There is no two-ways about how a diverse and vibrant country India is. For the past many years, it has attracted an influx of people from all around the world and has been an avenue for the exploration and appreciation of local ecology. Eco Tourism, the new innovation in the Tourism Industry is a fast growing sector and has great potential in India. Eco tourism is basically, when people travel to a destination and take place in observing and interacting with the environment, learning about the cultures and practices of local inhabitants while promoting their well being. The main aim of Eco Tourism is to conserve and admire the attractions of nature and culture without harming them. Looking from the growth perspective, Eco tourism is a form of employment generation and the economic benefits are directed to the people in the remote regions of the country. Lately, Eco tourism has become a major source of income and is attracting lot of travel agencies. However, as every path has a puddle, Eco Tourism poses some threats to the environment as well, in the sense that due to the increased use of resources by humans, the production waste and effluent pollution the environment is deteriorating slowly. As it is rightly said, “When exploring nature, take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.” Hence, awareness about the same is needed.

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