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Release Notes for the Ataman TCP Remote Logon Services -------Version 2.0 Intial version 2.0 release.

-------Version 2.1 Corrected typo in Advanced page. Usernames are no longer restricted to letters and digits. Improved verification of user name and domain. Fixed problems with automatic logons. Added setting of HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH [when home directory is local]. Fixed problem with simple mode handling of "ESC" character. Numerous documentation clarifications. -------Version 2.2 Documented several Windows NT bugs and workarounds in the troubleshooting section of the user's manual. Refined user editing dialog. Fixed memory corruption bug affecting banners and other string-based configuration parameters. Fixed it so banners could span more lines than show in the edit box. If you are waiting on the command prompt based configuration program or the group logon capabilities... my apologies... but new-baby-related absence of technical staff forced a delay in adding these features. We believe we will release them in version 2.3 by November 1st. -------Version 2.3 Fixed bug in simple mode with output when input is totally raw. Corrected use of return value for WaitForSingleObject in rexec.c. User's manual gone over by a technical writer. Fixed bug in Advanced Page code that prevented disabling rexecd. Added programs for configuration from command-line. Validity checked HostList in user Control Panel screens. Added a success MessageBox when registration via Control Panel is successful. Added feature to allow logons by members of a specified local group without

additional configuration. -------Version 2.4 All of the below are document in the "Advanced Configuration" section of the User's Manual. Added a switch that allows any valid NT account on the machine to logon. Added a switch that allows KeepAlives to be disabled. Added a switch that suppresses character stripping to 7 bits even if XBIN mode hasn't been negotiated. Added a switch to make child cleanup optional. (Minor cleanup of code that kills a session.) Added the following to the instructions for upgrading the ATRLS: You will then need to copy the new control panel to the System32 directory: copy atrls.cpl %SystemRoot%\System32 Added a "-w" flag to fg.exe (causes fg to wait for command to exit. Changed rsh/rexec successful logon message to be similar. Added a switch to make the Registration Banner print AFTER logon. -------Version 2.4 Added PromptAfterBannerAfterLogon option to aconfig to cause prompt after logon banner is printed. Fixed auseradm and aconfig to double %'s to allow for variable settings. Added missing eventlog message for LogonUser failure in telnetd/rlogind. Worked around a bug in Windows NT 4.0 that caused handles not to close.