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Change your attitude, dude

Witty one-liners and silly stunts that work wonders in college wont get you any marks in the corporate world so smarten up your act right now Pooja Vora

If your professor asks how you attempted the exam and your answer is a casual, Oh, Ill get full marks for neatness, because the answer sheet is blank, chances are that he will laugh it off. Try the same stunt during a job interview, and one thing is certain; the interviewer definitely wont be amused. Respond to a query about how well you know the company with Oh, my mental 8 GB pen drive is fully formatted, you can fill whatever data required in it and you will be out on the street in 5 seconds flat. College is an excellent training ground to prepare for the real world, but most students are too busy having fun to leverage it. From presentations to group discussions, debates to advertising campaigns, there are numerous activities that provide you a platform to gear up for a workplace environment.

Taking these competitions seriously will give you an edge over your peers. Being too casual or skipping such events to catch the latest Sonam Kapoor or Emran Hashmi starrer will restrict your achievements to being declared as educated unemployed after graduation. Something as simple as carrying off a tie and jacket or saree with panache on formal day can be the first step on learning how to behave in the corporate corridors during your first job interview! Published Date: Jul 02, 2013

Should you study medicine, law or engineering?

Your choice of subjects for your boards will impact your life for the next 40 years. It will determine the job you get, your circle of friends and the gadgets you buy. Research has shown that students who make an informed decision are more likely to be successful in their careers and happier in their lives. One way to make a better choice is by taking a career test that measures your aptitude and your interests and recommends a set of careers based on the same. At DNA of Careerfundas, we understand the importance of making the right decision. This is why we have developed an aptitude test which gives instant career recommendations with the help of leading psychologists from Mumbai University for students of Class 8-12. To celebrate the launch of DNA of Careerfundas, we are offering a special discount of 25% to our readers. Published Date: Jul 02, 2013

ITs my life!
Kartik Dave, senior networking engineer, Trimax, shares with Aarti Katira why he opted

for the field and his experiences

Aarti Katira

It is not always the case that you know what you want to be since your childhood, its after knowing a particular topic in which you slowly develop interest and hence, decide to choose that as a career. Similar was the case with Kartik Dave, who didnt have much interest in computers, but after studying it he decided to be an IT professional. When I completed my HSC exam I noticed that there was a huge demand in IT sector. I thought to give it a chance and gave Microsoft certified system administrative (MCSA) exam. While studying for this exam, I slowly developed interest in this field and today, I am a successful networking engineer,shares Kartik. To polish my skills, later, I did a basic course of networking where in learnt about things like WAN (Wide area Network), LAN (Local Area Network). I did my hardware and networking course along with my studies. Apart from studying, I also used to take small personal projects, he adds. Published Date: Jul 02, 2013 Career Options Advertising, Film, Media & Arts, Law & Language Mass Communication Careers in Gemology Career as Wedding Careers as an Archivist Photographer Careers in Political Science Career as Wildlife Careers In Arts Photographer Careers in Language Careers in Photography Careers in Fashion Journalism Career as a Fashion Photographer Astrology, Vastu and Feng Banking, Finance & Shui Commerce Careers in Vaastu Career in Commerce Careers as Feng Shui Careers in Investment Banking Consultant Careers in Taxation Careers in Astrology Careers in Forensic Accounting

Careers in Financial Analysis Fashion, Textile & Accessory Management Design Careers in Management Career as a Fashion Stylist Careers in Party Planning Career as a Fashion Buyer Careers in Supply Chain Careers in Visual Management Merchandising Careers in Quality Assurance Careers in Footwear Design Management Careers in Fashion Careers in Logistics Merchandising Medical, Pharmacy & Health Physical Education & Sports Care Services Careers in Sports Careers in Podiatric Medicine Management Careers in Hospital Careers in Sports Management and Administration Administration Careers in Health Care Careers in Physical Education Careers in Medicine Careers in Sports Careers in Unani Medicine Careers in Athletic Training Science, Engineering & Soft Skills Computer Applications Careers in KPO Careers in Space Technology Careers in BPO Careers in Photonics Careers in Ocean Engineering Careers in Food Processing Careers in Nuclear Engineering Tourism, Hospitality and Aviation Careers in Aviation Careers in Hospitality Career as Ticket Agent Career as Holiday Consultant Career as Tour Operator

Deciding upon the right career option is quite tricky for both students and their parents. Most of us go through the same dilemma after passing class 12th exams or during graduation. Career options for students who are pursuing professional courses/degree, are quite clear but for the remaining, a lot of thought goes into choosing the right option after graduation.

A lot depends on the interest of the student but lucrativeness of the career and job prospects also play an important role in making the decision. Besides top paying career options such as MBA, Software, Chartered Accountancy, Journalism, Medical, Advertising, PR and architecture, there are numerous other career options in flying & aviation, physical education & sports, law, fashion designing, research & development and administrative services. - See more at:

8 simple tips to live a happy, good and contented life

Posted on May 1, 2013 by admin

8 simple tips to live a happy, good and contented life

How to live a happy and prosperous life? Many people ask me this question. Well, we get what we ask for. We reap what we sow. Living a happy and good life is an art. Im not saying that Im a lifestyle guru! But I know some basic things which will enable you to live a fulfilling life. Follow these basic steps and you are on your way to a happy life which you have always dreamed of. First we need to change ourselves, our bad attitude, our negative habits etc. Change will follow soon. I can guarantee you that you will obtain great results if you follow these rules and tips sincerely. S let us read this article and start living a better life! 1 Self Esteem Self esteem is very important. If we have self esteem, it boosts our confidence. We shouldnt feel that we are unwanted and have no importance. If you want to increase your self esteem, go out and help someone without expecting a reward, go out and feed a hungry man. You will feel better about yourself. 2 Avoid these negative traits:

Avoid negative traits like ego, jealousy, envy, dishonesty etc. Life becomes much better and simple if you manage to get rid of these negative traits. 3 Think Before you speak Words have hurt more men than any weapons ever have. We should choose our words carefully before speaking. Wrong words can end relations and start a war between two countries. Think before you speak. 4 Indulge in Hobbies Is your life boring? Do you feel so? Why dont you start indulging in your favorite hobby? Indulging in hobbyhelps us stay engaged and stay motivated.

5 Exercise at least 20 minutes a day Many times we feel low and uncomfortable due to problems within our body. If we care for our body, the quality of our life will increase by many folds. Exercise for just 20 minutes a day and see the difference after a few months! 6 Learn to forgive

- Sometimes it happens that we are mistreated by others. Many of us keep that event in our mind, plotting for revenge. Learn to forgive instead. We will end up winning many more friends by doing so.

7 Inculcate the following qualities:

Discipline, persistence, patience, humility, courtesy and honestyThese qualities will help you achievesuccess and lead a great life! 8 Help the Poor Ive mentioned this before, by helping out anyone without expecting any returns, you develop self esteem. It feels great when you feed a hungry and poor man. Dont expect any returns, just help someone.

6 Tips To Choose The Right Career Posted on May 3, 2013 by admin

6 Tips To Choose The Right Career

Confused about career?- Flickr/o5com

There is a saying that You decide your own career. We should choose our own career, not our parents. Yes, we require the guidance of our parents for this. There are lots of factors that decide our career. The expectation of our parents is one such factor. But we should choose our own career depending on our tastes and interests. Here are some major factors which influence the selection of our career Parents dreams Our parents started making plans for us the moment we were born. They start dreaming about our future. They also try to accomplish achievements through their child, which they themselves couldnt attain. Social Value of the Job

Some people are attracted towards the respect and the value the society gives to a particular job. Sportsmen are loved and idolized by the society. But if a person with no sporting qualities is adamant to become a sportsman to get respect, he will not succeed. Peer Pressure Our friends career decisions also influences ours. It is like a herd of sheep, where one sheep is followed by others. Income Everyone wants to become a doctor or engineer, but few want to become teachers. Why is it so? The answer is income. We are attracted to careers that offer more income. But income is not everything. It is all about how much we enjoy our lives. Our tastes and interests We should all select our career depending upon our tastes and likes. This way, we will always give 100% to our job. Now, here is the 6 point action plan to choose the right career: 1 Create a list Make a list on things you like and dislike. Example-which subjects you like the most, are you interested in drawing/arts, are you adventurous, are you interested in computers and programming etc. Also remember to note down your dislikes. Based on these lists, note down 10-15 careers that suits you. 2 Analyze each one of the selected careers After noting down careers that suits your needs, analyze them in detail. Consider facts like minimum qualifications, potential dangers and hazards, starting salary and opportunities to progress in that particular field. 3 Shortlist After analyzing the details, create a shortlist consisting of 4-5 jobs. Be practical and careful while making this shortlist. 4 Field Trip After zeroing in on 4-5 jobs, now it is time for field trip. Go and take a field trip of the workplace you have set your eyes on. If your shortlist

consists of a job in the armed forces, visit an army camp. Similarly, visit hospital, or other offices related to your shortlist. 5 Shortlist again After the field trip, it is time to trim down the list again! Choose 1-2 jobs that you like the most after your field trip and note them down. 6 Job Shadowing Now, try to spend time with a person who already works in the field that you are interested in. For example- if you want to become a doctor, meet a local doctor, get to know more about the profession, its demands etc. Try to spend some time with him. This is called Job Shadowing. Top 11 courses to do after 12th science Posted on May 7, 2013 by admin 22

Top 11 courses to do after 12th science

12th standard is the last stage of a students school life. After 12th standard, a student has to decide his path and his career. This step has to be taken after lots of planning and thinking. You just cant afford to choose what to do after 12th standard carelessly. You must take into consideration various factors like- your interests, job scope and opportunities etc while choosing your career. I think this article will help you deal with it. There are many courses available to students after 12th standard. Courses like Engineering, MBBS are main stream, but I will also focus on slightly unknown and unique courses. Please make sure that you take your own time and think before you choose a particular course. FOR SCIENCE STREAM STUDENTS: 1 ENGINEERING- ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL, CIVIL etc For details on all the branches of engineering, please go through this article. The course is 4 years long. 2 MBBS If you are interested in becoming a doctor. The course is 5 years and 6 months long with internship. But you must also complete PG if you want to be successful.

3 BDS If you want to become a dentist. The course is 5 years long. But the field is saturated due to large number of private colleges. 4 BAMS If you want to become an Ayurveda doctor. The course is 5 years long. There are many job opportunitiesin this field. 5 B Pharmacy This course is 4 years long. After getting this degree, you can open a chemists shop, become a medical representative or take up a job in pharmaceutical company. You may also do M Pharm and get betteropportunities. 6 Pharm D It is different from B Pharm. This course is 6 years long. It is more or less a combination of B Pharm and M Pharm. There are lots of opportunities to work abroad if you have this degree.

7 BSc It is a 3 year long course. You can select from various subjects like science, maths, physics, computer science, biotechnology etc. After BSc, you may complete MSc and take up teaching jobs or research. 8 BBA BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. Even 12th science students can choose this course. After completing BBA, you may go for an MBA and get jobs related to your degree. 9 JOIN ARMED FORCES Yes, this is a good option, but there is an age limit. You have to be 19 years old or younger to appear for NDA (National Defence Academy) exam. You must also have completed your 12th standard exams with A group. If you manage to pass NDA exam and SSB interview, you will get admission in NDA, Pune. You have to do a Bsc course there along with

military training and studies. After 3 years in NDA and a year at IMA (Indian Military Academy), you will get a job in Indian Armed forces as an officer. 10 Diploma courses

If you dont get admission in engineering, you can take admission in diploma engineering. After completing your diploma, you can go for a degree. After you get your diploma, you have to attend an engineeringcollege for only 2 years to get a degree. 11 Other good courses There are various other good courses like Hotel Management, Fire Safety Technology, Welding Technology and Software/Hardware courses. These courses also offer good job opportunities. Make sure that you get admission in an institute that is approved by the Government. Career Options After 12th Have you decided which career you will opt for after 12th? Are your parents going to decide your career options or you are going to follow your friends advice? If you are confused, just relax! Every student gets confused during this period. Find below the various career options after 12th listed below: Career Options after 12th Commerce If you have inclinations towards numbers and data or if you are more interested in analytical studies compared to other streams, you have a host of career options after 12th commerce to choose from. Find the career otpions after 12th commerce mentioned below :

Banking - Retail / personal banking, Corporate banking, Merchant banking, Treasury group, Rural banking, Product management, Loans executive Accounts - Chartered Accountant, Cost And Work Accountant, Certified Financial Analyst, Certified financial planner Insurance - Actuarial Science, Insurance and Risk management, Insurance surveyor, Insurance surveyor, Insurance agent Investments - Equity Research Analyst, Investment Banker, Mutual fund executive, Stock Broker, Capital market manager, Forex Dealer, Venture Capitalist, Real estate Management - Human Resource Management, Brand Management, Event Management, International business management, Market Research Management, Retail Management, Marketing And Sales Management, Technology management, Disaster

management, Education management, NGO management, Rural Management, Operation And Logistics Management, Export Management, Family business management, Material management, Financial Management, Business Development Management Finance - Certified Financial Analyst - CFA , Certified Financial Planner - CFP Company Secretary Computers - Software development, System Architect, Web developers, Multimedia designer, System/IT manager, Database Administrator, Data processing assistant/ Data entry operator, Servicing and Maintenance technician, Technology management Economist

Career Options after 12th Arts If you have good communication skills both verbal and written or if you are interested in studying human nature, society and various cultures, you have a host of career options after 12th arts to choose from. Find the career otpions after 12th arts mentioned below :

Psychology - Industrial psychology, Social psychology, Counselling psychology, Clinical psychology, Special education, Learning disability, Human development, Human resourses, Mental retardation Sociology - General Sociology, Indian Society, Social Work, Sociology of health, Science and Technology, Environment, Sociology of religion, Occupational sociology, Cultural studies, Social exclusion and Inclusive policy, Social snthropology, Sociology and Mass media, Gender and Society, Sociological theories, Social demography, Industrial sociology, Criminology Economics - Agricultural Economics, Buisness Economics, Quantitative Economics Philosophy Literature - Linguist

Law - Company Secretary, Legal writing, Defense writing, Notary, Law process outsoursing, Solicitor, Civil law, Criminal law, Corporate law, Property law, Securities law, Incometax law, International law, Property law, Informationa technology law History - Heritage Management, Curator Geography - Philosophy in geography, Applied geography, Geographic information science and systems, Geographical cartography, Remote sensing and Geographic information science, Geo informatics Anthropology - Physical or Biological anthropology, Social anthropology, Prehistoric anthropology, Applied anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Forensic anthropology Archaeology - Medical archeology, Eastern archeology, Marinetime archeology, Archeological heritage management, Egyptology, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Landscape archeology, Ethnography Public administration Libraray Sciences Teaching

Career Options after 12th Science If you are interested in objective thoughts and innovative ideas or if you are able to spare long hours for your studies, then you can opt for various career options after 12th science. Find below mentioned career options after 12th science with PCM and PCB Career Options after 12th Science - PCM

Engineering-Aerospace, Agricultural, Automobile, Biochemical, Bio Medical, Biotechnology, Bio Instrumentation, Bio Informatics, Broad cast technician, Ceramic, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Construction, Electrical, Electronic, Engineer Manager, Environmental, Food, Fire, Industrial, Instrumentation,

Leather, Marine, Mechanical, Mining & Metallurgical, Nano technology, Printing, Production, Plastic & polymer, Highway, Rubber, Genetic, Telecommunication, Textile Architecture-Naval Architecture Actuarial Science Commercial Pilot Merchant Navy Computers Information Technology/Software/SystemsApplication Programmer, Database Administrator, Information Technologist, Medical Transcriptionist, Network Administrator, Software Engineer, System Architect, Technology Manager, Web Developer, Multimedia Designer Hardware-Hardware Design And Development Engineer, Design and Development of Computer Hardware, Design And Development of Customized Microprocessor, Design and development of networking hardware, Service Maintenance Engineers/technician Defense Services-Indian Navy Officer, Indian Air Force Officer Physical ScienceChemist, Mathematician, Astronomy, Forensic Science, Geographer, Geologist, Nuclear Physicist, Oceanography,Operation Research, Astrophysicist, Physicist, Statistician Pharmacy-Clinical Research Career Options after 12th Science - PCB

Medicine o General Physician/Doctor - Ophthalmic, Ophthalmic, Gynecology, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Orthopedics, Radiology, Electro logy, Endocrinology, Cardiology, PlasticSurgeon, General Surgeons, Neuron Surgeons, Pediatrician, Thoracic Surgeons, Trauma Surgeons, Urologist, Sexologist, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, ENT/Ear nose Throat Specialist, Pathologist o Homeopathy

Ayurvedic o Dentist - Orthodontist o Unani o Sidha Para medicine-Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Audiology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Medical Lab Technology ,Optometry and Ophthalmic technology, Nutrition And Dietetics Allied Fields-EEG technician, Hospital manager/Administrator, Medical lab technologist Nuclear medine technologist, Radiation technology, Pathology technology, Respiratory therapist Sonographer technician, Operation theatre assistant, Naturopathy, Yoga therapy, Massage therapy Acupressure, Acupuncture, Vetinary Science Biotechnology BiosciencesAgriculturist,Botanist,Zoologist,Microbiologist,Biologist, Horticulturist, Floriculturist, Environmental Science, Pharmacy- Clinical Research Home Science Bio Medical Bio Chemist Fishery Science Forestry And Wildlife Marine Biology Food Technologist

In order to get rid of all the confusions, what you need to do is to analyze your interests, personality and aptitude. It is said that if you do career planning based on your aptitude, interest and personality type, the success rate as well as satisfaction rate will be very high. It is very important to note that the 12th board exam is going to be the turning point in your life. It is during this period that you have to take an important career decision. Making a good career choice at the right time will bear fruitful results for you later.

Fortunately for you, there is a Career Assessment Test by which you can make the right career decisions. Taking a career assessment test will give you the much needed Career Help for you. It will be the best solution for those who are confused as to which career they should opt for. The test will help you understand your aptitude, interest and personality. It will help you know your top career options and sharpen your skills to excel in your career. The career assessment report will offer a detailed personalized analysis of your aptitude, interest and personality. It will also offer detailed information on your top career options and suggested activities to get more experience and exposure.