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“Awareness creates Knowledge, Knowledge creates Change”

International Green Summit

09 – 14 November 2009
Exhibition 11 – 14 November 2009
Moura, Portugal

International Green Summit, Inc.’s team is a mixed multi-lingual combination of experienced

professionals with diverse backgrounds in green environment, events, hospitality,
communications, marketing, sales, and business. These backgrounds, dedication, and the team
structure, give IGS a definitive edge in understanding and visualizing this summit's potential.

Concerns about global warming, greenhouse gases, energy depletion, toxins have been on the
increasing curve which led to the increase production of Green products by different suppliers and
manufacturers. The problem remains that the companies have been filling the shelves with their
products without taking the time to explain how or why use these products. Consumers want to
shop green, but they do not know enough, so remain aloof on using or buying these products,
blaming the big companies of not doing enough or they simply do not trust them.

This is where the “International Green Summit” comes in by presenting solutions to this problem,
education will not be achieved overnight but we at IGS are starting to take these steps towards
consumer education and awareness on how their daily buying decisions will influence the future
of our planet and our lives.
The slogan of our summit is “awareness creates knowledge, knowledge creates a change”. Change
can be achieved only if we all work hand in hand to reverse the climate change effects and save
our planet. IGS will help facilitate and quicken the embracing of new and existing green
technologies, clean and sustainable business technologies solutions & practices by educating the
world on what green products are, or will be, readily available for consumers to purchase.

With the support of the Moura City Mayor, the International Green Summit is unique in its
format, it is using infotainment to reach the regular consumers. The Green Summit is a one of a
kind summit and exhibition. It is a dream platform that will bring sponsors, exhibitors and visitors
together under one roof. It will be introducing numerous products to the average consumer
around the world. The Summit is highly targeted to database of attendee profiles to match that of
the event. This ensures that the audience is precise and the sales efforts can be accurate and cost-
Also, live web cast will be broadcasted over the TV cable stations and Internet web cast in many
languages worldwide, enabling each company, to offer their products/ ideas to the market place as
Number Forecast/ Media Viewer projected numbers
Web-cast viewers 350,000,00
Cable Viewers 575,000.000
Satellite viewers 225,000.00
TOTAL 1 , 1 5 0 ,0 0 0 , 0 0 0

The International Green Summit

Introduction/ S.H.Andrade
“Awareness creates Knowledge, Knowledge creates Change”

The companies will have an opportunity to increase their market share by increasing visibility to
their brand and augmenting the awareness to their products.

IGS will present keynote speakers, workshops, daily educational seminars, 4 stages daily
Consumer Goods, Reusable/Renewable Energies, Technology, Transportation/ Innovations, as well
as panel discussions. The networking between sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and consumers will
create opportunities for the participating companies to engage directly together and with their
consumers directly. The Summit presents benefits to everyone as follows:
• Connect activists and advocates, organizations, policy makers, practitioners, and business,
labor, and Green leaders together to promote green planet that benefits all.
• Increase public awareness on the potential of reversing global warming
• Promote best green practices, technologies and policies on an international platform
• Help Building an on-line community generated through social networking, web-casts and

Who should attend the Summit:

• Integrators, innovators that are Green or turning Green
• Green Construction industry: (Architects, design companies, contractors, builders)
• Green Material and Equipment Manufacturers:
• Law Firms involved in Energy audits/ litigations
• Auto Industry
• Transportation Sector
• Green Fuel & Batteries Vendors
• Financial institutions
• Green Organizations& Associations both Governmental& Non-Governmental
• Food manufacturers and suppliers
• Cleaning products industry
• Home appliances industry
• Tourism Sector especially Eco-Tourism
The International Green Summit is targeting all demographics, ages, socio-economic levels,
genders, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and races that have never had the opportunity to see a
showcase like this. Exhibitors and corporate sponsors will be at fore front of every person’s mind,
and showing them what’s the best for the World we live in.

We are very proud to present to you different opportunities to participate in this summit as a
sponsor/ exhibitor/ delegate/ advertiser or a speaker. Sponsorship packages are different levels
based on your participation, we will be happy to forward the needed literature once requested.

IGS is the first summit that will bring together the largest companies in the World that produce
green products. We have contacted more than a hundred International companies and adding to
our list on daily basis.

The International Green Summit

Introduction/ S.H.Andrade
“Awareness creates Knowledge, Knowledge creates Change”

We have been working with many other companies that partnered up with us to propagate the
word about the summit and how to save our planet, these companies/organizations are the follow:

• On The Edge TV show

• United Sphere – International Humanistic Sciences Center
• GCIO – Green Computing Impact Organization
• EarthShip Summit 2010 in Montreal
• New Leaf Paper
• Echo Earth Media:
• Green Rose IT:
• One Greener Radio
• Smashing Ideas:
• Object Management Group:
• Project Green America:
• Open Blue Sea farms:
• International Speaker Bureau (ISB)
• Environmental Networking, Lda (our partner in Portugal)

For any further information, or to receive our sponsorship packages, please contact:
• Michael Padurano
CEO/ Founder International Green Summit, Inc.
(561) 856 5501
• Mike Cicci
COO International Green Summit, Inc.
(561) 633 1827
• Sahar H. Andrade
SR VP Project Management
(818) 554 4737
Show the world commitment towards a clean, green planet at this summit. This is a chance to
show that, all of us as a group can make ALL the difference. We know that this historical event
will be remembered by many generations to come as a turning point in the Green movement and
not just another green event.

Join us to achieve the success of this summit

International Green Summit, Inc.:

The International Green Summit

Introduction/ S.H.Andrade