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Levitate Water Harry Potter Style - No Wand Or Spell Needed! The fact that J.K.

Rowling's vivid imagination conveyed so brilliantly in the Harry Potter series of books has been a big hit with kids and adults all over the world, is a well-known fact. But what is not as well publicized is the effect it has had on inspiring scientists. First there is the ongoing quest to create an invisibility cloak and now, levitating water droplets! However, the amazing feat achieved by a team of researchers led by physicist Chris Benmore at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, does not use spells or wands to get the water droplets to float around in the air. Instead, it does its magic with the help of soundwaves. In order to try suspend the water in thin air, the team began with an acoustic levitator. Developed by NASA to mimic microgravity conditions, the device comprises of two small speakers that sit atop each other and are used to generate soundwaves of about 22 kilohertz or slightly above the audible range for humans. When the frequencies are aligned correctly, they create two sets of soundwaves that perfectly interfere with each other and produce what scientists refer to as a standing wave. The pressure caused by these two counteracting waves is so high that it cancels the effect of gravity, allowing very light objects like water to levitate if, placed precisely at the right point within the wave. Though it may appear that the scientists were simply trying to outdo the young wizard, their reason for creating the levitating liquid is for a much bigger purpose - To help pharmaceutical companies make more effective drugs with fewer side effects. Medicine can be divided into two categories - Amorphous or crystalline. The former are preferable because they have a higher bioavailability, which means that the body is able to absorb them faster and hence requires a smaller dose. However, they are also very difficult to produce. That's because as soon as the pharmaceutical liquid solution touches the bottom of the container it is placed in, it tends to solidify into a crystalline state, which happens to be hard and more difficult for the body to absorb. This however is almost impossible to avoid and is the reason that most current pills contain more medicine than is necessary or good for the patient. If the pharmacists can start levitating their solutions, they will not touch any solid material allowing the water to evaporate gradually and solidify the medicine into a coveted amorphous drug. Of course, this current method allows for only very small amounts of drugs to be produced. However, the scientists who are already talking to drug manufacturers, are hoping that with further research and improvement in technique, making drugs by levitating liquids 'Harry Potter' style, may become a reality! 'Master The Force' To Explode Watermelons! How often have you wished you could be like Luke Skywalker and master the 'force' of your mind to make things happen. Now thanks to two Louisville residents your wish may be granted. The only difference? Instead of being able to lift ships from murky swamps, you will have the power to explode watermelons! Brad and Chris who are members of Kentucky-based hackerspace LVL1, an open community where engineers, scientists, educators and artists come together to create fun projects, began with a Star Wars Force Trainer. Based on technology that has been used by heart specialists for many years, the toy comprises of a wireless headset and a 10-inch tall clear plastic tower with a ping-pong ball inside. When the player puts on the headset that is programmed to read brain activity and focuses intently on the ball, it activates a training remote situated at the base of the tower which in turn, creates a flow of air that helps the ball rise within the tower. The two tweaked the toy such that instead of connecting to a fan, it was linked to an air compressor that was monitored by an Arduino-based electronic device capable of sensing the concentration of the person attempting to explode the melon. When the signals reached an acceptable level the device activated the compressor, which released a burst of air, powerful enough to shred the watermelon to pieces. The 'Mind over Melon' project was demonstrated at an art and science festival held in Clermont, Kentucky on August 25th where some lucky people got to test their concentration levels. Unfortunately, the two have no plans to turn their brilliant invention into a commercial toy. Craig is just happy to have fulfilled his lifelong dream of being able to explode an object, using the power of his mind!

it provided a great alternative for people whose only source of light is kerosene lamps that generate fumes that are toxic to both humans and the environment. tested by delighted kids at the 2010 World Cup Soccer Championships held in South Africa. donate one to a country in but it has today also become the passion and life goal of these two young women. that they plan to develop. The company is also hoping that people not only buy one for themselves but also. the perfect conduit!Not only did this brilliant idea win the professor's approval. a water purifier and even an emergency cell phone charger. who used to play three sports in high school had what she calls the 'aha' moment . while Nigerian-born Jessica knew about them first hand.On September 22nd.Julia Silverman and Jessica Mathews decided to give it try. That's when Julia. the Soccket had the capacity to store enough energy to power up an LED lamp for three hours following just 30 minutes of play. Now two Harvard alums have figured out how to capture this energy and convert it into electricity . . soccer seemed to be the natural sport of choice and the ball.Once the Soccket is successful. they all have access to a source of energy that is currently being wasted ." To read more about the company or order/donate a ball.One that is six to seven times more energy efficient than the current prototype and has the capacity to store enough energy to power a reading lamp. After their first idea of improving medical record-keeping in third world countries was nixed by the professor. like electricity. their second version. While this may not seem much. Having spent the previous summer researching diseases in Tanzania and South Africa. The best news is that for $60 USD apiece (includes LED lamp). While their first prototype comprised of sticking a shake-to-charge flashlight inside a hamster ball and kicking it around to see if the flashlight would pick up the charge. Two Liberal Arts majors ."Just because we get older doesn't mean we have to stop playing.The company is not done with the development yet . they have many similar ideas combining fun and function. And the young entrepreneurs are not done yet .Access to cheap electricity was something that came to mind right away. it will be available to anyone who wants it. and just because we need important things in our life. because it required the involvement of bureaucratic government officials. Just five ounces heavier that a regulation soccer ball.Need Electricity? Play A Game Of Soccer! Though 25% of the world's population may not have access to electricity. doesn't mean that we have to be serious when we do it.What if they were able to capture some of the energy that generates when playing sports and convert it into electricity? Given its popularity among both young and old in all the African countries she and Jessica had visited. was a little more sophisticated. It was therefore only natural that both wanted to do something to help ease the situation. they will release the first mass-produced Soccket . check out: unchartedplay. a non-profit company dedicated to improving the lives of the underprivileged in third world countries. Julia had become aware of the issues faced by the poor in these countries. As Silverman succinctly puts it ..The only equipment needed? A Soccket soccer ball and the desire to have some fun! The story behind this amazing invention began in 2008 at an unusual undergraduate engineering class where non engineers are challenged to blend art and science and come up with a practical solution to help the world. who upon graduation founded Uncharted Play Inc. the duo scurried back to brainstorm about other issues they could help tackle .Kinetic energy released by their bodies when they exert themselves.

Now thanks to the efforts of Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata and Roboticist Watara Yoshizaki. to feed. It's state-of-the art software system called V-Sido. Native to Tanzania. remotely with a smart-phone or with the help of a master-slave system. At night or in situations where it perceives danger. the lizard changes to a deep brown.000 feet.Fly over the Austrian Alps at an altitude of 13. While these gorgeous lizards do make great pets and are popular in certain parts of Europe especially Britain. this lucky reptile does not need to depend on any kind of fake attire . Kuratas that derives its energy from diesel fuel can be driven around town in a low stealth mode or stretched out tall Intimidating everyone around. as well as. the daredevils agreed that while scary at times. berries and sometimes even the eggs of smaller lizards. who guided them so close to the planes that they were able to make eye contact with the pilots. a team of skydivers pulled off a stunt that has never been done before . Kogoro Kurata insists that Kuratas is just a work of art and not available to consumers. the guns can be triggered with a mere smile or giggle! Though Mr.But it sure seems plausible. can scale walls quite rapidly.000 BB pellets per minute. in order to survive. The five wingsuit divers who are part of the Red Bull Skydive team were led by their leader Paul Steiner. .But even seeing one of these walking around would be pretty cool wouldn't it? Move Over Spiderman. What's cool is that if caught at the right moment. doesn't it? Video Of The Week .35million USD for a toy deemed unsafe for the road by its creator. Female Agama lizards do not have the same capabilities . no robot is complete without some kind of weaponry arsenal . Here Comes Spiderlizard! (VIDEO) Following the recent release and success of The Amazing Spiderman. so that it can easily camouflage itself in the natural surroundings. we are probably not likely to see this lumbering giant invading our cities anytime soon . seeds. from where they emerge periodically. it had been one of the best experiences of their lives. Following the historical flight.Man And Machine Fly Side By Side Last week. However. the Kuratas does not disappoint. The male Mwanza Flat Headed Agama lizard sports the exact color mix as Spidey . alongside two engine-less gliders. allows it to be operated in one of three ways .Their coloring remains just plain brown. As to whether the reptile species was the inspiration behind the creation of our favorite superhero? That's a question only his creator Steven Ditko can answer . Rwanda and Kenya. However. appears to be taking orders and even encouraging potential buyers to customize their Kuratas robot. stores are over-flowing with all kinds of red and blue superhero costumes. In the lizard's case it happens to be the sun's heat that brings out its superhero colors. However. The omnivoresthat can grow up to a foot long. with a base price of $1. they have been able to adapt to the loss of their habitat and can now be found inside thatched roof huts and other small spaces.Imagine Roaming The Streets Inside This Gigantic Mechanized Robot Cruising around town in a giant mechanized robot suit is something every kid (and most adults) dream about .By a driver physically sitting inside the sophisticated cockpit.A bright red head and torso and a beautiful blue body.With a launcher that fires water balloons on demand and two Gatling guns capable of firing up to 6. whereby the giant mimics the moves made by a much smaller hand-held model manipulated from the outside. with a top speed of 10km/hr the lumbering giant is not for people trying to get places in a hurry. the Suidobashi Heavy industry website where the robot was built. dine on insects like locusts and crickets. Just like the superhero it changes its attire depending on the situation. the reptiles can life for up to 15 years in the wild. What's even cooler is that once the target has been locked in.900 pounds. They are fast runners and just like the superhero. their wishes have come true. they even pose like him. the Kuratas Robot is 13 feet tall and weighs 9. Unveiled on July 29th at Tokyo's biannual Wonder Fest. And of course. they need to be kept in a special temperature controlled environment and fed a balanced diet of the insects they are accustomed to in their natural African habitat. Though the lizards originally resided in the forests and African bush.It is naturally born with an uncanny resemblance to Spiderman.