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To impart on types, physical properties and processing of polymer matrix and composites, metal matrix composites , ceramics matrix composites and Nano Composites.

To study matrix material, particulates and fibres of polymer matrix composites, MMC and ceramic matrix composites. o d e v e l o p k n o w l e d g e on processing, interfacial properties and application of Nano Composites. UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO FIBRES AND COMPOSITE MATERIALS

Fibres Fabrication, Structure, properties and applications - Glass, Boron, carbon, organic, ceramic and metallic fibers whiskers Matrix materials structure polymers, metals and ceramics Physical and chemical properties UNIT II PROCESSING OF POLYMER MATRIX COMPOSITES

Open mould process, bag moulding, compression moulding with BMC and SMC filament winding pultrusion centrifugal casting injection moulding structure, properties and application of PMCs Carbon Matrix Composites - Interfaces Properties recycling of PMC. UNIT III PROCESSING OF METAL MATRIX AND CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITES 10 Solid state fabrication techniques diffusion bonding powder metallurgy techniques plasma spray, chemical and physical vapour deposition of matrix on fibres Chemical vapour infiltration Sol gel liquid state fabrication methods infiltration squeeze, casting rheo casting compocasting - Interfaces properties application of MMC and ceramic matrix composites. UNIT IV SYNTHESIS & PROCESSING OF NANOCOMPOSITES Synthesis of bulk nano-structured materials sol gel processing Mechanical alloying and mechanical milling- Inert gas condensation technique Nanopolymers Bulk and nano composite materials Extrusion, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Foaming, Rotational Moulding

UNIT V POLYMER BASED NANOCOMPOSITES 8 Preparation and characterization of diblock Copolymer based nanocomposites; Polymer-carbon nanotubes based composites, their mechanical properties, and industrial possibilities TOTAL: 45 PERIODS REFERENCES:

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