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I. Choose the best answer from the options provided. 1. The algebra of sets ___ Boolean algebra. a. is called b. which is called c. known as d. called 2. ___ William Shakespeare is the most widely known. a. With all writers in English b. All writers in English c. All of the writers in English d. Of all writers in English 3. The Baltimore American first tried to nominate Theodore Roosevelt for the Presidency ___. a. when he had only twenty-eight years b. when he was only twenty-eight c. when he was age twenty-eight years d. at age twenty-eight years 4. The bombardier beetle gets its name because ___ its prey with caustic liquid. a. shooting b. of it shoots c. it shoots d. to shoots 5. Only one mammal, ___, is known to bear routinely four identical young. a. it is the armadillo b. being the armadillo c. which the armadillo d. the armadillo 6. It is ___ Minnesota popular with outdoorsmen. a. b. c. d. lakes that make it its lakes that make that lakes make it lakes that it makes

7. Bifocal glasses are among the inventions ___ Benjamin Franklin. a. have been attributed to b. which attributed to c. attributed to d. were attributed to 8. Precautions are taken ___ a hurricane threatens to strike the coast of the United States. a. whenever b. however c. always d. whether 9. John Glenn was not the first United States astronaut to orbit the earth ___ certainly became the most famous. a. and b. however c. and he d. but he 10. Whatever ___, members of Polar Bear clubs go for an outdoor swim on New Year’s Day. a. Cold b. weather c. it may be cold d. the temperature 11. One of the puzzles still mystifying biologists is ___ what to become in an

C D 6. No body knows when the process of glass-making was invented. how cells know d. that 14. Sugars like glucose is (are) made up of carbon. A B C D 3. ___ Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations that David Ricardo became fascinated by economic theory. A B C D 5. A B C D 8. a. Asbestos fibers c. 9. and A B There is (are) three which exceed the maximum. ___ are carcinogens now appears to be beyond dispute. while A B north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered.embryo. a. While asbestos fibers d. and oxygen atoms. C D . ___ that coyotes and jackrabbits outnumbered the human population 10. a. he would have found 15. 1. If a traveler had visited the San Diego Peninsula in the 1880’s. When he read 13. C D 7. a. D 11. hydrogen. An understanding of engineering theories and problems are (is) impossible until basic A B arithmetic is fully mastered. The long string of genes making up a chromosome have (has) been likened to a string of A B C D pearls. because d.000 to one. how know cells c. so that c. It was after reading c. Researchers have recently confirmed ___ Pygmies are missing an insulin-like growth factor. how do cells know b. how cells knowing 12. A B C D 4. had he found d. a. Choose the letter of the underlined word or group of words that is not correct. At least one sample of each of the brands contains measurable amounts of aflatoxin. If asbestos fibers b. and that b. Some of the eye movements used in reading is (are) actually unnecessary. By reading d. the largest of all the giant sequoias. The languages of the presents a vast array of structural similarities and differences. A B C D 10. Every form of matter in the world are ( is)made up of atoms. Part of the electricity used in the United States today come (comes) from hydroelectric sources. The General Sherman Tree. he had found b. A B C D 2. After reading b. All of the east-west interstate highways in the Unites States has (have) even numbers. That asbestos fibers II. are (is) reputed to be the A B C world’s largest living things. he found c.

14. Reading Comprehension Choose the correct answer based on the passage. Plans for both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank was (were) drawn up at A B C D the Bretton Woods Conference.12. A B C D 13. A B C D 15. fourteen of them in the toes. . Exercise in swimming pools are (is) particularly helpful because of the buoyant effect water. A B C D III. There is (are) twenty-six bones in the human foot. The body depend (s) on food as its primary source of energy.

14. 13. 16. 11. 18. 17. 12. 15.Question 10-20 10. . .

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