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: 1700

- 1973 1992 )

( Reaffirmed

Indian Standard

( Reaffirmed 1997 )

First Revision )
MARCH 1907

Second Reprint



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NEW DEl.HI 110002 Gr 2 ./r//v


LELE Directorate SHRI R. ALAQARSAMY ( Alternate ) Ministry of Railways SHRI V. CHIEF ENGINEER ( WATER ) Lucknow SWERINTENDIN~ ENQIN~ER ( Alternate ) Municipal Corporation of Delhi CHIEF ENGINEER DRAINAGE ENOINEER ( Alternate) Bombay Municipal Corporation CITY ENGINEER HYDRAULIC ENOINWRR ( Alternate ) Indian Institute of Architects. BHALERAO Indian Iron & Steel Co Ltd. CHADHA Central Public Works Department CHIEF ENGINEER SLTPERINTENDINO ENGINEER ( Alternate ) Local Self Government Engineering Department. D. MALLICK SHRI N. V. SHRI R. BISWAS ( Alternate) SERI B. BADYAL SARI K. D. & Ceramic Research Institute (CSIR ).IS : 1700 . N. BDC 3 Chairman STIRI J. SUBDARAMAN (Alternate ) Delhi Development Authority SHRI S.1973 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR DRINKING FOUNTAINS ( First Revision ) Sanitary Appliances and Water Fittings Sectional Representing Ministry of Health St Family Planning Committee. KAPOOR Centgic:a. SRINIVASAN ( Alternate) General of Technical Development ( Continued on page 2 ) Q Copyright 1973 INDIAN STANDARDS This publication is protected under the Indian Co&right Act (XIV of 1957 ) and reproduction in whole or in part by any means except with written permission of the publisher shall be deemed to be an infringement of copyright under the said Act. N. C. Bombay SHRI H. Nagpur SRRI S. Calcutta Central Public Health Engineering Research Institute ( CSIR ). SHRI M. DAS Tamil Nadu Water Supply & Drainage Board. R. C. BUREAU OF . DALLAS National Test House. KANSE SHRI G. Calcutta LALA G. S. DAVE Members SHRI H. B. R. R. DURAIRAJAN Madras Directorate General of Supplies 6r Disposals SHRI M. T. M.

B. S. S. RAMACHAN~RAN (Allmate) Ahmedabad SHRI A. L. D. NARAYANAN NAYAR SHRI R. I. RAU REPRESENTATIVE Municipal Corporation National Buildings Organization. CHADHA CHIEF ENQINEER CHIEF ENGINEER ( WATER ) Delhi Municipal Corporation DEPUTY CHIEF ENGINEER ( WATER ) ( Alternote ) SIIRI GOVERDHAN DAM P. Visakhapatnam SHRX S. P. Madras SHRI B. SUJAN ( Alternale) SHRI J. Madras Bombay Municipal Corporation SHRI V. Lucknow SUPERINTENDINGENGINEER ( Alternate ) CHIEF ENQINEER Tamil Nadu Water Supply & Drainage Board. M. A Goverdhan Das P. T. S. D. RAMA RAO Deputy Director ( Civ Ecgg ). of Kerala Government SHRI K. Jullundur City SHRI M. N. M. K. CHINTAMANI ( Alternate ) Director General.Haryana Government > SHRI A. Calcutta Central Building Research Institute (CSIR) Roorkee Engineer-in-Chief’s Branch.IS : 1700. Parry Ltd. B. B. IS1 ( Ex-oficio Member) SHRI D. BDC 3 :2 Convener HYDRAULIC ENCUNEER Mem hers Ministry of Railways Local Self Government Engineering Department. R. Bombay Public Health Engineering Department. SUBRARA>~AN( Alternote ) ( Continued *He is also’ alternate on page 8 ) to Shri J. Army Headquarters Public Health Engineering Department. RAO SHRI G. AJITHA SIMHA. KANSE Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals SHR~ G. 2 . New Delhi ( Alternate ) COL K. H. T. Director ( Civ Engg ) SHRI C. ULLAL SHRI T. A. Dave. MEHENDALE ( Alternate ) Hindustan Sanitaryware Industries Ltd. SETH SHRI R. SRINIVASAN E. BHATT ( Alternate ) Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. Bahadurgarh SHRI R. MEHRA Bombay Potteries & Tiles Ltd. SETHI Institution of Engineers ( India ).1973 ( Continued frompage 1 ) Representing Members SKRI V. of. IS1 Domestic and Municipal Water Fittings Subcommittee. V. BHIDE *SHRI B. R. SOMANY SHRI V. PATEL Dn A.

the final value.3 This standard contains clause 3. __ materials for manufacture of drinking fountains are given in *Rules for rounding off numerical values (revised). essential hygienic and performance requirements and finish of drinking fountains used in schools.2 This standard was originaIly published in 1960 incorporating the essential requirements for manufacture and use of drinking fountains A revision of the standard has been in public places.4. taken up mainly to incorporate references to current Indian Standards for various types of materials allowed in the standard. 0. the purchaser to the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this is complied with. exthe result of a test or analysis.Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR DRINKING FOUNTAINS ( First Revision ) 0. 0. FOREWORD 0. parks and schools. . 0. shall be rounded off in accordance The number of significant places retained in the : 2-1960*. MATERIALS 2. off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this 1. after the draft finalized by the Sanitary Appliances and Water Fittings Sectional Committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council.1 Suitable Table 1.1 This Indian Standard (First Revision ) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 16 February 1973. 2. observed or calculated. SCOPE 1.1 This standard covers the material. construction.1 which permits use his option for selection to suit his requirements. parks and other public places.4 For standard pressing with IS rounded standard.

for plain and reinforced containers for general and castings ingots concrete for general purposes (. Stainless solid drawn steel or hot IS :2838-1964/l IS :407-19GG1. cast pressed Stainless steel hot pressed cast or iv) 4 Bronze ‘1) Any other for glazed earthenware sanitary non-oxidizing copper alloy sanitary appliances cast iron appliances (vitreous sanitary *Specification ( reoi.1. 4 . CONSTRUCTION 3. Alloy 1 or 2 IS :292-19GI**. Part I Genera] $Specification for vitreous requirements (first revision). $Codc of practice /iSpecification TiSpecification **Specification WSpecifcation of rnamrlled ( second rel.cecnnd reuision).ted china): appliances ). and castings 3. as illustrated in Fig. ) REFERENCE TO INDIAN STANDARD Part IS cast iron IS: IS I of IS COMPONENT PART MATERIAL i) ‘Basin or receptacle 4 Glazed earthenware : 771-19G3* I)-I9G7$ b) Vitreousware concrete smooth fnish steel : 2556 (Part C) Enamelled d) Cement with 772-1973: : 45G-19646 PI f) ii) Pipe work mechanism for jet Stoneware Stainless Brass Copper.1 Basin or Receptacle 3.1 The basin shall be of one piece construction with the sides lipped over throughout the interior of the perimeter of the basin so as to prevent splashing and with the sides designed to have a fall from all sides towards the outlet. 1. so as to ensure complete drainage. SGeneral requirements (Under print). for stoneware for brass tubes for brass ingots for tin hronzr ( revised ). purposes.18:1700-1973 TABLE 1 MATERIALS FOR DRINKING FOUNTAINS ( Clause 2. ( second rerGm). ( secund revision ).1 SL No.ision ). Grade 3 IS :3OG-1968j-f - 4 b) Cl iii) Fit tingn 4 b) Brass.

CLOSING 1 TYPICAL ILLIJSTRATION OP DRINKING FOUNTAIN 3. The nozzle and every other opening in the water pipe leading to the nozzle shall be above the edge of the basin so that they may not be flooded in case the fountain drain gets clogged.2.4 The nozzle end shall be protected by a corrosion resistant guard to prevent the mouth and nose of persons using the fountain from coming 5 .2.IS : 1700 . circular in cross section and shall have a conmore gradual as the outlet is approached. 3.2 Jet Mechanism 3. The not exceed 2’5 times the diameter of the supply the nozzle orifice shall not exceed one-third the level 3.3 Nozzles shall be vergence which becomes length of the nozzle shall pipe and the diameter of diameter of the pipe line. 3. 3. and it shall be so designed as to prevent splashing at a point where the jet falls into the baam.1.2.2 The basin shall be so constructed as to be free from corners which would be difficult to clean or which would accumulate dirt.2. The arrangement shall be such that when the fountain is operating without hindrance under normal conditions the stream shall fall approximately in the area of the waste outlet.1.1 The .2 The jet of the fountain shall issue from a nozzle which shall be set at an angle from the vertical so as to prevent the back flow of water in the jet of the orifice.1973 BASIN LF FE. 3.jet may be preferably inserted at the sides.3 The basin shall be fixed at such a height that the drinking is most convenient to persons utilizing the fountain.

1973 into contact with the nozzle. The purchaser shall specify the water pressure to enable the manllfarturer to supply the required pressure regulating devire.1 The drain shall be provided with a trap and shall terminate in a tail piece suitable for connecting to waste pipe.2. 3. The purchaser shall specify whether the waste pipe is to be of lead or mild steel to enable the manufacturer to supply the required tail piece. 15 mm. The self-closing tap shall conform to the reqlliremcnts specified in IS : 1711-1971*.3 Water Supply Arrangement 3. 3.4. fixed at the right hand side of the connecting inlet pipe when viewed from the front.1 The water supply to the jet shall be controlled by a self closing tap of nominal size. Guards shall be so constructed that they obstruct the jet of water issuing from the nozzle and thereby prevent spattering and they shall be so designed that the possibility of transmission of infection by touching the guard is reduced to a minimum. The opening shall grating or cross bars formed integrally a circle of 20 mm diameter.IS : 1700 . G . the minimum diameter exclusive of the flange. 3.5 All drinking fountain nozzles including those which may at times extend through a water surface and with nozzle mouth not greater than 10 mm diameter or one square centimetre in area shall be so placed that the lower edge of the nozzle mouth is at an elevation not less than 20 mm above the floor level rim of the receptacle.2. 3.6 Should the cross-sectional area of a single nozzle mouth be greater than that of a circle 10 mm in diameter.3.2 The waste opening and pipe shall water promptly.2 The inlet feed pipe shall be fitted with an adjustable or automatic pressure regulating device capable of being locked into position. so that the self-closing tap operated by the users of the fountain will merely open or shut off water sl~pply. be of sufficient size to carry off being not less than 25 mm be provided with a strainer or which shall be equivalent to *Specification for self-closing taps (first revision ). 3.4 Waste Water Fitting 3.4.3. 3. the elevation of the lower edge of the nozzle mouth above the flood level rim of the receptacle shall be increased in direct proportion to the diameter of a circle equal in cross-sectional area to that of the nozzle orifice.

FINISH 4. and 6hrottGtim en irod atid 7 . 6. INSPECTION 5. The details of conditions under which the licence for the use of Standard Mark may be granted to manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards. inspected for conformity to the 6.1 When following the ordering drinking fountains. 1986 and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder. INFORMATION AND MARKING purchaser shall supply the 6.rst revision ). information to the manufacturer: a) Particulars b) Tail c) Water piece.2.1 Each drinking fountain shall be requirements specified in this standard. given in IS : 1068-1368*. or waste pipe for connection.IS : 1700 -1973 4.1 The use of the Standard Mark is governed by the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act. and pressure.1 All metal work shall be chromium plated over a base of nickel The thicknesses of coatings shall comply with the requirements plating. 6. 5. *Specification for electroplated coatings of nickel steel (f.2 BIS Certification Marking The product may also be marked with Standard Mark.

Bombay Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board. Government SHRI K. Bahadttrgarh S~IRI R. BHATT ( Alternnte ) Engineer-in-Chirf’s Branch. K. M. Jttllundur City SHRI K. K. K. Sssrot~ ( Alternnte ) EMCO General Industries. New Delhi REPRESENTATIVE Leader-Engineering Works. A. R. Bangalore SHRI P. MAGDTJM ) Representins Central Public Health Engineering ( CSIR ). RAMAN (Alternate ) SHRI SIJJAN SHRI R. N. NAZARE Kirloskar Brothers I.IS : 1700 . KSHIRSACAR SHRI V. S. Army Headquarters SHRI R. P. Kirloskarwadi SHRI M. SOMANY SHRI V. GUPTA( Alternate) Central Public Works Department SURVEYOR OF WORKS II . RAMACHANDRAN of Kerala Indo-Swedish Pipe Manufacturers Ltd. NANJUNDASWAMY ( Alternate ) SHRI P. L. Nagpnr Research Institute Bombay Metal & Alloys Mfg Co Pvt Ltd.1973 ( Continued from page 2 Mm hers SHRJ S. BHAT ( Alternate) Public Health Engineering Department. Calcutta SHRI J. S. R. SEH~AL SHRI D. LUHAH SIIRI I. N. P. SINGH Hindustan Sanitaryware Indnstries Ltd.

9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. 5-8-58C. Road. Bangalore BANGALORE 560058 Gangotri Complex. Sector 16 A. Andheri (East). LUCKNOW 226001 Patliputra Industrial Estate. 695034 T. 670 Avinashi Road. C. Road.Tumkur Road. 43. Sahibabad Reglonal Offices: Central ‘Eastern Northern Southern industrial Area. T. Office is at Novelty Chambers. 0. 323 9402 Fax :91113234062. Road. BHUBANESHWAR Kalaikathir Buildings. N. 29. COIMBATORE Plot No. CHANDIGARH 160022 323 76 17 337 86 62 60 38 43 235 23 15 832 92 95 : C. Palayam. BHOPAL 462003 751001 641037 121001 Plot No. CHENNAI 600113 tWestern : Manakalaya. Site IV. 2nd Floor. Naval Kishore Road. Campus. 91113239382 Telegrams : Manaksanstha (Common to all Offices) Central Laboratory: Plot No. P.P. Behind Leela Cinema. NAGPUR 440010 Institution of Engineers ( India ) Building. SAHIBABAD 201010 Telephone 8-77 00 32 : Manak Bhavan. E9 Behind Mar01 Telephone Exchange. Second Floor. KANPUR 208005 500001 E-52. AHMEDABAD 380001 550 13 48 839 49 55 55 40 21 40 36 27 21 01 41 8-28 8-71 88 01 19 96 SPeenya Industrial Area. University THIRUVANANTHAPURAM NIT Building. Unit VI. NEW DELHI 110002 Telephones: 323 0131.I. PATNA 800013 P. 91113239399. R. Sector 34-A. Bhadbhada . GUWAHATI 781003 L. Khurja. MUMBAI 400093 Brench Offices: ‘Pushpak’. Barua Road. JAIPUR 302001 Nagar.T. Gokulpat Market. 5th By-lane. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. Khanpur. *Sales Office is at 5 Chowringhee CALCUTTA 700072 tSales 27 10 85 Grant Road. C-Scheme. Unity Building. Chitaranjan 54 11 37 20 10 83 37 29 25 21 68 76 23 89 23 26 23 05 6 21 17 52 51 71 32 36 35 1171418 B. 0.BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS Headquarters: Manak Bhavan. Road. G. FARIDABAD 201001 116 G. Nampally Station Road. GHAZIABAD 53/5 Ward No. CALCUTTA700054 : SC0 335336. PUNE 411005 Approach. No.I. 2019. Mathura Savitri Complex. 323 3375. Narashimaraja BANGALORE 560002 Printed at New India Printing Press. 1st Stage. Sarvodaya Seth Bhawan. Ganga Nagar. Maniktola. V. T. IV Cross Road. 1332 Shivaji Nagar. MUMBAI 400007 309 65 28 222 39 71 Square. Gupta Marg. T Nagar. NEW DELHI 110002 : l/14 CIT Scheme VII M. HYDERABAD Marg. India . 62-63. 14/1421. *Sales Office is at ‘F’ Block. 5th Floor. Nurmohamed Shaikh Marg. Princep Street.