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OVER BLACK We hear gunshots, then a MAN screaming.

BLACK FRAME CAMERA PANNING We see a purple tint flood the screen from top to bottom as if we were watching the beginning of a JAMES BOND movie. CUT TO RETRO “CHANNEL ZERO” TESTING SCREEN TITILE APPEARS: “PLANET.PROPAGANDA” CUT TO BLACK AND WHITE CU of a MAN Lying dead stiff in the bed. Having what would appear to be a peaceful slumber. Slowly, sweat starts to build up on his forehead and begins to trickle down his face. As the sweat continues to drip, the expression on The MAN's face transitions from a peaceful one, to a hawkish, grim look and the sweat simultaneously turns into blood running down his face. The high B/W contrast of the frame turns the red blood to black and then fades into vibrant purple as it splatters on to the crisp white pillow case Suddenly, he jumps up out of his sleep with asthma like breathing and covers his ears with his hands. The blood runs backwards up his face and back into his pores. VOICES on the soundtrack whisper “KEVIN” repeatedly. A DEMONIC VOICE says “KEVIN” one last time then... CUT TO OVERHEAD SHOT INT KEVIN’S BATHROOM VIBRANT YELLOW CU of KEVIN in the shower, hot water stinging the shower floor. WIDE SHOT We are looking at the predominantly glass door of the at the top making the entire bathroom as the steam fills glass room. The mirror outside of the shower has a slight crack in it starting its way down to the black marble bathroom

counter. A heavy but eerie fog lingers from wall to wall. KEVIN is hunched over in the shower while a slow, damp, male-sung ballad; “Solo Dolo” by Kid Cudi is playing faint on the soundtrack. CUT TO QUOTE APPEARS IN PURPLE TEXT OVER A BLACK SCREEN “Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people” - (Joseph Campbell). QUOTE FADES QUOTE APPEARS “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”(Carl Sagan). QUOTE FADES MAN VOICE (O.S.) In another world, in another universe, an inquisitive mind can either make your fantasy a reality or your reality a nightmare. In KEVIN's world, his corrupt mind and tortured conscious clashes with his purity. While he corrupts his world subconsciously, his inner being is pure CUT TO IN B/W, WE BEGIN IN THE MORNING INT. KEVIN'S LIVING ROOM The walls are made of vintage propaganda posters with different hues of red, yellow, purple, and teal causing a vibrant blend of colors. A single cracked picture of KEVIN and another MALE figure whose face blackened out from the B/W contrast lies on the mantel. CUT TO A CU of weed residue and pill bottles that are sprinkled over the black glass table in the middle of the living room surrounded by abnormally spotless all white furniture in the room.

FOCUS is behind the couch with channel zero image on the television in front of the table. The B/W contrast turns the multiple colors from the channel all black. We see KEVIN'S head resting on the back of the couch. His right hand rises above the couch as he smokes marijuana while finishing a psychology paper that is due in one hour. CUT TO FLASHBACK - THERMAL CAMERA INT KEVINS BATHROOM We are back in the bathroom. The music from the laptop is fading out off the soundtrack. CU of KEVIN'S hand while he turns down the squeaking hot water knob in the shower. FOCUS on mirror. We see the bathroom from the mirrors perspective. Water still running down KEVIN'S body; he walks through the thick fog over to the slightly cracked mirror. Blood leaks from the cracks, as it appears to be water. The THERMAL CAMERA changes its hue from red to shades of green and blue. KEVIN WIPES the mirror in a circular motion making only his face visible. CU of KEVIN's face in the mirror as he reaches under the counter opening a drawer. We hear pills rattling in a bottle then a sudden wine cork popping sound. KEVIN slowly reveals the pill in the mirror, shoves it into his mouth then holds his hand over his lips. CAMERA PANNING. Bouncing off the corners of the mirror taking KEVIN in and out of the shot. The Beatles “ Good Vibrations” fades in onto the soundtrack. As the CAMERA PANS to the right side, we quickly jump back to a quick centered shot of the cleared circular spot on mirror and we see a quick image of a HOODED SKULL HEAD then quickly back to KEVIN. Still in mirror, we zoom slowly into his left eye while a loud drawn out beeping noise is being played on the soundtrack. His pupils dilates and the we zoom deeper into his eye

WE CUT OUT in ONE...TWO...THREE... TO A EXT. CU of KEVINS FOREHAED INFARED LENSE with little sweat beads boiling on it KEVIN's POV - DAY INT. LECTURE HALL A university lecture hall in Vince Beach, California with all white, vintage style furnishing. There are no windows in the room and there is a black and white chalk board consuming the entire wall from top to bottom on each wall in the room. The ceiling displays a painted propaganda mural of an white MALE's hand holing a knife punctured threw a text book with a small but very visible skull and cross bones on the his sleeve of his blazer. The caption reads: “THIS IS THE ENEMY” With the knife and book being the focal point of the mural. We hear but don't see a FEMALE TEACHER's VOICE calling KEVIN'S name repeatedly in a calm tone. KEVIN IN FRONT OF THE CLASS STAY IN THE INFRARED LENSE We zoom quickly to a CU KEVIN'S shaking hands holding the paper he finished earlier that morning. Damp from his sweaty palms, KEVIN slowly motions to hand the teacher the poorly written paper on “The Human Brain” but before he can get it out his hands.... A hand belonging to the off-screen Female's Voice ENTERS FRAME holding a white handkerchief with the name “DERRICK” sewn in the corner. FEMALE VOICE: (O.S.) Mr. Murdoch, are you ok? Here, take this and wipe your face CU of KEVIN's face sweating profusely He takes the handkerchief out of the teacher‟s hand and blots his face dry. Before giving the handkerchief back to the teacher, he notices the name sewn in the corner. KEVIN (Confused whisper) DERRICK?...

CU of handkerchief After he says the “K” in DERRICK, a thin vein like line of blood forms and runs from the name on the handkerchief up to KEVIN'S hand. We do a DISSOLVE from the bloody name on the handkerchief. POP ART-STYLE FLASHBACK EXT: RESIDENTIAL VINCE BEACH, CALIFORNIA STREET (Meaning Kevin is remembering something with a multicolor filter) We hear but don't see an ambulance and then several police car sirens. We see a A very homey three-bedroom house in the affluent suburb of Vince Beach, California. A black 2 door BMW 325i sits parked in the driveway. A red and black-checkered mailbox stands at the end of the driveway. Several neighbors are scattered on the lawn impatiently awaiting the arrival of the ambulance. CUT TO We SEE a slow motion CU of the paramedics rolling a body out of the house. MALE lies on the stretcher. He is brutally shot, bleeding to death but with his face blackened out. KEVIN walks out the house after them and is apprehended by the police. We do a quick ZOOM OUT to outer space and then quickly ZOOM backs IN to the current scene. Still in the multicolor filter, as the stretcher gets closer to the ambulance, the MAN's face is slowly being revealed with every roll. Right before the eyes of the MAN's face is revealed... CUT TO PRESENT TIME- AFTER CLASS INT. A packed cafe on a college campus Western Style filter (this means there is a sepia filter on the scene.) FIRST PERSON VIEW of KEVIN walking through the cafe listening to his iPod, Jimmy Hendrix “IF six was nine playing on the soundtrack. The white walls of the cafe are covered with large red polka dots and the floor is made up of yellow bricks. The Cafe appears to be full at first glance, but as we take a second look, we realize that it is indeed empty but the voices of the students can still be heard. We hear OS VOICES, male and female, laughing and talking as KEVIN walks to the counter...

FEMALE VOICE (O.S.) Isn't that the guy... DIFFERENT FEMALE VOICE (O.S.) Isn't that the guy who... MALE VOICE (O.S.) Man, that guy is crazy. I heard he... DIFFERENT MALE VOICE (O.S.) I heard he killed his... CU of KEVIN at the register buying a 16 oz. of Tropicana Orange juice, a can of red bull and three packs of “Now & Laters” As KEVIN slowly places each item on the counter, the CASHIER is a scruffy looking white man in his latetwenties with shaggy hair and over sized clothes. He gives him a suspicious but confused look then says in a cautious uncertain tone of voice... CASHIER (O.S.) “Uh...Would you like a bag orrr?” KEVIN makes eye contact with him but doesn't respond. He finishes getting ringed up and grabs his change from the CASHIER'S hand. CUT TO B/W FLASHBACK of THE MORNING EXT: Empty Parking lot of an apartment complex – DAY OVERHEAD SHOT We see for a moment, A WIDE SHOT looking down at a Black 1996 Chevy Impala sitting alone in the parking lot with thick clouds of marijuana smoke escaping from the open sunroof. The licenses plate reads ”KISSTHESKY” with a “Chevy Boy” decal on the back window."99 Problems" by Jay-Z is playing faint on the soundtrack as a Black 1984 BMB 325i with dark tinted windows enters the frame from the bottom and slowly pulls up next to the Impala. The music stops and there is complete silence on the screen. Suddenly the driver window of the Impala rolls down and a plethora of marijuana smoke pollutes the air. When the smoke clears, A BLACK MALE with dread locks appears...

BLACK MALE Yo?... The driver window of the BMW slowly rolls down and KEVIN is in the driver seat. We hear what sounds like an emergency testing long “beep” SUBTILTILES APEAR AT SCREEN BOTTOM KEVIN: Yo?... There is a brief awkward silence between the two men. KEVIN: We good right? BLACK MALE: We hella good cuz They both very timidly reach out the window and shake hands attempting to discretely make an exchange of money and drugs. They complete the transaction and the Impala drives off. CU of KEVIN staring in the rear view mirror of the BMW. The mirror has a small crack starting at the top and stopping in the center. CUT TO OVERHEAD SHOT of the PARKING LOT The black BMW sits still for another minute then drives off slowly. The tire tracks at the bottom of the screen leaves a dark trail of what appears to be oil residue on the ground. The CAMERA slowly zooms in on the dark trail and then suddenly, the picture switches to vibrant color and the dark trial on the road is revealed to be blood. CUT TO BLACK SCREEN FLASHBACK INT: LONG HALLWAY IN KEVIN's HOUSE The room is pitch black. There is bright white florescent light shining from the kitchen at the end of the hallway. KEVIN is glowing with a vibrant yellow tint around him. He walks down the hall with his iPod on, blinded by the light coming from the kitchen. Cautious with every step he takes, He turns his iPod off as he slowly approaches the kitchen doorway. There is broken glass everywhere and we hear the

sound of glass being stepped on as he moves closer to the “light”. With every step he takes a deep breath bracing himself for what's to come at the end of the hallway. QUICK CUT TO A bloody MALE body laid out on the black and white checkered kitchen floor with blood decorating the walls and the white tiles on the floor QUICK CUT TO BLACK SCREEN We hear heavy breathing...a gun being cocked, then Kevin's voice in a whisper... KEVIN VOICE (O.S.) DERRICK.... CUT TO PRESENT TIME – NIGHT INT. INDIGO FILTER of KEVIN's BATHROOM KEVIN is standing in front of the cracked mirror over the bathroom sink pointing a nine-millimeter at the mirror with blood on his hands and shirt. Suddenly he hears knocking at the door. FADE TO BLACK INT. KEVIN'S ROOM FADE IN Green tinted screen The room is dead silent, as KEVIN lays in the bed asleep. The TV is on but muted and the picture is distorted with white and black TV fuzz. EX CU of KEVINS closed eyes Kevin's eyes open abruptly and he is screaming immediately losing his breath. Panting like a dog on a hot summer day, he sits upright in the bed with a blank stare on his face. CUT TO INT. KEVINS BATHROOM OVERHEAD SHOT KEVIN sits on the shower floor rocking back and forth still startled from his reoccurring nightmare. Steam takes over the entire bathroom as water starts to build up on the shower floor. A WIDE SHOT of the bathroom shows us the small crack that was in the mirror outside the glass shower door has grown and now the mirror is split down the middle into two pieces. The left side of the mirror is

black glass and fogged from the steam but the right side is abnormally clear. We see an empty purple pill vial on the black marble counter and it reads “Take one a pill each day with food”. Water begins to flood the bathroom floor making its way toward the exit. Right before it reaches the door KEVIN stands up slowly with a devilish grin and turns the shower off. The water suddenly stops as if it was frozen in time. Kevin steps into a puddle created by the overflowing shower. He notices the two-tone mirror. He stands perfectly still as he stares deep into the black side searching for answers ignoring the clear side of the mirror. CU of KEVIN IN THE MIRROR One side of his face is blackened out and the other is visible. Suddenly we see a set of teeth and eyes on the black side of the mirror with a sinister smile but the face cannot be identified. CUT TO INT. LIVING ROOM – MORNING DERRICK and KEVIN are slumped, exhaustively, on the sofa SMOKING marijuana.(DERRICK is our heron's oldest friend and roommate.)The room is surrounded by smoke and filled with all white furniture with an exception of a black glass table in between the T.V. and the sofa. Black and white mirror images of propaganda posters fill the walls and picture frames through out the abnormally spotless all white living rooms. KEVIN (groggy) Yo? He RAISES the joint in the air JIMI HENDRIX - “IF SIX WAS NINE” PLAYING FAINT ON THE SOUNDTRACK DERRICK slowly turns his neck as if he had a bag of bricks, anvils and dumbbells hanging from it and with an unenthusiastic, annoyed voice says... DERRICK It‟s about time nigga KEVIN (groggy) Man, shut up. Are niggas about to be late to class or what?

Got a presentation to do today so I really wasn't trying to be. DERRICK is slumped even deeper into the sofa at this point. The T.V. is turned off and he is staring at his reflection on the 42-inch wide screen. In a lethargic manner he takes another hit of the joint. He inhales deeply and as he exhales, he BLOWS SMOKE into KEVIN's face. We fade out as the HENDRIX QUICKLY INCREASES VOLUME ON THE\ SOUNDTRACK REACHING ITS PEAK WE FADE OUT to a BLACK AND WHITE SCENE INT DERRICK'S CAR CAMERA FAVORING the two young men from the back seat JAY Z – D'EVILS PLAYING FAINT ON THE SOUNDTRACK Still SMOKING, riding almost the entire way to campus without saying a word to one another in a 1976 BMW 3 series with tan leather seats, a slight tint on the windows and a “black ice” air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror. The two young men both have a very odd pigmentation and both completely ignore the fact as if it was normal. KEVIN is glowing in a vibrant ocean blue while DERRICK on the other hand is a rain cloud grey. KEVIN breaks the eerie silence and says... KEVIN Yo? DERRICK hesitates to answer, then in an irritated, stern tone of voice he replies… DERRICK Yo. KEVIN holds the joint in the air as SMOKE FILLS the car making them even more transparent to the outside world. DERRICK Reaches to his right and tries to snatch the joint out of KEVIN'S hands. During this joint transaction, DERRICK fumbles the joint and swerves frantically into the left lane into oncoming traffic then quickly back to the right. KEVIN too high to even be startled by the near death experience notices a burn the size of a water bottle cap on the top of DERRICK'S hand. Now smirking, leaning back in

the seat, he points at the hideous burn to bring it to his attention. DERRICK ignores Kevin's acknowledgment of the joint brand on his hand but we can tell by the anger in his blood-shot red eyes that he feels the pain. He picks up the now extinguished joint off of the floor in front of him and pulls a lighter out the inner pocket of his black leather jacket. He lights it and inhales deeply, burning the joint just about half way to its demise. As he exhales he blows smoke in Kevin's face and says DERRICK (Annoyed) It's about time NIGGA! He says in a yet again, but in a more disappointed tone of voice as if he didn't just almost end both their lives with that angry attempt to grab the joint out of KEVIN's hand. The dead silence returns to the car as the two young men pull into the semi-empty parking lot across the street from campus. CUT TO INT. COLLEGE LECTURE HALL SHOT IN A HIGH CONTRAST INDIGO CINEMATICALLY we CUT back and forth between KEVIN and DERRICK presenting in front of the class. Scrap booking the words between the two presentations we hear a sentence being stated between the two young men. (Scrap booking is taking words or phrases spoken from both presentations in a patchy like manner to formulate one complete thought or sentence.) KEVIN Come, CUT TO DERRICK Come, CUT TO KEVIN I warn... CUT TO DERRICK You...




Dead silence has found its way into the lecture hall as both young men are back in their seats. KEVIN With his head down on the desk and his iPod headphones only in his left ear, he begins to doodle on a paper handed out by the professor at the beginning of class DERRICK Sits impatiently and waits for class to be over

EX CU of the artwork KEVIN has made on the back of the hand out. What appears to be a sketch of a T.V. Image of some sort WE ZOOM IN SLOWLY to reveal a sketch of the “channel zero” image WE ARE ZOOMING, ZOOMING, ZOOMING and then WE FADE TO A B/W FUZZY TV CHANNEL and in ONE...TWO...THREE... WE CUT OUT TO A BLACK SCREEN THREE LOUD GUNSHOTS are heard over the black screen. CUT TO KEVIN IN A FIRST PERSON VIEW OF THE STREET We hear a door open, “DING DONG” and KEVIN walks into the shot walking out of the store in the direction of the parking lot with his iPod on PLAYING LIL WAYNE “I FEEL LIKE DYING” LOUD OVER THE SOUNDTRACK. HE has an Intro to Psychology textbook, two college ruled notebooks, one red, one blue and a planner in his right hand. In his left, he holds two STRAWBERRY CIGARELLOS.

FLASHBACK – POP ART STYLE INT. SCHOOL BATHROOM The lighting is a dim orange reflecting off of the tan brick walls and dirty off-white tiled floors. The smell is a combination of sewer water, dried piss and whatever THE GUY in the stall ate for lunch. The paper towel dispenser is empty and a pile of pink liquid soap is building up on the poorly painted white wooden counter. Just like every wall and door in the bathroom, the mirror above rotting counter has been vandalized with a red permanent marker with graffiti images of people‟s names and random girls telephone numbers. This small, one urinal, one stall bathroom is the prime example of why people don't use public bathrooms. KEVIN Standing in front of the mirror with one hand clinching counter and the other closed. As he stares deep into his reflection we see his eyes are blood-shot red as if he has busted a vein in his sclera and has bags deeper than two ten gallon duffels under his eyes. He opens his left hand without looking down at it, still focusing on his self in the mirror. Slowly he brings his hand toward his mouth, closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he takes a pill. WE ZOOM TO a NARROW SHOT of KEVIN'S THROAT WITH HIS HEAD TILTED BACK AS THE PILL GOES DOWN He leaves his head tilted back for a brief moment while the pill travels down through his throat. AS he slowly bring his head back to the up right position, WE quickly ZOOM TO a EX CU of KEVIN face in the mirror and right when he opens his eyes an image of RED HOODED SKULL HEAD with the most horrifying demonic glare you have ever seen appears in the mirror behind him. Its eyes are made of fire and its mouth is filled with worms, beetles, roaches, maggots, spiders, and a small hissing serpent who has it's eyes set on KEVIN's neck. THE SERPENT opens its mouth and prepares to send a venomous bite right to the veins of KEVIN'S neck. Not in his right state of mind, KEVIN is completely oblivious of the image in the mirror and has no idea of the debauchery taking place behind him. The anticipation is building. THE SERPENT is hissing louder and more frequently then it was initially. This tells us that it has targeted its prey and it is ready to strike. KEVIN is still in a daze as if time has frozen. He stares into the mirror with

a blank, zombie likes glare. THE SERPENT is ready to strike at any second now. It draws its head back and opens its mouth wide to prepare its attack. The hissing stops and with no hesitation, THE SPERPENT moves toward KEVIN'S in a quick fierce motion and right before it sink its fangs into KEVIN'S neck... QUICKLY CUT TO BLACK FADE UP ON INT. ALL GLASS PENTHOUSE APARTMENT ON THE 9TH FLOOR CU of KEVIN sitting on the couch in a pitch black living room of one of his FEMALE friends apartment with wide open unblinking sightless eyes, that constantly stare yet nothing is being seen. KEVIN unknowingly illuminates the room with an incandescent yellow glow coming from his body. Although we're only in a tight CU, we notice a few things: one, It's night; two, he is alone; and three a violent rainstorm is beating on the full length glass window of the penthouse. WE GO TO A PALE PINK SPLIT SCREEN LEFT SIDE CU of KEVIN unblinking, lifeless holds an already lit joint. CU KEVIN's back as he is standing but leaning on the window to the left of the couch. Looking down at the empty street lit up by traffic as lightning lights up the sky and thunder disturbs the silent storm KEVINS HOUSE door CU of his black galoshes slapping against the soaked pavement, and splashing through muddy puddles CU KEVIN's HOUSE double Doors SHADOWY FIGURE standing perfectly froze in front of lights and stares in deep meditation RIGHT SIDE CU of the back of a shadowy figure standing in the rain-walking cautiously towards

CUT TO CU KEVIN back on the couch drinking orange juice while rolling up another joint

CUT TO DERRICK quietly humming a Tune while Looking through the cabinets and pulls out a can of chilli KITCHEN

CUT TO WIDE SHOT OF LIVING ROOM KEVIN on couch still smoking now accompanied by ELLE, a gorgeous scorching hot black female with green eyes, long flowing light brown hair, average size tits and a massive ass. She is wearing nothing but boy shorts and and thin mesh tank top with mickey mouse on the front and the back cut up into 3 small segments CUT TO CU OF KEVIN'S CELL PHONE laying on the glass table. The screen lights up, vibrates, and begins to ring with EMINEM

CUT TO OVER HEAD SHOT OF KITCHEN DERRICK is standing over the almost ready, pot of chilli

CUT TO EX OUTSIDE KEVIN'S HOUSE The double doors are wide open and the SHAWDOWY FIGURE no longer in our sight CUT TO DERRICK takes out cell phone and proceeds to make a call. As he puts the phone up to his ear, he hears the double doors SLAM SHUT echoing throughout the empty

DEJA VU playing as ringtone. KEVIN first ignores the call, continuing to smoke his joint. He exhales a plethora of smoke and immediately begins to cough. Still coughing he reaches to his right and answers the call: INT ELLE'S LIVING ROOM KEVIN Was good cuz?

house. Startled by the loud noise he flinches and looks toward the dark hallway outside of the kitchen while waiting, now impatiently, for an answer. The other end answers the call:

CUT TO INT. KEVIN'S KITCHEN DERRICK (in a slightly frightened tone) Mannnn, where u at? CUT TO INT. ELLE'S LIVING ROOM KEVIN (in an annoyed tone) Mannnn, was good cuz? Im chillen. Wasup? CUT TO INT. KEVIN'S KITCHEN DERRICK is pacing back and forth in the far corner of the KITCHEN avoiding the darkness of the hallway. Water suddenly starts to run in the upstairs bathroom sink. He looks up at the ceiling with a puzzled yet scared shitless look on his face. DERRICK (In an even more frightened tone) YO, stop bull shittin you up stairs right? CUT TO

INT ELLE'S LIVING ROOM ELLE is straddled on KEVIN's lap with her head buried on the right side of his neck. Her back is slightly arched with her ass flooding out of the black lace boy shorts. ELLE (with a slight moan) baby.... get off the phone

ELLE seductively kisses and sucks on KEVIN's neck while taking off her tank top. She continues to seduce KEVIN, grabbing his belt and slowly removing it while she clinches his inner thigh, grinding on his lap. KEVIN (Still in a aggravated tone) DUDE! I‟m not at home right now man. I'll be there in a minute right after I leave here! But on everything, let me hit you back when I'm in the car. I‟m leaving out right now and its raining like shit outside so I don't want to fuck my phone up. CUT TO INT KEVIN'S KITCHEN DERRICK is sitting on the edge of the wood table in the middle of the KITCHEN with his back turned to the pitchblack hallway. DERRICK (In a apologetic tone) My fault man, niggas ain‟t mean to bother you and shit but man... I don't know...I think somebody in the crib. I heard the water running upstairs and the door just sla... Before DERRICK can finish his sentence, we hear a dial tone coming from the other end. With his back still facing the hallway, he looks down at the screen of the phone, and it reads: CALL ENDED. Suddenly the water from the upstairs bathroom stops. He stares at the phone for a second in disbelief as he feels the presence of another in the room and contemplates

looking up. Finally, he hard, looks up and...

takes a deep breath, swallows

WE SEE the back of the SHAWDOY FIGURE's frame standing in the doorway leading to the kitchen. Equipped with a hooded, destroyed, army-green leather trench coat that stops right above his knees, and black gloves to accompany his 6 inch all black hiker style boots with the laces dangling just barely touching the marble, checkered flag titled floor. DERRICK is completely paralyzed from fear at this point with the eyes of a deer caught in headlights right before it gets its brains splattered all over the highway. His hands are numb from shock, the hairs on his arms are all standing at full attention, and it seems as though someone turned the back up power generator off in his lungs. Breathless and sweating like two Irish obese men in a heated sleeping bag with long johns and tube socks on, he drops his phone onto the checkered floor. EX CU of PHONE as the phone does a 360 in SLOW MOTION; the camera zooms in on Blackberry Storm. The screen lights up being typed, one letter at a time: I N V.O(Whisper) Forgive me EX CU of PHONE still in SLOW MOTION the blackberry smacks the floor, shattering into a billion tiny pieces. The word “ MUTE” appears in the bottom left hand corner of the screen in red. Nothing can be heard but WE SEE the pieces of the phone begin to magnetically pull towards one another recreating a portrait of an unidentified face. Suddenly, the “ Mute” vanishes off the screen as the last few pieces of the blackberry puzzle are being placed. Right before the completion of the puzzle, the silence is broken and we hear the sound of three gun shots in reverse. With each shot, a third of the screen is BLACKEND OUT FADE TO BLACK FADE UP ON EXT. EMPTY PARKING LOT – MORNING OVER HEAD SHOT WE SEE an orange 1967 dodge viper with chrome alloy factory rims, two white rally stripes starting on the hood, extending to the rear and limo tinted windows spiral to its death the screen of the as a message is

pull into the shot. The breaks squeak just a little as the car comes to a halt. Shortly after we HEAR but don't see the 1976 White BMW simultaneously make its way through the gravel. The BMW pulls up on the left side of the Viper. Both drivers still with their engines on, suddenly, in unison, turn off their cars. The driver side window of the Viper starts to creep down stopping right below the eyes of the DRIVER who is wearing dark aviator shades and a straw fedora. He motions with his right hand for the DRIVER of the BMW to come to his car.

With no hesitation, we... CUT TO EX CU OF THE RIGHT LEG of a man wearing wheat colored hiker boots covered with black, grey and white paint blotches step onto the gravel. AS the left leg follows the right, we follow him still in a tight CU. HE opens the door of the viper and flops down in the passenger seat with both feet still hanging out the door. Suddenly, The car door slams shut. CUT TO INT. INSIDE KEVINS CAR - MORNING EX CU OF a 45 Caliber Special Handgun on the passenger seat. There is a dead silence as Kevin stares inquisitively at the gun resting on the passenger seat. He reaches for it then quickly pulls his hand back as if his mother slapped his hand after reaching into the cookie jar. The starring intensifies as Kevin lights a joint. The car fills with smoke as we CUT TO NEON ORANGE FLASHBACK INT. POLICE STATION - DAY KEVIN is standing at the desk in the front of the police station wearing a Pepsi blue and grey vintage Georgetown Hoyas V-neck sweatshirt, slim fitting blue jeans and sneakers. The white tiled floors are paved with dirt and grime as the dim florescent lights flicker on and off. Kevin is in the middle of a heated argument with one of the white officers behind the desk... „

KEVIN (Irate tone) What do you mean you don't know! OFFICER (Nonchalant tone) Look kid, we are doing the best we can but we haven't heard anything yet. You have to be patient with us. KEVIN (Yelling) Fuck being patient! My fucking best friend was MURDERED! What don't you understand nigga?

OFFICER (Sarcastic tone) Ain't my problem right now Kid, I got other shit to worry about. When we hear something, we will give you a call. Now get out of my face KEVIN (Calmly) Word?....alright A blank stare appears KEVIN face then he slowly turns to the door and beings to walk out. As he walks past the officers entering the building, he bumps one of them and knocks his coffee out his hand. OFFICER #2 (Yelling) HAY! What the hell KID? Kevin ignores the officer and continues out the door CUT TO INT. KEVINS CAR Kevin, still starring at the handgun, finishes the joint and throws it out the window. He starts up his car and quickly we CUT TO OVERHEAD SHOT OF THE PARKING LOT The BMW remains still briefly then pulls out of the shot. We HEAR but don't SEE the car treading through the gravel

until reaching the street and speeding off. WE SEE a calm, empty parking lot for approximately 15 seconds and then CUT OUT to BLACK in THREE...TWO...ONE.... INT. UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA – NIGHT KEVIN is sitting at a glass table in the middle of the cafeteria eating a deli sandwich while watching the news on the 32-inch flat screen mounted on the wall in front of him. There are several napkins on the table, all with different addresses and telephone numbers written on them in red marker NEWS ANCHOR In recent news, Glendale University student Derrick Bernard was brutally murdered yesterday in the kitchen of his own home. Police are currently still looking for the man behind this. Investigators said when they arrived on the scene, the upstairs bathroom was strangely flooded with hot water and traces of blood on the mirror. In an abnormal occurrence, the water from the flooded bathroom did not reach the rest of the house, stopping at the bathroom's door. Derrick is survived by his mother, Marie Bernard, his four younger sisters and long life friend and roommate Kevin Murdoch. The whereabouts of Murdoch are still unknown. KEVIN Reaches in his pocket and pulls out a single purple pill. He looks around first, hesitant to take the pill in such an open setting. Then he quickly pops the pill in his mouth and washes it down with the little bit of orange juice he saved purposely for this reason. He gets up from the table, walks to the trashcan to rid of the remains of his sandwich and the OJ bottle and then walks out the front door of the cafeteria. The wind from his rapid movement blows the napkin from on top of the pile onto the ground. We zoom slowly to an EX CU OF NAPKIN and it reads 16661 Advocate Dr. with a red “x” going through it. QUICK B/W FLASHBACK INT. KEVINS KITCHEN - NIGHT

The room is haunted with a sense of evil lurking in the air. A sea of blood covers the floor and is splattered on the walls and appliances of the kitchen. WE SEE Kevin on the ground holding his bloody friend in his arms, rocking back and forth trying his very best to hold in his tears. His shirt is soaking wet from the storm and is decorated with tiny dots of blood. CUT TO PRESENT TIME EXT. KEVIN'S HOUSE – NIGHT We SEE a SHADOWY FIGURE holding a 45 special hand gun with a chrome handle in his right hand wearing a black hooded trench coat stopping right above his knees with maroon paten leather boots and slim fitting ash grey jeans standing in front of the red double doors. Lightning cuts through the sky and illuminates the cloudy, rainy night. CUT TO INT. KEVIN's HOUSE WE SEE Kevin wearing a hooded, destroyed, army- green leather trench coat that stops right above his knees, and 6 inch all black hiker style boots walking cautiously down the long dark hallway. The walls leading to the kitchen are laced with portrait after portrait of a black male figure but on every picture, the faces have been blackened out. Suddenly, Kevin HEARS water running from the upstairs bathroom. He pauses, looks around, then proceeds to make his way towards upstairs. Passing through the all white living room, which now has become apart of a crime scene with yellow tape and black finger print powder crowding the room. He knocks over and breaks the glass frame to the only picture of Derrick in the living room. Ignoring his own recklessness he continues to tread softly up the stairs. He reaches the top of the pitch-black stairwell and feels around for the wall until he finds it and uses it as a guide while moving through the darkness. He notices an odd glow through his peripheral vision coming from behind him and quickly turns around breathing frantically with worried eyes as if he just seen a ghost. He pauses for a second then reaches inside his leather trench and pulls out a 45 special handgun with a chrome handle. He continues to approach the bathroom door with the upmost caution. Finally reaching the bathroom, he stands with the gun pointed at the closed door.

Kevin (Whisper) Lord, please forgive me, for I have sinned KEVIN Kicks in the door and immediately start letting off rounds. The bathroom is pitch-black and filled with steam from the hot water that had been running from the sink so nothing or nobody is visible. WE HEAR but don't SEE glass shattering, bullets bouncing off the water and another gun being fired back at Kevin. Suddenly WE HEAR a body make a hard thud sound as it hits the floor. The room is silent. The steam and the gun smoked mixed together to make a thick layer of fog that is lingering in the bathroom. We HEAR a cough creep out through the fog...then...another one as WE HEAR glass being moved around and stepped on. The fog is clearing up slowly but surely as we begin to see a male figure standing over a body. WE ZOOM INN to the back of the standing male figure slowly from the door of the bathroom. He coughs again and waves his gun around in the air in an attempt to clear some of the fog. WE CUT TO EX CU of his left foot as he turns the body over using his boot. Then WE SEE Kevin lying dead with his mouth open in a puddle of blood with two gun shots in his chest and one threw his right eye. Still in a tight CU THE CAMERA slowly moves up the leg of the killer and right before it reaches his face we quickly CUT TO BLACK OVER BLACK We hear labored breathing. Man's Voice (O.S.) (Whisper) Forgive me CUT TO BLACK AND WHITE CU OF KEVIN standing over his own body breathing hard, pointing the gun at the mirror aiming at his reflection with sweat and blood running down his face. One half of the mirror is black glass and the other is clear. He closes his eyes tight and pulls the trigger. WE go to an EX CU of the bullet as it leaves the barrel in SLOW MOTION.

Before it reaches the mirror, the black or “dark” side of the mirror begins to shatter in SLOW MOTION piece by piece. On the clear side we still see Kevin's reflection as the bullet makes its way toward the mirror. CUT TO EX CU OF KEVIN'S EYEBALL IN BLACK AND WHITE WE CUT OUT ONE...TWO...THREE... CU of KEVIN IN NORMAL COLOR INT. ALL WHITE ROOM He is sitting up right in a wooden rocking chair rocking back and forth with a blank, lifeless stare on his face wearing an all white gown with the back cut out. His hair is balding on top and grey on the sides. His face has aged tremendously and his rash infested dry skin is hanging off his body. WE HEAR but don't SEE a door open and a older African American woman NURSE walks into the shot with a tray of pills and a cup of water NURSE (calm comforting tone) Good morning Kevin, daydreaming again are we? Well you know what today is right? KEVIN Still rocking back and forth in the chair doesn't respond or even acknowledge her presence. He sits with a slight devilish grin and glare in his beady eyes NURSE (laughs) Of course you don't sweetie. It‟s all right. But today is actually your friends DERRICK's Birthday! He would have been 70 today! Maybe you will get to see him today in one of your dreams you always mumble about She laughs again and then exits the room as WE ZOOM SLOWLY to CU OF KEVIN, his lips begin to quiver as we get closer and closer. Suddenly, he opens his mouth and WE SEE a purple pill resting on his tongue. CUT TO BLACK BLACK SCREEN: “FIN”




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