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etc should be considered while taking a correct business call. A market segment is a small unit within a large market comprising of like minded individuals. One market segment is totally distinct from the other segment.SALES AND MARKETING PROBLEM DEFINITION How consumer profile affect the decision making process in the restaurant industry? REVIEW OF LITERATURE MARKET SEGMENTATION: . Research-1 and 2 will help him to get clear picture of consumer expectation in Indian context. According to the papers we studied there are various variables a customer considers before making up a choice of eating at a particular restaurant:           Food Type Food Quality Value for money Image and atmosphere Location Speed of Service Recommended New Experience Opening hours Facilities for Children PURPOSE FOR RESEARCH  For new entrants: Whenever a new player wants to enter. place.In today’s context the disposable income of the consumers is growing in a rapid rate due to which there is a great scope for the restaurant industry. INDUSTRY: RESTAURANT INDUSTRY: . The individuals from the same segment respond in a similar way to the fluctuations in the market. demand and preference. Marketing parameters like price. A market segment comprises of individuals who think on the same lines and have similar interests. The main reason behind this fact is that the franchise business is spreading with immense pace hence it’s a very important concern from the restaurants owners to know the consumer behavior in Indian context. .Market segmentation is marketing concept that divides the market set up into smaller subsets comprising of different kinds of costumer with similar taste. so that they can plan their investment and allocate them in an efficient manner in-order to generate maximum customer satisfaction.

2 Methodology: -We will prepare a questionnaire consisting of both open-ended and close-ended questions.Questionnaire.Research – 1 Methodology:. and will get the following data from the consumer profile:      Age Gender Occupation Marital status Domicile. . We will be surveying in various locations of Hyderabad to have a clear picture of consumer choice which will enable the restaurant owners to make a proper decision in selecting the zone area to get a descent customer response and enable them to generate maximum return on investment. etc. Alternate Hypothesis: .The selection of above variable will make impact while taking a call and which one will be most preferred variable. we will be conducting a survey were we will ask the consumers specific questions in-order to provide the new entrants about the important points that need to be considered while taking a good call. This information will also help them to design some CRM campaigns for their best customers and will also help in establishing their brand. Null Hypothesis: -The selection of above variable does not make any impact while taking a call in opening a new restaurant. Research . Null Hypothesis: . Alternate Hypothesis: . Research – 3 Methodology: . this will be a general study.  For existing players: This research will help the restaurant owners to study their sales trend.We will prepare a questionnaire targeting the customers and get the data about their profile.Geographical location of a restaurant does not make any impact on the decision of the owner based on a consumer survey. which category of consumers make a more impact in the sales of the restaurant.Geographical location of a restaurant will make impact on the decision of the owner.

J. Alternate Hypothesis: . RESTAURANT MARKETING: SELECTION AND SEGMENTATION IN HONGKONG.). CONCLUSION This research will enable the restaurant owners as well as the new entrants to come to a decision on deciding upon the various aspects of their restaurant in an efficient way. (1997). . AUTY. (n. S. 2. KIVELA.Consumer profile does make an impact on the sales of restaurant.Null Hypothesis:-Consumer profile does not affect the sales of the restaurant. CONSUMER CHOICE AND SEGMENTATION IN THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY.d. REFERENCES 1. J.

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