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Mamgbi Robert

Chemicka 952, Praha 4,
14828, Kunratice,
Czech Republic.
Cellphone: +420 732463155
Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels
Technicka 5 Praha 6 – Dejvice
166 28 Czech Republic
Office phone: +420 220 444 162
Office fax: +420 220 444 321

Organised master’s research student in petroleum technology and Petrochemistry, due to
Career objective
graduate in June 2008 is seeking to secure a challenging engineering and research graduate
position in the field of oil and gas processing and production, Petrochemistry, fine chemicals,
catalysis, material science, environmental engineering, automotive engineering, sustainable
renewable energy development, alternative fuels, tribotechnical diagnostics, quality engineering
in fuels, or related where my technical, IT and communication skills can be utilized in obtaining
experience and personal career goals and those of the employer. Keen to work with a
professional team.

2003 –2008 Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Prague, Czech Republic
MSc (will graduate in June 2008) in study program of: Chemistry and technology of fuels
and environment, sub program: Chemical processing of fuels and Energetics,
specialisation: Petroleum technology and Petrochemistry. Thesis topic: Life-cycle and
properties of motor oil (low SAPS). (State exams in: Petroleum technology, Petrochemistry,
Special analysis of Fuels and Organic chemistry).
2000 – 2001 Institute for language and preparatory studies (ILPS) Charles university in
Prague Czech Republic
CCE Czech Language Certificate Exam (Czech Language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics).
1997-1998 Uganda martyrs high school Rubaga Uganda
UACE Uganda Advance Certificate of Education
(Physics, Chemistry, biology, subsidiary Mathematics and General paper).
1993-1996 Metu Senior Secondary School Uganda
UCE Uganda Certificate of Education
(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Commerce, English language, Geography, Agricultural
Principles and Practice and Biology).
1986-1992 Moyo Town Council Primary School Uganda
PLE Primary Leaving Certificate

2007 Ceska Rafinerska a.s Czech Republic
Work Experience
Summer Graduate Internship (at Strategy and long term planning technology
development division)-Did research on Dimethylether as an alternative fuel for the future
2001 Caritas Czech republic Plzen Czech Republic
Took part in the raising of funds for underprivileged children in Uganda and India and
lobbied for their adoption by sponsors.
Industrial based research
• Wide experience in laboratory based quality assurance in fuels and lubricants
• Performed unit operations (distillations, extractions, filtrations, drying etc)
• Got acquainted with the HAZOP concept in various petrochemical process units
• Worked with MSDS regarding Risk and Safety in chemical management
• Held drills on OSHA

Technical skills:
Key Skills
Sol-Gel method, Shimadzu GC-2010 instrument, UV-VIS spectroscopy, XRF spectroscopy and
AA Spectroscopy, Chromatography (HPLC, LC etc), FIAlab-2500, NMR, NIR Spectroscopy

IT skills:
Aspen Plus design software(basic), Matlab simulation software, HYSYS simulation software,
Scientific database packages (SciFinder, Beilstein CrossFire and Gmelin), Chemistry software
(CS Chemoffice, ISIS Draw), Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and
Outlook) and Internet