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Short Juniper's Knot They call you a demon. A fiend.

Trapped and isolated within a magical barrier for untold centuries. But you're a decent person. One day a boy stumbles upon your prison. He represents your chance for freedom. One life enters the circle; another life leaves. No romance, Discussion of violence and cruelty True Rememberance From slumber's grasp to wakeful child As snowmelt slick your mem'ry flies For lonesome heart seeks lyric mild The silent strain of sad good-byes The Dolor is a devastating, unshakable depression caused by memories and emotion. The City is where these memories go to die. Light romance Moonshine A story of two people swept up in social and economic change. How does someone really grow up? And how important is tolerance in today's world? Romance, Mature themes The Letter A young man returns to his hometown. What does it mean to be part of a family? No romance Red Shift Everyday high school boy meets rude albino girl. They become friends (maybe). Sci Fi ensues. No romance I, Too, Saw Dreams Through Air Package of two fairytales. A coherent theme runs between them. No romance Plain Song Organic and honest love story between a musician and his friend. Beautiful music. Pleasant artwork. Romance Midsummer Day's Resonance A girl falls in love. Also includes dimension traveling, cellphone SCIENCE. Coming of age (from a female perspective!). Romance Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story For the facebook stalker in all of us. You

are a highschool teacher. You get to see all of your students private messages to each other, because bullying (sic). Drama unfolds. Light romance, mature themes Medium Song of Saya What is a monster? Have they always been, or do humans, in their arrogance, create them ourselves? And what do we look like to our monsters? Young medical student suffers a debilitating injury. His sight is restored through an experimental procedure, but all he can see now is a blood-soaked hell. One pure form shining in the darkness is all that holds him to this world. Interspecies romance, violence, cruelty, gore, cannibalism Cross Channel Group of high school students find themselves alone within a world left seemingly in stasis. Classic time loop situation. Behind the veneer of stock anime character types and typical anime humor lies a discussion of the value of communication and friendship, along with concepts of social alienation and acceptance. Romance Narcissu "The modern day. Dark. A protagonist and a heroine. Both of whom die." Romance, terminal illness Planetarian Post-apocalyptic story about a scavenger who uncovers one of the last traces of humanity's bright past. One week out of every year power returns to a planetarium in the center of an abandoned city. The sole curator is an android, designed to protect and serve humanity. She stands within the city walls in constant vigilance to this day. Bleak A Drug That Makes You Dream Story of psychedelics, bullying, and dreams. The authors pull back the curtain on some of the nastier sides of the Japanese school system. 3 girls with issues. Choose one to help. Romance The Devil on G-string The son of a ruthless business executive with ties to the Yakuza spends his days playing God at school and working for his stepfather. A genius heroine shows up one day searching for a criminal who calls himself "Devil".

Plans within plans, plots, twists and turns begin to unravel a-la Death Note as the protagonist's idyllic playboy life is turned upside down. Romance Epic(ly Long) Seriously, Fall in Love with Me! The best that a classic harem visual novel could really ever be. 5 heroines to pursue on a backdrop of a tale of lifelong friendship and the power of kindness. Romance Ever17 7 people are trapped within an underwater theme park. They have 119 hours to devise an escape plan before the ocean's weight crushes them. Was this an accident, or is there something more sinister at work? Plot twists and character development galore. Excellent suspense/mystery story, quite reminiscent of "They Were Eleven" Romance Kira*Kira "Two conditions for becoming a true Punk rocker: 1. A Punk rocker doesn't follow any rules (anarchy attitude). 2. A Punk rocker mustn't think his actions through (no future attitude)." You are a decently smart, capable, yet somewhat cold high school boy. Somehow you end up as the lead guitarist of an all-girls band at your high school. Hilarity and drama ensue. Romance, mature themes Muv Luv Series A unique and fascinating gem within the medium. Muv Luv Extra and Unlimited are light-hearted, unremarkable harem tales of high-school/giantrobot romance and friendship. Alternative throws everything out the window. All the harem members increase in depth exponentially. The protagonist tackles age-old questions about the human condition. For what reason do we fight? Why do people sacrifice their own lives? Should society maintain the tenous peace it holds, or should we spark conflict amongst ourselves for a chance at change? How much can you really do, in the grand scheme of things, to protect those you love? If you can slog through the 15 hours of the first two acts, you're in for a treat. Romance, violence

Ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two A highschool boy/secret shoujo mangaka gets his bike stolen by a girl. He finds this girl collapsed in the snow and discovers that her own belongings were also stolen by a man on a motorbike. A story of love triangles, childhood friends, music, photography, eyepatches, reunions, and tragic pasts begins. Tenmon of 5cm per second soundtrack. Romance Honorary Mention Sengoku Rance Badass warrior guy visits Sengoku-era Japan to fuck every girl he could hope to get within the span of one year. The man has shark teeth(!). Fun, surprisingly addictive Risk-style strategy game behind the story.

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