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Power system design and simulation software (EDSA Paladin DesignBase)

EDSA Paladin DesignBase is a collection of about 50 software modules which gives electrical engineering professionals the means to create a detailed design of their entire electrical distribution systems and then perform a set of simulations on the network.


The integrated system EDSA Paladin DesignBase represents a very powerful tool in power systems, from electrical systems design to simulations and predictive maintenance solutions. EnergoBit is the only distributor in Romania and Eastern Europe of EDSA PaladinDesignBase software from EDSA Micro Corporation, one of leading innovator in electrical distribution design and simulation solutions. Headquartered in San Diego, California, the Companys worldwide operations include 30 sales, distribution, and support offices located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. EDSA is the only software firm whose products have been proven to meet the uncompromising quality standards from the International Standards Organization (ISO), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC), the Department of Defense (DoD), NATO, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and others. EDSA Micro Corporations products are proven in the most demanding industries and customer applications: Energy transmission and distribution Nuclear, thermo and hydro power facilities Design and consultancy Aerospace Petrochemical industry (plants, refineries and deep sea oil platforms) Military applications, submarines Data centers, iron industry, paper industry Healthcare and pharmaceutical, etc

Type of systems which can be designed

symmetrical and unbalanced three phase systems three phase/single phase systems single phase systems AC/DC systems DC systems

EDSA Paladin DesignBase Highlights

Compliant to IEC and IEEE standards Unlimited Bus Simulation (in the most powerful package) Unlimited number of scenarios No frequency limits, no impedance limits, no voltage limits, 100% AUTOCAD compatible, 100% Microstation compatible, 100% Microsoft Office compatible ODBC Database Driven System Over 45 000 symbols There are thousands of well known manufacturers equipments in the database Catalogs with user defined symbols can be created Easy-to-use ACTRIX graphical interface Import/export *.dwg, *.dxf, *.html, *.doc, *.xls etc. Projects can be organized in multiple pages or drawings

Main applications of the results

To To To To To To To To To optimize the performance of the power system; found the optimal functionality of the electrical network; choose and design electrical equipments; design and coordinate the protective devices; correct the power factor; reduce the power losses; reduce the harmonics from the network; analyze outages; reduce the maintenance costs of electrical equipments.

EDSA Paladin DesignBase modules are:

Fault Analysis AC Short Circuit 3phase ANSI/IEEE&PDE and IEC909 AC Single Phase Short Circuit AC&DC Arc Flash Evaluation - NFPA 70E-2004 & IEEE 1584 AC Short Circuit - IEC 363 DC Short Circuit Classical & IEC 61660

Fault Analysis

Protection Coordination

AC & DC System Protective Device Coordination 3phase Distance Relays

Protection Coordination

Power Flow Analysis Advanced Power Flow Advanced Single Phase Power Flow Advanced Motor Starting Power Flow Phase Dependent AC Voltage Profile Integrated AC/DC Load Flow Object Oriented DC Load Flow PSO Power System Optimization Voltage Stability & Contingency Analysis Load Forecasting

Power Flow Analysis

Power Quality Analysis and Mitigation Harmonics Analysis with Automatic Filter Sizing Distribution Worth Assessment Of Distribution System Capacitor Sizing

Power Quality Analysis and Mitigation

Dynamic Behavior Simulation Advanced Transient St ability Analysis with model builder Electromagnetic Transient Analysis EMTAP

Dynamic Behavior Simulation

Design Optimization Electrical Schedules Induction Motor Parameters Computation of Impedance Parameters Synchronous Motors Advanced Substation Grounding Grid Design 3D Plotting Cable Pulling Cable Magnetic Field Transmission Line Parameters Shielding Effectiveness Advanced Power Cable Ampacity

Design Optimization

Sizing Optimization Battery Sizing NEC Wire Sizing

Generator Set Sizing Bare Wire Sizing Short Line Parameters Transmission Line Sag and Tension

Sizing Optimization

Additional (optional) modules

Additional modules can be added to each EDSA Paladin DesignBase package. Below are the most important modules which can be added to a package: AC Short Circuit IEC 363 Power Flow Phase Dependent AC & DC System Protective Device Coordination Distance Relays Advanced Transient Stability Harmonics Analysis EMTAP (Electromagnetic Transient Analysis) AC Voltage Profile DC System (DC Short Circuit, DC Power Flow & Battery Sizing) Reliability worth Assessment of Distribution Reliability Advanced Power Cable Ampacity Cable Pulling Sag & Tension Transmission Line Parameters Advanced Ground Grid Design 3-D Plotting Induction Motor Parameters Capacitor Sizing Load Forecasting Voltage Stability Bare Wire Sizing Wire & Conduit Sizing PSO (Power System Optimization) Cable Magnetic Field

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