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Chapter 2 Looking round a flat Preparation Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions.

- How would you improve the decoration of your classroom? - Look at the picture of the flat below. What changes would you make to improve it?

FLAT FOR SALE One-bedroom flat, needs some attention, lots of potential, convenient location, vacant possession. Available now

Presentation Ann saw the advertisement for the flat above. She contacted the estate agent and asked to look round it. He showed her round it the following day. - What do you think Ann will say when she looks round the flat? - What do you think the estate agent will say?

T.2 Now listen to their conversation and answer the following questions. 1.- What needs doing to the flat? 2.- Does she decide to buy it.

(pdf 11, bloqueado) put something in put something up see to something talk something over throw something do something up take something out come off think something over move in 1.- Replace the words italics in the sentences below with the multi-word verbs in the box. The first one has been done for you. a) Nothing has been done to this flat for a long time. It needs new curtains and a new carpet. The doors and walls also need painting. It needs doing up (decorating/renovating) b) The wallpaper was very old and .. (wasn`t sticking to/attached to) the walls. c) The fireplace was old and ugly, so they .. (removed it) d) The house was cold and damp so they had central heating .. (installed)

e) There was nowhere to put any books so they decided to .. (fix in place) some shelve?. f) The carpets were old and full of holes so he .. (disposed of them by putting them in the dustbin). g) There was a serious problem with the roof. The rain was coining in and making everything wet. It needed .. repairing/dealing with) immediately. h) Before I make a decision I need to talk to my husband about it and see what he thinks. I must .. (discuss it) with him. i) We would like to .. (start living there) as soon as possible. j) It's a good idea but I need time to ..( consider it carefully) before I make a decision. Now listen to the tape again and check your answers. You are looking round the flat whit Ann. Agree with everything she says, using the multi-word verbs In the prompts The picture opposite shows a house in good condition. Listen to a description of how the house used to look before It ivas done up. Make notes and then report hark on the changes that have been made. Example The roof has been seen to.

Looking round a flat Need + gerund This construction is passive in meaning. 2.- Complete the sentence below. The first one has been done for you. a) That ugly fireplace needs taking out./to be taken out. b) The house ../.. c) Those shelves ../.. d) That old table ../.. e) The flat ../.. f) The central heating ../..

Idiomatic expressions 3.- What do the following expressions mean? When would you use them? 1- Home, sweet home. 2- An Englishmans home is his castle. 3- Make yourself at home. 4- Its home from home. How would you express the same ideas in your own language?

4.- Complete the following sentences with a suitable idiomatic expression. a) Come in and have a seal. I want you to feel you can behave as if you were in your house. So .. while I make a cup of tea. b) They made me feel very welcome. It was .. like being in my own house. It was .. . c) He had enjoyed travelling round the world and seeing different places, but at last he had returned. He walked towards his house and thought .. d) I can do what I want in my own house. You know what they say. ..

How multi-word verbs work Replace the noun objects with pronoun objects (it/them) in the following sentences. Shall I Jill in this form? > Shull I fill it in? a) I'd like to talk over my financial position. b) Did you throw out those old newspapers? c) They've decided to put oil the wedding. d) Were going to do up the kitchen. e) Id like more time to think over your oiler. f) I didn't take down his telephone number. g) Did you hand in your homework? h) Can you help me put up these pictures? Now decide which words are stressed in the sentences with pronoun objects. Practise saying them. What is the stress rule in these examples? 7.- Now listen and check your answers

Whats the answer?

Whats the difference between to take something out and to throw something out.

Jokes This is a quiet, happy neighbourhood with dogs and children riding bicycles. DOG NEEDS HOME. EATS ANYTHING, LOVES CHILDREN Speaking 1.- The estate agent is showing another client round the flat. Practise the dialogue with your partner, using the prompts below. Estate agent Describe the flat - it's not in perfect condition Agree the flat needs decorating. Sag it would look nice with new shelves, curtains, etc Say central heating could be installed. Say that repairs will be done Say he or she can occupy the flat immediately. Say other people are interested in it. Client Comment on the wallpaper and the old carpet Say the flat is cold and damp, and the fireplace is ugly Comment on the hole in the ceiling and the broken window Say you are interested in the flat bm need io discuss it with someone Say you need time to consider it Say you will get back to him, and thank him for his help. Say goodbye

There's no place like home. Do you agree? Why? Discuss with your partner. Writing Ann talked to her husband Tony about the flat and they discussed whether or not they should buy it. Write the dialogue, using language from this unit.