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Mata kuliah : Bahasa Inggris Sifat Ujian : Buka Buku Jurusan / Dosen : Kepanditaan/Dharma Acariya Ferry Tjandra, BA

Semester Hari / Tanggal Pukul

: III (Tiga) 2012/2013 : Rabu / 21 Nov 2012 : 19.15 - 21.15 WIB


Simple Past Tense Complete the text. Use the past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

I (go) went (1) to London last weekend to visit my friend, --End-Zack. I (arrive) arrived (2) at Paddington station at seven o’clock in the evening. Zack (come) came (3) to the station with his parents and after we (have) had (4) dinner in a Chinese restaurant, in a place in London called Chinatown. It(be) was (5) fun! On Saturday we (meet) met (6) some of Zack’s friends in the centre of London and Zack (buy) bought (7) some new boots. On Sunday it (rain) rained (8) so we (go) went (9) to a famous museum, The Natural History Museum. It (be) was (10) brilliant!


PRESENT PERFECT AND PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS Order the words to make sentences in Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous Example: had- yet -breakfast -Nick -hasn’t Answer : Nick hasn’t had breakfast yet.

Negative or Interrogative) Example Answer : ________________ you_________ the car ___? (clean/yet) : Have you cleaned the car yet? 1) Emma has not seen this film on TV yet. (watch) 3) Listen! Sandy is singing in the bathroom. (make) 6) They often clean the bathroom. (clean) 7) Look! The boys are coming home.1. Example : Steve always ____ his bike in the afternoon. (be) IV. They – for –waiting –Sarah – have – since – been – 7 o’clock. haven’t -We -homework -done -yet –our We haven’t done our homework yet III. (read) 2) We never watch TV in the morning. tidied -Jenny -already -has -her –bedroom Jenny has already tidied her bedroom 2. (chat) 10) My friend. Out in the verbs in brackets in the Simple Present or the Simple Present Continuous.thirty years – He – as – for -has He has been working as a Doctor for thirty years 3. They have been waiting for Sarah since 7’oclock 5. (go) 9) I am chatting with my friend at the moment. eaten -Chip -the -already -has –pudding Chip has already eaten the pudding 4. (help) 5) My mother is making breakfast now. (come) 8) Every day his grandfather goes for a walk. Sandy and Tony are nice and friendly. (sing) 4) My sister usually helps in the kitchen. a Doctor – working – been . (ride) Answer : Steve always rides his bike in the afternoon. Complete the sentences in Present Perfect Tense (Positive. (not/ see/yet) 2) How often has she phoned the office? (phone) . 1) Andy sometimes reads comics.

(be) ---End--- . (go/already) 5) Have they ever been to New York.3) Have the Millers arrived yet? (arrive) 4) John has already gone on a trip through Alaska.