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The Garden Experience Adam was the type of God, Eve was the type of Adam, as Adam and

Eve had relations to bring forth children as they were commanded to be FRUITFUL and multiply. So Lets see as the Word of God being the commandments of stone became a deceiving serpent as like unto the male whose serpent hangs on His Tree with the two stones, then we have the Eve as to the Flesh believing the Serpent by granting it access into her passage way which is the hidden pot of manna that would receive the Seed of the Man. As Eve had done this the she veiled the Seed of God within her and when you veil the Seed of God it causes the flesh to become out of proportion and spiritually causes a great concupiscence and a battle begins to rage within the woman as the Thunders begin to sound. a natural Thunderstorm is a type of what is taking place spiritually within the physical temple of the Outer Eve and the Inward Adam. let me make this Eve as to any woman, receives the seed of her husband, the this causes her to conceive and thus a time of tribulation begins with her. Now that is simple. Now see the exact thing spiritually, as Eve received the mind of her husband it caused within her all manner of concupiscence and began a warfare or a battle in her mind. Her mind being the opposite of her husband Adam caused this as Adam had the Mind of Good and she received it into her heart it revealed to her her own mind as a lesser mind and she automatically by her own nature, as we all do she began to reason this mind she had partook of, the same way we all do. Now see it like this we as humans do the exact same thing when God who is the True Adam speaks to us and commands us to not lean to our own understanding we begin automatically to reason against this commandment as Paul said He did and that when the laws and Commandments and Word of God came to Him it revealed to Him all manner of concupiscence and reasoning and it revealed to Him His own carnal mind and it revealed Sin and brought condemnation and it killed His Faith and the Word of God said to Eve the day you eat of the fruit of your own thoughts you will die, because it is too great for you Eve, yet I am God and I know that by me simply saying this to you is causing you to be curious beyond measure and you are reasoning within yourself already the WHY of what you think this Tree really is because you are not capable of obeying me and I as God know this and I know by me speaking this too you is what will cause you to come and let curiosity rto get the best of you and you will come and partake of this very tree I am telling you not too so you will see me as deceiving you, yet I am not but your own mind is deceiving you by your own reasoning which is lust and you will FALL right into my plan to come and eat of this tree because that is what I want you to do, then you will be guilty of Sin yet because I am God and I know this was my Plan and I knew what my words would cause you to do and I knew what manner of concupiscence in you it would bring, I did not lay the Sins to your charge because it was Me, God working all things after the counsel of my own Will and I will come in the likeness of you Eve as a man named Jesus and I will pay for the Sins you di fulfilling my plans from the beginning. Oh praise God!!!