There could be a time where love could be burning, painful. It is burning inside of you, turning all your internal organs into ashes as you watch your love being murdered. Tears flow down your face when you know that your love is going to die and you know that you can’t survive without him. There could be a time when your knees become weak with rage and sadness and you fall down onto your knees. Watching your dearest fall down with agony and you can do nothing about it. You are burning, your sweetheart is burning, and it is hurtful to hear the enemy’s evil and harsh laughter ring through the cries. Think about that. You turn yourself around, defenseless, and watch your beloved family scream with pain. The muffled cries, the stifled yelps were done to keep you calm and make you think that the fire doesn’t hurt them much-but it was. You think about that, and turn yourself once again to face the enemy. You stand up and raise your arms to use the last amount of energy you have in you. Water in the grass flew upward covering your loved ones, extinguishing the fire; water from the trees surrounding you dashed toward the foe. You smile for the last time, and you fall down onto the ground, almost lifeless. Think about that. I never thought that anything could happen to me. But it did. I never thought that I could fall in love and my heart could brake into a million pieces. But it did. I never thought that my whole family could become endangered. But they did. Why must my life be so hard and heartbreaking?

Love at First Sight
“We came together underneath the stars above. What started out as liking soon developed into love. I sense a certain something that, in my heart, felt so true that I knew I waited all my life to fall in love with you.”

“ ome on Jess, time for school! I’ll beat you there!” Emmett yelled at me. “Come one Emmett, let’s just calm down and not act so hyper!” I mocked. His booming laugh sounded. “Seriously Jess, I’ll race you.” I looked at Edward. “Don’t we have a modern vehicle called a car?” Emmett answered instead. “Yea, but it’s not really necessary.” “Oh, so we’re going to run school?” I asked with fake enthusiasm. “Yea.” “Then why don’t we just walk out of the house, and yell out for everybody to hear that we are vampires? Apparently there’s no difference!” “Aw, fine Jess. We go to school by driving in a car and blah, blah, blah. Happy?” I just could smile at him innocently. My name is Jess Cullen and I live with the best family of vampires in the world. Yes, we are vampires all right, but we drink animal blood instead. Therefore our eyes are butterscotch, not that hideous crimson that normal vampires have. I was found dying in the forest when the Cullens found me. I was attacked by some kind of animal that I have no clue was. My gift is to control the element, water.

“Anyway, Emmett, we can’t go to school today.” Emmett looked confused. “Why not? The weather is great out in Forks.” And by meaning great, he means cloudy and rainy and all the usual here in Forks. “Are you seriously serious? Carlisle told us just yesterday about why! Remember?” “Oh. You mean Chris is coming into town and staying with us from then.” “No, I mean that ten thousand grizzlies are being rounded up for us and we have a huge feast. Of course Chris is coming in!” I said sarcastically. “Oh, don’t get so excited.” Emmett said. “But—“ “—I know you are excited, you are just hiding it. But you shouldn’t be so thrilled.” I responded, “All, right. You caught me.” I rolled my eyes. Edward chuckled. “Jess, you have every right to be eager to meet Chris—“ “HAH!” I said to Emmett with victory in my voice. Jasper laughed and came in the room. “Guys, Chris is coming in about two hours. Alice just told me.” Oh yea, I bet you’re wondering who Chris is. Chris was adopted by Carlisle, like the rest of us. He was dying from a car crash when Carlisle found in on the streets and changed him. Also, he went off to find his identity because he had nothing on him that he could see who he was. So now he is coming back because he finally found out who he is and he is coming to live with us. I am
rather happy, but I have no idea why. Alice came into the living room. “Jess, wear something nice.”

Edward chuckled when she said that. “Why?” “Because I said so.” “I don’t want to.” “Well then, I will just make you want to.” She said back. I pouted. “You can’t make me.” “Oh, yes I can.” “How?” “I’ll figure out a way.” “Well, are you figuring it out right now?” I asked. “No.” “Then I still haven’t changed my mind.” Now she pouted. Floods of sisterly love came over me. “Fine.” I gave in. “Yes!” She said with happiness. I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Well, come on!” I groaned and let her drag me up the stairs. Rose was there waiting in her huge bathroom. I have no idea why vampires need bathrooms anyway. If they must, they just need to wash. Nothing else is necessary. “What dress do you think is better?” Rose asked Alice. She held up two dresses that had short skirts. I groaned. “Not those!” I whined. I hated, totally hate short skirts. “Fine then. We’ll just give you other options.” Alice told me and went out the bathroom. Less than a minute passed when she came back with a light pink dress with a long flowing skirt. Simple, but absolutely gorgeous. I gasped. “You like it?” Alice asked with eagerness.

I sighed. “Yes, Alice.” “Great! Now let’s put you in it!” Rose said. After a few minutes, I was wearing the beautiful dress and plain jewelry that match. My hair was already naturally straight, so my two sisters don’t need to do anything with it. When they were done, they let me look in the mirror. “See? You look stunning!” Alice and Rose sighed. “Um, I have a very simple question. Why am I wearing this? There isn’t a party is there? And please tell me that there is a dance.” “Oh, none of that.” Rose said. “You’re lying, Rose.” “How do you know?” “Isn’t it obvious? You have to dress me up today of all days and today is the day when Chris comes in like…” I glanced at the clock. “Fifteen minutes!” I exploded. “Ah, we planned our time well.” Alice said with a little smile. “Now you have no time to take off the dress and the makeup and all the other stuff we did to you.” I scowled. “Now, now, Jess. Don’t feel that way.” Rose assured me. “You look really lovely.” I relaxed. “Ok, fine. Let’s just go downstairs and wait until Chris comes all right?” Rose and Alice were almost exploding with excitement as we went down the stairs. When I was on the last step, everyone gasped. I heard no breathing at all. Everyone was here already, waiting for Chris to come. “Wow Jess.” Emmett complimented. Emmett complimented me? “You look… amazing!” “Really?” I asked.

“Yes, you really do!” Nessie said. Nessie is Edward’s and Bella’s daughter. She is the physical age of 16, like the age I am stuck at. If I were still human, I would’ve blushed at everyone’s comments. All of the sudden, someone knocked on the door. Everyone became quiet and I went to open the door. And in stepped the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.

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