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The Shadow Jaguar/ The Smoking Mirror

This is my god concept/suggestion for the Tezcatlipoca: The Shadow Jaguar for Smite. Sadly, not many lore is known about Tezcatlipoca. Therefore I will use some the few pieces, which are available and being creative for the most part. What is known about Tezcatlipoca is mainly, that he has great powers, god of obsidian shard and is the trickster god of the Aztec pantheon (like Hun Batz, Sun Wukong and Loki are). That is where I will base him on trickery and his more dark side. Tezcatlipoca will be a very quick melee physical assassin, which is specialized in killing carry’s (like Bakasura is for tanks and Arachne for mages). He will be more like a physical caster like Loki and Hun Batz, than he is compared to Ne Zha and Bakasura. Also I try to still hold myself to my design philosophy of no hard CC nor jumps or dashes if it isn’t absolutely necessary. Just like my other god suggestion, which can be found at my Scribd page (http://www.scribd.com/Xeran_), I will try once again to propose an unique and interesting character for Smite. I hope you enjoy the concept and I would appreciate it if you would give me some of your opinions and feedback of this concept. Also here is the link to my index page for all my suggestion on the forums: http://forum.hirezstudios.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=279&t=116472. Disclaimer: Even though I try to create realistic kits and base my values on similar skills and gods the values are their mainly for demonstration purposes. Also everything between brackets is optional or is just for clarification.

• • • • • • • • • Creating unique and fun character Only soft CC (no stuns, etc.) No jumps/dashes, introducing unique ways for this Match with his lore as good as possible. Introducing new (more soft) CC Trying to keep it ‘simple’ this time Melee physical carry killer assassin Very quick character Teleporting and illusions and mirrors

Tezcatlipoca is in Aztec mythology the god of the night, night sky, night winds, hurricanes, obsidian, ruler ship, sorcery, jaguars , the north, cold, war, (black)magic, darkness and the sun. He is a creator god and son of Ometecuthli and together with his brother Quetzalcoatl the defeated the earth monster (named Cipactli) and created the earth from its body. To be able to defeat this monster Tezcatlipoca used his left feet to lore the monster, which ate his feet. Therefore in myth he is often depicted with a leg made out of obsidian glass to replace this feet. He was the first sun (the sun of earth) and therefore ruled the first age or sun. But because of the rivaleray between him and his brother, Quetzalcoatl struck down him from the sky and turning him into a jaguar. Therefore one of Tezcatlipoca nagual’s is a jaguar, which is therefore be seen as the strongest animal. A nagil basically means shape shifting, because Tezcatlipoca is a human/god, which can transform into one of his animal counterparts. Sometimes is referred to the 4 gods who created the world as the black, white, blue and red Tezcatlipoca. Wherein Tezcatlipoca is the black one. Tezcatlipoca is known for his cunning, treachery and trickery and that he never can be fully trusted. And therefore he is the trickster god of the Aztec mythology.

Reference images

Full jaguar god

Too much Xba

All beast



The are several ways how Tezcatlipoca can be depicted. I want him to be at least shape shifted in his jaguar form and the first picture depicts him the best. Also he has an obsidian mirror and his chest and sometimes his left leg is replaced by one made of obsidian (I hope not so, because it will only look silly). He could also be depicted as a black jaguar (avoiding to much similarities with Xbalanque)

with ‘yellow stripes’. But he has to have definitely very sharp giant claws and follow the same rules as Fenrir. He will run on 4 legs out of combat run animation and during his #1 ability, 2 in fights (remember he is actually ‘human’). He will wear a loincloth protecting his stuff and some colorful accessories which fits by the Aztecs. Note: He could also work if his damage type was changed to magical.

Pantheon: Aztec Role: Roamer/Assassin/(Jungler) Damage type: Melee physical Attack progression: 0.5/0.5/1/1x This will fits his playstyle more to be able to quickly strike as first and being quick and cunning. He is more of a physical caster like Hun Batz and Loki than a high steroid assassin like Ne Zha or Bakasura. He relies on trickery and treachery for his attacks and survivability. Pros: -High single target damage -High utility Cons: -Low CC -Low defense Also just like Arachne he shouldn’t get free magic protections with leveling, because this will make him weaker to mages (or at least magical damage) and gives him more of a weakness. This will make Tezcatlipoca stronger towards one role, but weaker to others (his passive also doesn’t work on most spells). Like mages are fearing assassins right now so will carry fear him.

Passive: Smoking mirror
Tezcatlipoca has a 5% chance to avoid projectiles (single target attacks). Let’s compare this to a similar passive which allows you to completely negate auto attacks. Athena’s passive allows her to block an AA for every block she has up. Athena can get theoretically a block stack every 11 to 15 seconds. And 7 to 10 seconds with max CDR. Attackspeed of autoattackers lies mainly between 1 to 2 attacks per second. So the following table will show her likeness to theoretically blocking AA’s.

Cooldown Max cooldown Maxed skill Max cd with CDR Min cooldown Average Total average 15 11 10 7

1 aps 1/15 1/11 1/10 1/7

1 aps %chance 6.7 9.1 10 14.3 10

2aps 1/30 1/22 1/20 1/14

2aps %chance 3.3 4.6 5.0 7.14 5


So any value from 0 to 10 could be more than reasonable and I have chosen for 5% for now. His passive helps him with his survivability and squishiness. It also gives him an edge in fighting and killing carry’s. If the passive triggers it will clearly be visible by Tezcatlipoca blinking in and out at his location.

Ability 1: Shadow run
Variation upon gusty appearance from my Gaia and Uranus concept Tezcatlipoca cloaks himself into the shadows moving himself to another dimension. (at least 0.5 seconds before everything goes into effect) For the duration Tezcatlipoca can move through player structures, minions and gods, while gaining increased movement speed. Additionally Tezcatlipoca is CC immune for anything physically: Knock up, backs, roots, stuns, attacks (doesn’t apply for dots), etc. However he is still affected by any other CC: Blind, debuffs, silence (cancel this earlier), etc. Also Tezcatlipoca can’t attack nor use abilities during shadow run or else this ability will cancel earlier. Movement speed: 10/20/30/40/50% Duration: 3 seconds CD: 15 seconds (same as most jumps) This skill does several things. Firstly it can be used to negate the jumps of carry’s, which he needs or else he won’t be able to kill any carry ever. Secondly to give him some survivability. Thirdly to give him defense against the basic abilities from Carry’s. To anyone who thinks this is OP, he isn’t invisible, he can’t do anything during it, isn’t completely immune to everything (unlike jumps), can’t jump over jungle walls, etc. It’s has a delay like any escape and a carry jump is immune to CC and damage fully while in midair. In my opinion the escape/initiation tier list will be: Jump>dash>stealth>shadow run>teleport>(plain)movement speed increases>alternative (Aphrodite’s ult).

Ability 2: Shadow strike
Tezcatlipoca attempts to strike forward, but actually emerges from the shadows and striking from the other side teleporting him to that location attacking his prey and leaving a mirage behind for a split second (~0.5).

Damage: 90/130/170/210/250 (+100%) CD: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

Current location


Target Damage End location

(Because of game mechanics there might have to be root effect added to this (similar to Loki to prevent bugs/glitches)) The targeting works the same as Bakasura’s eat minion and Arachne’s drain life abilities. This skill does high single target burst damage and is his main attack ability. It also allows him to change sides with his target and thereby he can be effective in herding his targets.

Ability 3: Obsidian mirror
Tezcatlipoca collects energy in his mirror on his chest (~0.5 second). After that he shoot the energy out of his mirror in a cone. Any enemy hit by it will take physical damage and demoralizing them for 2 seconds by showing them how weak they are. Demoralized enemies have reduced physical protections and attack speed. Also places a mirage/decoy at max range for 1 seconds, which can draw the agro from minions and buff camps. Physical damage: 50/100/150/200/250 (+20%) (damage mainly needed to draw agro) Attack speed reduction: -15% Protection debuff: 10/15/20/25/30 % CD: 18 seconds So in a short explanation: • • • ~0.5 second build up time/delay Shooting wherein light and a shadow/mirage of Tezcatlipoca is shot from a cone deals damage and debuffs enemies hit by it Leaves a the mirage for 1 second at the end of the cone to act as a decoy.

This gives him a little bit of weak/soft CC to synergies with his other abilities/role. It also increases his damage output a little. This also allows him a very little bit to jungle to enhance his assassin/roamer role.

Ability 4: Obsidian shard pillar
Works similar to my Sun Wukong clone ability suggestion. Also this is basically like any assassins’ ult as goal to be able to make a fight a 1v1. Mirrors the great trick of all magicians.

Tezcatlipoca summons a obsidian shard pillar at the target location. And 4 (same as obsidian shard in game) mirror planes will be created with the mirror plan parallel to your

viewing arrow (see the images). 3 other mirages of Tezcatlipoca are created during the duration of the ultimate as long as Tezcatlipoca is within the radius. (The border of the circle is clouded in darkness limiting view from in and out the circle. The mirages will copy the exact movement of Tezcatlipoca with respect to the mirror planes, but they can’t be CC’ed nor damaged. Also the light refracted by the obsidian pillar sharpen your allies and giving them increased damage output. Radius: 30ft Increased damage: 3/6/9/12/15% Duration: 4 seconds CD: 90 seconds

Situation being on mirror plane (start)

Situation being on separator plane

Outside radius

Mirror plane Part separator

Tezcatlipoca Obsidian pillar

Keep in mind these wall won’t actually be visible. Only the separator plane’s will be visible during the target selection. As alternative to this ability I can also give him a self teleport to any location in the jungle with a 120/110/100/90/80 seconds cooldown with a 3 seconds delay.

• • • High single target damage, good utility, good survivability, but low CC and defense Quick character Specialized in killing Carry’s

• • • • • • •

Anti-jump Teleports, illusions and mirrors Passive which gives you an evasion chance Attack speed lowering debuff Ult which can synergy well Good at 1v1 fights, but will have some trouble with teamfights Strong against carry’s, weak against mages

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