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Vendor list 1. The vendor list proposed by L&T was discussed. SFCCL provided the following comments: 1.1.

The following vendors are not acceptable. 1.1.1. 1.1.2. 1.1.3. 1.1.4. 1.1.5. Vessels: Meenakshi Air compressor: KPCL DM plant: Doshi Ion Exchnage Cooling tower: Canara Nitrogen system: Inox (L&T will furnish suitable credentials of this vendor) L&T has currently considered Inox (@). Air Dryer: Gaso and Indcon (@).

1.1.6. 1.1.7. 1.1.8. 1.1.9.

On/Off valves & Control valves –Elomatic, Masoneilan (I) Safety valves—Fainger

1.1.10. VALVES—Econo valves 1.1.11. Analyzers—Chemtrols


The following vendors shall be added: 1.2.1. Metering pumps : Lewa


The following vendors shall be preferred since SFCCL have a good experience.: 1.3.1. 1.3.2. 1.3.3. 1.3.4. 1.3.5. Burners: Hamworthy (L&T alternatively also proposed John Zink and Zeeco) Air compressors: Kaeser (Germany) Pumps: Flowserve Control valves-Fisher (India) On/Off valves—Neles (L&T has considered other vendors like Virgo , Tyco / equiv. in the bid. L&T will explore considering Neles also) Safety valves ---Crosby (thru Tyco India) Transmitters-Emerson Displacer level transmitters-Fischer Analyzers ---ABB & Emerson

1.3.6. 1.3.7. 1.3.8. 1.3.9. 1.4. 1.5.

BFW dosing pumps shall be from international suppliers like LEWA,Gemany…etc. Catalyst tubes of “PARALLOY LTD” make preferred. (L&T alternatively also proposed Schmidt-Clemens and Manoir) 2. Rotor assembly to be added as spare (@) AVR spares to be added Coupling to be added Spares for Gear box.8.7. 2.3. Waste heat boiler 2. 2.5.7. CO2 compressor: Valves assembly (2 nos. 2.8. Spare parts for two years and commissioning 2. Refractory shall be changed from 5% to 10% (@) Spring hangers 10 Nos.6.7.7. SFCCL advised L&T to procure from Saudi Arabia the hot dip galvanized cable ladders and trays used for E&I as the same supplied earlier from India were of inferior quality and also the same gets corroded during sea freight. Spare tubes (3%) to be added (@)(nothing extra as this is a standard spare) .3.3. 2. 2. CO2 compressor: “O” rings shall be 2 instead of 1. Pumps: Spare mechanical seals (20% for each model) will be added as spares for centrifugal pumps with seals (@).1. 2. 2.7.2.SFCCL requested for vendor address with contact details & L&T to forward the same. SFCCL asked for getting confirmation from all vendors/sub vendors confirmation that their local agents in Saudi Arabia will support by providing services /spare parts as and when required. 2. 2. Soft copies of all the specifications shall be forwarded to SFCCL.) shall be added AFC: 100% gaskets shall be added as comm.5.4. to be added Damper actuator (1 full set) to be added Spares for bellows to be added Spares for air suction filter to be added 2.7.8. SFCCL to provide address of vendors.1.2. Spares Turbo alternator: lube pumps. to be added (@) Gaskets for surface condensers Thrust bearing (full set) to be added (@) Governor (1 full set) to be added (@) 2. Reformer 2.4. 2. 2..7. 2.6. The list of spares submitted by L&T was discussed and the following was agreed: 2. 2.8. 2. Pumps: Oil cups to be added Pumps: spares for oil system to be added.4. SFCCL reiterated that these issues are already informed earlier in pre-bid meetings and surprised to note the communication lapse. Yokogawa SFCCL informed that ABB should not be considered due to poor support available locally.13.11.13. Spares for oxygen analyzer to be added (Nothing extra as the items like sensor are standard spares) 2. 2.1.10. Sight glass (1 set) for each drum / vessel be added 2.2.4. 2. Furhter L &T must negotiate with suppliers and either get more spare or reduce the budget for spares (& hence the contract value). Column packings 2. 100% demisters to be added 2.12. Gaskets with glue (if applicable) – 10% to be added for each size 2. 55A.15.13. 3. Demisters (wherever applicable) 2. .1. (L&T confirmed that L&T’s list does not include spares for these compressors) Spares shall be planned for easy inter-changeability SFCCL said that compared to budget for 2 years spares the actual spares listed above are too little.13.5. L&T informed that the list spares has been has been based on vendor’s recommendation. L&T will revert on HTAS’ compressor spares.1.13. 4. Plummer bellows (1 set) for ID/FD fan to be added 2. Boiler 2. Flame amplifier box (1 set) for to be added 2. E & I spares are to be included in spare-parts list. Packings (5%) to be added (nothing extra as this is a standard spare) 2.2.13. Plate heat exchangers 2.12. SFCCL informed that the vendors for DCS / PLC shall be : • • Honeywell.16.14. Impeller (1 set) for ID/FD fan to be added 2.