Compliance and Internal Control Division: The Internal Control and Compliance Officer will work independently of the

branch manager or any other executive or officer of the respective branch. He will report directly to the chief compliance officer. He will point out errors/omissions/irregularities/exceptions in the branch and hand over his report to the branch manager for rectification. The manager will return the report to the compliance officer after rectification of pointed out irregularities and if the compliance officer feels necessary will check the rectification done by the branch will be checked as per laid down procedure of the bank of Khyber and regulations of the State Bank of Pakistan. His/her Mandate will broadly consist of: It is to be ensured that when an employee of the branch proceeds on leave; his/her ID has been blocked. Similarly, an employee attends office after leaves; his/her ID has been re-activated. It is to be ensured that the IDs of outgoing (retired/terminated/resigned/deceased) or other noneligible employees have been deleted from the system on timely basis. It is to be ensured that online facilities offered to the customer are checked in order to avoid any fraud and forgery as per following threshold:       Cash Deposits Cash withdrawal (maximum limit Rs.500, 000/- per transaction. Account to account transfer Rs.2.000M for individual clients. Rs.5.000M for corporate clients. Any actual/potential frauds should be reported in accordance with the bank „policy for Handling Fraud & Forgery cases.

It is to be ensured that any returns of the instruments due to unusual reasons are reported for verification/checking to ICCO. The release/withdrawal of stop payment instructions to be checked as per Operation Manual, However, “Hold Mail” to be checked as per Head Office Instructions Ref: B.O. # BOK/HO/BO/Inst/2012/09/2276 dated February 09, 2012. It is to be ensured by ICCO as follows:     Review of transaction authorized by Deposit Incharge in absence of Manager Operations. Review of blockages of authorization rights/IDs of employees and timely deletion of IDs in all applicable cases. Follow-up on resolution of End of Day discrepancies reported by the branch. Review of adjustments/amendments done during End of Day Procedures.

Independent review of large/unusual transactions from AML perspective and ensure disposition by branch management as per bank‟s polices.  Review of weekly report of adjustments by prescribed types/indicators and identifying any trends to be used as input in the compliance risk assessment process. Also suggesting remedial actions. . if required.

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