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I. Project tittle: IWAS APOY , SAGIP BUHAY II.

. Project Duration : This project will be on June 28 2012and will start at 09:00 am and is expected to end at 11:00am. III. Project Scope: The project will be a lecture discussion for parents and family members regarding Fire s Awareness and prevention . This families were victims of fire at baranggay 107 last February. Our aim is to discuss three things to this families, first is fire prevention, next is what to do during the fire and lastly what are the experiences they encounter and how to handle the stress after the disaster. IV. Project status: This project was successfully implemented , June 28,2012, 09:00am until 11:00am. V. Project Beneficiaries: This project will benefit the victim of fire, the family with damage and the homeless. There are 54 families affected in this baranggay , 47 of it share houses to ther that is not affected by the fire and 7 of them is staying at baranggay hall multipurpose and the rest of the residents of baranggay 107. VI. Project background: There is fire that happened on February at baranggay 107 sanjose street, 54 ffamilies are affected with this, one 10 year old child died and 2 children are at Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center having a 3rd degree burn. This is why we choose to take up this topic to the people of baranggay 107. This project will benefit the victim of fire , the families that are homeless now . We will take up Fire Prevention and awareness. Because this kind of tragedy will destroy everything, taking lives of people and will left a permanent damage to life of the victims of it. We want to help to prevent this tragedy also if this happens again we want to imply knowledge on how to survive and what to do while and after this tragedy happens. VII. Project Justification: We come up to this project because these people are victims of fire. And they need to know the preventive measures to prevent reoccurring this kind of tragedy. To be able to imply knowledge to the people about Fire. VIII. Project Objective:

To prevent the reoccurrence of fire and if this occur again they know what to do (SASAGIP) to limit damages and casualties.

IX. Project Proponent: a.) who will Benefit the project? The people in the baranggay 107, victims of fire in San jose st.,10 families without home and currently staying at baranggay hall. b.) How many are its member? There are 3 people in this group. Three student nurses of Manila Tytana Colleges, Manila Doctors College of Nursing, who will be the facilitators and the 6 members of group 7 will be a co- facilitator. c.) When was the project Organized? This project were organized and planned in the baranggay hall conference room and was conducted at the baranggay hall multipurpose where the evacuees stays. Day 1 1. What are my objectives for the day? Our objectives for the day is to be able to have an orientation in Esperenza Health Center. To know the different health programs 2. Did I accomplish my objectives for the day? Yes we have accomplish all our tasks and plan of activities for the day. 3. What experiences did I find most meaningful and relevant today? The most relevant to me for today is the orientation at Esperanza Health center. We learned many thing about the orientation, the city of manila and most especially the DOH programs. 4. What problems did I encounter and if there is any, what actions did I take? We dont have problem encountered during the day except when we are commuting going to health center. 5. Who are the people that helped me to learn today? How? The people that helped me learn today, is the nurse that orient us at Esperanza health Center, she taught us a lot of things . Also our clinical instructor

that explain us everything that we need to learn in preparation to our duty at the community. 6. What hindered my learning today? Why? Maybe the hot weather. I found it difficult to focus in somethings because of a hot weather. 7. What other things do I want to learn more today? None. 8. Suggestions/ Recommendation. None.