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4157 Maple Grove Rd., PO Box 222 Vineland, Ontario L0R 2C0

Sunday May 5th, 2013 ~ Sixth Sunday of Easter Fundraising Golf Tournament
This years Golf Tournament Fundraiser is being hosted by Commissos Fresh Foods and all proceeds will be divided equally between the St. Helens Building Fund and The St Catharines General Hospital. By combining these two very worthy causes, both will benefit more than if we ran them individually. The Golf Tournament will be held at Sawmill Golf Club in Fenwick on Thursday June 6, 2013. Much consideration has gone into the format and timing, and our target is to raise $10,000 for each of St Helens and the General Hospital. The cost for Golf, cart, lunch and dinner, with prizes will be $150.00 per player. Sign-up sheets will be available after all masses or you may contact: a committee member: Tony Commisso 905-325-4008 Rainer Brandel 905-563-5078 Danny Minello 905-563-0268 Steve Metelsky 289-566-9090 Mass Times
Saturday 5 pm & Sundays @ 9 am - St. Helens Church Sunday 11 am - St. Mark School Gym, Beamsville Pastor - Fr. Philip English Office Administration - Aggie Agnino ext. 115 E-mail - Office - 905 562-7427 Fax - 905 562-7789 Website -

Opened - October 2, 1938

Established as a Parish - January 1, 1986

Sacraments Baptism: Available on Sundays at 1:00 pm. Call parish office. First Communion & Confirmation: Arranged through
the schools. If your child is not in a Catholic school or is not baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, contact the parish office.

Reconciliation: Before or after each mass or by appointment. Marriage: Six months notice; marriage prep required. Anointing of the Sick: Please let us know when someone
has a serious or prolonged illness or is to have surgery. This sacrament celebrates the healing of mind and body and the forgiveness of sins.

Catholic Funeral Rites: When a death occurs in your family, please call the parish office and we will assist you in making the necessary liturgical arrangements.

We welcome you and invite you to share in the spiritual and social activities of your parish.

___*NEW PARISHIONERS ___CHANGE OF ADDRESS ____MOVING Kindly complete the following and place in collection basket. Name _________________________________________ Address _______________________________________ Telephone _____________ City _____________________ Postal Code ____________ Will you use offertory envelopes? ________ St. Marks ____

E-mail _____________________________

If yes, pick-up in the church entrance foyer next Sunday.

Pick up @: St. Helens ____

Year C
Day Mon Tuesday 8:30 am Wednesday 9:30 am Thursday 8:30 am Friday 8:30 am Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am 11:00 am St. Mark School

Mass Intentions
Requested for No NOMorning AM MASS Mass Maria & Gerald Murphy Norman Visentin Dorin vonWuthenau Joy Egan Angelina Prokich, Alex Prokich Wynne & Eric Jackson
Note time & Location

May 6 to 12
Requested by

Paul Murphy Staff of St. Mark Klaus vonWuthenau St. Helen CWL Alex Prokich Rob Jackson

Parishioners of St. Helens - living & deceased

Donato & Assuna Di Pasquale Lucia & Erminio DeStefano Joseph Beaulieu

Giuseppina Romasco Aniello & Louisa DeStefano Tony & Michelle Mackey

Stewardship of Treasure Date Offertory Facility Maintenance April 28 $3,906.03 $ Building Fund $487.00 Thank you for your generosity and continued support. It is greatly appreciated. St. Vincent de Paul Society Please remember the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society as the needs of the poor continue. Your spare change goes a long way to help needy individuals and families in our community. Thank you for your continued generosity and prayers. Sacrament of the Sick Holy Communion to Shut-Ins Holy Communion can be brought regularly to the sick, elderly and shut-ins. To make arrangements for Holy Communion or for the Anointing of the Sick, either in the hospital, nursing home or your own home, please contact the Parish Office. Canadian Tire Bills Still being Collected Keep up the housecleaning and send in your bills which will be used for the purchasing prizes for fundraising events for the new church. Bulletin Advertising Please support our sponsors when possible; their advertising dollars support our church.
Give and it shall be given to you for the measure you measure with will be Measured back to you. Luke 6:38

Crowning of Mary All are welcome to join in a Rosary & the Crowning of Our Blessed Mother Mary on Monday May 6th, 2013 at 6:30 pm @ St. Helens. Reception follows in the Church basement Hosted by St. Helens CWL. Let us pray this year for Mary's intentions. That all of her children may accept her role as intercessor in preparing us to be worthy of presentation to her son, Our Saviour. We look forward to seeing everyone in our community joining together, united in prayer. Let's fill our church and let our voices be heard!

May Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary enjoys a special place in the devotional life of Catholics during the month of May. This is an excellent time to promote sound catechesis about the person and the place of the Virgin Mary in the plan of salvation. The biblical inspiration of love and veneration for Mary under such titles as, full of grace, the all holy, ever virgin, new Eve, invite special focus. The Rosary is of unparalleled excellence as a form of biblical prayer. The Catechism of the Catholic Church offers a rich treasury of teaching on Mary.

Sixth Sunday of Easter ~ May 5th, 2013 Readings: Acts 15:1-2, 22-29 Psalm 67:2-3, 5-6, 8 Revelation 21:10-14, 22-23 John 14:23-29 Council of Jerusalem The first Church council, the Council of Jerusalem we hear about in todays First Reading, decided the shape of the Church as we know it. Some Jewish Christians had wanted Gentile converts to be circumcised and obey all the complex ritual and purity laws of the Jews. The council called this a heresy, again showing us that the Church in the divine plan is meant to be a worldwide family of God, no longer a covenant with just one nation. Todays Liturgy gives us a profound meditation on the nature and meaning of the Church. The Church is One, as we see in the First Reading: the Apostles [bishops] and presbyters [priests], in agreement with the whole Church [laity]. The Church is Holy, taught and guided by the Spirit that Jesus promises the Apostles in the Gospel. The Church is Catholic, or universal, making known Gods ways of salvation to all peoples, ruling all in equity, as we sing in todays Psalm. And the Church, as John sees in the Second Reading, is Apostolic - founded on the twelve Apostles of the Lamb. All these marks of the Church are underscored in the story of the council. Notice that everybody, including Paul, looks to Jerusalem [and] ...the Apostles to decide the Churchs true teaching. The Apostles, too, presume that Christian teachers need a mandate from us. And we see the Spirit guiding the Apostles in all truth. Notice how they describe their ruling: It is the decision of the Holy Spirit and of us. Knowing these truths about the Church, our hearts should never be troubled. The Liturgys message today is that the Church is the Lords, watched over and guarded by the Advocate, the Holy Spirit sent by the Father in the name of the Son. This should fill us with confidence, free us to worship with exultation, inspire us to rededicate our lives to His Name - to love Jesus in our keeping of His Word, to rejoice that He and the Father in the Spirit have made their dwelling with us. Taken from
Sunday Bible Reflections with Dr. Scott Hahn

Announcing Launch of the Second Annual St. Helen's Church Raffle - May 1st, 2013 $25,000.00 in CASH PRIZES 1st $500.00 Early Bird Saturday, May 25th, 2013 After a very successful Raffle in 2012 with $17,000.00 donated to St. Helen's Church, we are ready to launch our Second Annual St. Helens Church Raffle. Only 520 tickets will be sold at $100.00 each. Draws will take place on the Fourth Saturday of the month in the Boardroom, St. Helen's Church basement @6.00 p.m. Ticket applications available by Mail, at the Church or by contacting one of the Raffle Committee Members: Andrew Hendriks (905-563-3101), Maria Archibald (905-563-5505), Steve Metelsky (289-566-9090 or ) Frank Murphy (905-563-7153) 2 Year End Gala Concerts Sunday, May 12, 3 pm & Wednesday, May 15, 7 pm Experience one of Canadas most vibrant and inspiring choirs, a group of 50 talented singers with developmental disabilities. Now in its sixth season, Momentum continues to inspire audiences and break new ground as a powerful platform where disability takes a back seat as soon as the music begins. Last year Momentum packed numerous concert halls, auditioned for Canadas Got Talent and sang at the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. To hear them sing is a profound emotional experience. Momentum invites you to join them at one of their concerts at Bethany Community Church, 1388 Third St., St. Catharines. The cost is $10 per person, or $25 per family or group home. Tickets are available at the door. For more information contact International Mothers Day Walk May 12th, 2013 ~ 2:15 - 2:45 PM Rainbow Bridge Niagara Falls, ON/NY Join our American friends in support of life. Participants will assemble at Saint Anns Roman Catholic Church (5740 Buchanan Avenue Niagara Falls, ON) at 1:30 PM. Then proceed to the Rainbow Bridge (5781 River Rd. Niagara Falls, ON). The guest speaker will be Father Paul McDonald. Please bring all necessary identification for crossing the border. For information on crossing the border: http://

March For Life Join thousands of Canadians at the March for Life in Ottawa May 9 @ 1:30 p.m. as we pay respect and draw attention to the over 4 million unborn children aborted in Canada since 1969. St. Catharines Right to Life two-day bus trip to the March May 9 & 10 has seats available. Call 905 684-7505 or visit