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Tim Miller Executive Director America Rising PAC Post Office Box 100088 Arlington, VA 22210 July 23,

2013 Office of Information Programs and Services ATTN: FOIA Officer A/GIS/IPS/RL U. S. Department of State Washington, D. C. 20522-8100 RE: FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST Dear Sir or Madam: In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 5 U.S.C. 552, I request copies of all records of physical and or electronic correspondence, memoranda, scheduled meetings and records of phone calls regarding the decision to invite Terrence R. McAuliffe, Charles Wang and Rick Wade, all of whom were executives of GreenTech Automotive, to a State Department Luncheon on or around February 14, 2012, which was hosted by Vice President Biden and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to honor Xi Jinping, then-Vice President, now-President of China. I also request any information regarding potential private meetings between Mr. McAuliffe, Mr. Wang and or Mr. Wade and Vice President Biden, Vice President Xi Jinping, Secretary Clinton and or other State Department officials. I also request copies of any and all communications or memoranda related to the State Departments possible involvement in securing Chinese government subsidies for GreenTech Automotives plant in Ordos, China, securing EB-5 investors for Gulf Coast Funds Management LLC, or lobbying the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of either Gulf Coast Funds Management or GreenTech Automotive. Public reports indicate that Mr. McAuliffe, Mr. Wang and Mr. Wade were invited to attend a State Department Luncheon on or around February 14, 2012. According to a GreenTech Automotive press release dated February 14, 2012, Vice President Biden introduced Mr. McAuliffe and Mr. Wade to Vice President Xi and Mr. McAuliffe and Mr. Wade had the unique opportunity to speak to Chinas recently elected President 1 about the GreenTech factory in Ordos, China2, an opportunity many of Americas business people would most likely enjoy. Furthermore, photos from this press release
Xis Election To Presidency Completes Chinas Leadership Transition, The Washington Post, 3/14/13 GreenTech Automotive, GreenTech Automotive Leadership Attends U.S. State Department Luncheon Honoring Vice President Xi Jinping Of China, Press Release, 2/14/12
1 2

show Mr. McAuliffe, Mr. Wang and Mr. Wade having personal interaction with Vice Presidents Biden and Jinping, as well as Secretary Clinton:

Recently released documents show that Terry McAuliffe was personally involved in lobbying the Department of Homeland Security on behalf of GreenTech.3 Furthermore, The Associated Press reported today that that Gulf Coast Funds Managements LLC, GreenTech Automotives sister company,4 is part of an investigation into special treatment from USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas5. This information begs the question, did Terry McAuliffe use his personal relationship with Secretary Clinton to gain favor from the State Department? Please inform me of the total cost of this request, which I will agree to pay after knowing the total amount. Where exemptions to the Freedom Of Information Act are discretionary, I ask you not to withhold such records, even if they might qualify for withholding under the law. If you withhold any records as exempt, please redact the exempted portions and release the remainder of the records. In any case where you withhold any records, please explain in writing any such denial. Thank you for your assistance,

Tim Miller Executive Director America Rising PAC

Terry McAuliffe, Letter To Secretary Of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, 12/15/10 GreenTech COO Gary Tang, Email To VEDPs Mike Lehmkuhler, 11/19/2009 5 Alicia Caldwell, Homeland Security Official Probed, The Associated Press, 7/23/13
3 4

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