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ART CLASS The Colour Bilingual Section IES


Teacher Name: Isabel Rivera

Colour Wheel

CATEGORY/MARK 10-9 8-7 6-5 >5

Colours Student used The student The student The colour
the correct has two or less has two or wheel is
colour order colours in the more colours completely out
when wrong order. out of the of sequence.
constructing Hues are color wheel There is no
the colour distinguished sequence. evidence of
wheel. Hues Hues are organization or
are inaccurate. concern.
Colour Mixing All colours are 1-2 of the 3-4 of the 5 or more of
mixed colours are not colours are the colours are
correctly. mixed not mixed not mixed
correctly. correctly. correctly.

Overall Presentation Colour is Colour is An attempt No attempt has

applied in a applied in a has been been made to
manner that is reasonably made to apply apply colour in
consistent consistent colour in a a manner that
throughout the manner manner that is consistent
whole project. throughout the is consistent, with the rest of
Extremely whole project. but it is not the project.
neat. Neat project. effective. Neatness
Neatness is needs
fair. improving.
Time/Effort Class time was Class time was Class time Class time was
used wisely. usually used was not not used wisely
Much time and wisely. Student always used and the
effort went into could have put wisely, but student put in
the coloring the in more time student did do no additional
color wheel. and effort at some effort.
school. additional
work outside
of the class