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Core Banking

each solution in the TCS BaNCS suite runs as a scalable. multiple delivery channels. fully integrated with existing business models. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). across multiple channels. mergers and acquisitions. robust component. from origination to servicing. de-regulation. through its core banking solution from TCS BaNCS. flexibility to create the right products. High on their priorities are scalability to manage large volumes of transactions. can help your bank enhance its portfolio of offerings by configuring and managing the entire banking process lifecycle.any place is a banking place TM Globalization. and diversification of the financial services industry have profound implications on banks today. and adoption of integrated. agility to embrace change. and enterprise and technology infrastructures. TCS BaNCS product strategy is geared towards delivering unique value proposition to customers including: n Improved return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership n Standardized and ‘simple’ processes with high levels of automation and enhanced efficiency n Organic and inorganic growth with matched performance and scalability n Flexibility and high level of configurability supporting a variety of banking models from the same solution n Ease of integration with in-built service integration capabilities supporting a multitude of 'out-of-the-box' messaging standards and formats . Added to this is the challenge of catering to multiple customer segments. A market-ready universal financial platform. while maintaining an efficient cost structure — all that would combine to empower a bank with a strong competitive advantage.

or deployed in extensible modules completely integrated with existing legacy systems. and measure performance. multi-lingual. Our core banking solution is a highly adaptive and scalable platform that supports institutions of every operational size and complexity. at TCS. Turning our technology to your advantage. The solution offers unparalleled value with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).5 million accounts. continue to see increased convergence of financial services. with minimal disruption to processing and services. bundling and differential pricing are gaining importance. . Banks understand the need to integrate enterprisewide information and move away from silos to improve risk management. and back-office processes in real-time. As a result. and multi-currency operations. as per the footprint and needs of your financial institution. reduce credit risk. best-in-class components. having over 260 million accounts and micro-lenders with more than 5. there is an increased need for a comprehensive. and their seamless integration in an SOA-enabled infrastructure. product configuration. after a period in which the business thrust was on ‘operational excellence’ and ‘cost management’.Adaptive. integrated banking solution that can provide evolving technology choices. There is a definite trend towards adopting modern technologies. with banks focusing on growth. Sales and service orientation. at scalable transaction volumes. including banks with the largest customer base in the world. while also offering risk management and compliance tools and capabilities. with flexible configuration features. Our solution supports multi-entity. the core banking solution from TCS BaNCS automates every aspect of your bank's operation by integrating front-. offering a 360° view of customers to the bank and vice versa. as it can be installed as a complete package. cost-effective. middle-. Scalable and ‘Fit-for-purpose’ Technology Overview We.

software modification is not required. and as increasing levels of automation are required. Simplification of technology and operations. It is this capability that enables comprehensive enterprise-wide risk management The value of TCS as a partner for financial institutions is the culmination of TCS highly skilled resources. Some information we can aggregate using batch processes. you can type the account number.5 years. ROI within 2. our customers in Taiwan have been able to realize significant business benefits following the implementation of our solutions. most importantly. Senior Vice-President. including company and family affiliations.“To provide our services and products according to our customers’ needs. but other information is real-time – and for that we need data from TCS BaNCS. For example. As the breadth and depth of requirements expand. These benefits range from TCO savings in excess of 48%. Taishin Bank Benefits The core banking solution from TCS BaNCS supports commercial.Provide customers This expansion can be done in a timely manner without disruption to the systems’ operations and. We consolidated data so that users get information on the account l evel or the product level. extensive industry knowledge. one of our customers experienced TCO reductions greater than 50% following the implementation of the core banking solution from TCS BaNCS n Centralized Customer Information Facility and with a state-of-the-art solution for the immediate term while allowing for continued expandability in the future n Reduced TCO and Investment Protection . It manages all known relationships with any given customer. factoring.Customers have experienced enhanced presence within their target markets. For example. results in significant reductions in TCO as experienced by many of our clients. and superior performance. This combination presents a unique and proven solution for financial institutions and one that mitigates significant risk in undertaking even the most complex projects. and the business grows in volume and complexity. design and modularity of the TCS BaNCS solution protects customers’ initial investments by ensuring that it can scale up and support the customer’s growth plans. we transferred our systems to support a single view of the customer.The Customer Information Facility embodying Customer Relationship Management offers a consistent view of customer data and a common set of services to all products as well as external systems. When a customer comes in. microfinance. and wealth management processes. and nine-fold improvement in back-office to front-office operational efficiencies n Speed and Cost-to-market . the extra processing power and banking functionality can be provided incrementally . but also from wealth management and the lending side of the bank. relevant local experience.The Risk Management . retail and Islamic banking. and you get all of the major information about that customer. Benefits that banks can derive from the solution may be outlined in terms of: n Growth (Unique Positioning) .” Josephine Yang. Consumer Banking System Division. and the core banking integrated product suite from TCS BaNCS.

Slovenia (NLB) Branch Channel Internet Mobile Channel ATM. Campaign Mgt. Mgt. we have all of the information in one place. Security Mgt.IT in Nova Ljubljanska Banka. Advisory Services Financial Planning Portfolio Mgt. With the parameterization of new products and processes. New Issues / IPO Core Services Customer Info Product Configuration Limits & Collateral Transaction Processor Financial Accounting Pricing Parameters Bundling Architecture Foundation Services Reports Workflow Alerts & Notification User Mgt. R&D General Manager . Origination Service Relationship Mgt. we’ve been able to move from being programmers to being technologists. Order Mgt. TCS BaNCS is really customer-oriented. Kiosk IVRS/Contact Centre Sales & Service Components Product Catalog Prospect Mgt. and bringing in new products involves just setting parameters without programming for the faster implementation of new products. Third Party Solutions Layer System Integration Layer Business Components Account.“With TCS BáNCS.” Janja Zabjek Dolinsek. AML & Anti-Fraud Loans Money Market Deposits THIRD PARTY SOLUTIONS THIRD PARTY SOLUTIONS FOREX Limit Mgt. Audit Exception Mgt. Remittance & Cheques Trade Finance Payments/ Transfers Securities Trading Liquidity Mgt Securities Admin. Distribution Mgt. Log & Diagnostics An overview of the core banking solution .

and batch processing of 500 million accounts in an hour. in a record time would not have happened but for the very hard work put in by all the TCS people. SBI effectively runs 65 million transactions per day. TCS played the dual role of technology partner and innovative solutions provider. which provides for multi-entity. SBI required a unified technology platform that would consolidate the banking services.000 peak TPS. It enables a more agile. flexible and standardized solution. with its associate banks. fault resilience and business continuity. SBI wanted to widen the scope of servicing its customers by providing banking solutions anytime and anywhere rather than being restricted to a single bank branch. Indian Bank Features TCS BaNCS is designed around a parameterized (business component) model and is specifically enabled to service the business objectives of customers. Chakraborty. developed and deployed covering all the business functionality scattered across IT systems in a banking environment.C.400 branches across the urban and rural landscape. helping SBI infuse a superior technology into mass banking to provide consistent service levels. . State Bank of India State Bank of India (SBI). thereby. Also enhancing customers’ satisfaction by providing them with a true 24x7 multi-channel banking service on the world’s largest homogenous banking network. multi-currency and multi-language operation based on international messaging standards. including 25. At present. As one of the world’s fastest growing technology and business solutions providers. and accounts.“The solution from TCS was deployed in a record time of six months from start to pilot. The CBS implementation. Enabling them to integrate and centralize their customer base across the country. This state-of-the-art architecture provided SBI with unprecedented scalability. with 2. Tata Consultancy Services implemented the core banking solution from TCS BaNCS. is India’s largest bank servicing over 280 million customer accounts and 50 with a banking network of over 18. To achieve this. and facilitates the application to exchange information and participate in business processes. The strategy adopted for the solution helps create and use business processes packaged as services. Already 500 branches have gone live in less than 1 year…we are very proud to be associated with TCS Financial Solutions. K. Lab tests reveal 10. products.000 plus online transactions per second.000 ATMs.” Dr. which is designed.

“ TCS BaNCS provides Bank Negara Indonesia with a comprehensive.716 transactions per second (TPS) and end-of-month interest capitalization process conducted in 58 minutes and 47 seconds n The core banking solution from TCS BaNCS displayed high scalability using target volumes on the IBM mainframe. as well as a single view of the bank’s products and services to the customer Ease of Integration: Provides built-in service integrator layer to easily integrate with external systems. ftp or any other industry standard protocol Benchmarks: TCS BaNCS n The core banking solution from TCS BaNCS on HP Integrity servers delivered outstanding benchmark results for one of the world’s largest retail banks. loan origination and servicing. openly integrated core banking solution that assists to drive customer growth and enhances new product development.” Wisnu Wardana. Bank Negara Indonesia The core banking solution from TCS BaNCS offers n Complete coverage of lines-of-business: Covers deposits. MQ. with online throughput at 10. For Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). payments. http. and cards. trade finance. Chief Information Officer. enabling banking ‘anywhere anytime’ n Single view of the customer and the bank: Provides a comprehensive view of customer activities across lines of business and access channels. JMS. with functional depth and market-tested reliability n Multi-channel integration: Provides a consistent customer experience across multiple channels with total visibility to the bank’s servicing agents. n This can be done using Web Service.6%.445 TPS with an average CPU utilization of 88. treasury management. the highest average TPS achieved (using full configuration) was 9. The benchmark was conducted for one of the largest banks in China .

This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery ModelTM. Increasing operational efficiency and helping financial institutions stay agile. modified. peak transactions per second. We aspire to be better than established benchmarks. republished. The content / information contained here is correct at the time of or email us at tcs. it is only natural that the TCS BaNCS product suite can help financial institutions of any size gain a All content / information present here is the exclusive property of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS). transmitted. highly scalable technology architecture that supports financial institutions with the highest capacities for transaction volumes. India’s largest industrial conglomerate. consciously and prominently within our brand.tcs. uploaded. trademark and other applicable laws. integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled infrastructure. with a fine-tuned. connect with us at www. capital markets and insurance enables business transformation in financial services. With such a track record. No material from here may be copied. which is why we have embedded an Alpha (“á”). The plug and play. recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata Group. transform and experience certainty through our Core Banking solution.tcs. engineering and assurance services. competitive edge. component-based product suite consistently turns in impressive benchmark results. TCS has a global footprint and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. and transaction history size. reproduced. Unauthorized use of the content / information appearing here may violate copyright. our solutions deliver a competitive edge with unmatched certainty. TCS offers a consulting-led. visit us at www.Why TCS BaNCS The TCS BaNCS product suite for About Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services. posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from TCS. Copyright © 2012 Tata Consultancy Services Limited TCS Design Services I P I 12 I 12 IT Services Business Solutions Outsourcing . and could result in criminal or civil penalties. representing superior returns delivered to our customers. Contact To know how we can help you innovate. ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match.bancs@tcs. For more information. consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business.