour.internal bend (900) -do. 1for admin.00 Supply and fixing end caps for the trunking as required -do.external bend (900) Supplying and fixing PVC surface mounting box (bottom closed type) 150x100x40mm (white) for 6A switch socket -do. 1for 3 maintanance dept. including spacer saddles. including screws wall plugs etc (cms shall conform to IEC 61084.18 Cu.BIS 476 & 4678) 56 L/S 750.

00 2700.69 70 71 72 73 Supply and fixing 25 mm dia reinforced PVC flexible pipe with adaptors on either end for all flexible cables inside the lab Supply and fixing kopex adaptors for the Flexible pipes Supply and fixing 3 pin 6A socket piano key type and give connection -do.00 (Rupees fourteen lakh eighty eight thousand two hundred and seventy seven only) Signature of Contractor Signature of Client Page 41 .00 37.00 13. necessary holes and end tinning (This for electronic earthing purpose only and bus to be connected to pipe E on the drawing 8 M 85. 6A.88. terminal connections.5sq.M 90. all termination etc complete testing and commissioning Supplying and fixing Cu.00 30 R.00 117.B.P isolators in each D.00 8 90 105 Nos Nos Nos 15.00 650 77 M 44.00 43. Stranded 1100V grade type FR.00 120.00 3636.00 3 74 75 76 3 18 9 Nos Nos Nos Nos 1563. insulator supports.00 680.blanking plates Supplying and laying wires 1. mm inside the flexible conduit between UPS and UPS D.40 M 485.00 3870.484.00 365.0 (E)) Supplying and fixing 25x3 cu.B IP 42/43 with all internal accessories (surface mounting) from among approved brands) Supply and fixing 40A D.SP MCB ‘C’ curve.00 78 0.00 1095.00 Sub Total Part B Grand Total 79. test and commissioning (2x6+6. inside the trunkings and conduits (if applicable) bunching each circuit with nylon cable ties at 60cm interval.6A SP switch 1 way piano type Supply and fixing SPN Double door 10 way D.277.B (MCB) type and connect a) –do.00 14.00 4689. Earth strip on walls 20cm long./PVC cable 6 sq.00 194.00 28600. including. 10kA b) – PVC Cu.00 3885.00 202.