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April, 2013 Ph Phone/Fax No. 011-23710231
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh
Vol.XVX1-1V Editor: S.K. Mishra Annual Sub: Rs. 100/-
Journal of the Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation
T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110 001
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
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Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
No. 113-02/2001-SB Dated: 26-02-2013
Enhancement of limit for verification of
withdrawals from savings Accounts made
at Extra Departmental Sub/Branch and
Post offices single handed Post Offices-
regarding .
The undersigned is directed to say that
as rule 85 POSB Manual Vol.-I, withdrawal of
Rs. 5000/- as above in Savings Accounts standing
at EDSOs/BOs and single handed SOs are to be
verified by the Sub Divisional Inspectors / ASPs
or PRI (P) s by contacting the depositor in order
to ensure that withdrawals are genuine. The limit
of Rs. 5000/- was fixed vide this office SB order
No. 02/2002 dated 11-02-2002. In the recent past
various unions have requested to enhance this
limit on the ground that rupee has devaluated since
the year 2002 and limit of withdrawal by GDS BPM
has been raised from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 5000/-
due to which, number of such withdrawals have
increased considerably .
2. The matter has been considered and it has
been decided to enhance the present limit of Rs.
5000/- to Rs. 10,000/- w.e.f. 01-03-2013.
3. It is requested to circulate this order to All Heads
of Post Offices and All Administrative offices for
information and necessary guidance of staff.
4. This issues with the approval of Member
Clarification by CBDT on fixation of
pay of Direct recruit vs promotee
consequent upon 6th Pay
Commission recommendation in
cadres of Inspector/P.A.s
ICADR Building. Plot No. 6, Vasant Kunj
Institutional Area Phase-II
F. NoI75/9/2010-11/3740 Dt. 20/22-2-2013
Sub: Fixation of Pay consequent upon 6th
Pay commission Recommendations in cadres
ofInspectors/P.As Administrative Officers. reg.
2. The matter was referred to Department of
Expenditure who have now conveyed their final
advice as under-
Accordingly, Department of Revenue is informed
that the fixation of pay as on 1.1.2006 is to be
done only with reference to the actual pay scale
of Rs. 6500-10500 and pay in the pay band so
fixed will be the revised pay and thereafter, the
Grade pay of Rs. 4600/.now admissible in the
revised structure will he paid. In case there is
anomaly whereby a senior promote officer draws
less pay than the Minimum Entry pay of DRs who
has joined after 01.01.2006, then the stepping up
of pay senior promote may be considered at par
with the pay of the junior DR appointed on or after
01.01.2006, subject to the following conditions:-
a Stepping up of the pay of seniors can be claimed
only if in these cadres there is an element of direct
recruitment and in cases where a direct recruited
junior appointed on or after 01.01.2006 is actually
drawing more basic pay than the seniors. In such
cases, the basic pay of the seniors will be stepped
up with reference to the pay of the directly
recruited junior provided they belong to the same
seniority list for all purposes.
b. Government servants cannot claim stepping up
of their revised basic pay with reference to the
entry pay in the revised structure for direct recruits
appointed or after 01.01,2006, as lain down in
section 11 of part A of the first schedule to the
CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, if their cadre does not
have in element of direct recruitment or in cases
where no junior is drawing basic pay higher than
c. Stepping up of pay of the seniors shall not be
applicable in cases where direct recruits have been
granted advance increments at the time of
Overpayment over and above this will have to be
recovered in an administratively suitably way.
3. In pursuance to the final advice given by
Department of Expenditure it is directed that pay
fixation of the Inspectors/PAs/AOs in the Sixth
CPC revised pay scales should be done w.r.t. the
pre revised scales of Rs.6500-10500 along with
Grade Pay of Rs.4600 with stepping up being
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
resorted to whenever applicable as advised by
4. In so far as the issue of recovery of excess
payments already made in deserving cases, it is
clarified that such excess payments already made
can be waived as per provision of Rule 17 of the
DFPRs. Under certain specific circumstances all
the CCIT(CCAs) may accordingly a analyse all
the cases in which recoveries are to be made and
refer the deserving cases for further necessary
action under Rule V of the DFPRs to the Board.
The cases should be referred to the DIT(B&E)
under DIGIT (Logistics) as separate budget will
need to be provided for the proposed remissions
and the matter will need to be taken up first with
the IFU before it is sent to the DOE.
No. 13026/3/2012-Estt. (Leave) Dated: 28-03-13
Consolidated instructions relating to action
warranted against Government servants
remaining away from duty without
authorization / grant of leave- Rule position.
The undersigned is directed to say that
various references are being received from
Ministries / Departments seeking advice / post
facto regularization of unauthorized absence. It
has been observed that due seriousness is not
being accorded by the administrative authorities
to the various rule provisions, inter alia under the
CCS (Leave) Rules 1972, for taking immediate
and appropriate action against Government
servants staying away from duty without prior
section of leave or overstaying the periods of
sectioned leave. It is reiterated that such absence
is unauthorized and warrants prompt and stringent
action as per rules. It has been observed that
concerned administrative authorities do not follow
the prescribed procedure for dealing with such
unauthorized absence.
2. In view of this, attention of all Ministries/
Department is invited to the various provisions of
the relevant rules, as indicated in the following
paragraphs for strict adherence in situations of
unauthorized absence of Government servants. It
is also suggested that these provisions may b e
brought to the notice of all the employees so as
to highlight the consequence which may visit if a
Govt. servant is on un-authorized absence. The
present OM intends to provide ready reference
pints in respect of the relevant provisions; hence
it is advised that the relevant rules, as are being
cited below, are referred to by the competent
authori ti es for appropri ate and j udi ci ous
application. The relevant provisions which may be
kept in mind while considering such cases are
indicated as follow:
(a) Proviso to FR 17 (1)
The said provision stipulates that an officer
who is absent from duty without any authority shall
not be entitled to any pay and allowance during
the period of such absence.
(b) FR 17 -A
The said provision inter alia provides that
where an individual employee remains absent
unauthorized or deserts the post, the period of
such absence shall be seemed to cause an
interruption or break in service of the employee,
unless otherwise decided by the competent
authority for the purpose of leave travel concession
and eligibility of appearing in departmental
examinations, for which a minimum period of
service is required.
(c) Rule 25 of the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972
The said provision addresses the situation
where an employee overstays beyond the
sanctioned leave of the kind due and admissible,
and the competent authority has not approved
such extension. The consequences that flow from
such refusal of extension of leave include that :
(i) the Government servant shall not be entitled to
any leave salary for such absence;
(ii) the period shall be defied against his leave
account as though it were half pay leave to the
extend such leave is due, the period in excess of
such leave due being treated as extraordinary
(iii) Willful absence from duty after the expiry of
leave renders a Government servant liable to
disciplinary action.
With respect to (iii) above, it may be
stated that all Ministries/ Departments are
requested to ensure that i n al l cases of
unauthorized absence by a Govt. servant, he
should be informed of the consequences of such
absence and be di rected to rej oi n duty
immediately/ within a specified period, say within
three days, failing which he would be liable for
disciplinary action under CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965.
It may be stressed that a Govt. servant who
remains absent without any authority should be
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
proceeded against immediately and this should not
be put off till the absence exceeds the limit prescribed
under he various provisions of CCS (Leave) Rules,
1972 and the di sci pl i nary cases shoul d be
conducted and concluded as quickly as possible.
(d) Rule 32 (6) of the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972
This provision allows the authority competent to grant
leave, to commute retrospectively periods of absence
without leave into extraordinary leave under Rule 32
(6) of CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972. A similar provision
also exists under Rule 27 (2) of the CCS (Pension)
Rules 1972. It may please be ensured that discretion
al l owed under these provi si ons i s exerci sed
judiciously, keeping in view the circumstances and
merits of each individual case. The period of
absence so regularized by grant of extra ordinary
leave shall normally not count for the purpose of
increments and for the said purpose it shall be
regulated by provisions of FR 26 (b) (ii).
3. All Ministries / Departments should initiate
appropriate action against delinquent Government
servant as per rules.
No. 1/44/2009-IR Dated the 22th March, 2013
Electronic Indian Postal Order launching of.
On the initiative of Department of Personnel
and Training, Department of Posts has launched a
service called eIPO (Electronic Indian Postal Order)
w.e.f. 22.03.2013. This is a facility to purchase an
Indian Postal Order electronically by paying a fee
on-line through e-Post Office Portal i.e. http:// It can also be accessed
through India Post website .
As per RTI Rules, 2012, fees may be paid by
electronic means, if facility for receiving fees through
el ectroni c means i s avai l abl e wi th the publ i c
2. At present, this facility is provided only for Indian
Citizens abroad across the globe to facilitate them
to seek information from the Central Public
Information Officers (CPIOs) under the RTI Act,
2005, Debit and Credit cards can be used to
purchase eIPO.
3. The user needs to get himself registered at
the website. He has to select the Ministry/
Department from whom he desires to seek the
information under the RTI Act and the eIPO so
generated can be used to seek information from
that Ministry/Department only. A printout of the
eIPO is required to be attached with the
RTI application. If the RTI application is being filed
electronically, eIPO is required to be attached as
an attachment. 4. It may be noted that this facility
is only for purchasing an Indian Postal Order
electronically. All the requirements for filing an
RTI application as well as other provisions
regarding eligibility, time limit, exemptions etc.,
as provided in the RTI Act, 2005 will continue
to apply. 5. An eIPO generated must be
used only once with an RTI application. To check
any multiple use of the same eIPO, the CPIOs
shall maintain a record of the eIPOs so received
from Indian Citizens abroad. In case of any doubt,
the details of eIPO can be verified from the above
mentioned site/portal of India Post.
No: S.1l030/55/2012-CGHS(P) Dt. 26-03- 2013
Subject: Revised Timings for CGHS
wellness Centres.
The undersigned is directed to refer to the OM
of even no. dated 20th December, 2012 Vide
which the new timings of 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM in
the CGHS Wellness Centres in Delhi NCR were
enforced w.e.f. lst January, 2013. The Ministry has
received suggestions from different sections of
CGHS beneficiaries in this regard and after due
consideration of the same, it has been decided to
further revi se the ti mi ngs of CGHS
Wellness Centres from the current timings of 9.00
AM to 4.00 PM to therevised timings of 8.00 AM
to 3.00 PM as per the following details:
1. The CGHS Wellness Centres will be
functional from 8.00 AM to 3.00 PM.
2.The Wellness Centres will observe a lunch
break of 30 minutes from 1.00 PM to 1.30 PM.
3. The six dispensaries in New Delhi working
round the clock will not be covered under
the revisedtimings and they will continue to
function in shifts as usual.
4. The new timings will be applicable to all CGHS
Wellness Centres in all CGHS cities across the
5. The new timings would also apply to the AYUSH
dispensaries /units under CGHS all over the
6. The new timings will be effective from 1st April,
This issues with the approval of Minister of Health
and Family Welfare.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
Post Offices in the country and closure/
opening of post office in recent years
ANSWERED ON 27.02.2013
(a): Circle-wise number of Post Offices in the
country (as on 31.3.2012) is at Annexure-I.
Circles Total No. of Post Offices
1 Andhra Pradesh 16141
2 Assam 4007
3 Bihar 9057
4 Chhattisgarh 3127
5 Delhi 576
6 Gujarat 8979
7 Haryana 2664
8 Himachal Pradesh 2778
9 Jammu & Kashmir 1695
10 Jharkhand 3095
11 Karnataka 9703
12 Kerala 5068
13 Madhya Pradesh 8314
14 Maharashtra 12858
15 North East 2912
16 Orissa 8163
17 Punjab 3849
18 Rajasthan 10324
19 Tamil Nadu 12064
20 Uttar Pradesh 17668
21 Uttarakhand 2718
22 West Bengal 9062
Total 154822
(b): Circle-wise number of Post Offices closed
down during 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 & 2012-
13 is at Annexure-II.
Sl. Circles 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
(as on 20.2.2013)
1 . A.P. 4 0 0 0
2 . Assam 2 0 2 0
3. Bihar 2 0 0 0
4. 36 garh 2 0 0 0
5. Delhi 0 0 0 0
6. Guj. 0 0 1 1
7. Haryana 0 0 1 2
8. H. P. 1 0 0 0
9. J. & K. 0 0 1 0
10.Jharkhand 0 0 0 1
11. Karnataka 0 0 67 16
12. Kerala 0 0 7 2
13. M.P. 0 0 0 0
14 .Mah. 1 0 0 0
15. N. E. 0 0 5 3
16. Orissa 0 2 0 0
17. Punjab 0 0 7 0
18. Raj. 0 0 0 0
19. T. N. 0 0 1 0
20. U.P. 2 0 0 1
21. U.khand 0 0 0 0
22. W. B. 0 0 0 0
Total 14 2 92 26
(c): Circle-wise number of Post Offices proposed
to be opened by redeployment & relocation in the
country during the current financial year 2012-13
Sl. No. Circles No. of Post Offices
1 Andhra Pradesh 8
2 Assam 6
3 Bihar 4
4 Chhattisgarh 6
5 Delhi 4
6 Gujarat 7
7 Haryana 8
8 Himachal Pradesh 4
9 Jammu & Kashmir 2
10 Jharkhand 5
11 Karnataka 7
12 Kerala 5
13 Madhya Pradesh 6
14 Maharashtra 9
15 North East 9
16 Orissa 6
17 Punjab 5
18 Rajasthan 6
19 Tamil Nadu 7
20 Uttar Pradesh 8
21 Uttarakhand 4
22 West Bengal 4
Total 130
(d) & (e): The Department of Posts has been
providing Railway Passenger Reservation
(booking/ cancellation) facility through Post
Offices in association with Ministry of
Railways since 2007. As on 31st December,
2012 this service was being offered through
220 Post Offices.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
No. 10(1)/2/IT/2012 Dated: 19-02-2013
Sub: Letter dated 29-01-2013 from Smt.
Darshana Jardosh , M.P. Lok Sabha forward-
ing the representaton of Shri Irshad Shaikh,
General Secretary , BPEA Gr. 'C' New Delhi
and Shri V.D. Mulay, Circle Secretary BPEA
Gr. 'C' of Maharashtra Circle.
The undersigned is directed to forward
herewith a copy of the letter dated 29-01-2013
received from Smt. Darshana Jardosh, M.P. Lok
Sabha and a Member of the Standing Committee
on Information Technology addressed to the Prime
Minister, Govt. of India and a copy endorsed to
Hon'ble Chariman, Standing Committee on Infor-
mation Technology forwarding the representations
of Shri Irshad Shaikh , General Secretary, BPEA,
Gr. C , New Delhi and Shri V.D. Mulay , Circle
Secretary, BPEA Gr. 'C' of Maharashtra Circle
containing ' CHARTER OF DEMANDS' of the
TION . The letter is self -explanatory.
2. The Ministry of Communications and Informa-
tion Technology (Department of Posts) are
requestd to furnish their point -wise comments
on the representatons for placing befor ethe
Hon'ble Chairman, Standing Committee on Infor-
mation Technology.
3. Receipt of this O.M. may please be acknowl-
Encl. as above:
Ministry of Communications and Information Tech-
nology (Department of Posts) ( Smt. Manjula
Prasher - Secretary) Govt. of India , Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi- 110 001
Copy forwarded for information to Smt. Darshana
Jardosh, M.P. Lok Sabha , 59, South Avenue, New
+rrtat zr nrtt nrr=rr q nnrt-zn
vtnat zrrr tzrrr, =r=z (r =+rr r
fzr s= nnrt-zn r =r=z nrrzr t nrt
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+rrta =trt r fzr s= nnrt-zn r nrt
vt f f= t =f (zr f+rrn r
at-a r z fq +rr
Dated: 22 Feb. 2013
Dear Smt. Jardosh Ji,
I acknowledge the receipt of your letter
dated January, 29 2013 regarding representation
of Bharatiya Postal Employees Federaton New
Delhi for settlement fo their demands.
With regards,
Yours sincreily,
( Kapil Sibal )
Smt. Darshana Jardosh
Member of Parliament (LS),
59, South Avenue,
New Delhi-110 001
Copy to :
1. Secretary (Posts) : Letter received from Smt.
Darshana Jardosh, Member of Parliament , is for-
warded herewith , with a request to examine the
matter urgently and put up a draft reply for kind
consideration of Hon'ble MOS (C &IT) (Dr. KK).
2. Smt. Darshana Jardosh, Member of Parlia-
( Ranjan Khanna)
r rr z
The Federation has designed a new Website Every information will
be published timely in it . Every Divisional
Secretary/ Circle Secretary / All India Union are
requested to inform timely the list of Election
and other activities along with photo and forward
it to Premchand Office Secretary, BPEF E-mail
: The address of
WEBSITE may be given to more & more
employees with instruction to visit it daily. It is
also requested to forward E-mail addresses of
members to Federation so that information in this
format can be furnished to them.
- Secretary General, BPEF
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
No. 1-01/2009-WL/Sports(Vol-II) Dt. 19-03-2013
11th meeting of Postal Services Staff Welfare Board (PSSWB) held on 16-05-2012-
I am directed to inform you that in the 11th meeting of Postal Services Staff Welfare Board
held on 16-05-2012 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Minister of State for Communicaton & IT the
following decisions have been taken which are conveyed as under -
(i) Item No. 2- Timely allotment of Funds under Welfare :
It was decided to release funds on priority to those Circles whose accounts duly audited by
P&T Audit are received in time. In the case of Circles , which delay submission of duly aduited
accounts by P&T Audit, funds , will be released in the second installment.
(ii) Item No. 3 - Enhancement of powers of grant of financial assistance in case of
prolonged illnes/ major surgical operations:
The matter regarding enhancement of powers of Heads of Circles for grant of financial assis-
tance in case of prolonged illness/majot surgical operations to postal employees/ Gramin Dak Sewaks
/ Full time and part time casual labourers was discussed. in this regard the matter has been dicided as
(a) In case of Gramin Dak Sevaks , the limit of Rs. 5000/- which is being observed for grant of financial
Assistance for prolonged illness/ major surgical opoerations circulated vide this office Letter No. 19-3/
2010-WL/Sports dated 13-01-2011 has now been raised and the competent authority is pleased to
enhance the same to Rs. 10000/-.
(b) All the cases for grant for financial assistance under this category applicable to both regular em-
ployees as well as GDSs, will be considered by a Circle level Committee the compositon of which wil
be as under :-
Chief PMG -Chairman
DPS (HQ) -Member-I
DAP - Member-II
(iii) Item No. 4- Enhancement of immediate death relief: -
The matter regarding enhancement of immediate death relief to the family/ dependents on the
death of postal employees and Gramin Dak Sewaks/ Full time and part time casual labourers was
considered . In this regard a reference is invited to this office letter No. 1-3/99-WL/Spt dated 01-06-
2000 vide which grant of financial assistance in case of death under various circumstances had been
circulated . Thereafter as per this office letter No. 2-1/2001-WL&Sport dated 26-04-2002 the amount in
respect of death due to accident while on duty had been raised to Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 10,000/- as under
Details Existing Revised Provision
Death due to accident while on duty 7000/- Rs. 10000/-
(iv) Item No. 5- Enhancement of financial assistance under Education schemes:-
The matter regarding enhancement of financial assistance under Education scheme was
considered. In this regard your kind attention is invited to this office letter No. 13-1/93-WL/Sports dated
20th May 1993 and Letter No. 1-19/97-WL&Sports dated 17-09-1997 regarding grant of educational
assistance to the children of postal employees . Accordingly the following decisions were taken in this
regard :
(a) It was decided to increase the existing amount of scholarship both for technical and non-technical
courses by 25%.
(b) It was agreed to increase the amount of book award to Gramin Dak Sevaks by 25% However, the
grant of book award to regular employees of the Department was dropped as this facility is now a
component under CEA being granted for School education.
Thus the enhancement will bas as under :-
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
Details Existng Provision Revised Amount
(No. 1-19/97-WL& Provision
Sports dt. 17-09-1997)
(a) IIT,AIIMS & IIM Rs.300/-p.m. 25% Rs.375/- p.m
(b)Technical Educational
(i) Degree Rs.225/-p.m. 25% Rs.280/- p.m
(ii) Diploma Rs.150/-p.m. 25% Rs.190/- p.m
(C ) Non-Technical Degree BA/ BSc/ Rs.120/-p.m. 25% Rs.150/- p.m in fine Arts
(d) ITI Certificate cources Rs.750/-p.a. 25% Rs.940/- p.a.
(e) Book Awards for Technical Rs. 450/- p.a. 25% Rs.560/- p.a.
Education (for GDS only)
As regards the issue of revision of pay ceiling for grant of Scholarship in the context of MTS
where both husband and wife are working is under examination and decision will be conveyed sepa-
rately . Therefore , all other terms and conditions remain the same.
(v)Item No. 6- Introduction of Scholarship for Post Graduation:-
The matter has been examined and it has been decided to grant scholarship for all technical
courses at Post Gradduation level on par with graduate courses. In this regard your kind attention is
also invited to this office letter No. 13-1/93-WL/Sports dated 20th May 1993 and Letter No. 1-19/97-
WL& Sports dated 17-09-1997 regarding grant of educational assistance to the Children of Postal
Scholarship for Technical Courses Scholarship for Technical Courses
existing provision Revised provisiion
Up to Graduate level Up to Post Graduate Level
(vi) Item No. 28- Raising the distance limit for Excursion trip :-
The matter regarding raising of the present limit of 500 Kms. for Excursion Trips has been
examined . In this regard a reference is invited to this office Letter No. 19-2/90-WL&Sports dated 11-
07-1990 regarding enhancement of the limit of excursion trips. Accordingly it has been decided to
raise the limit of existing 500 Kms. for Excursion trips to 700 Kms. . Thus the position will now be as
under :-
Existing Provison Revised Provision
500 Kms. 700 Kms.
It has also been decided that not more tha one officially sponsored Excursion Trip will be
arranged in a financial year.
2. The minutes of the meeting of Postal Services Staff Welfare Board held on 16-05-2012 stand
circulated vide this office communication of even number dated 11th June 2012.
3. These orders will come into force with immediate effect. Past cases will not be reopened.
No. 38(4)/09/PA-Admn.I/518 to 557 Dated : 28-02-2013
Re classification of the posts of Senior Accountants as Group 'B' (Non Gazetted)
In pursuance to Gazette Notification, issued by DOP&T, vide SO 946(E) dated 9-4-
2009 , read with DOP&T O.M. No. 11012/7/2008-Estt.(A) dated 17-04-09, the approval of
the competent authority is hereby conveyed for the re-classification of the posts of Senior
Accountants, in Postal Accounts Offices, carrying the Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- in the scale
of pay of Rs. 9300-34800 in the Pay Band-2, which is in Group 'C' as Group 'B' ( Non
Gazetted) w.e.f. 1st January, 2013.
The subscription to CGEIS may be regulated accordingly.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
A meeting with the office bearers of BPAOEA was held on 21-12-12 to discuss certain service
matters. Following were present in the meeting.
1. Shri Manish Sinha, DDG (PAF) 1. Shri Sanjay Kumar Sinha, General Secretary
2. Shri Sanjay Kumar, Director (Budget & Admn.) 2. Shri Shivkant Mishra, Secretary General BPEF
3. Shri R. Magadevan, ADG (PA Admn.) 3. Shri Maheshanand Tripathy, Circle President,
4. Shri S.B.P. Kushwanshi, Asstt. General Secy.
Item No. 1 (i)
The Case of LDC inducted through LDCE Exam.
Reply to be given:
It has already been clarified by DOP&T in this matter if the relevant recruitment rules provide
for filling up of vacancy by Direct Recruitment induction of LDCs through LDCE may be treated as
direct recruitment for benefit under ACP. As per the RRs LDCs of Postal Accounts Offices a separate
quota has been prescribed for promotion of LDC cadre on passing LDCE under promotion quota.
The benefit as proposed by the Union is not admissible. (Closed)
Item No. 1 (ii)
The case of ACP /MACP of erstwhile Gr. D now MTS
Reply to be given :
It has been clarified at sl. No. 3 of this office letter no. 3 (4) /09/PA Admn. 1/666 to 686
dated 18-03-2010 about the admissibility of the benefit of ACP Scheme to Gr. D employees. This
will be circulated to all PAOs for strict adherence. ( Action : PA-Admn. I)
Item No. 2 (i) Carving out 10% quota from D.R. quota in JA cadre and filling it with LDCE as
recommended in above para of 6th CPC.
Item No. 2 (ii) Changing 5% quota through LDCE for recruitment in LDC cadre to 10% as
recommended in above para of 6
Item No. 2 (iii) Introducing 10% LDCE quota in the RR of AAO in the light of above para of
CPC recommendation in view of proposal of PA Wing for induction of direct recruitment
in this cadre.
Reply to be given :
As per the provisions contained in RR of LDC/JA 60% of sanctioned posts are earmarked
for Departmental candidates under promotion quota. Hence , this cannot be agreed to. (Closed)
Item No. 2 (iv) (a) & (b) :
The case of grade pay of 4600 to SA of PAO as per DOP&T letter dated 13-11-2009 may be
examined on following grounds.
(a) As recommended in Para 7.56.8 of 6th CPC the merger of pay scale of Rs. 5500-9000 and
6500-10500 in IA and AD may be taken into account and the SAs may be deemed to be
placed in 6500 -10500 on 1-1-2006 as was decided by DOP&T regarding pay fixation in case
of Assistant of CCS.
(b) the issue of parity mentioned in para 7.56.8 may be decided as par placement of SAs
and Assistant of CCS on similar pay scale of 6500-10500 as on 1-1-2006 and not on the basis
of certain merit. In case of granting parity to Assistant of CCS similar principal were applied.
Reply to be given :
This matter will be taken up with the Nodal Ministry after consulting other Organized Accounts
Departments. (Action: PA-Admn.I)
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
Reply to be given : It is the domain of the Heads of circles / Postal Accounts Offices concerned
. However , Heads of PAOs will be directed to follow the tenure transfer /posting of LDC /JA/SA
amongst various sections as codified. (Action : PA-Admn.I)
Item No. 3 (i) No satisfactory effort is being made in Circle over direct recruitment of LDC
and JA cadre from SSC. All recruitment may be ensured within 3 months.
Reply to be given : All PAOs are being advised time and again to fill up the vacancies under
Direct Recruitment Quota after following the procedure prescribed in the relevant RRs. However, all
PAOs will be directed to process the DR vacancies on priority basic. (Action:
Item No. 3 (ii) Frequent and large amount of depletion in JA/SA cadre is being made due to
adhoc promotion in AAO cadre but the very few cases Rule 38 transfer and deputation are
not being considered in Circles and Directorate.
We demand that orders regarding clearance of all application of Rule 38 transfer nd
deputation may be issued.
Reply to be given: Concerned CPMG /DAP are competent to decide Rule 38 transfer cases
depending on the administrative convenience . As regards , deputation the ban orders issued in this
matter will be reviewed after March 2013. ( Action : PA-Admn.I)
Item No. 3 (iii) Tenure transfer /posting ever sensitive post in PAO up to AAO level may be
made clearer. All seats in PAO up to AAO level may be identified and orders regarding
these may be implemented strictly. The provision of choice of posting in AAO cadre two
years before retirement is not being implemented strictly despite clear cut tenure transfer/
posting order.
Similarly transfer/ Posting of Union office bearers over sensitive and other post may
be made clear.
Reply to be given : It is the domain of the Heads of Circles /Postal Accounts Offices concerned
. However, Heads of PAOs will be directed to follow the tenure transfer / posting of LDC/JA/SA
amongst various sections as codified. (Action: PA-Admn.I)
The Meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair.
No. 15(1)/10/PA Admn.I/450-474 Dated: 7th Feb. 2013
Minutes of the meeting held with the office bearers of AIPAEA/ BPAOEA in the chamber of
DDG (PAF) on 21-12-12.
During the meeting held between DDG (PAF) and office bearers of the AIPEA/BPAOEA on
21-12-12 the following points raised:
1. Admissibility of benefit of ACP/MACP scheme of erstwhile Group D Employees (now MTS)
2. Adhering to the codified procedure on tenure posting amongst employees
3. Slow process in Direct Recruitment
Therefore, I am directed to request you to take following action:
1. Clarification at Sl. No. 3 issued vide letter No. 3(4)/09/PA Admn.I/666-686 dated 18-3-2010 (copy
enclosed) with regard to entitlement of ACP/MACP in respect of Group D/Sorter may be strictly
adhered to and the cases falls between 1-1-2006 to 31-08-2008 may be settled as per the existing
hierarchy after merger of Group D and sorter cadre.
2. Heads of Circle/ Postal Accounts offices may also strictly adhere to the codified procedure on
tenure transfer/ posting amongst various sections up to the level of AAOs in their respective circle.
3. All the cases of DR vacancies in various cadres may also be taken up on priority basis for
filling up of these vacancies without further delay.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
DELHI ON 19-02-2013
The meeting has been attended by the following
1. Sh. Vinay Saran, CE (Civil) 1. Sh. S.K. Mishra Secy. Gen. BPEF Lucknow
2. Sh. V.K. Jain, SE (Civil),HQ. 2. Sh. Balram Pandey, G.S. BPCWNGEU Patna
3. Sh. D.P.Singh, S.O. (CWP) 3. Sh. Anish Mishra Secy.BPEF TMO New Delhi
4. Sh. K.K. Dawar, Assistant 4. Sh. Dhani Ram, President, BPCWNGE Kanpur
5. Sh. Arun Kumar Jain, Asstt. C/S GPO LKO
6. Sh. Kanhiya Lal Tiwari, President Delhi BP Civil
7. Sh. Deepak Sharma, C/S BPCWNGEU Delhi
The Following points of agenda were discussed with the representatives of the Union and outcome of
discussion is indicated below:
Point no. 1,9 and 10 of the agenda: Cadre restructuring, appearing of MTS and WC Grade I
and II staff in all Departmental Exam. and Grade pay of Electrical staff at par with similar
category of CPWD.
All these matters were discussed in the meeting. It was felt that all these matters need a policy
decision for which it is necessary to constitute a restructuring Committee first to deliberate the issue and
then to take up the matter at Directorate level. It was proposed by Shri S.K. Mishra, Secretary General
BPEF, to include one of their representatives in the re-structuring committee to incorporate view points of
the Union. To proceed further, name of representative may be suggested by the BPCWNGEU, to constitute
the re-structuring committee.
Point No. 2:- Regularization of service of T/S may be made by framing RR of MTS category
and indentifying number of vacancies in each category.
Point No. 3.:- Recruitment process in MTS, WC Gr. II & in JE cadre be started at earliest.
RRS of MTS & WC Grade II have already been finalized, published in Govt. Gazette and circulated
to all SEs (Civil & Electrical) Necessary action of recruitment has to be taken now by concerned coordination
SEs (Civil) being the appointing authority of Group C staff besides, recruitment of JEs is already under
process in CEs office.
Point No. 4:- Recovery from pay of Wireman in U.P. Circle may be stopped immediately in
view of the decision of ACP-I and II of these employees.
Point No. 5 :- Initial pay scale of wireman in pre-revised pay scale may be decided as their
ACP pay scale has already been decided by Directorate.
The above points were discussed in the meeting and it was noticed that the wireman in whose
cases recovery has been made, are basically working under the administrative control of CPMG U.P.
Circle and they were recruited at the circle level.
In view of the above facts, it is apparent that they are not employees of Postal Civil Wing . Under the
circumstance, it was decided to take up the case with Director (SR) Postal Directorate , New Delhi to refer
the matter to appropriate authority to sort out the matter.
Point No. 6: 100% recruitment on compassionate ground may be ensured.
The matter was discussed , and it emerged out that recruitment on compassionate grounds has
to be done in accordance with guidelines/ instructions issued by the Postal Directorate from time to time
such cases are taken up by the Central Review Committee and therefore , cannot be taken in isolation for
staff of Civil Wing.
Item No. 7: Too Bag may be provided to all maintenance staff .
It was demanded by Union that tool bags including Tools may be provided to all maintenance
staff .
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
On further deliberation, it was gathered that
though Tools are being supplied by the Executive
Engineers of Postal Civil Sing but maintenance staff
working under administrative control of CPMG in U.P.
Circle are not being provided the tolls.
It was however, decided that S.E.s (Civil /
Electrical) to ensure supplying of Tools are per the
requirement to the maintenance staff, in case same
are not being supplied by any unit under their control.
As regard supplying of Tool Bags and Tools
to the maintenance staff working in Postal Circle,
matter may be taken by the Union with respective
Item No. 8: Transfer and Posting of Gr. C within
Division may be ensured.
It was decided in the meeting to request
Coordination SEs to keep in view while making the
Transfer and posting of Group C staff that they are
transferred at the nearby places to the extent
possible to avoid hardship to Group C staff.
The meeting concluded with thanks to
This issues with the approval of CE (C ) DOP , New
No. 2-4/2012-SR Dated 19-03-2013
Implementation of provision contained in GID
(1) & (3)(iii) below Rule 25 of FRSR part III
leave rule.
Kind find enclosed a letter No. BPEF/Rule
25 of FRSR/2013 dated 13-03-2013 from Secre-
tary General Bharatiya Postal Employees Fed-
eration on the subject mentioned above for nec-
essary action at your end.
No. 2-4/2012-SR Dated: 19-03-2013
The brielf submitted by PA wing of Depart-
ment of Posts over strike notice issued by
Kindly find enclosed a letter No. BPEF/
Strike/Minutes /PA Wing/2013 from Secretary
General Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation
on the subject mentioned above for necessary
action at your end.
No. 2-4/2012-SR Dated 19-03-2013
Regarding circulation of clarification dated
04/10/2012 received by Department from
DOP&T Regarding stepping of pay in ACP
Kindly find enclosed a letter No. BPEF/
Circulation /Postal Circles / 2013 from Secretary
General Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation
on the subject mentioned above for necessary
action at your end.
No. 15(1)/10/PA-Admn./580-81 Dt. 21-03-2013
Regarding circulation of clarification dated 4-10-
2012 received by Department from DOP&T regard-
ing stepping of pay in ACP cases.
Kindly find enclosed a copy of letter No.
BPEF/ Circulaton /DAP Circles /2013 received from
Secretary General Bharatiya Postal Employees
Federation New Delhi , alongwith encls, on the
aforresaid subject for information and further nec-
essary action since the instructions regarding is-
sued of orders pertaining jto ACP/MACP Scheme
and clarification thereof are being issued by PC
Cell with regard to Department of Postss and
Postal Accounts Offices are also following the in-
structions / clarifications issued in this regard by
the PC Cell, ADG (PCC).
-| +|ln+ n||n - l<-|+ ::: +| (=ii n
-| STEPPING OF PAY + ~| l-+|n l< t nl+-
ii~|i n STEPPING OF PAY + ~| l-+|n-
+ ln( nt|=| |=- t nt|=| - (=ii STEP-
PING OF PAY + | ~| +|ln+ n||n - l-+|n t -=
=+n +- + ln( l|| +| ln|| ||
No. 10-6/2013-CWP Dated: 19-02-2013
Settlement of urgent demands through nego-
tiation-pre-Exercise to maintain Industrial
harmony before resoring to Strike method.
Please refer to your letter No. BPEF/Pre-
exercise/Strike Notice/ Industrial harmony /2013
dated 23/24-12-2013 addressed to the Secretary
(Posts), Department of Posts on the subject cited
above and to inform you that Item No. 20 (Mainte-
nance Staff Postal Operative Office may be brought
under Control of Civil wing ) relates to Postal Civil
Wing , before taking any further action, the justifi-
cation as well as copy of existing Recruitment
Rules applicable for these staff whether to being
postal Circle or Postal Civil Wing may kindly be
supplied so that proposal can be examined ac-
This issue with the approval of Chief En-
gineer (Civil ) New Delhi.
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
Details of Post Offices functioning in own building or rented building
Government of India
Statement showing details of number of Post Offices functioning across the country at present
separately in own building or rented building & expenditure in current during the year
2011-12 and current year (upto Feb., 2013)
S. Name of State No. of Post offices Expenditure incurred on rent
No. functioning in in rented building
Departmental Build. Rented Build. 2011-12 2012-13
(up to Feb. 13)
1. Andhra Pradesh 30 2016 536.71 490.76
2 Arunachal Pradesh 23 11 2.14 2.64
3 Assam 158 475 125.17 118.47
4 A & N Island 10 17 2.46 2.25
5 Bihar 171 800 127.77 125.73
6 Chhattisgarh 42 77 55.06 53.32
7 Delhi 123 214 131.84 166.23
8 Goa 79 15 9.59 11.44
9. Gujarat 249 1094 206.21 206.20
10 Haryana 75 354 62.48 78.08
11 H. P 76 370 57.93 56.84
12 J & K 34 200 58.47 49.72
13 Jharkhand 69 329 51.47 56.98
14 Karnataka 370 1313 344.00 344.21
15 Kerala 242 1216 350.87 329.05
16 Madhya Pradesh 197 786 132.14 130.70
17 Maharashtra 539 1483 523.33 516.65
18 Manipur 7 47 14.91 13.10
19 Meghalaya 19 32 16.28 15.27
20 Mizoram 10 27 11.53 12.05
21 Nagaland 10 26 9.25 1.54
22 Orissa 146 948 175.46 181.20
23 Pondichery 8 19 1.86 1.80
24 Punjab 137 526 106.00 104.10
25 Rajasthan 287 930 296.77 229.05
26 Sikkim 5 13 7.58 6.64
27 Tamil Nadu 278 2251 635.82 597.42
28 Tripura 22 47 12.42 11.72
29 Uttar Pradesh 325 2059 372.09 384.95
30 Uttarkhand 51 297 16.63 14.32
31 West Bengal 218 1466 358.00 340.16
Grand Total 4287 19658 4858.30 4705.92

Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
Based on the decisions taken by the Government on the recommendations of the
Shyamala Gopinath Committee for Comprehensive Review of National Small Savings Fund
(NSSF), the interest rates for small saving schemes are to be notified every financial year,
before 1
April of that year. Accordingly, the rate of interest on various small savings schemes
for the financial year 2013-14 effective from 01.04.2013, on the basis of the interest
compounding/ payment built-in in the schemes, shall be as under:
Scheme Rate of Interestw.e.f. Rate of Interestw.e.f.
01.04.2012 01.04.2013
Savings Deposit 4.0 4.0
1 Year Time Deposit 8.2 8.2
2 Year Time Deposit 8.3 8.2
3 Year Time Deposit 8.4 8.3
5 Year Time Deposit 8.5 8.4
5 Year Recurring Deposit 8.4 8.3
5 Year SCSS 9.3 9.2
5 Year MIS 8.5 8.4
5 Year NSC 8.6 8.5
10 Year NSC 8.9 8.8
PPF 8.8 8.7
D.G. Posts No. A-34012/5/2011-DE dated 15
March, 2013
Your attention is invited to this office letter of even No. dated 31.8.2012.
2. Further to the above, the tentative schedule of the examination has now been finalized. The
examination is proposed to be held in three phases with dated as follows:
Phase Date of Examination
I April 21, 2013 (Sunday)
II May 05, 2013 (Sunday)
III May 19, 2013 (Sunday)
PC Code Postal Code Phase PC Code Postal Code Phase
16 Gujarat I 32 West Benga lII
21 Kerala I 15 Delhi III
22 Karnataka I 17 Haryana III
24 Maharashtra I 18 H.P. III
11 Andhra Pradesh I 19 J&K III
29 Tamil Nadu I 27 Punjab III
12 Assam II 28 Rajasthan III
23 Madhya Pradesh II 30 U.P. III
14 Chhattisgarh II 31 U.K. III
20 Jharkhand II 13 Bihar III
25 North East II
26 Odhisha II
4. The examination will be held in about 75 cities across the country. There would be multiple
examination centres in each city. There would be a total of 1500 examination centres across the
country, the circle-wise list of which will be circulated shortly. As already intimated, the examination
will be conducted through an approved outsourced agency. However, two Observers per examination
centre would need to be deployed by the concerned Circle.
5. The detailed instructions relating to the examination will be circulated shortly.

'rt r ;fzr'
NEW DELHI: The Reserve Bank of India having opened the window for new bank licences, the postal
department is finalizing the blueprint to set up a bank of its own at yourneighbourhood post office, a
move that will challenge the dominance of large public sector lenders in smaller towns and rural India.
While the department already has a balance sheet of Rs 6.18 lakh crore, which includes
deposits of around 5.5 lakh crore, it is expected to set up a new entity that will function as the bank.
Transferring the existing deposit base to the bank or converting the entity into a bank will entail an
initial capital base of around Rs 55,000 crore to meet RBIs requirement, which the government will
find difficult to provide. So, the proposed bank will start with the minimum capital requirement of Rs
500 crore, said a source familiar with the development.
This will benefit rural areas enormously. There are nearly 1.55 lakh post offices and no
capital cost of building is required. We are connecting post offices. As it is, we are offering savings
bank in post offices and this is a natural progression. The matter is under discussion with the finance
ministry and RBI, communications and IT minister Kapil Sibal told TOI.
The postal department has appointed Ernst & Young as consultant for the project and based
on the detailed project report, it will approach the Union cabinet for a final go ahead.
A source said that the new entity will have its own board and guidelines that comply with RBI
regulations. Although there are several examples of postal departments getting into banking ranging
from the German and Italian model, to those in South Africa and Japan sources said the India
model will be a lot different given the countrys vast geographical spread and low level of banking
Among the various suitors, the postal department has one of the strongest cases to set up
a bank given its massive reach across the country with 1.53 lakh post offices, almost all offering
savings bank facilities. In all, there are 23.3 crore savings bank accounts with deposits adding up to
Rs 3.8 lakh crore at the end of March 2012. In a way it is already a savings bank. All that we want to
do is make it a commercial bank, said a source.
The plan is to penetrate rural areas and smaller towns, which is also in line with the
governments stated aim of offering banking facilities in the hinterland. Over a period of time, services
such as investment banking will be added so that the bank becomes a full-fledgedfinancial
services entity.
The postal department has already initiated steps to connect post offices through an electronic
network, which will be useful while setting up a bank. Connectivity ensures that customers can
transact business through any branch in the country. It has also ordered the procurement of over 800
But manpower issues are going to be a big challenge. Getting direction is one thing, developing
or procuring capability is another thing altogether. If the regulator is convinced, capability will follow,
said Ashvin Parekh, partner and national leader for financial services at consulting firm E&Y. Parekh,
however, refused to discuss the issue further as his firm is advising the postal department on its
banking foray. Source Times of India 14 March 2013.
=rr . l|| n Commercial Bank + ln( Postal Board = ~n (+ | + a- +i -|i
t | Regulator + :z|| RBI +i z|-| +|n +|
l|| - Ernst & Young -|n +i =|| +| =n|t+| l-+- l+| t l=+ REPORT + ~||
- n|- SAVING BANK |- +| COMMERCIAL BANKING + ln( ~| |- n =+| ~=n| t :=
|- n n|- 2012 -+ 23.3 +| ||- t l=n 3.8 +| | n| t
-n|- MANPOWER +i =n-| =n|t+| +| =<t t
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
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nfrr zrrrt
=+| - l<-|+ ..: +| <z| +|
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=+| - := -t +i ~| z||||( ||n- +i |i
||||| +i
<=-| ~| =--| ||l+i n|i +ln
l=n - +t|, ~|- |n l<-| n n lz|= t
<z|| n nltn|~| +i =l|~| + ln( ~| nltn|
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tn| nltn| z|||| +| -<||- +- t( --t|- +t|
l+ - |+| +| l-|n- i -t nltn| +n-|i
+i ~| ~- |+|| n n|<| =|i =l|( t|
-n t|i
l=n - +t| l+ t <z| +| tn| |+|
t t| =|i +n-|i nltn|( t|i =+| --
=n|~| | + ti t l=+| =|n-| nltn|~|
+| +-| -| t ~| -= l<z|| n t (+ =|+l-+
+<n t l-| :: + n ~+ + ~-
-+ nltn| + ||l- +- +i ||||| +i i t
|+ l|| +i =l- i |i-|| - +t|
l+ l|| +i := +| +| |+| t nt|-| n
||n- +i |-| t ~| |< n := -- =|i z|t|
n ||n| |(| t| +|n+|i nltn|~| +i =|
-|<| t
--t|- +t| nltn|( ~|= n |--i-
+-i t -| --n ~n =-|| +| | t|-| t :-
=|i |-| +| |- n |+ tn -- t| |+|
||n t| i =| n nltn|( t tn- z| n
(=| |+| ||n- + ln( n:, ---:, -i
,n|-- , t<||< -|| n +i t-|- +i t
|i-|| - +t| l+ l|| |-i l<-ni n
(+ || + |i- ~| nltn| |+| ||n|
; rr rr n r tar
-: l<-ni z|- n i(~|i(
- - z|- +in :(-i(=| + :-= +| (l+
+ =n (+nz- +n l-+|n- +i :|- < <i t
~|i :-= +| t =|n '- l<|n' |-i
-|, -i+ = l-+|=i +- +i |-| t
z|- n - +t| t , i(~|i(
+| +: z|t|-= = lnn i+ + |< |-
l=n - l<|n +i t l<|n +|
~-|- =tnl- -i t + t| -= - i(~|i(
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=n (+ nz- :~l+-n i=<i| +n +i
l-+|=i +i :|- <i |-i -|lt( ==+|:= +|
tn =|n ++ l-+|= +- +i :|- <- +i
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i(~|i( + ~-=|, l<|n
l=lni + -t- ==+|:= +| (-i(= = (l+
+ =n (+nz- l<|n ~| (-i(= n - t-
+| l+- lnn| t|n|l+ , ==+|:= -| l-z|
- ti + |( ~| - ti n +i ~l +
<| |- +| : |lz| n l< |n -ti + =+ ==+ |:
l<|n (l-n+z|- | -|l= <+ =|n +i -n
= tn l+=i |i =n (+ nz- +n +i
l-+|=i + =+- t ~ ==+|:= =|n +i
-n i t|- -+ +|: -|l= -ti <- t , - z|-
-| | | lt=| ~- ~| ti --+ + (+|- n
|-= t| ||
:= =|n : n|- +| (-i(= +| | +|=
:,: +| = ~l+ t| | t := =n
:=+ =|| ::. n|| ==+|: t :-n =
+i : n|| ==+|:= |:=+ ~| : n||
=n / -n = t :=+ ln( . n||
==+|:= (-i(= n|: = t := ~-|n|
(lnl-l ~| |+z|-n +| + lnt| =
l|:- l+| | t (-i(= z|- ni
( nn ~||li :i(~|i(| +| |= t
i(=~|i( =+| ,|| ||l- == i =|| t,
| z|- =+ +|n ~| n +-i t
(-i(= +| n: : = =|i -|l+| + ln( |i
||n l<| | t
Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
There is no ban on recruitment in Central
Government said Minister of Dopt.
In Lok Sabha while answering to a question,
Minister V.Narayanasamy said that there is no ban
on recruitment in Central Government and the
respective Ministries /Departments concerned are
required to fill up the vacancies within the framework
of existing instructions/rules keeping in view
functional requirement of the posts.
As per the Employment Market Information
Programme of Ministry of Labour & Employment,
employment growth in the organized sector including
public and private sectors has increased from
281.72 lakh in 2009 and 289.99 lakh in 2011
registering a compound annual growth rate of
1.46%. The compound annual growth rate was
5.05% per annum in Private Sector and a marginal
decline of 0.70% in Public Sector, mainly due to
There is no ban on recruitment in Central
Government. The respecti ve Mi ni stri es /
Departments concerned are required to fill up the
vacanci es wi thi n the framework of exi sti ng
i nstructi ons/rul es keepi ng i n vi ew functi onal
requirement of the posts. In so far as Railways is
concerned, notifications for filling up of about 2 lakh
posts pertai ni ng to safety, mai ntenance and
operations have already been issued.
The estimated number of total vacancies of
regular Central Government Civilian employees
(including Railways) as on 1.3.2011 is 5,81,591.
The data in respect of CPSUs and Railway PSUs in
not centrally maintained.
No. 1-9/2010-PCC Dated 05-01-2011
Stepping up of Pay of the promote senior
with direct recruited junior appointed on or
after 1-1-2006.
This is regarding stepping of pay of
promotee senior with reference to direct recruit
junior appointed after 01-01-2006.
2. The issue was examined in this office and
referred to Ministry of Finance for clarification.
Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure
Legal Cell vide U.O. No. 18/28/2010-Legal dated
29-12-2010 has clarified that the stepping up of
pay of the promote senior with direct recruited
junior appointed on or after 1-1-2006 may be
agreed to subject to fulfillment of the following
conditions :-
(a) Stepping up the basic pay of seniors can be
claimed only in the case of those cadres which
have an element of direct recruitment and in cases
where a directly recruited junior is actually drawing
more basic pay than the seniors. In such cases,
the basic pay of the seniors will be stepped up
with reference to the basic pay of the directly
recruited junior provided they belong to the same
seniority list for all purposes.
(b) Further, government servants cannot claim
stepping up of their revised basic pay with reference
to entry pay in the revised pay structure for direct
recruits appointed on or after 1-1-2006 as laid down
in Section II of part A of First Schedule to the
CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, if their cadre does not
have an element of direct recruitment or in cases
where no junior is drawing basic pay higher than
(c) Stepping up of pay of the seniors in accordance
with the present advice of this Department shall
not be applicable in cases where direct recruits
have been granted advance increment at the time
of recruitment.
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Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh


April -2013
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trtrr r =a =f frr .
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ii: + |i ~-| >i -- l=t | (
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||l| ( >i | nti ni-| +nz| =+n ~-|,
=+n =l- ( =+n +|||-|, ii:(
|=n- ( (ni(= = >i +nnz| +n| z|n|,
>i =z|in +n| --| ( >i nt-< +n| +n|-
+nz| =+n ~-|, =+n =l- ( =+n +|||-|
-|| |ni| |+ =+ + ln( >i ll| =|< z|n|,
>i i l=t -||-i, >i ntz| --< z|n| +nz| =+n
~-|, =+n =l- ( =+n +|||-| ~n =|
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(tztq= r trrt frr .
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2013 +| nt||-i n|n+ nt|l|n n|n
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ln( | |i ln|| t ~| --= |- |i +i t -||
z|- |i --+| ~lz|- n n|- + ln( +|lz|z|
+ t| t
Regn. No. DL-13022/2010-13 APRIL - 2013 Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh R.N.I. No. 53636/91
Edited , Printed & Published by S.K. Mishra ,
on behalf of Bharatiya Postal Employees Fed-
eration, T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi- 110
001 Printed at Lion art Printers , 33/4, Ram Nagar
, Delhi 110 051
Printed Matter/ Book Post
+rrtat zr rrr=f rr nrtt
=rr =t qz zt r f=r +rrtat frr
q +rrtat zr nrtt q=rf=qrr n =t
arr +rrtat zr nrtt q=rf=qrr rtn
q qntq= r t = r
frr .
||-i |+ z||=l-+ +||n +n-|i
=| =i ( i +| ~l|n ||-i ~lz|- (
||-i |+ +n-|i (=|l=(z|- =i -|| ||-i
|+ +n-|i (=|l=(z|- |n- ( (ni(= +|
i =+n +| ~lz|- l<-|+ 6-7 ~n 2013
+| <i n|n nz||n|, ~ni-||<, n|-- n =---
23rd Joint Circle Conference of BPEA Gr.
'C" BPEA Postman & MTS & BEDEU
Karnataka Circle & Joint Divisional Con-
ference of Bangalore West Dn.:
The Joint Circle Conference Bharatiya
Postal Employees Association Gr. 'C' , Bharatiya
Postal Employees Association Postman & MTS
& Bharatiya Extra Departmental Employees Union
Karnataka Circle & joint Divisional Conference of
Bangalore West Dn. was held from 30th to 31st
March, 2013 at 'YADAV SMIRTHI' Link Road,
Seshadripuram, Bangalore under the President
ship of Shri B.S. Ranganatha, Circle President
BPEA Gr.'C' . Conference Inaugurated by Dr. C.N.
Ashwath Narayan MLA, Malleshwaram, Shri S.K.
Mishra Secretary General, BPEF, Shri Irshad
A.Shaikh , G/S BPEA Gr. 'C', Mohd. Zafraullah
Khan G/S BPEA Postman & MTS, and others lead-
ers attended and addrressed the Joint Circle Con-
ference . This Conference has been organised with
best efforts of Mohd. Zafarullah Khan General Sec-
retary BP-4 which was very much successful.
Shri G. Pusparaj, Shri M. Janakiraman & Shri R.
Sunder Raj, BPEA Gr. 'C' elected as Circle Presi-
dent, Circle Secretary & Circle Treasurer respec-
tively. BPEA Postman & MTS Shri Chand Pasha
Shri Narender Kumar & Shri B. Sures elected as
Circle President , Circle Secretary & Circle Trea-
surer respectively.
The Reception Committee Shri G.
Pushparaj , Ci rcl e Secretary, BP-III, Shri
Vijaykumar Circle Secy, BP-IV, Shri R. Sunder
Raj D/S BP-III , Shri B.K. Raju D/S BP-IV Shri M.
Jankiraman D/S and their team made excellent
arrangement for leaders and delegates boarding
and lodging. Full list of office bearers will be pub-
lished in next journal.
Joint Circle Conference Kerala Circle :
The Joint Circle Conference BPEA Gr. 'C',
BPEA Postman & MTS & BEDEU will be held
from 25th to 26th May, 2013 at Allpuzha (Kerala)
Shri S.K. Mishra Secretary General BPEF, will
attend the Joint Circle Conference.
Joint Circle Conference Punjab Circle :
The Joint Circle Conference BPEA Gr. 'C', BPEA
Postman & MTS & BEDEU Punjab Circle will be
held from 4th to 5 th May, 2013 at Hotel Sanjog
opp. Head P.O. Amritsar . Shri S.K. Mishra Sec-
retary General BPEF, will attend the Joint Circle
Joint Circle Working Committee Meeting
Maharashtra Circle :
The Joint Circle working Committee Meet-
ing BPEA Gr. 'C', BPEA Postman & MTS & BEDEU
Maharashtra Circle will be held from 6th to 7 th
April , 2013 at Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
DA from July, 2013:
As all are waiting for announcement of Dearness
Allowance for Central Government Employees
from January, 2013, which has been not an-
nounced till the writing of this post. In the mean-
while Ministry of Labour & Employment has pub-
lished Consumer Price Index Numbers for Indus-
trial Workers (CPI-IW) February 2013. Accord-
ing the press release the the All-India CPI-IW for
February, 2013 rose by 2 points and pegged at
223 (two hundred and twenty three). This two
point increase showing confirm 10% increase in
Dearness Al l owance from Jul y, 2013.
Hence Expected DA from July, 2013 will be not
less than 90%.

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