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DIGITSL COLOUR ULTRASONOGRAPHY Operating Modes B-mode M-mode Color Flow Mode ( CFM) Power Doppler Imaging (PDI

) with Directional Map Triplex (B+CFM+PWD) Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD) with High PRF M-Color Flow Mode (CMM) Coded Harmonics Imaging Anatomical M-Mode (AMM) Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) Continuous Wave Doppler Static 3D Standard Features : 1024X768 High Resolution 15 inch Color LCD Over 3000 frames or over 120 sec CINE Memory depend on Probe, FOV, scanning lines, ect. Internal Hard Drive (500GB) Internal DVDV R/W Loops storage-from “on the fly” scanning and from memory Automatic Optimatization : 1. Auto Tissue Optimization : ATO 2. Auto Spectrum Optimization : ASO 3. Auto TGC 4. Auto Depth ACE/ Automatic Color Enchanced (flash suppression) B-Steer Coded Harmonics Imaging Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) Virtual Convex MpegVue USB Quick Save TruAccess, Raw Data Processing Patient Information Database Image Archive on Hard Drive M&A Calculation Package : 1. Abdominal Calcs 2. Renal Calcs 3. OB Calcs and Tables 4. Fetal Trending 5. Multi Gestational Calcs 6. Hip Dysplasia Calcs 7. Gynecological Calcs 8. Small parts Calcs 9. Vascular Calcs

10. Urological Clacs Report packages On-boarding training model Display Modes • Simultaneous Capability o B/CFM or PDI o B/PW o B/M o Dual B (B/B) o Dual B (B/B) + CF or PDI o B + CFM + PDI • Selectable Alternating Modes o B/M o B/CFM (PDI) o B/PW o B + CFM (PDI) / M o B + CFM (PDI) / PW o B + CFM (PDI) / CW • Multi Image Split Screen o Live and/or frozen o Independent Cine playback o B + B/CFM or PDI/Spectral/Harmonic • Zoom : Read/Pan and from archive • Colorized Image o Colorized B o Colorized M o Colorized PW o Colorized CW • Time line Display o Independent Dual B/M Display o Independent Dual B/PW Display o Independent Dual B/CW Display o Display Formats:  Top/ Bottom or Side/ Side selectable : • Vertical : • Horizontal : • Full : Time line only • Update mode : timed based on sweep Console Design o 3 probes ports o Intergrated HDD (500 GB) o Intergrated CD-R/W+DVD Room drive USER INTERFACE Operating Keyboard . Cardiac Calcs 11.

OB Gyn. Urology Probe Frequency Range : 2.o Alphanumeric Keyboard o Ergonomic Hard Key Operations o Back-Lighting Monitor 15 inch High-Resolution Color LCD Display pixel : 1024x768 pixels Interactive Dynamic Software Menu Rotate and folded Angle Adjustable -Horizontal : -500 to +500 -Vertical : -900 to +450 Integrated Speakers Brightness Adjustment Applications Abdominal Cardiac Obstetrical Gynecological Vascular Urological Small Parts Pediatric and Neonatal Scanning Methods -Electronic Phased Array -Electronic Convex -Eleectronik Linear Operating Modes -B-Mode -M-mode -PW-Mode -Harmonics -Anatomical M Mode -Color Flow Mode (CFM) -Color M Mode (CMM) -Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD) -Continuous Wave Doppler (CWD) -Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) -Directional PDI -Triplex -Harmonics Probes Wide Band Convex Probe Applications : Abdomen.0 – 5.5 MHz Number of Element : 128 .

0. 3. 6.0.0 MHz Doppler Frequency : 4.Convex Radius : 50 mmR FOV : 700 B-Mode Imaging Frequency : 2. 3.0.5. 10.5 MHz ( 5.3 MHz Biopsy Guide Available : Multi Angle Wide Band Microconvex (Transvaginal) Probe Applications : OB Gyn. 10.0. 5. 8. 4. 5.2. Endocavity Probe Frequency Range : 4.0 MHz Number of Element 128 Convex Radius : 10 mmR FOV : 1500 B-Mode Imaging Frequency : 5.0 MHz Biopsy Guide Available : Fixed Angle Komposisi : -Main unit -Convex Probe -Transvaginal Probe -Printer B/W -Printer Color -UPS .0 MHz Harmonic Frequency : 4.0.5. 5.0. 5.0. 5.0- MHz is named as the amalgamation wave of Fundament wave and Harmonic wave) Doppler Frequency : 2. Urology.0 MHz Harmonic Frequency : 8.