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Instructor Led Course Description

Delivery Methods
   Virtual Academy Training Online Lab Environment Instructor Led Training

Course Overview
This 5 day instructor led course introduces the student to the Informatica 9 Developer Tool through lecture and hands-on exercises. It has been designed for Data Quality Developers who are new to Informatica Developer. Informatica Developer is a thick client workbench tool that developers can use to profile, cleanse, standardize, de duplicate and consolidate data in an enterprise. The course will introduce attendees to working with the Developer Tool, performing tasks such as creating projects and objects, profiling data and identifying anomalies. It will cover developing mappings and mapplets for use in processes such as data standardization, address validation, identifying duplicate records and consolidation. This course will provide users with a high-level overview of the Informatica Data Quality Process and will set the foundation for the processes that follow.

Course Duration
  5 days. 50% lecture, 50% hands on labs

Target Audience
  New users of Informatica Developer, including Business and Data Developers Users who wish to refamiliarize themselves with the Developer tool

  Windows GUI A theoretical understanding of process development and design

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:  Navigate the Developer Tool and collaborate on projects with Analysts             Perform Column, Rule, Join, Multi object, Comparative and Mid-Stream Profiling Manage reference tables Design and develop Mapplets Create standardization, cleansing and parsing routines Validate addresses Identify duplicate records Build mappings used to associate and consolidate matched records Create and execute Workflows to populate IDD user inboxes with Exception and Duplicate record tasks. Use parameters Run data quality mappings in PowerCenter Apply data quality mappings to data in Excel Review the CRM Templates and Jaspersoft Reports available

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More Information

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Informatica Data Quality Developer 9.5.1

Mappings. PowerCenter Integration   4. Identity Matching 9. Parameterization  How to use Parameters for Data Quality mappings. 14. and Content Sets 10. transformations and reference tables Execute DQ Mappings in PowerCenter Import/Export Projects using both Basic and Advanced methods Run Data Quality Mappings on data in Excel Spread sheets What content is available with IDQ9. Analyst Collaboration Reviewing information from the Analyst Mapping specification’s. Object Import/Export 5. Profiles. Transformations. Developer Profiling and Logical Data Objects       12. Introduction to Data Quality Management 1. Data Standardization                15. Project  . Address Validation 17. Working with Informatica Developer 9  GUI. Comments and Tags Creating/updating Reference tables Join Analysis Profiling Creating a Logical Data Object Column Profiling Multi Object Profiling Mappings and Transformations Mid-Stream and Comparative Profiling Cleanse and transform data Develop data standardization mapplets and mappings Token Parser Pattern Parser Probabilistic parsing Reusable AV Transformation AV Transformation Properties AV Inputs and Outputs Reusable AV Mapplet Grouping data ahead of matching Perform DQ matching Review the Match Performance and Cluster Analysis Reports Identity matching Identity Populations and Strategies Associate and Consolidate data using a variety of techniques 11. Manual Exception and Consolidation Management  Build Mappings to identify exception and duplicate records Build and execute workflows to populate IDD user inboxes with exception and duplicate records    2. Mapplets. Dashboards and Reporting 8. Automatic Consolidation 19. Data Objects. Matching 18. Content       7. Task and Workflow Management  3. DQ for Excel Using Web Services  6. Parsing 16.1 Content Management Service Accelerators Core Accelerator Review the CRM Template Open and review Jaspersoft Profiling Reports and the Data Quality Dashboard and Reports Use all that has been covered and apply it to Product Data.Course Agenda 0.5. Informatica Data Director  Update exception and duplicate records in IDD  Administer tasks 13.

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