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ESA Easy Power

Instantly finish even the most complicated electrical design tasks, such as:

Short circuit and arc flash calculations Protective device setting and time current curves Automated design/NEC equipment sizing Drag-and-click one-line creation

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Short Circuit Calculations Made Easy

EasyPower IECShortCircuit delivers effortless, razor-sharp tools to:

Perform IEC-standard short-circuit calculations Comply with IEC 60909 standards and regulations Verify equipment duty ratings instantly on the one-line Calculate momentary (Ik"), breaking currents (interrupting duty Ib) at 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, and 0.25 seconds Determine system response to short circuits

Benefits | Setting the Benchmark

No other program on the market begins to approach ShortCircuits:

Interactive user interface, saving time and frustration Calculations in full compliance with IEC requirements, ensuring the most accurate and safe equipment duty comparisons Fast and easy analysis automatically delivered by the most advanced features in the industry Interactive simulation, with a simple mouse click, mimicking real-world breaker switching and short-circuit results

Arc Flash Solutions | Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Thousands of companies have come to rely on EasyPower for developing sound and compliant arc flash programs. Given recent OSHA regulations and workplace safety concerns, it is now a top priority for many more in the industry. Tap into EasyPowers ArcFlash tools to complete and manage your arch flash initiative. Reduce risk, save time, and ensure compliance with these key features:

Rapidly create and implement a comprehensive arc flash program Fastest, most accurate arc flash hazard calculations in the industry Full IEEE-1584 and NFPA 70E compliance, easily documented IEEE-1584 time domain calculations using decaying ANSI currents and full dynamic flux models NFPA 70E work permits quickly created with built-in templates Click any bus or device to see PPE, arc hazard, and arc boundary requirements Intelligent zone selective interlocking (ZSI) for LV solid-state breakers Detailed comparisons of all facility operating conditions, verified easily Specialized protective device settings for maintenance, increasing safety and compliance

With ArcFlash, you will confidently meet OSHA and NFPA 70E regulations and electrical safety program requirementsall far more easily than with any other arc flash program available. Others pale in comparison to what ArcFlash brings to the table:

A truly integrated one-line with one-touch simplicity for short-circuit and protective device calculations Automatic alerts to potential arc flash hazards Easy what-if scenarios to determine correction alternatives, optimized designs, and increased safety margins Exclusive algorithms that perform all critical arc flash calculations in lightning speedwith accurate and instant results An intuitive user interface, saving time and frustration Instant and accurate analysis, automatically delivered by the most advanced features available

Electrical Safety | More Manageable with a Mouse

With familiar Windows tools, ArcFlash couldnt be easier to use. It makes once-complicated tasks a snap to performall with unbeatable speed and accuracy. You will find it refreshingly easy to:

Verify arc flash boundaries, incident energy levels, and PPE requirementsas you set protective devices in PowerProtectorjust by clicking and dragging Instantly see problem areas to weigh the effects of protection vs. selective coordination Perform an arc flash analysis by simply dragging and dropping

Instantly access arc flash boundaries and PPE settings by double-clicking on any bus Print arc flash labels with a single mouse click Write and store critical notes and safety instructions by right-clicking on the one-line Create energized work permits with one mouse click Access all safety documentation on the one-line with convenient hyperlinks

The Leading Edge Redefined

One-Touch Automation for Protective Device Coordination In one click, set protective devices without having extensive engineering knowledge or training. Simply right-click on an area to coordinate and let SmartPDC do the rest:

Set each breaker or relay for selective coordination or for optimal arc flash protection (instantaneous devices) Set both phase and ground protective devices for series circuits Verify compliance with NEC and ANSI standards

Intelligent and automatic reporting provides a detailed listing of each protective device, its setting options, and the reasons for adjusting the device to a particular setting.


With SmartPDC electrical engineering software, you will get unprecedented automation tools to:

Ensure safe, reliable, and consistent system operation Radically shave hours off the entire PDC process Eliminate false tripping and costly shutdowns Stamp out costly mistakes and time-consuming engineering reviews Do away with the frustrating tedium of tracking and complying with countless NEC regulations and ANSI standards Ensure the proper setting of protective deviceseven by personnel not typically skilled at PDC Learn code rules and setting procedures, quickly becoming a PDC expert

Which Systems Can Take Advantage of SmartPDC?

SmartPDC is designed for the following systems:

All low-voltage (600V or less) radial electrical distribution systems Medium-voltage feeders serving low-voltage unit substations or transformers, including daisychained or bifurcated units All medium-voltage radial feeders (up to two relays in series)

True One-Line Diagram Integration

Designing, maintaining and analyzing electrical power systems doesnt always have to be as difficult as it sounds. An industry first, EasyPowers truly integrated electrical one-line diagram program remains the fastest-performing and easiest-to-use on the market. So easy, in fact, practically anyone can use it. Take advantage of EasyPower, using the one-line diagram as your master design system to:

Eliminate tedious, manual, and error-prone updates with a design database that is truly integrated with the one-line and all analysis tools Design, analyze and track all electrical equipment from a single user-friendly interface Comply with NFPA 70E one-line requirements Seamlessly export data to any spreadsheet and all CAD programs using SendCAD Ensure an error-free model with true integration and automatic alerts of missing data and connections View system changes and analysis instantly with simple mouse clicks Clearly see equipment data displayed in a neat, concise format

Exclusive Snap Technology

Theres no need to be an AutoCAD expert with EasyPowers proprietary and innovative Snap Technology. Simply drag and drop devices into place and the one-line automatically snaps them together. Capture the power of EasyPowers integrated one-line, an included feature with any EasyPower configuration you choose.

One-Touch Automation
One touch is all it takes to size feeders, breakers, fuses, switchgear, busway, MCCs, electrical panel schedules, and more.