Republic of the Philippines City of Baguio SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD (CITY COUNCIL

REGULAR SESSION HELD ON 13 JUNE 2011 PRESENT: Hon. Daniel T. Fariñas, City Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer; Hon. Nicasio M. Aliping Jr., Member; Hon. Betty Lourdes F. Tabanda, Member; Hon. Isabelo B. Cosalan Jr., Member; Hon. Elmer O. Datuin, Member; Hon. Peter C. Fianza, Member; Hon. Edison R. Bilog, Member; Hon. Richard A. Cariño, Member; Hon. Fred L. Bagbagen, Member; Hon. Erdolfo V. Balajadia, Member; Hon. Philian Louise C. Weygan-Allan, Member; Hon. Nicasio S. Palaganas, Member; and Hon. Joel A. Alangsab, Ex-Officio Member; and Hon. Karminn Cheryl Dinney D. Yangot, Ex-Officio Member. ABSENT: Hon. Perlita L. Chan-Rondez, Member (with prior notice). Introduced by Hon. Betty Lourdes F. Tabanda and based on the report and recommendation of the Committee on Social Services, Women and Urban Poor. ORDINANCE Numbered 26 (Series of 2011) PROVIDING THE GUIDELINES FOR THE UTILIZATION OF THE 1% FUND PURSUANT TO JOINT CIRCULAR NO. 2003-1 OF THE DEPARTMENT OF BUDGET AND MANAGEMENT (DBM) AND THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT (DSWD) Explanatory Note Section 29 of the General Appropriations Act of 2003 directed all national government agencies, executive departments, bureaus, offices, agencies, commissions and state universities and colleges to set aside at least 1% of their total budget to programs/activities for the older persons and persons with disabilities. Paragraph 3.0 of Joint Circular No. 2003-1 of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) provides, to wit: “Consistent with the provisions stated in Section 29, government financial institutions, government owned and controlled corporations and local government units, shall issue separate guidelines to their respective Boards or Sangguniang Bayan.” NOW THEREFORE, on motion of Hon. Tabanda, Hon. Datuin and Hon. Yangot, seconded by Hon. Bilog, Hon. Alangsab and Hon. Balajadia, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD (CITY COUNCIL) IN SESSION ASSEMBLED THAT: In compliance with the Joint Circular No. 2003-1 of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the following are the guidelines for the utilization of the 1% as appropriated/allocated in the barangay budget: SECTION 1. The funds shall be utilized for the implementation of programs/projects/activities/services which will address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities in any of the following areas: 1.1 Information, education and communication campaign/advocacy 1.1.1 Seminars/orientations/programs to inform and raise the awareness of the general public on ageing, needs of persons with disabilities, prevention of discrimination; (honorarium/snacks/transportation costs); 1.1.2 Production of Information Education Campaign (IEC) materials to inform and raise the awareness of the public. This may involve multimedia, including the production of uniforms to identify the elderly and persons with disabilities; and 1.1.3 Generating additional resources and needed technical support for IEC. 1.2 Human Resource Development and Capability Building of the clientele groups 1.2.1 Formal and non-formal education programs, including educational trips; 1.2.2 Livelihood training programs; 1.2.3 Vocational skills training programs; 1.2.4 Care-giving training for family members of clientele groups;

Ordinance Numbered 26, Series of 2011, page 2.

1.2.5 1.2.6

Specialized skills training for professionals and service providers for clientele groups; Socialization programs (dancing, recreational activities and similar activities).

1.3 Provision of Employment and Livelihood Opportunities, including Financing/Micro Lending 1.4 Health and Safety Programs 1.4.1 1.4.2 1.4.3 1.5.1 1.5.2 Health programs including devices/equipment for public use Medicines and health devices for indigents; and Protective devices in public utilities/areas. Equipment/Furniture/Supplies for offices of clientele groups; and Offices/Buildings of clientele groups.

1.5 Empowerment of clientele groups

SECTION 2. The provisions under Joint Circular No. 2003-1 shall be applied in a suppletory manner for any use/purpose not contained in the above provisions. SECTION 3. Separability Clause. Should any provision of this Ordinance be declared unconstitutional, the same shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Ordinance. SECTION 4. Repealing Clause. All ordinances, resolutions and regulations or part or parts thereof which are inconsistent with this Ordinance are hereby repealed and/or modified accordingly. SECTION 5. Effectivity Clause. This Ordinance shall take effect in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991. Passed. Hon. Aliping was out of the Session Hall during the deliberation and voting. CERTIFIED CORRECT: (SGD. )DANIEL T. FARIÑAS City Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer APPROVED: (SGD.) MAURICIO G. DOMOGAN City Mayor

Attested: (SGD.) PRUDENCIO M. PARNACIO City Secretary

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