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PlantPAx Process Library and WWW Accelerator Toolkit Save $ for Integrator and City of Detroit

Hassan Ajami PCI General Manager Date – 11/5-6/2012

City of Detroit

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Process Control & Instrumentation
 PCI is a System Integration firm established in 2000 to serve the Metro Detroit region.  Offices in Detroit, Cleveland, Louisville and Shreveport.  Industry focus is on Water/Wastewater and Automotive  Involvement in projects encompasses both design and construction phases.  Clients include both public and private utilities, major automotive companies, and petro-chemical companies.

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 The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD), one of the largest water and sewer utilities in the United States, has a rich history as a public utility dating back to 1836.  Serves 35% of Michigan’s Population including Detroit and 76 other communities.  Fresh Water System - 5 water treatment plants pump an average of 596 million gallons of clean drinking water each day. Maximum capacity 1.2BGD  Wastewater System - Treats an average of 707 million gallons of flow per day. Maximum capacity 1.65BGD

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Process Networks and SCADA Systems Division – WWTP & CSO Equipment  Operational Support: 21 freshwater and 10 wastewater pump stations 5 Water and 1 Wastewater treatment plant 5 Combined Sewer Overflow basins  Process Controls equipment from Emerson/Ovation & Rockwell/AB > 95% 21. . Inc.000 Hard I/O Points > 200.000 Total Points 282 PLC/Controllers 92 PC Workstations Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. Wonderware. Ifix. Inc. other than color standard  Implementation varies by Contractor/SI/Programmer Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. RSView32  Large variety of systems integration implementations  Disparate process control implementations  Usually only hardware platform specified  PLC Code developed using only written narratives  No standard control software strategies  No standard graphics. 5 .Common industry situation  Multitude of HMI solutions:  Ovation.

repeatable process applications You can focus your energies on the custom aspects of your applications. All rights reserved.Goals . Superior diagnostics Built in process diagnostics will make applications easier for operators and maintenance to troubleshoot and debug without requiring PAC programming tools Scalability – You can build ever larger systems using the same reusable modules. Inc. Drive logical and visual consistency The Process Library aids in producing standard Graphics formats that increase the consistency of your HMI thus reducing the need for Operator Training. Increase control system quality and reliability.Accelerator Tool kits      Reduce the engineering time required to create standard. Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. The reuse of well tested code conforming to industry standards reduces the likelihood of code bugs. .

The standards described ensures that changes to one software object will have little or no impact on another. Improved maintenance and operation of application software Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. Inc. as there is less chance that new software developments will impact existing software objects that are already proven. Faster and easier testing of application software. . Standards make testing of modular software objects easier. The standardized look and feel of the automation controller programming and the human machine interface (HMI) for graphic objects makes it easier for operators and software personnel to recognize application functionality across applications and suppliers. Examples of proven software programming techniques and recommended programming styles are provided for programmers to use in their own code. All rights reserved.Modular Programming Concept Use industry standard format -ANSI/ISA-S88 Create reusable application code based on “Best in Class” designs Faster and easier development of application software. More reliable application software.

All rights reserved. which significantly simplifies the Design. Inc. Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation.Contents of an Accelerator • An Accelerator provides a package of tools. wiring diagrams. Inc. Logix program. 8 . Manufacturing. Start-Up and Support of Rockwell Automation control systems. All rights reserved. HMI screens and Quick Start manual Copyright © 2009 Rockwell Automation. • An Accelerator CD provides the – – – – – – selection tools and basic panel layout.

Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation.g. Bypass  Run Time and Start Accumulator  Re-start Inhibit for Large Motor  Date/Time Blocks • Hand-Operated Valve Monitor • Hand-Operated Motor Monitor • Cascade and Ratio supported PID • Advanced AI with High Rate of Change Alarm. PF70-style) 9 Copyright © 2008 Rockwell Automation.. All rights reserved. Square Root Extraction.The Process Library High-efficiency suite of Control Modules  Mode Selection  Standard Alarm  AI w/ Scaling & Alarms  DI w/ Alarms  Single-Speed Motor  Permissives with Bypass  Protectives with First-Out.g. . Inc.. and Deviation Alarms • 2-Speed Motor • Reversing Motor (e. All rights reserved. Inc. FVR) • Pulse-Input flow meter dosing with pre-act and in-flight adjustment • Analog-Input flow meter dosing as above • Weigh-Scale dosing (Loss-InWeight and Gain-In-Weight supported) • Controller CPU Utilization • Solenoid-Operated 2-state Valve • Motor-Operated 2-state Valve • PIDE-based PID with Standard Modes and Deviation Alarms • Analog Output • Variable-Speed Drive (e.

10 .Benefits of Using Accelerator Toolkit  Standardized scalable integrated architecture Single hardware and software platform Standardized controller logic and HMI graphics  Single Scalable HMI Platform based on FactoryTalk FactoryTalk SOA . All rights reserved.Services Oriented Architecture  Standards Based – Use of common reusable code and engineering templates  Creates standards for HMI graphic symbols and operation  Significantly enhanced systems diagnostics Leverages diagnostics built into AOP and HMI Templates Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. Inc.

DWSD  PC-761 Control System Upgrade at 2 CSO basins  Replacement of obsolete Bailey DCS system  Issues  Obsolete Workstation  Spare Parts Availability  Old Tape Backup  Lack of Local Support  Complicated ABB PLC Interface between Bailey & Rotork valve system Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. 11 .Case Study City of Detroit. Inc. All rights reserved.

longest operating CSO facilities and the largest on the Rouge River. this RTB serves as an example of how these facilities can be good neighbors and blend in with the surrounding environment. Inc. . Located next to the Tournament Players Championship Golf Course (TPC) in Dearborn. All rights reserved. the basin has a 22 million gallon storage capacity. settling and disinfection to meet discharge permit requirements that protect public health. Since August 1999. Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation.Hubbell/Southfield CSO Hubbell-Southfield CSO RTB The Hubbell-Southfield CSO RTB is one of DWSD’s most active. The facility features an innovative design component that enables three different operational modes within the RTB and prevents resuspension of solids during large storms with high flow rates. it has been effectively capturing and treating combined sewage through screening. Sized to fit into the available land and site constraints.

Puritan/Fenkell CSO Puritan-Fenkell CSO RTB Located in Eliza Howell Park. the Puritan-Fenkell CSO RTB is the third Rouge River CSO RTB. 1-hour storm event peak flow is sufficient to meet protection of public health standards. Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation.8-milliongallon facility became operational in August 1999 and eliminated two untreated CSO outfalls. This facility successfully demonstrated that a facility sized to provide 20 minutes of detention time for settling and disinfection of the 1-year. . All rights reserved. Inc. The 2.

. All rights reserved.Existing Bailey Infi 90/OIS40 Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. Inc.

WonderWare/Allen Bradley 4. Rip & Replace 1. Emerson Ovation DCS 2. HMI 3rd Party Upgrade with Bailey hardware 3. Inc. Bailey Upgrade 2. Intellution/Allen Bradley Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. .Control System Options 1. Rockwell/Allen Bradley 3.

Inc.DCS vs PLC  Maintainability  System Downtime  Support & Support Options  How many platforms to support:   Parts Training Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation.Considerations  Cost (Initial & Life Cycle)  Functionality . All rights reserved. .

Stratix 8000 Redundant FTViewSE Windows 7 Workstations Process Library V1. All rights reserved.5 W/WW Accelerator Toolkit Rotork Master Stations Added Prosoft Modbus Comms Interface to DWSD Ovation System Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. Inc. .PC-761 Contract Scope:  Hubbell Southfield CSO Total Points 643  Puritan Fenkell CSO Total Points 374 PlantPAx solution including: Redundant ControLogix L73 PAC with Enhanced Redundancy Redundant Ethernet Network.

Agitator. ValveMO. P_Ain. Inc. Conveyor. All rights reserved. Mixer.Water/Wastewater Accelerator Toolkit Implementation      Utilized 12 Symbols and Faceplates Pump. ValveHO. P_Din. P_AinDual. ValveSO. P_Aout Required some modification of graphics to meet DWSD HMI standards Utilized Chemical Feed and Lead/Lag pump application Editing the Toolkit Standard    Red vs Green for Run Face Plate Control Modes-symbols Rockwell Enhanced Toolkit – Added Color Change Tool Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. . P_AinAdv.

Old Bailey Overview Screen Hubbell Southfield Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. Inc. . All rights reserved.

Inc. . All rights reserved.Followed DWSD Operator Graphic Standards Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation.

All rights reserved. Inc.New Rockwell Overview Screen Hubbell Southfield Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. .

Inc.Flushing System Screens Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. 22 . All rights reserved.

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Inc. 24 .Lead / Lag Pump Control Screen Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved.

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. Inc.Construction Issues  Failed field wiring in existing conduit duct bank  Added Head Works Building PLC/Panelview Control Panel with fiber optic connectivity.  Instrumentation and final elements failures  Not in original project scope  Delayed project construction Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved.

and post-contract documentation and support. All rights reserved. .000 in configuration and systems integration time Saved $90. Provided process control with advanced networking and diagnostic capabilities Increased access to process data for better preventive and predictive maintenance  Reduced Engineering Hours and Costs • • Saved estimated $120.000 in factory-acceptance testing and Startup/commissioning    Drove standardization for DWSD wide graphics FTViewSE/ME platform Advanced HMI without the associated development cost Software configuration that is fully documented and tested Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. contract oversight. Inc.Results-Total construction costs significantly below estimate  Reduced Deployment Time • • • Resulted in a 50 percent reduction in design time.

.New Operators Control Room Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. Inc.

Inc.New PLC Panel in Control Bldg. Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. . All rights reserved.

.New PLC Head Works Control Panel Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. Inc. All rights reserved.

.com IA Tools Website W/WW Accelerator Toolkit CD-IASIMP-SP012B Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. Inc.Water Wastewater Accelerator Toolkit on the AB. All rights reserved.

32 .City of Detroit DWSD Success Story  Further documentation on:  Hubbell Southfield CSO  Puritan Fenkell CSO  Publication Number WATVP-AP014A-EN-P April 2012 Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright Automation. Michigan Ph 313-874-5877 Copyright © © 2012 2012 Rockwell Rockwell Automation.Questions PlantPAx Process Library Hassan Ajami Process Control & Instrumentation Ilc hajami@pci-detroit. . Inc. Inc. All rights Detroit. All rights reserved.