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Committee on Extracurricular Affairs – IPR Issue Report July 4, 2013/5:15-6:00 PM/OSA Conference Room 6 IPR Issue Sit-down Authored by: Jose Norberto V. Reyes, 3 SOH CB Rep Status: New Report Decision: Adopt

Attendance/People Involved: 1. Jose Norberto V. Reyes, CEA Chairperson 2. Jan-Daniel S. Belmonte, Individual Designer/FA 3. Samantha Hillary Co, DPR/FA 4. Nick Emmanuel Lucero, ConComm 5. RJ Dimla, SOH Chairperson 6. Jenelle Gabriel, CEA 7. Axel Pangilinan, COA PAC Sec-Treas 8. Micha Aldea, COA President 9. Mia Pangilinan, COA BC Sec-Treas 10. Nichelle Ng, AJMA Sec-Gen 11. Julio Araneta, AJMA EVP 12. Gisella F. Velasco, CADs Promotions Officer 13. EG Bautista, CADs President 14. Dan Remo, Sanggunian President 15. Ryan Yu, Sanggunian Vice President 16. Micah Mongcal, OSG 17. Ma. Leonila Nuñez, COA PAC Head 18. Rem Casiño, OSA 19. Timothy Ong, OSA Agenda of the Meeting/Goals: 1. Talk about the issue regarding the GUIDON Article surrounding the IPR 2. Talk about the supposed incident of tweeting and “patama” regarding the promos of certain organizations 3. Introduce the plan for a Working Group that will write the policy regarding the IPR Action Done by the Unit: 1. The talk itself, which clarified that Sanggu had not released a statement regarding the privilege speech. 2. Assign CEA members Jenelle Gabriel and Angelica Ramirez to monitor and be part of the IPR Working Group. Results:

Room 200 MVP Student Leadership Center Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights 09xx xxx xxx | sanggusecgen@gmail.com

1. It was resolved that RJ Dimla’s tweets were not done to offend any organization, but rather to serve as a call for awareness regarding incidents of violation of the IPR 2. But as certain organizations, regardless, were still offended, a personal apology was given by RJ Dimla. 3. Moving on: all the parties involved are ready to help out and support the creation of the IPR Working Group Recommendations: 1. Create the IPR Working Group as soon as possible.

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