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ART CLASS The visual elements Bilingual Section IES


Teacher Name: Isabel Rivera

SHAPE AND FORM: Pablo Picasso's shapes

CATEGORY/Mark 10-9 8-7 6-5 >5

Quality of The collage The collage The collage The collage
Construction shows shows shows some was put
considerable attention to attention to together
attention to construction. construction. sloppily. Items
construction. Most items appear to be
The items are neatly just "slapped
are neatly trimmed. on". Pieces
trimmed. may be loose
or hanging
over the
Creativity Several of One or two One or two The student
the graphics of the graphics or did not make
or objects graphics or objects were or customize
used in the objects used made or any of the
collage in the collage customized items on the
reflect an reflect by the collage.
exceptional student student, but
degree of creativity in the ideas
student their creation were typical
creativity in and/or rather than
their creation display. creative
Attention to The student The student The student The student's
Theme gives a gives a gives a fairly explanations
reasonable reasonable reasonable are weak and
example of explanation explanation illustrate
how every of how most of how most difficulty
item in the items in the items in the understanding
collage is collage are collage are how to relate
related to related to to related to to items to
Picasso's Picasso's Picasso's Picasso's
Shape. Shape. Shape. Shape.