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Year No. 33
ADDIS ABABA - 9thFebruary, 1999

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Proclamation No. 153/1999
Revised Charter of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society Page 968 Proclama~ion . .:

ftt..}-f"*.r .,.~ oPil.,.A tIIJ,.,nc f1-7i7it\eD-:FC1-C :.'.. ., K'ilf.:E:E "'P~

PROCLAMATION NO. 153/1999 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE REVISED CHARTER OF THE ETHIOPIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY .,.~ oPil+A mlc: n"'t\~: mf.~"T: n~:J- fn1~"?'i.}-: WHEREAS, the Red Cross. is an international nTt\i:'1 "OP.Aith'}- CD~~ ntllJliTeD-~ t\A u-~:J- A~".}- movement which provides the necessary humanitarian aid to ta.('1..C..,niDC "'to&; t\tllJA'ilt\.li I\O'/.,''''~ n"m;l>I\y, n1-~1'c.'li victims ofanned conflicts and, in general, to all victims of {teD- IP t. 7i "1..;J Y'~ t\ O'/.,mcf: {tY'~ ":LI\ "leD-'} {t1l" ce ,)Co&;:J-' man-made and natural disasters without discrimination based nlf:1'''.}- fO'/.,{tlfli n{tY'~ II'}': oP..,fli}:;. : oP1'flnC CDJ;~ onTace, colour, nationality, sex, religion, political outlook or ""'-li II~ct {tl\~ ~ '}.fl{tlf:'} fO'/.,IfC qt\~""'lf: ~ '}:"il:J>~ any other ground, and fosters understanding, cooperation, friendship and lasting peace among peoples; noPl'''' : flUJ ~'}:"il.cj>~ ."'1A fl''tm-c.- nIilf.?;%q.~. f1-oPlP WH~REAS, the Ethiopian R~d Cross Society, a mem'A.m. fh."'-f-,,'.r .,." oPil4>A "?,.,nc noP'}..,, }-li n"'ll~ ber of this international movement and established in 1935, ..-{to' ntt\~9° 0"f11\-I: m'}'1t. f:;Jlf: noP'P:"c il4."'-~, tr., has been expanding its services and structural organization through the support of the government and the public at large n".,A..,t\...}- ,,:"cn.}- ~.rY-'1 oP~II]-I:,} noP.,'}IIll ; and of its members in particular; "?,.,n?- n"Y.;JY'~ t\''''loP,. {tY'~ ~Co&;:J-h"?:"~~~ WHEREAS, the'participation, in cooperation with the n1-t.L1.,,?t nV.,t": fA,,?.}- ""/..Y'~ hO'/.,oDt\h:l'TeD- oP,...t.r concerned organizations, of the Society in the country's o."'~;JC noP+fWCfO'/.,.ry.C.,CD- 1-ta.}-~ ~'}.flu-~ 1':"1-~ development activities and its contributions in the efforts of ftr'teD-'} f i'h11~'} f.,.r.- 1..~jf n" "il1-~li noPlP~:l'ce oPoPII raising the standard of living of the population to a minimum ~9'~ 1''''fl~''.1- CD1.."t\m' Y.~jf t\"?1i;J"C t\0'/.,"~"eD- 1'~.}- level of acceptable standard, in addition to the provision of fO'/.,.rn~h'''m- "il.f''PK''' l\.n~:J- :,. fO'/., .,fleD- UoPtr.,. : relief aid to victims of disasters, should be encouraged; WHEREAS, it has become appropriate <lndnecessary to h"'1f10..rce "fC tIIJ..J'} oPli;J.}-li h1-~1'c.' 11l"'~ engage in the prevention of the threat of draught and hunger oPt,~'1- ;JC n.,."oP1.. oPAh fO'/.,h{t-l:.}-'} ff:C:"li f~11l resulting from environmental degradation and the depletion "1..;JY'":i- no..hl\ht\. If~"" f"?.r'.C1aJ. "il1-'PK''' 1-.,05 of natural resources; "il~I\'l tr'i noP.,Y-I: : "'P~ cf:'I'Clif.~r./J.ilf.1li ftt..}-f"*.r .,.,. oPil.,.A tIIf,.,nc f.f7i7i'\eD- :Fe1-C "'P~
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.r'~ 'P;J 4.40 Unit Price

~;Jt.}. ;J1L1lJ?'..".~.


Negarit a.p.O.Box 80,001

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FederalNegaritGazeta - No.33 9thFebruary, 1999-Page 969
WHEREAS, it is necessary to restructure and organize the Society in every region in line with the structure of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia so that it will be able, based on objective realities, to fulfil its aims and mission and discharge its international duties; WHEREAS, it is appropriate to respond to the request of the General Assembly of the Society for further revision of the Charter, as revised under Council of State Special Decree No.21l1990; NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55/1/

1\"., it tJ..,.'i"

, 1\,." +(j:

.., Y..:J-m-1 ~1Jt"fA tT11t\.h

n., I}t.'£ "1.~jf1:i:1 "1.~jf1:""

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f".,.., n-t.-m:"1\ 1\ .,.1}'}. n 001.., P''''' ,.hc cf:1'C r;~/Ii1f.'ft'~ .,.7i7iI\" f.,n~m~1JV'i7iA.f~~"m-1'T.f. nh.""r-k.f "'P''''' "'+'" ".oo+nA :

n."" A ~ 1:1;1"l. f".,..,n-t.- :FC.,.C ~11."'i"

"-..fo4-I\9! tT11t\.h ih.,001 , Jl'fDht.f\.f,£ . ~?;(~) 001P1.:,. fOl/.fi.,.l\m- ;:f'm-~A :: h(j:A


of the Constitution

of the Federal Democratic

Republic of

m:" 1\1\

Ethiopia, it is hereby.. proclaimed as follows:


n6J.hC C~it

f.U nlf"f: "fh.""r-A-.¥ +f. ooit+A ".,..,nc f.,.7i7iI\m:FC.,.C n«r"f: cf:1'C ~f.~f/Ii1f.j~" "'11"" t\.m+it
f."fl\ A::

PART ONE General 1. Short Title This Proclamation may be cited as the' 'Revised Charter of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society Proclamation No. 153/1999." 2. Definitions In this Charter, unless the context requires otherwise: I) "Region" means a member state of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia as stated under Article 47(1) of the Constitution and includes the Cities of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa; 2) "Kebele" means a locality within which a rural or urban kebele administration is established; 3) "Red Cross Youth" and 30 years; 4)' "Geneva Conventions' means a member' of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society.between the ages of 14 , means the Red Cross


..,.C~ 00t

f.cJ>I\. n,,'Hl

"'1\ ""C.,.,. fUlU :FC.,.C m-it1' !

fOl/..f{}mm- tJAIf., nit.,.+c



".,1\"" nih.,001"'p'i:


~~(~) ~11.

"'OOl\h.,.m- fh.'rr-A-.f "-.Y..t.I\'£ Jt IfOht.f\I'£ tT.nt\.h nl}A flf., hAA f\lf1 fnJtit nfll}'i" f ~'/"J;«r h.,.IfO"f1 f.,U."t.A ; ~.
f' 00 it.,. f" m C (l)f." fh.,."., + n '" J;1:C f.,.**oon"" ntJl}n. .,dJ. ; ..,. "f + f. 00 it+ A (I)fl)""" "., 1\ hI 9.- c!J '}oo"" I} 1\ m-

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~x.'U? hAA m-it1' fOl/."~ fh...,.r-A-.f +f. ooit+A ".,..,nc n'IA "(1)' : "f:~~q it,.,..,.,."f" ".,1\"" I\{I1C .,.J;.,.?f"f t\.{}1'

f"".,,'1m-1 hl\I\ nOl/.ool\h..,.~'h.'n'

""itT I~ +1

Ii1f.~i1 f"'4.~tJD<o"" f1:);q f+f. ooit+A it,.,..,
.,.":f.'i" ~. h.. n' n I i1f.~~ f.,. 4.~ tJD<o"" .,.,u."., t TC''''
",,,..:1. 'i"Tm- ::

Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 for the protection of war victims and includes the additional protocols of 1977. 3. The Ethiopian Red Cross Society The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (hereinafter' 'the Society' ') shall, as a national society having its own legal personality, continue to undertake, under this Charter, the activities it was established for. 4. Emblem I) The emble1J1of the Society is the heraldic sign of a Red Cross on a white background. 2) The shape and use of the emblem shall be governed by the Geneva Conventions and regulations on the use of the emblem by national societies.


fh.')'r-A-.f + f. ooit+A ".,..,nc fh.'rr-A-.f + f. ooit+A ".,..,ne (hILU n'-I\ "".,..,n-t.-"
~f""11\ fOl/.mt.m-) nuo, f{}m-.,,,,, 0011"" .fl\m- O.,C .,...,I}C mlU :FC.,.C n+'-': ".,..,nc tfCj f1,**00(1"'" 001P~"" ""h'i"(1)~1 f.+1'I\A
f".,.., n -t.- q c".,



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f".,..,n-t.-'}c"., n.,6J.h001.11I\f. n.,.AU fOl/.:J-f.+f.
ooi\+A .,m- ::

f'}C".,m- :"C"''i'' nm.cJ>+,. n1:);q i\,.,..,.,."f'i" 11At. '£ ".,..,n t."" n nC"., m- fOl/.m+tJD<on"",

nOl/.00 1\h""
f.1f'i"A ::

n.,. 1. .,.,., m-


00 IP


1K' v.f.~ t.,1ut..f.\ ~:Jl.'1' ;JILIIJ <h'rC tBr fl11;"" ~.,., !V.f.j{iq.9". ?;.

Federal Negarit Gazeta -

No.33 9th February, 1999-Page


001P1..;r«£ ooCtrsP"f fOl/'"In~ 001P1..;r«£ ooclrsP"f Ii' !i' f.' 9.' ?;. }.

5. fO?h+~-r e;'TeD-;

Principles The fundamental principles of the society are: I) humanity; 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) impartiality; neutrality; independence; voluntary service; unity; universality.

(l1111«£~-r: 11t\OI/~I\-r : 1t\A+~~-r: f11IP&.C ~1t~-r : fn'", L:J> I: 111A;Jf..~-r: 11'H~'~-r:


~I\ 01/

i\~~~"'"f'}e;' nooh+A 011,}"'~

Purpose The purpose of the Society shall be to prevent and alleviate human sufferings and tcrContribute to the well being of mankind damental principles and the prevalence of peace, in and the funconformity with the Geneva Conventions

fOl/'"In~ ~I\OI/ f1:~ii

?; f+oot\h

-I:-r'} 001P1..;r«£ ooclrsP"f ooh&. oohl\hAe;' ~U'}~-re;' h1:1-r 1:' +""M.-re;' "ft\";r

f(leD-'} A1: i\:J>f..e;' t\(leD- A1: (ll\~

OI/:J>t\A h,}-\o-~ oofP&.-r f..tre;'A ::

referred to in Article 5 of this

OI/'"IO~ fO?h+~-r Ii' hll1: f+''''~ h '}-\J'1}. !i' n{nc~"" "f..,C

+""M.-re;' Wf..~

"ft\";r ,)C~;r

f..lj~;rA 11~;J

; 1.,t.

Charter. 7. Duties and Capacity The Society shall have the following duties and capacity: 1) to provide victims with effective emergency assistance during catastrophes or disasters; 2) to provide assistance to military and civilian victims of war in conformity with the Geneva Conventions and its fundamental principles and to undertake all necessary preparations to that end in time of peace; 3) to rehabilitate dislocated victims of man-made and natural disasters and assist their efforts to become self-reliant through participation in development activities; 4) to cooperate with all concerned in the prevention of diseases, the promotion of public health services, the training of medical personnel and the improvement of standards of health in general, including development and implementation the of primary health



(lsP"f +LI\1.eD-') 01/1: I..°1 : 1.,L t\,f""'~ i\~~~"'"fe;'

OCJ:-r~-re;' nO? 111

f{T1C 11111\-r~ tr~ (ll\OI/«£ noolPl..;r«£ ooctrsP=J:

U,l-f1 n=~~ii

OOIPI..-r ,)C~;r 01/1:1, : t\'LU~ O(ll\~ 1.,t.
f.' +II;J"!:'" 0011"" : n(lw, (l&.7ie;' n+L -rc.' 11~;JsP"f ~h') 11ill1n..rTeDf+Le;''''~-r'} ooAl' J'-r hoolj ~J' OI/cJ:cJ:~e;'

OAOI/-r +..,I1C I\f.. +(lOl/C+eD- &./tTeD-') fO?"f~

n-r'} o-~;r OI/oo!FT-r : 9.' n7i;t-sP"f'} t\oohl\hA t\OI/~I..i\ : fmS oo+'lnCe;'
;JC noo+l1nC

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'It\oo-,rsP"f'} :

t\OI/(lAm'} n11m me;' hl1il(1.

,4>I\ '}~-r o-~:r'} t\OI/ififA nO?~1..1eD--rl..-r ooC~-r


+oll1&.-r fO?i\~4.n-r'} ?;. hO?oot\h;rTeDAOI/-r: n'}~.u

00'}11: hO?oot\h;t-TeD-


11ill\-r ;JC noo+l1nc O~'} eD-"/ 11:"C(l-r : n11ill1n. me;'

11m'ln:" he;' noo/t(lt\--r f11ill1n.e;' f'"ll1l..+(ll1 AOI/-r +..,11&."" noo/t+CJ: +1 n.eD-'} 11i\+'P~ 101/ Yo; 1 , : j.. nAfAf- ~h'},r"'"f t\11~;J n"'1\~ fO?;Jt\1Il' f'"l111...f'(l11hCJ:t\..:y-: n+t\f..~ f~"'"f'}e;' t"h1te;'-r'} o-t\'}+e;'«£ h:"~ n001'}11-r h+mct~-r t\OOeD-tf)-r fO?,r~C"'-r'} -rl..-r 01/1" ; n(lsP"f o-~e;' n"/1c.'"f ooilhA foo..,I1I1-re;' foo+ I1nc oo,}Li\ h,}-\~l1C t\OI/1', t\(l1111«£ 111A.., t\...,."f OOIPI..-r fIr.,."'" f1:~ii i\~~~"'"f n'"ll11..




+(lo- II'}I: ni\~-r h'}-\;rwch 01/1:1 , :
:f' ~ f~ t\ ~ 11.,.CJ:.,. f.. 00 i\.,. A e;' .,. f.. aJ.1..:J>h,}:" i\:J> 001P1..;r«£ ooCtrsP"f nt"h"l1 II'}I: nf..nA-r h,)-\ :t- ")ch 1'1..-r 01/1:1 , :


care servIces; in cooperation with the concerned organs, to participate in and contribute to environmental and community development activities such as afforestation, supply of potable water and the provision of community sanitary services; to support those groups ofthe community, especially women and children, who are most vulnerable to disaster; to disseminate widely the Geneva Conventions, which are the basis for humanitarian services, with a view to promoting the prevalence, amongst all peoples and nations, of cooperation and mutual understanding; to endeavour to further popularize the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement;

17\ i!£{tii t..Y..t.{:\ ~;M"" .:llLal <h'PC:c9r 'iI-t'}.I+'

Iitfjii q.SJ'". Federal Negarit Gazeta - No.33 9thFebruary, 1999-Page 971

iI' h'l":"'}c;
OIJnt.h:" :






to raise its membership and the role of volunteers; movement among the young and the rest of the

10) to propagate and expand the Red Cross youth community; 11) to train and deploy volunteers for rescue work and social welfare, as well as other volunteers in its fields of activity; 12) to strive for the promotion of understanding and peace in the world by developing and strengthening its relations with the other components of the movement and other international organizations; 13) to plan, formulate and implement various projects, which are consistent with the purpose and duties, with a view to creating permanent sources of revenue to be able to finance its services; 14) to own movable and immovable property; 15) to enter into contracts; 16) to sue and be sued in its own name; 17) to carry out other related activities necessary for
"'tIOlJ~~:" !"TtD-'}


f.,. f,

'}..,.it:J>(a. n lD iIl+Tc; " n"AtD-9" '"I-n~"'(}"'l U') f: "'}-'l;rlD""c; "'}-'l it4.4. uP it.,. A
nhf.;J '1.11. ~CJ;;r t\uPitm:" fOlJJI;J~:"'} :

OIJ y"~'" ;



A.., "..:,. f"7.! n ~ h-J: "'Hl ~.,. ()(l« f. '"I') ~:,. h 1 :,.'}C; (},r.1.9'T') /\'''''T9'' f(),'" ~:J> f: h1A"''''':'' f: ~"'I nOlJ'"I n.;. r I.. ,,'} -'l(}t\ 1').c; '} -'l!1"'" i\- OIJ " h.,.f, uPit.,.Ac; h.,.f, ,r.1.~:J> ,,'}""it:J>(a. hl1":"c; h/\'''''T9'' "'Tf.~:" qt\9"h"'~ f:C~+T ;JC !t\tD-'}

nOlJit4-4-:"c; nOlJmc;hC nqt\9" "f, uP"Ill f:~'" ; 'H'c; (}"9" "')-'l(}~'} 1'~:" OIJ


n.;. hq" OIJtD-c;.,..., 11';' ;J C nOlJf,:J>~ '} o-~;r "OIJ'"I h1A"'''''+T ~""f.~''}'} t\uP:FA OIJit4.~,f *"7. 1ft f"7.!it1'f. uP.,.t\9" : OIJlI;J1::"c; "'''Illt..«e A~ A~ OIJf:~"I :


1'~:" OIJmc;hC I

If;' I}'

f "7. '}.,. It.,. it 9" If ~ fOlJf, '}.,. It.,. it '} -n ~ :,. Il t\ n.:" uPlf'} : tD-A uPlf'fJ'A : nt..(}. it9" uPh(}itC; uPh(}it I q"OIJtD-'} t\OIJltl1:" f"7.~~ /\'''''T "'''IIlC'T OIJhc;lD'} ::


the attainment of its purposes.

PART TWO Membership h~A 0-":" 8. Acquisition of Membership itt\ hllA~:" Any person who is willing to accept and translate into ~. h'lA itt\uPlf,} deeds the fundamental principles of the Society may fOlJ'"In.;.'} uPClf9'T nrt.. t\uP"'C»9" ~:J>f."i'/ flf~ become a member of the Society without discrimination 0IJ'}"i'/tD-9" (}tD- nm: : n.,.t\9" : nlt."'~:" : n~;r : related to race, colour, nationality, sex, religion, political n"lf,OIJtj.). : nTt\i:11 huP"l1h:" lDf,9" nOlJc;TtD-9"/\,,, opinions or any other factor. o-~;r A~~:" 1tf,f.~"In:" h'lA t\.1f,} f,T"A :: 9. Types of Membership iI' fhIlA~:" qf,~+T The types of membership shall include the following: fhllA ~:,. qf,~+T fOlJ.h.,.t\.:" c;TtD- ; 1) regular membership; Ii' uPf.n"i'/ hIlA~:" : 2) life membership; !l' f~f:OIJ. Ah hilA ~:,. : 3) honorary membership; f.' hilA ~:,. : 4) corporate membership; 9.' ff:e~:" hIlA~:" : 5) Red Cross Youth membership. f;' f.,. f, uPit"'A lDiIl:" hllA~:" :: 10. Conditions for Membership !. t\hIlA~:" f"7.!n~ o-~;r9'T 1) Without prejudice to sub-Articles (2) and (3) of this '}(}oit h'}"'Y\ (!l) "C; (f.) ",}f."'mn~ Ii' flUJ h'}"'Y\ Article, the fulfilment of the following conditions If~lD' t\hllA~:" f"7..fn~ o-~;r9'T f"7.h.,.i\-:" qualify for membership: c;TtD-: (a) the payment of annual membership fee as V) V1t..«e m"""" 1-W\tD- n"7.lDit~tD- uPlP~:" fixed by the National General Assembly; fquP-J:,} fhllA~:" h~! uPh~A I (b) donation in kind to the Society equivalent to t\) hhllA~:" h~.f ;Je "'uPiIlill~ 1f';J .ft\tDthe membership fee; or '}.n~:" t\OIJ'"In.;.OIJneh:" I lDf,9" (c) the provision of free service as required by m) OIJ'"In.;. f"7.~A1tD-'} qf,~:" h1A"''''':'' na the society. uPitm:"::

.,~ y.IG'~ ~1..(."f!\~;J(''''' ~'L(I) ~1'C '9.~ ft)-t""~ +1 I~!ji


FeQe,ral Neg~t
,. '*'> -


f'lo.33 9lbFfPruary, 1999::-:Pag~ 972
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2) The status of life m~m~er$hip may be obtained by any individual, or -famtly upan a one-time full payment of the sum fixed for the purpose by the it"Y:"? Ah h'lA ~T fO'f.hLi\m-1 11.H1"!h1Y: natiooal.GeneralAssembly,or py,donating property 'ULf100hiA iD~1J'»i'ODiI}iI}~'P;J litm- 1i1~T or,providing free service to the Society the value of niltOf "dPAtJ n""inchft- cD~'" tffitj;lm- 3c equivalenUo,the paymef}t. ~., h1A"lftoT nODilm:f\~ == ' .f.ODtIJ"J~ fif~ , :,:,.;, . ,,'.: J) The 'Statusof honorary membership obtained fO'f.;Fitm-htPf1n';'0Dc;1f~"f f." fh.,tlC~qA it~'" upon rendering~ommetdable humanitarian services ;JC ni't,OD1. U-~:t' htj;i'~ (lllhre h1/.\~1\4 in line with the fundamental principles ofthi(Society it1i11.i'(l(l- nO'fnChT 1t1f1 ;"fO'f.A;.+1.tD-9'" .101 and shall be granted by the' National ,General (.~i£CD~ 11):"~" "':'l~ ~m- :: Assembly. ,I . , . 1-1.Rights of Members , Hi" f'h'lA ~..," OD.(l-f'~ , 1) A regular member, member as well as a Red ji" 0'f1~m:.~ ~1.n~CD~9'" ,!fiJY:"?..,,/.\h hqA .Cross Yauth member, who has attained 18 years of ~1""U-?!,'A,g-O'f.m- If; "~QD:"f"""m- ,.,." ODil"'A age may: CDtlJT hqA; (a) attend and vote at meetings of the.Society held v) nO'f1n.;. f.,.ntV:':"C16Ji4.1 mhitd nO'f.1~ at the level .ofkebele''and at other. meetings of 'l~~,fO'f~~l';' hilf1'l~:f it,," itOD11Tli the Society in which the member represents a Y:lJO"itODilmT= ~li local branch; and it) nO'fli¥m-lJO 1.1.~ h""110{' ~~""f h1~ (b) be eligible for' election as an officer of the itODODI.T ~ If'i = ""f,,i'A'ii ' Society at all levels. ilil(l f Y:CJ:T hqA ~T1 mh~..ribwf1n.;. 2) A person representing a corporate member may m:""" ~" q~"f fO'f.1~ (lm- Y:lJOX-,l\ODilm'-",,"fi\A ; If'ilJO attend and vote at the general assemblies of the ; j/ itODODI.T~""f.AlJO ,:: Society but shall not be eligible for election. 3) An honorary member may attend and forward fhil€ hqA nO'f1n~m:""l\illl(lqsP"f nOD11T r"' opinions at general assemblies of the Society but 1PfilitODilmT ,,"f"A : If'ilJO Y:lJOX- itODilmTlJO neither shall be able to vote nor be eligible for If~ itODODI.T h,,'fAIJO:: election. 9." nf1.I.~m- nO'f.11" f1C,t~ ~hilA ~T fO'f.ODl.m 4) Members of the Society elected as t)oard members at fO'f1n.;. h'lit.."f fh1A"lftoT tlODli¥m- (1.1A:" any level may be re-elected at the expiry of their tenn ~11.1li itODODI.T"'"f,,~.:: .,If'1:lJO h1Y: hqA of office; provided, however, that no member could hU-itT flJOC6IiJ. tlOD'IT' n"", n+1'l:t':t''' l\.ODI.T serve for more th~mtwo successive tenns of office. h,,"fAlJO :: 12. Revocation and Recovery of Membership hqA ~..,. fOt1P1.11fl.'fli fO'f.:t'1.ilnT u-~:t' 1) MemberShip may be revoked on the' following I~" grounds: ii" h'lA~T flO'f.J1tit.'-" 9uh111'-:r:- l\.lPl.l' ,,"f"A ; (a) failure to pay the annual membership fee for v) f.f'iOD1:fh'l/'\ ~.."t-htj;! itV-f\T i'h:t'~" . two consecutive' years; 'iOD:t'T (1.*1.1' : (b) discontinuation of services for two consecutive it) h'lA ~1:f+11mitO'f1tl.;. ~., 1-1/.\"l1\4years, where membership was based on prontiPilmT' tUf~ ,,'fim- t,,1A"lit~T itu-it'-" viding services to the Society; i'h:t' :t'" 'iOD:t'T (1.*1.1'; CD"'lJO (c) contravention of the fundamental principles of tit) fO'f1fl';' C1P1P1.:t'~ ODCrr.""f Jlhq~ the society. ODtlJtr¥i& (1.1.;J1T :: 2) Membership that was revoked pursuant to subftlOD~1 OD"f!>--flODhLA CDf;lJO 'fi'* Article (1) (a) or(b) of this Article may be recovered ~" h'1~"lit"T "if.'1lf' nOD"'mA CD"'}" hhtj;lm- ;JC by paying the current memb~rship fee or by i'OD,~IfJ:~ flf~ 1ill."" Jl~ilm'-"mLtJ h1.,.Xresuming the discontinue~ services or by making donations equivalent to the fee. , 10-il h1.,.;t ii(V) CD"lJO (it) ODIPI.T fi'lPl.tI , 3) The authority to revoke membership rests with the h 'lA ~"'" " ,,;r-"A :I woreda, zonal, regional or national board as may be f." h'lA~T fO'f.lPl.tI(J}' ~11.h"lq(l-'nCD'I.J; : .lJf1 'appropriate. The procedure for appealing against a CD"lJO HhA/.\ CD~lJO' ;lflth.(."~ f1Ct- (1.1f1 decision to revoke a membership will be detennined m-tr~m-1 itO'f(1ltCDT fO'f."'Cil f."lq~ fO'f.:t'"nT in the intrrnal ~egulations of the society.
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~qA~ it;;;i.r1 0'f1~a;~'''1\~1l.. fl~~'~,Kf{"' fO'f."fitm- I1V:M"~m- m:""" .,.q~ m-Pf~ ODIPI.T

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1K"UfG'E~~4'A~2?.'J- ;J~';~ ~'I'C wi: tt)-tt I tl!iif:iji
hiJ:A'V'Il"" t'uy..,n?; '1\f.l.~~""
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G~?;~ta.:::N().3t?~.F'e~ryaD:' J9~~;-Pa~f: 9.7J -

OrganizatIon of the Society'



13. Patron of the Society fn"~ irHlet " The patron of the Society shall be th$')Fr~sident of the forfn",- fR"~ .mllet f1t...,.r-kf &..1..&~"1!Jl'fOht. . .federal pemo~ratic Republic of Ethiopia or a person, 'f1..,t.t;1:" m~IJD' OI/..,n",- Q"OI/(Do1 f\f't iTof1l\.h designated by the President, who shall extend all necesh..,n- "'Jlff.Cif hll~"1.(Do1' Y:;JiJ: 0-1\- f"t(a1'c;' sary assistance' to the Society in the atMiinment of its nih1'''' fnltm ""'Jl;f<+iJ: f"tfOl.:t":t"c;' h.,A..,ftoi: purposes, in securing wider public acceptance and in ""'Jli1~4.;f"tl..t; 11&1"-91\. tJ. T 1..1I..t;1:"'f"t(afIJD (a(Do promoting its activities. ~(ffj"; 'I: 14. Organization of the Society M..,n~hm:J»+C 1) The organization of the Society, is based on the fOl/..,n",hf.l.~~:" nh1C tt+iJ: f.l.~ tt1Y:):"1 Ii' principle of unity at the national level and structured, f"t.f/t~ (flf : hih1,.,1 ;JC ~nAT ","'t.C(l as provided in sub-articles (2) and (3) of this Article, oPJPt.:" J\')-'l"fA OV1~:t&..1..t."'ec;' hAI\'e in line with' the Country's federal and regional tt1.l.~~:+ oPlPl.:", flIltJtt1+1I1o-ll tt1+11 (I) structures with a view to facilitating closer interach.,.(Do oP IV l.:" "''P:'' c;' (f) n.,.oP It t;:A :I tion with the public at large. " 2) The so<;ietyshall have: I" OI/..,Il-r; (a) at the natioQallevel: v) Ott1Ctt+~ f.l.~ = 1) National General Assembly; Ii- m~"" .,.11,\= 2) Board; and (ICY: I I' 3) Head Office; f- 'Pc;' 1Iih'~:" 0.:" = (b) at regionaLlevel: It) nhAA f.l.~ j 1) General Assetp.bly; i- m~"" .,.fl'i. I 2) Board; and I, f1CY:.: 3) 'Regional Office f.~ 11 ih~:" 0.:",; (c) at zonal level, as may be appropriate in accOf, tit) nWi f.l.~,: dance with the structure of regional govern"






1) General Assembly; 2) Board; and 11 ih ~:,. 0.:" : f' oP) Hp.J~.t;f.l.l: 3) Zonal Office j (d) at woreda'level Ii" m~"" .,.O'i. 1) General Assembly; I- (1CY:; 2) Board; and 11ih~"" o.-r.: f' 3) W oreda Office. ~lf l.'PAI: 3) The S()ciety may l,1ave Red Cross Committees at f' ~frn",- n+oi\. f.l.~IJD ",}f."il~')1.)if f+~ Kebele lev~l as may be ne~essary. oPll+A 1'1"t1: I\.lf l.(Do~"f"A:: 15. Members of the National General Assembly I?;' fOl/..,n",- tt1C tt+CJ; m:"I\I\.,.I1'i. ttOl\-r The National General Assembly shall have the following tt1C tt+CJ; m~I\I\ "'f1'\(Do f"th.,.l\--r ttl11\-r members: ~lf"'-:t"A; 1) members of the National Board; ftt1C tt+CJ; (ICY: ttOl\-rI Ii' 2) five elected representatives from each region; h".f1.t;1~ h,AA nIJDC""1 f"tmhl\- ttIJDIl-r 3) a representative of each of the following government I' ttIJDIl-rtt Ol\-r: offices: (a) Ministry of Foreign Affairs; h"th.,.l\--r oP1"'P':t"'e oPp'~f o.-r-"f tt1.t;1Y: f' (b) Ministry of National Defence; "'mt)~: (c) Ministry of Health; v) f(Do6fl'.,..t;,e. "ttll1:C: (d) Disa~terPrevention and Preparedness CommisIt) ftt1(: oPhl\h.f "ttll1:C: ", SIOn; ch) fmS 1'n:J> "ttll1:C: (e) Security, Immigration "and R~fugee Affairs oP) fttf.;J oPhl\hAc;' 1...,:q:~-r 1'1"t7i1: Authority; IV) ff.""~-rj f1t.IJD..,1.. 7i1c;' fllf..,.'1f"f .,..t;,e. 4) a representative of the Ethiopian labour ,Unions' ItP'A 11)1:: ° Federation; !i' f1t.-rr-kf IVt..,.'1f"f OI/..,nt.-r 1'11&..1..1.. 7i1 5) a representative of the Ethiopial). Chamber of Com.,.m il,e.I



1;' ~.


,..,Y: IJDhc Il.-r .,.mil,e.=

OC .,.mil,e.= f cf>,e. oP it cf> A IV t.'" '1f'f 611.., nm~I\" ""1'i.(Do (Do/t~ oPlVl.-r f"t'Ll.oP",- /bfto"f tt '11\-r::

merce; 6) a representative of the Red 'Cross Workers' Union; 7) other members to be determined by ,the General Assembly.

1~ uJ:(tg Lf..~wA ~~~.}. .,'JILlI'+''I'{: «!}rft)-I;-r ~ 4>') IUJ:1A 'I'''''

Federal Negarit Gazeta


No.33 9th February, 1999-Page



16. Powers and Duties of the National General Assembly The National General Assembly shall be the supreme organ of the Society and shall give decisions on all matters concerning the Society. Its powers and duties include the following: 1) to elect, by secret ballot, members of the Board out i'Pt-ll M''h-.e,~¥ 6t.g; Inw- hPt+c~ nh')+Jt< of candidates from among the members of the IIi(li) h-t-oPAhi:-r hflAT oPtJhA fPC.(' hI1AT') Society referred to in Article 11 (l) recommended n9"ilm.C Y:fJ"'tff}!J' rC~T oP9" ll'; by an election committee to be established from APCJJ. hill.A1.W.') hm""A~ friLit oPoPt,1 among its members. I' 2) to give the necessary general policy guide-lines to oPilmTC; hl.~Kou-'}'" oPh:J--t-A; the Board and supervise its activities; f-' PCP,. fPt~'+COm-') f",...n-=-') fh'T'C: foPtJhl\~C; 3) to approve the short, medium and long-term work fl"{:9" 1.11.fp'&. ,,:,..('C; nlT "'11":"; programmes and budget of the Society submitted to Q' fP{1JJ.'),.. f"'{-t-~~" '1'111oPC9"~ ",W,,:,.; it by the Board; ?;. npc:JJ. f+OJt't}.' IUll+ IA-t-oPI\hi: h~-t-~C; 4) to examine and approve the reports of the Board "ilTI).~f.('''"-t-~ "";1 (lJ'T',,"f tJ"" oPC9"r: and the auditors; ",W1.:,o; 5) to examine and approve,decisions of the Board on PCJJ.' nPtf+cnw-' YPf1l oPlPlT' fhl1A~T major and urgent relief expenditures not api' propriated in the budget; htt:J'')C;fhAA' ,../o..y."f I\",~n-r 'PC; W/o.T 6) to decide upon the recommendations of the 30ard fOt.f1.C"':"') foP'P''''' oPm') oPOJt't'); as to the types of membership, the amount of ~. PCP,. nPt.f+Cnm- . YPf11 oPIPI.T h",...n-r , membership fees and contributions to be made by oPctr~"f ;1C n-t-t,oP1. oPAh~ hlf:-t-~ t't11hce regional offices to the Head office of the Society; h1Ao,I\oT I\"''''ll-t-t'tR- I\h(llh~ fh11C hl1~ 7) to decide upon the granting of honorary member~..,.') h').{o--9" f",...n-r') htt:-t-~ oitJ;~C; 7iA"'T ship and the awarding of the Society's most iL111- fPt1"TOJ'') -t-1iAOtsP"f oPOJt't'); distinguished medals and decorations to persons . ~. 1\0--1\"" qfID;rT fOt,f11\"'A f",...O-r') ".{-t-C recommended by the Board on account of their outstanding humanitarian services rendered to the t1Dt'tf9"; . public in line with the fundamental principles of the fl' hit",A'", 1I''i nOt1~nT 1.tJ. IJ-{t- ,,,,...O-r') :FC-t-C Society; hoP:"l~ 04.:'",7i7i A C; h,) .{K.(':,o 1\oP')'" rT 8) to appoint the auditor of the Society for a term of f11,h,;~.ce ",...nt...,. :FC-t-r:,.') l\oPppCoPC h+~ two years; (If'''4"A h. ').t-C:C;7iC;A Jl"7.1:C; h4..1,.~ 1f}. 9) to revise this Charter as may be necessary and -t-w-ff}I'.y. 1\ -t-** (.IJJ OJ-'1'9"(: i' Ot 7i ') ", :"l11: submit same to ICRC/Federation Joint Commisf",...n-r') htJ"..,.C; w/o..y."f hOJ:t+C .: rfAff}1C; sion for National Societies Statutes, before it is I' -t-oPilC.y.C; submitted to the Government for approval; -t-°mc: r~l"'oPl\hT lUf.tJ. IfC:-i-C: "" 10) to approve regulations prepared and submitted by -t-1I;1-"{:.y. hPCJJ. fOt+C fhAI\..:f1 Y"''''ln~tJ'''T the Board, on the basis of this Charter and "'11\ 'r') "')11 ", W,,:,011 recommendations of regions, to define the orI~' fm:"AA ""1" il11(HlsP"f ganization, powers and duties of organs and li' fh1C h+tt: m:,o"A ",'lq; il1ft't11 nfo--I\T q(IDT offices of the Society. f",...n... fnlT qon+ n-t-LKoP Oit.('il"" OJC 1.11. 17. Meetings of the General Assembly 1) The National General Assembly shall hold a w-ill' ~tJ~J;AII regular meeting every two years within six months §. hilt."'llf'i n0?1~nT 1.11.Uo,,"fm:""" "'11" (A~ after the end of the fiscal year of the Society.'t11iL1.l." ~"f"AI: 2) Extraordinary meetings may be held at any time f-' A" m:,oAA"'11ft iLmt. fOt "fl\m-; when deemed necessary. u) npcJJ. OJ"tr 3) Extraordinary meetings may be convened: 1\) hm:"~A' ""l"W- hl1A+ oPtJhA nh1.(' (a) upon th~ decision of the Board; or "il-t-~lD- .('9"W r\.mf:" ~,&II (b) at the request of one-third of the members of AA~ il,. oP1.n ~ il11 t't11 fOt"l." Q. f m :,0 oP 11'),') the General assembly. '" 4) All notices on holding a regular meeting of the fOt.foPI\hT ",C;Tm-9" ",it:J-OJctl J fPC"'C; f".{.,.~"f 111'1sP"f:h').{0--9" ",11,.m- fOt~;1"C . General Assembly, together with reports of the Board and of auditors as well as a copy of the Il:f;'" l\,f\o"f "'J4f-"f 1'C",c: it 11t't11m-' hOt~1ID agenda, shall be sent to mem1;>ers of the Assembly c:nTh').(' OJC hil+.(''l'' I\"'I1"m- hl1AT oPAh one month prior to the meeting.
f:h1C;. "~(t: m:,ot\A 1.""W- "''''H-r ') nDJ.oPI\hi: .,..J;~f fJ-l\~ fpp~l?t' ON't). f"'Ut" f",...n-r h(t:-t-~ htJA itl',) fOth-t-I\W- rAff}')C; -t-."qc: ~'i l'PA; Ii' hh'l"1= (nItJhA, t1DCtf1nOtI~N:oPlD-' hitoPt.1!'
',";,,. "

fh.,~ ~fI>,fJt If\~AI\ 1~(}'\ P'(Aff}'),C;-t-."qc:


1~ 1lY.?t?;k1..t.A '1!Jt.+dll.ifJ ~'I'C @r fl1-1;''''~ .,., l1ljl! q.,...Pederal .
"., ". -~

NegatifGazeiit'...L NO.33 9lhPebrmtry 1999--Page ..,.,975
"'. '-<"' -", '''''' '



1-q~ A'- {Hl""l f"'l.~j1CIITlD-''1-.';f"~ 11C1'C il IlcDho,.:~ODe(}T 'lit Jt'r't;t19"ilT
cf>-}J~i\.,..r:rt\'l'l1q~tD. itt1I\""h1Jt"h. lll1l1 '1/"., I"Cq,:f. .' 'f,1./.:JlA::


f m:"""~llh.


{i. ~.

fll7,.,n-t- m:"""

'''I1~ i\of1l'Ulntl7'"1n-t--r Iofl.';'}T

f,ODt.A:: .
ntttJ .fft: :Fc."c' 1t'}4'R' if} ".,.1. "11fn. ~'} l."'mncf>

., ,'i) prior to the meeting," '.", 18. Ptocedcites foEthe Meetings of the General Assembly 1) Meetings of "the General A'Ssembly shall be presided over by the Presidentoi the Society. 2) Subject to the provisions of Article 30 of this Charter:

5) All riotkes Dhrholding'an'extraordlh~ meeting of the Gen~ral Assembly and a copy ofthe agen:Hashall be sent t'6''members Ofthe'Assemb1y fifteen days

f.' ntltJ n9"i\T

hn'."": OD'lhA. h..,o,7i n"ih+:;J: ,- .
.,.'l~ f,.r~A: '.


(a) the presence of a simple majority of the. members shall constitute a qU0rum;

,(b) decisionsshall be made by a majQrityv,oteof the i
membefs presel\t at tb:e Q1ee~ing.

of.A 66j.'f,.YC;A:: n'}cf>R' ,}o-i\

O?~t\lj: f~~"mn'}<PR'

/~l. (0)


nu-t\.,.;;: !~. ?i~
r lit.

J~&\'''1'f h'}" 1-1l.f\m-nnl"t.
f+{}nltOmnll"T t\.!.t)Alj: f,1-"A:: ~'}~ 1:9"iJ 11:F nOD/.mm1-i}4; 0.,..,7-

cf>'} '1.11. (D'i\'}' t\u-t\.,.;;:


f~9"R' l1A61>1 ~l}~~,¥'} .,.W~' nll~ h.f'}~~~i:rm~I)".!
, f,If G'PA:~ ;

3)Wl\ere there is no.quon,nn as determinq. ,under, sub, Article.(2) (a)/of this/\rticle, ~ AsseJpbly shall be conyened for the second time withintifteen days. Decisions shall be made by a majority vote of such members as at the second metting. ~. are present , '. 4) Each member of the Oener'J,lAssembly shall have a , , .. .:. ~. . ! single x~te , ,



f1-II'l.lD-(D<f,f,..,.:r.C; m-ta~~1- 11'9'\~


"PO. "'''IItD- "'T't..fL.';~1:C; H";Jt1.m-f,/,,/,o,~:: ftt.,C ".,.~ flC~hll"T, ..

5) MinuJes ,of the de~iberations and decisions of the . Assembly sh,all be taken by a rapI>O.,-teur elected by the Assewhly and shall be,signed by thk President and the

'-' .





'".', .






<\ ~-.-



fo,'"In-t-,,'.,c "T~ Ji(:~ nffi:"""'1;.llftf"'l.OD/.lIl- 19. Members o/ihe National Board" I), The National Board of the Society shall, have nine flm~ "1l"-r1-If-t-;rA:: .'
.,"" . ,,\,
. , 1; ','-..' ,." .'


fo,'"In-tf,.1YC; A::'

«PC;.RdJ4. J!.~9"R' f,,!/J'.."''I' ,."IlAC; RthL


" '"

members elected by the Ge~eral 1\ssembly;. 2) The Secretary General of the Society' shall be a non" voting meinb'erand secretary of the Board.
. '


fflC~ n'I"T f".,Aoll\"T flOD'} ! : -" n",}cf>R' :(ji' n'}o-i\ ",cf>R' (9.) f"'''~~CD-.h,}1.'''mncf>

lyIf: f(ICP,. "'}')T


flOD') "'''t'T

10. Term of Office without' prejudice' to the conditions' sta'tM under subqOD;t-T Article 4 of Aftii:le 11, members of the National Board
shalr~erve fot a term of four years. 21"~Powers and Duties of the Board The Board shal1;have .nIl tIle. necessary powers for the .,' 'implementati6n Dfthe purposes of the Society, including



fflC,I',. I" A If)JC; .,...,IIC flC~fo,'"In.;.'} :PA t.\ 1-IYC;A:


t\07il/..""" fot!i\1-t\mf"'l.!m

)PAil)'} ~ft. ~tf /.'PA:: :etJ9"fot:h+It-~'}
ji. h"'."1: ~~hA: U)fo,'"In-t-'} Tt..'l--=1"",~ t\)fo,'"In-t-,}~bTA TI.-IL.';'}T ~



"')fo,'"In';.1 q:po. '}"1aD)


the following: 1) to elect, from among its Inettibers: (a) th~ Rre~Jd~t of the Society; (b) .theVice~re§identQfthe Sqci~ty; (c) the Treasurer of the Societr; .



f" ""11~~"'l.-I;9'1-1 ftl1l}fl9'~~

(d) the,chairpersons of Advisory Committees;


2) to follow up the proper implementation of the duties of

~. f.' 9.'



. -'

% f+ODt\h.,.m,
~ ., <


to}'}C~ID?"1I OOl1CjOJ';'} ""t.:n'l',t fo,1.n't-:'PC; x'/o...,. Ft. +AC;~~lf)mC; nowz..,1) ,ODh'lOJ~'} ODh;t'

fo,'"In-t-'} 'PC; Rm~ OD9'"l'1'CiOPOP1.11~ ~"L"1:,} M f,1B1lJ 1Y'f f1.1~' hIP t. f1IJflCiilT; i

the Society specified in Article 7 <)fthis Charte~; 3) to follow up and ~upefvise the proper discharge of . . ,, . activities of the Head,Office of the Society; . ,~ 1, .-' 4) to select and assign !he S~cretary.General of the society and dismis~him when he fails to properly ~ischarge his lesponsibi1iti~s;
. " ,

?;. "n~n-t-'Pc;
~"L9'"f90C6l>J. .

*/o.T {}cf>'}':r..t\tpt;CD-~th~ "'m~
u?R'f.:"; . ~ "



t9 approve the selection of,f>erson~Jo be~ssigned at the , ..
, ", " ' '




. {


" Office '" 'Head ,to posts diiec1y accountable

to the

nrY~ f r t.OD 1.(11-' I\f, , rtllJ.:tffi1 :"'} f I"~. .. . -

];. ~.

n"'(}fODm- ".\.,.c

f"'OD/.OD/.m-'}f'l.Pfl1 ~rCT

Secrefury Generat ' 6) to submit every two years to the General Assembly, financial reports audited by the appointed auditor;
'.' -". '

nfU-t\T qODT t\m:""" 1-1l'l."":"/.11;

1K' P.r(tj t..Yu&.t\ ~;M"" ;J1L1lJ <h-rCc.Qrf"'-l:""~ +, Hirjji q.,...

Federal Negarit Gazeta - No.33 9thFebruary, 1999-Page 976 7) to submit every two years to the General Assembly, for approval, the activity reports of the Society together with the work programme and budget of the Society for the following two years; to decide, between sessions of the Assembly, on matters falling under the jurisdiction of the General Assembly and submit same for approval at the next meeting; to establish, upon the recommendation of the Finance and Property Advisory Committee, reserve and other funds fo the Society, and decide on their utilization; to ensure the proper observance and implementation of the fundamental principles of the Society at all levels; to submit recommendations to the General Assembly on the types of membership, amount of membership fees and contributions to be made by regional offices to the Head Office of the Society; to decide on the requirement and utilization of foreign assistance; to authorize, when necessary and in consultation with the concerned government organs, International Red Cross and Red Crescent institutions and sister societies to undertake joint activities with the Society in Ethiopia. to nominate and submit for the approval of the General Assembly persons to be granted honorary membership; to elect, in case where persons among its members cannot complete their term in office, substitutes to serve until the next regular meeting of the General Assembly; to establish, as may be necessary, ad hoc or standing advisory committees and define their functions; to decide on the time, place and agenda of the meetings of the General Assembly; to establish external relations on behalf of the Society; to adopt its own rules of procedures; to perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the General Assembly. PART FOUR Powers and Duties of Officials of the Society 22. General Officials of the Society shall exercise their duties in accordance with the provisions of this Charter and the internal regulations and directives of the Society. Powers and Duties of the President The Preisident of the Society shall: 1) preside over meetings of the General Assembly and the Board; 2) follow up the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board; 3) decide, between sessions of the Board, on urgent matters submitted from the Head Office, and submit such decisions for approval at the next meeting of the Board.


f"''"In?'} fv.l\:" qoo:l':" fPt. "t.~~r ~;rc:"'i f"'h:l'~'} fv.l\:" qoo:l':" fPt. IJ:"~ n1::"
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16) 17) 18) 19) 20)

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f"''"In? Tl..ILJ;'}:": {i. fm:""" 1-'I'tm.'}'i f(1C1: lal1(1119'":f'}nt\..,.oo'}n c~:,. .e.oot..A: g. fm:""" 1-'I'tID-'i f(1C~ ID-lt);'9':f Pt. ".e. 00'P" ~:m''} .e.h:l''''''A: 'lIt h'P'i1D- R'!n.:,. r.' (1C~ t\.(ln(ll1 n",.e.:fAn:,. nOl/..,.cn- "itT\\.e. nlf). 1-J;f-":f ".e. ID-lt);. .e.(lIfJA; CD-lt);'9'~'}r n"'h:l'~ 1::J>A:: f(1C~ lal1(111,,:"C(1 flaK


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Federal Negarit Gazeta


No.33 9thFebruary, 1999-Page



f"'1,.,n~ 9"h-rA Tt..ll~1'}' P'AIlJ1t; .,...,l1C f"'1,.,n~ 9°h-rA T t..ll~1'}':

ji' Tt..ll~11: n"'1f,'iCn-r 'I.II. h(a.1 .,.h.,. f,lPt.A; !{. (lC)',. n.,.i\f, f"'1.()mw'1 .,...,l1C fht;ev-t;A== ~ ?;~. f"'1,.,n~ q:po. 11'f, P'AIlJ1t; '''''''1C
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i\h'" nfw:"1: t;rc.}' i\(lC~ f"'C'1A== f"'1,.,n~ 1't; Oth~ P' A1lJ1t; .,...,l1C f"'1,.,n~ 1't; Oth'" "'mt~1: ji' f"'1,.,n~1 1't; ~jn.-r f..t.A= f,~llJmt.A= !{. (UlU ;Fc.,.ct; i\(lC~ If'i: nnl\f,~-r f,oPt.A~

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i\llU :FC"'C htJ~K9° hllt.I\1. flf~-r1 fev-llT f.1(l"ft; oPoPt,f~1' i\(lC~ n"'1:"l.-f1 fllK~:PA; np' /.. I\f, ,fW'I\A= h(lC~ n"'1.(}mw. w1tf"f rr1~ hm:PI\f, "'1,.,n~1 oPoPtf f,lDhl\A; oPlPl.-r

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24. The Vice President of the Society shall.' 1) discharge the duties of the President in his absence; 2) perform duties specifically assigned to him by the Board. 25. Powers and Duties of the Treasurer The Treasurer of the Society shall: 1) chair the Finance and Property Advisory Committee of the Society; 2) submit periodical reports to the Board on the property and financial administration of the Society. 26. Powers and Duties of the Secretary General The Secretary General of the Society shall be accountable to the Board and shall: 1) direct, administer and supervise the Head Office of the Society; 2) ensure that the various activities of the Society are executed properly and in accordance with this Charter and the internal regulations and directives of the Society; 3) establish, with a view to facilitating the realization of the purposes of the Society, relations with other components of the Movement as well as other appropriate national and international organizations, provided, however, that prior approval of the Board shall be required to conclude agreements with such organizations and to undertake commitments on behalf of the Society; 4) establish ad hoc or standing committees as may be necessary, to expedite the effective discharge of his responsibilities; 5) prepare and submit to the Board plans and work programmes as well as budgets of the Society, and implement same upon approval; 6) execute decisions of the General Assembly and the Board; 7) submit, annually and where necessary periodically, financial reports of the Society to the Board; 8) prepare, in consultation with the president, the agenda of the meeting of the Board and distribute same to each member together with relevant documents; 9) select and submit to the Board for approval persons to be assigned, at the Head Office of the Society, to posts directly accountable to him; 10) attend, as may be necessary, in person or through a representative the meetings of the advisory committees of the Society. 11) employ, administer and dismiss the personnel of the Head/Office of the Society; 12) submit to the Board for approval internal regulations and directives necessary for effect~ye/implementation of this Charter, and implenfent same upon approval; I 13) represent, in accordance with general directi¥es of the Board, the Society in its de~lings with third parties; . 14) perform such other duties as may be assigned to him
\ by the Board.


ur{t~ ~Y..t-(A ~;J~.}-;Jll.lfJ <h1'Cr!Jr ft]i:+ 1"" lUrU '-9'"htt:A h9"hT
ht\".,.., n~ ., ns 011'"t\ 1ifil.p1"f

Federal Negarit Gazeta - No.33

9thFebruary, 1999-Page 978

PART FIVE Income and Financial f~..,-n Reports of the Society tJ?;- fOY..,n~ f.,n. 9"1P""f 27. Sources of Income OY..,n~f"thTt\-T f.,n. 9"1P""f f,fj~;J-A; The Society shall have the following sources of income: Ii- hhtlA ~T hCj;.r: 1) membership fees; ~- hw.e:h: hh(O;J- 'hCi h6e:J;;J- h"t.,~ "'H-nCi 2) money and property acquired through inheritance, 1-n~T: donations and assistance; r.- hA~ A~ f.,n. OYh"~ T~..,t-'I""f: 3) proceeds from income-generating programmes: 9.- h0ll1"'''''T h"t(}q- 1Il~I\I\ wf,9" fTC'..,t-9'" 4) general or programme subsidy from the GovernY:""'OY: ment; 5) income from ambulance and other services; ?;- hh9"''''I\1hCi ht\.t\.."f h.,A..,,,,,.,."ft 6) other sources. 1; h t\.t\.."f f., n. 9"'1P""f:= foy..,tI~ ftl~T 'OIIT 28. Fiscal Year tJ~The fiscal ye3f of the Society shall commence on the 1st foy..,tI~ ftl~T 'OIIT hth9"'t\. Ii +1 ~9"'~ 'hhh"t+ day of Hamle and shall end on the 30th day of Sene of q-t\w. 'OIIT (}~ r!J+1 f,tfCiAu the following year. h+t.~-n tJ'i- ht\'OII;J-'e f'l."'''' OII..,t\iiIiA 29. Annual Financial Reports 1) Audited financial report of the Society shall be Ii" ftl~T '0IIi: hTlIlCi++ tI~I\ 'hhh i wc Y:lh submitted to the Board within a period of six tlltJlTC fT~;J"lIl f~"'-n ~;rCT t\{1C.4. months following the end of each fiscal year. f,+Ct}A== 2) The audited financial reports shall be submitted ~- tlfo.t\T '0IIi: tlltJlTC fT~;J"lIl f~"'''' ~;rCT every two years to the General Assembly. t\1Il~I\I\ ",t}'tw. f,+Ct}A:= hCj;A hY:hT
r!J- f:FCT~ A ~ A ~ Y:1 ;J1.p1"f 011 if if A


f,tJ :FCTe: hV.,t.'e 1Il~I\I\ ",t}'\ ht}I\T o.t\T "hT~W. T"~TW. h.LtJ w.hq- o.t\T "hT~W. f-th",""'n"" y..,... t\0II1"'''''T +CP ft.L+Y: t\.ififA f,"fl\AI' r!J1i- fOll1i;J.,~.r Y:1;J1.
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Y.~'" Y:~h tI"..t- I\f, .rt\- fOY..,n~ ".. t'Tw.1 f,+q-I\ t\-:= r!J~- fw.hq- 1.1... fOYW.tlJT "..AtlJ1



t1ILtJ :Fe:Te: tlt\.t\.."f h1+1-"f fTY.~""'T 'h1Y.TlIlnch tf~w. PC.c;.. t\'LtJ :FeTe hL~~9'" hhLI\1. ftf~T1 fw.hq- Y.1P"f t\OYW.tlJT f,"fl\A:= r!Jr.- fTif ~ J1..,


tl0II1"'''''T 9"'hc t1.T A~ Y:1;J1. chq-c tJ'lillifitl fTifif t\w. foy..,tI~ :FeTc T7i~ ntLtJ :FeTc TTh;l: A:=
r!J!l:FCT~ f,tfCi All f"t~CitlT 1.11.


f,tJ :FCTC hft}-f:T

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PART SIX Miscellaneous Provisions Revision of the Charter This Charter may be amended upon approval by the Government of the recommendations of the National General Assembly by a two-thirds majority vote passed in a meeting in which at least two-third of the members are present. Transitory provisions Officials of the Society shall continue to serve until new elections and assignements are made in accordance with this Charter. Power to issue Internal Regulations Without prejudice to other provisions of this Charter, the Board may issue internal regulations and directives necessary for the proper implementation of this Charter. Repeal The Revised Charter of the Society granted under the Council of State Special Decree No. 21/1990 is hereby repealed and replaced by this Charter. Effective Date This Charter shall come into force as of the 9thday of February, 1999. Done at Addis Ababa, this 9thday of February, 1999. NEGASO GIDADA (DR.) PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA

hJlh htltl ft}-f:T

I +1 Iinli '-9'"

?Ie ~;J(a1.J;J; f~ Tf'k J' 4f..1..t-I\'e Jl 'l"ht.ft.J''e ~T-nt\.h T I..ILJ;1T