[Nov-12] [EIRME-503


Integrated Dual Degree (B.Tech. + M.Tech.) Examination Mechanical Engineering
(Effective from the admitted batch 2010–11)

Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instructions: Each Unit carries 12 marks. Answer all units choosing one question from each unit. All parts of the unit must be answered in one place only. Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

UNIT-I 1. Draw complete layout of steam power plant and explain each block in brief OR 2. a) Explain and compare the performance of different types of boilers used in steam power plant b) What is a super heater? Explain and compare different types of super heaters used in steam power plant UNIT-II 3. a) Explain nuclear fission process in a nuclear power plant b) Explain the characteristics of wind power OR 4. Explain the following components of a nuclear power plant a) Moderator b) Shield c) Reflector d) Coolant UNIT-III 5. a) What is solar power? Explain briefly various possible large scale applications of solar power b) What are pumped storage plants? Explain with the help of neat sketch, the principle operation of pumped storage plant 6 6 12 6 6 12

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37000 p.W. a) Explain with neat sketches. 500000 p.000 Interest. a) Differentiate acidic fuel cell and alkaline hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells b) Explain the operating characteristics and advantages of fuel cells UNIT-V 9.a. Interest. insurance. Cost of primary distribution system : Rs..1000/K. depreciation etc..a.W. Depreciation : 5% p.1250000 Operating cost : Rs. Explain the following terms of hydro power plant a) Forebay b) Surge tank c) Draft tube d) Spill way UNIT-IV 7. Insurance etc. Variable cost : Rs.a.00. the principle operation of Geo-thermal power plant b) Define the following terms: i) Plant use factor ii) Diversity factor iii) Load factor iv) Demand factor OR 10.5. : 5% Fuel cost : Rs.a.25000 p. Explain the following in brief a) Ideal fuel cell b) Reusable cells c) Acidic fuel cell OR 8. Maximum demand : 10 MW Annual load factor : 50% 12 12 6 6 6 6 . Plant maintenance cost: Final cost : Rs. : 10% p.a.OR 6. A 15 M. thermal power plant has the following data: Cost of plant : Rs.

W. generated and the total cost of generation per kwhr. The transmission and distribution charges are to be included in generation 12 [8/V S/312] .Calculate the cost of power generated per K. per year. the cost per kwhr.

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