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Efficient and Innovative Components for Better Use of Installed Energy
Energy efficiency implies an increase in the productivity of mobile working machines. The basic requirements here are the reduction of power loss and the optimization of components in the hydraulic system in terms of their efficiency. By introducing new components and working with existing components in an innovative way, it is possible to meet market requirements and customer demands that center on the improved use of installed energy, a reduction in fuel consumption, and greater overall vehicle functionality. In the context of this topic, Bosch Rexroth presents innovative solutions with new model series while continuing to develop its existing product range in all respects.

Furthermore. end users tend to place exacting demands on the maneuverability and multi-purpose functions of their machines. Gilles Chetail Sales and Industry Sector Management Construction Machinery . it is crucial to make the best use of available power by keeping the hydraulics simple. With redeveloped products based on proven solutions and with 20 years of experience in the field. In this context.Bosch Rexroth AG Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators | Mobile 2012 7 A Boost in Productivity – Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators Abstract It is becoming increasingly important to achieve optimum productivity in mobile applications. Especially for compact excavators (mini and midi excavators). the company presents a new range of systems in response to the latest market requirements. Bosch Rexroth proposes updated flow sharing (LUDV) technology that both boosts machine productivity and enhances fine control and precision performance.

8 Mobile 2012 | Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators Bosch Rexroth AG Single flow sharing (LUDV) system The increasing popularity of compact excavators (mini and midi excavators) has led to a strong demand for these machines around the world. 1: Compact excavator Slew Drive MCR GFT + A10VT Travel Drive Control Block RS12 Travel Drive and Implement Hydraulic A7VO Command Units TH6 Pilot Oil Supply MHSTE Fig. especially due to the flexible ability of this technology to meet individual customer requirements. such as: ▶▶ Improved control and precision ▶▶ Better use of available engine power ▶▶ Compatibility with various attachments ▶▶ Reduced costs thanks to a simplified hydraulic circuit Fig. The number of machines equipped with a closed center “flow sharing” hydraulic system has also risen in recent years. 2: Hydraulic circuit .

as well as powershift function (the power curve is shifted depending on the engine speed). available in a high-pressure version. A7VO variable pump The A7VO variable pump of bent-axis design (Fig.The revised system solution is a response to new challenges and offers: ▶▶ Greater productivity ▶▶ Reduced fuel consumption ▶▶ Improved operating feeling ▶▶ Easy control The design of the A7VO rotary group boosts volumetric efficiency. For compact excavators. Furthermore. which today enjoys great success. 3). It offers outstanding improvement to the productivity of compact excavators. Optional features (Fig. 4: Variable margin and powershift features . 4) such as a variable margin (differential pressure setting) will be available for managing optimal flow control in relation to engine speed (the wide range of fine control for working speed is maintained independent of the engine speed). the large displacement angle compared to the swashplate design provides greater efficiency for pressure levels in situations where working conditions present challenging power management requirements. the A7VO pump is available from 28 to 160 cm3/rev and is well suited for pressure levels of up to 350 bar. for example digging out trenches and turning. 3: A7VO variable pump Fig. 2). allows a greater supply flow to the main block with same installed power. Flow nmax nreduced Lever Stroke Pressure Flow Fig. The newly updated flow sharing (LUDV) system combines the new RS12 control block – the successor to the SX12 – and a redesigned version of the proven A7VO variable pump. The solution comprises a single variable pump with power controller and load sensing control valve with an anti-saturation function / post-compensated flow sharing (Fig. The compact pump includes a robust bearing system with a long service lifetime.Bosch Rexroth AG Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators | Mobile 2012 9 Bosch Rexroth was one of the first hydraulics manufacturers to develop and introduce this concept for compact excavators.

as is required for multi-pump open center systems.77 Pump Pump Qmax = 100 L/min = 100 l/min t Qmax Fig.0 L/min Consumer II Soll Q t Q = l/min Soll Q =50.77 Consumer I Consumer Q = II 50. 6 and 7). The four-way control system based on the closed center principle allows an even faster optimization of the control parameters of each directional valve spool when compared to conventional six-way valves. better matching of the working cycle can be achieved.77 Q = l/min Red RATIO =38.10 Mobile 2012 | Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators Bosch Rexroth AG RS12 flow sharing (LUDV) control block The new RS12 control block (Fig. 6: Fine control Moreover. such as rotating grapple and angle blade.5 0. 5) also contributes to greater efficiency thanks to the new layout of internal channels. Fine control Fig.5 L/min Red RATIO = 0.77 Consumer I QSoll = 80.5 L/min Red QRed l/min RATIO ==61. This shortens the development time for new machine models and simplifies system coordination considerably.0 38. the flow control in the RS12 directional block makes the machine easier to control by maintaining parameters within an optimum range independently of load pressure and ensuring the flow distribution requested by the operator no matter what combination of machine movements is being performed (Fig.0 61. Q 80 60 40 20 80 60 40 20 100 80 60 40 20 Q t RATIO = 0. With the help of flow sharing (LUDV).0 L/min Q l/min Soll = Q =80. the manufacturer can also set different velocities for each actuator axis and direction of movement. the manufacturer gains a much greater degree of flexibility for realizing additional functions. 7: Proportional flow sharing . In this way. As for the SX12.5 0. because the system permits the addition of a second or third auxiliary section to the circuit without an additional pump. 5: RS12 main control block Fig. which reduces the drop in pressure both from the P line to user ports and from user ports to the T channel.

8). and to maintain the optimal dynamic behavior for the machine. It is necessary to strike the right balance between controllability. performance is even better thanks to the new and improved RS12 block. and energy efficiency. output power of the pump which is available for the hydraulic system was compared on current serial machine equiped with pump of swashplate design and then with A7VO pump of bent axis design. In one of the first 6.3 kW à 2250 rpm Output power / Current 24.5 t compact excavators to be fitted with this sytem. 8: Comparison of pump output power . reducing the amount of pipework needed. Bosch Rexroth is able to provide greater efficiency while maintaining the same level of installed engine power and without compromising the performance of fine controls – indeed. Together. Greater productivity The major challenge for excavator control systems in terms of simultaneous movements is to manage the distribution of hydraulic power in the most effective way in order to avoid unexpected speed changes and drops in torque. Input power 32. The valve contains a single inlet element. performance. they form the basis of the best system to drive and control compact excavators with greater efficiency and enhanced maneuverability. Both the A7VO pump and RS12 control block are designed for high-pressure systems and are robust products that can be adapted to meet possibly higher pressure level requirements in the future. This comparison is based on same engine power with pump input power set at 32. and the summation power control pump regulator used in multi-pump circuits is replaced with a simple power control regulator.6 kW Flow [L/min] 180 165 150 135 120 105 90 75 60 45 30 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 250 Output power / New 27.6 KW in both cases (Fig. This reduces the number of components and assembly costs. With the new system consisting of the A7VO pump and RS12 control block. as mentioned above.5 kW à 2250 rpm Pressure [bar] Fig.Bosch Rexroth AG Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators | Mobile 2012 11 Another key benefit is that the one-pump circuit allows component rationalization.

The shockless cross-port relief valves limit and control the increase in pressure and prevent excessive changes in acceleration. they also extend gear life (Fig. Furthermore.12 Mobile 2012 | Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators Bosch Rexroth AG MCR-X slew drive On compact excavators in particular. Bosch Rexroth offers a low-speed. The MCR-X radial piston motor represents an alternative solution to the slew drives currently used on the market. anti-cavitation and brakedelay valves. 9: MCR-X schematic and pressure-relief valve characteristics Fig. radial piston motor of type MCR-X (160 to 820 cm3/rev) with an integrated valve block. is supplied with an integrated multi-disc brake (Fig. thus preventing the machine operator from feeling any shocks. which is designed to meet the requirements of compact excavators weighing 3 to 8 t (Fig. It represents an optimized solution for the system controlled by the flow sharing (LUDV) technology. low operating noise in the cabin. and high pressure capability with very good volumetric and mechanical efficiency. Improved slew control can also be achieved thanks to the enhanced anti-cavitation performance of the new cartridge valves of RS12 main block. 10). the combination of the MCR-X and the new RS12 control block boosts efficiency. the slew gear drive plays a decisive role in operator acceptance. and it is also an additional possibility as part of the Rexroth product range. Z X1 X2 B M L Pressure prelief t1 A F Time t Fig. 9). more compact installation. 10: MCR5-X slew drive motor . The motor. complete with shockless cross-port relief. insignificant backlash. The MCR-X motor offers smooth running at low velocities thanks to improved and more intuitive proportionality. 9). especially during fine control operation with optimized valve adjustment to manage lower meter-out pressures. high-torque.

Fig.Bosch Rexroth AG Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators | Mobile 2012 13 The Rexroth system In order to maximize the performance of machines. 14: EC1500 handgrip The 2TH6L blade controller (Fig. 11: Joystick Fig. 13: Blade controller . the 4TH5NR and 4TH6NR range of foot pedal controllers (Fig. The 4TH5 and 4TH6N joysticks (Fig. The new EC1500 handgrip (Fig. 11). as expressed in Asian markets. Fig. For the travel function. The handgrip with integrated slider meets the high demands for ergonomic operation of auxiliary functions. 12: Travel controller Fig. 14) completes the range and is a response to the need for a thinner shape. A reduction in both operating effort and variation during lever inclination improves working conditions and driver comfort. Bosch Rexroth provides a full range of hydraulic products that cover compact excavators weighing up to 12 t. 13) is now available with float position and mechanical detent features in line with the market evolution from mechanical to hydraulic operation. This function softens any rough operation of the levers and helps to prevent oscillations when switching back to neutral position. meaning that there is added flexibility for the inclusion of angle blade control. adapted for compact excavators are very successful in the market. 12) with integrated lever damping is an additional improvement to driving comfort. It is also possible to install other types of handgrips from the Rexroth range.

15: AP2D double pump Fig. space-saving two-stage planetary construction ▶▶ Robust bearings ▶▶ Integral medium-pressure hydraulic dual displacement motors ▶▶ Counterbalance valve and secondary relief valve integrated into the motor plate ▶▶ Integrated multi-disc parking brake ▶▶ High starting efficiency ▶▶ Easy assembly ▶▶ Simple oil change ▶▶ Low-noise running Fig. 15).14 Mobile 2012 | Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators Bosch Rexroth AG For some cases in which the traditional open center hydraulic system has been maintained. 16: GFT 2120 travel drive . available for the 7 to 10 t weight class. It is characterized by remarkable compactness and completes the product range for compact excavators. 16) is a combination of an ultra-compact two-stage planetary gear drive with a medium-pressure hydraulic motor. The main features are as follows: ▶▶ Compact. The main features of AP2D are as follows: ▶▶ Integrated power controller with power override via third gear pump pressure ▶▶ Short length ▶▶ Optional flanged-mounted gear pump for third loop and pilot pump with a common suction port ▶▶ Integrated pilot oil unit with two solenoids (optional) ▶▶ Power override via pilot pressure (optional) The GFT 2120 travel drive (Fig. Bosch Rexroth can provide the AP2D double pump of swashplate design (Fig. this is available for compact excavators weighing approximately 5 to 10 t.

offering its customers additional support in the design of machine applications. 17) for the same excavator weight class (7 to 10 t). the associated slew drive (Fig. Bosch Rexroth is a one-stop shop for components that are highly compatible with each other. These valves are used as components of lowering control devices in machines intended for object handling and are subject to the requirements of ISO 8643. 18: Check and metering valve . 17: GFB 2120 slew drive Fig. Calibration of the valve opening parameters via the main control valve is an important point in terms of compliance with ISO norms and the optimization of machine performance. 18) are the result of a close and long-standing collaboration with many major manufacturers of earth-moving equipment. we are able to offer a variety of existing solutions in addition to tailored solutions for each machine. In this sense. Fig.Bosch Rexroth AG Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators | Mobile 2012 15 The GFB 2120. also offers remarkable characteristics: ▶▶ Two-stage planetary drive with one-piece forged output shaft/pinion ▶▶ Swashplate hydraulic slew motor with integrated negative mechanical multi-disc parking brake ▶▶ Shockless pressure-relief valves that provide quick acceleration and smooth braking performance ▶▶ Anti-reaction valves integrated into the motor port plate as standard to prevent upper carriage from swinging back during braking operations ▶▶ Smooth and quiet operation The AVBC series check and metering valves (Fig.

Furthermore. They improve both operator comfort and the maneuverability of machines. There are significant benefits for machine manufacturers: ▶▶ Simplification of the entire process. Bosch Rexroth offers a wide range of high-performance components and systems for compact excavators from a single source to meet all needs. Fig. 19). the specifications and interfaces of these systems are perfectly coordinated (Fig. 19: Bosch Rexroth system . from design and assembly to global service ▶▶ Easy development of new concepts ▶▶ Faster market launch with reduced effort and expenditure Rexroth solutions can be finely scaled in terms of power and functions.16 Mobile 2012 | Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators Bosch Rexroth AG Summary Increasing market and customer requirements regarding the productivity of compact excavators call for new technical solutions. and also fulfill stringent customer requirements regarding higher productivity and lower fuel consumption. Against this background.

Bosch Rexroth AG Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators | Mobile 2012 17 .

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